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[2015-01] Contract 005: Teikhos Seleukides - Security, C-Class


Posted on Behalf of Seridan Brehevik

The Tispy Tusken, Seher
New Tython

The tall, hooded Aedile swung open the door into the cantina. The night was still young, and Teikhos had yet to feel the effects of the grog. ‘Don’t come this way, don’t come this way,’ he pleaded to himself. The Miraluka was a nice guy and all, but he was definitely not one to share a drink with. Seridan pulled the hood free from his face, and started moving towards him.


The Zeltron chugged down the dregs of his tankard, before gesturing to the barkeeper. “And again, mate!” He would need a drink or two more to survive the night, especially if he was to try his luck with that cute barmaid. As the brimming mug hit the counter, a slender hand snatched it before Teikhos’s fingers.

“My friend, I hate to bring you off of your break, but I can’t have a Journeymen sleeping around with the whole gorram city, can I?”

As the Protector turned, his Aedile swung back the mug and took a large gulp. He promptly spluttered, “What is in this? Tastes like the fermented sweat of moldy bread. I mean, wow.”

The exceedingly perceptive Miraluka was sometimes as blind as a bat. After a moment, however, he seemed to notice Teikhos’ poignant glare. “Oh yes. You see, I just got off for the day. I’ll pay you back. But, my friend, I’ve got a task for you. Since our alliance with Arcona, SeNet’s influence and network has grown extensively. So much so that high-level members of the Brotherhood are willing to utilise our agents in certain… missions. I can’t say much more until your return, but I’ve got a shuttle ready to take you to Ombo. There’s also a ship chartered in the morning to take you to your destination. I suggest you’re not too intoxicated for your trip. Oh, and find somewhere safe to read this.”

Seridan slid over a sleek datapad. The Zeltron glanced at the barmaid longingly, groaning internally, before taking the datapad and slapping some credits on the bar. Before he left, he paused beside his Aedile, speaking only a few words, “I’m looking forward to those answers, mate.”

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: Teikhos Seleukides

Missions Detail:

Protector Teikhos Seleukides,

You have been chosen by the Antei Contract Bureau to handle a mission that has popped up recently. Angharad Mort is a very high-standing official within the Onderonian government. She has a number of vital trade agreements with Brotherhood holdings, and is important for certain funding. She will be the guest of honour at the Royal Family’s annual ball and banquet, which lasts for the next three days. We have received reports of an assassination attempt planned sometime during this event. Your primary mission is to guard and protect Mort from this assassin. The catch is that you will need to dress like a member of the Onderonian Nobility. You will need to be subtle and unobtrusive, as per the requests of Mort. The assassin is supposed to be trained, though not a professional. You should be capable enough to defeat them easily.

Good Hunting, Teikhos.

-Seridan Brehevik
Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

Provide protection to Angharad Mort from a reported assassination. Make sure she survives the Royal Ball. Take the assassin out, and find out any information that you can.


Contract Status: Defaulted
Current Grade: -2

As the original fourteen days has elapsed, this contract has defaulted. Should the participant wish to request reactivation, simply contact the ACB Staff and request it in an email.


With the new ACB Policy regarding Defaulted Contracts, all contracts that have elapsed after being declared Defaulted are then considered Forfeit after a period of 30 Days.