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[2015-01] Contract 007: Revs - Assassination, S-Class


NSD Invicta
Unknown Coordinates

“Touchdown in thirty seconds, m’lord,” the shuttle pilot stated called back to Revs. A few moments later, the vessel shook, signifying that the ship had landed on the hangar deck.

The passenger bay ramp descended quickly, allowing Knight Revs to board the Invicta for the first time. He was welcomed by a gruff-looking Human soldier. Neither said a word as the soldier studied the Knight before him, showing him an indifferent, almost uncaring, attitude compared to most mundanes. Before Revs could open his mouth to speak, the soldier cleared his throat.

“Welcome aboard the Invicta. I am Staff Lieutenant Winston, personal guard to Proconsul Cortel. If you would follow me…” Winston spoke plainly, extending an arm towards the back of the massive hangar bay.

Revs nodded and set forth after Winston, only to be joined by a shapely but short Mandalorian female approaching from his starboard. Her blue and white armor was dulled and scratched to show her combat history, but the emblem emblazoned on her left shoulder plate signified who she was: Elequin Erinos, the Proconsul’s Fade and primary bodyguard.

With a slight roll of the shoulders, Revs continued forward until the trio reached a set of turbolifts. Winston pressed a series of commands and the doors slid open with a hiss, allowing the three to enter, one on either side of Revs. Winston stared straight ahead, ever dutiful, while Elequin stood with her head turned, judging Revs silently from behind her helmet.

The tense silence seemed to last forever as the lights that signified each floor passed, and Revs quickly lost count. Finally, the lift slowed to a halt and the doors swished open to the active hustle and bustle of the Invicta’s bridge. Officers of various rank ran back and forth, barking orders from port to starboard. At the fore of the bridge, just before the giant transparisteel display, stood one of the most respected Admirals of the Arconan fleets.

Arcia Cortel had her hands clasped behind her back, facing away from the approaching trio. “I was wondering if you were ever going to make it. You do know this is time sensitive.”

It was obvious the Proconsul was not asking a question. “Yes, my Lady. I am reporting for my contract.”

Cortel turned and snatched a datapad from one of the consoles near her, reviewing it in an instant and tossing it towards Revs. Reaching his hand out to capture the device, he was taken aback when Elequin intercepted it. With a slow turn towards him, Revs could almost feel her grin.

“I’ll be close. Don’t frak it up, di’kut,” the Mandalorian mentioned plainly before giving the datapad to the Knight.

Clearing his throat, the Miralukan keyed in his personal codes and the contract quickly appeared on the screen, the specialized datapad’s gelform display raising under his fingers to form braille characters.

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: Revs

Neutralize primary target and return alive.

Missions Detail:

Knight Revs,

You have been selected for your…unique qualifications to handle one of the high profile contracts offered by the Antei Contract Bureau. This contract requires high profile assassination techniques. It has been known that Jorrid Sahl and his crew are the primary manufacturers of the highly reactive, hallucinogenic drug known as “Joy Rocks,” or ‘Synth-X’. It is known that Jorrid distributes his drug to various gangs throughout this region of the Galaxy, and children of the Dajorra system have recently gotten their hands on it.

Your target has been traced to a seller/buyer meet at the attached coordinates and advance recon has determined that Jorrid will have a significant force guarding him, at least five heavily armed enforcers plus the buyer and their bodyguards. The composition of this second group of bodyguards is unknown. You are to use any means necessary to neutralize the primary target and return to the central Bureau office alive.

In any event where you find yourself overwhelmed or in need of further assistance, the Mandalorian Elequin Erinos will be on standby near the coordinates. Use her abilities of advanced Intelligence and Martial Arts wisely.

Location Recon

The location is on an asteroid facility at coordinates 20, -13, -28. Multiple stories of halted construction. Several floors are depressurized, including those leading to the main chamber where the meet is thought to be taking place. Mercenary scouting shows that target transports will arrive at the starboard airlock, giving you access to the half-constructed port airlock. Each airlock contains automated defense systems, though the functionality of these systems cannot be verified. Once in the facility, no other information can be offered.

Do well, Knight.

-Proconsul, Clan Arcona
Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

Revs sighed once the recording finished, brow furrowed. This was a great deal for a Knight to be undertaking, but he had volunteered himself for anything. Clearing his throat, he offered a half bow and turned to exit the bridge.

“Don’t bother returning to me if the job is incomplete, Miraluka,” were the final words he heard from Arcia as the turbolift doors hissed shut.


Contract Status: Defaulted
Current Grade: -2

As the original fourteen days have elapsed, this contract is Defaulted. To request reactivation, simply email the ACB Staff with your request for that.


With the new ACB Policy, Defaulted Contracts will now be declared Forfeit after a period of 30 Days.