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[2015-01] Contract 016: Zakath - Assassination, B-Class


AGV Nighthawk
Exact Coordinates: Unknown

The Ryn Captain tilted his head to the side, staring in a confused manner at the biometrics scanner that kept telling him ‘access denied’. He had already received his contract - there shouldn’t be another one already.

One of the Communications Officers coughed pointedly. “Captain Bleu?”


“You have a holo-call… It seems urgent.”

Kordath turned his beady gaze towards the blinking light and flipped it on. Instantly, glaring silver eyes appeared, shortly followed by the rest of Celevon’s body. “Eh… Heya. What’re you glaring at me for?”

“If you would have answered the call before repeatedly trying to open the contract details, I would have told you it was for Zakath. Di’kut!” The image winked out of existence as the Assassin ended the call abruptly.

“Well… He’s certainly grumpy today. Someone notify Security Chief Zakath that he has a mission!”

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: Zakath

Missions Detail:


You have been chosen by the Antei Contract Bureau to carry out a mission due to your unique set of skills. Recently, an assassin has been systematically eliminating minor allies of the Shadow Clan. Due to the choice of attire, we are unaware if this person is male or female. They are very good at covering their tracks. Therefore, your task is to travel to the location of the latest kill on Eldar, discover a trail and identify your target. Once a positive identification has been made, you are free to eliminate this person in whatsoever a manner you choose. Should you use your lightsaber, make certain the remains are rendered unidentifiable.

Good Hunting, Chief Zakath.

-Celevon Edraven
Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

Eliminate the assassin without leaving a trail back to your Clan-mates. After discovering a positive identification, you may use any method of killing your target, so long as it does not lead back to the Shadow Clan. What little is known about your target is attached.


Name: Unknown
Species: Humanoid
Age: 25-35
Height: 6 Foot (1.83m)
Build: Athletic
Hair: Changes frequently - last seen with messy black hair, the tips dyed blue
Eyes: Green
Further Details: Your target is proficiently skilled with martial arts, and tends to favor the use of a compound bow, a pair of daggers and poisons. Be on your guard, as this target could be potentially dangerous to face off against in close combat. Best of luck to you.


Zakath was not a patient man, a fact that was not lost on anyone who had the misfortune to work with the sinister Chief of Security of the Nighthawk. The Barabel had little tolerance for fools, even those who were superior to him in hierarchy. Especially his immediate superior, the Ryn who had recently been installed as Captain of the Nighthawk. The datapad he was now holding was only adding to his contempt for Kordath Bleu.

“Attempt 1 of 10 remaining,” Zakath growled out the words on the datapad before raising his glowing eyes to meet those of Luiza, his lieutenant and second-in-command.

“Yeah, Captain thought it was for him,” Luiza replied, clasping her hands behind her back as she remained at attention, unphased by her superior’s perpetually angry mood. “Took a call from Edraven before he figured out it was for you.”

“Of course it did.” Zakath snorted as he pressed one of his sharp talons against the biometric reader. The datapad beeped in acknowledgement before the security lockout screen vanished to be replaced with the details of the contract. “Our Captain is nothing, if not predictable in his bungling incompetence.”

Luiza merely allowed herself a slight smile, having borne the brunt of her chief’s ranting about the Ryn several times already. “At least predictable incompetence is better than unpredictable.”

“True,” Zakath huffed out a slight chuckle as he began to read the datapad. “Though I’m sure our Captain will find a way to surprise us. Probably at the height of a battle where we’re hanging on by a thread.”

“Just means we have to step in to save the day,” Luiza’s smile broadened to a smirk before she cocked her head slightly. “So what’s the contract?”

“Someone has been hunting down some of our allies,” Zakath replied as he traced his talons across the datapad, highlighting excerpts of the contract. “Find the assassin and end them without it being traced back to the Clan.”

“Oh, nice. Assassinate the assassin,” Luiza chuckled as she tucked an errant strand of brunette hair behind her ear. “Take it I’m running things while you’re gone on business?”

“Of course,” The Barabel gave her a toothy smile as he sat back down into his chair and turned to the terminal. “Someone has to keep our Captain in check. And sober.”

“Do my best on the former. No promises on the latter,” Luiza replied blandly.

“Noted,” Zakath replied dryly as he keyed in a request for a shuttle to be prepared for immediate departure. “And follow up on the intercom installation. Make sure it actually got installed.”

“Ah yes, the Iridonian,” Luiza’s nose wrinkled in distaste. “I’ll check on it.”

“Preferably before the next tactical drill is run,” Zakath said. “I rather not come back to find out that Nath killed another one of our men unnecessarily.”

The incident still left a sour taste in Luiza’s mouth, something the Barabel picked up on, cocking his head in a questioning manner. The woman let a long sigh escape as she crossed her arms, returning Zakath’s stare, her lips thinning in contempt as the subject shifted to that of Zakath’s erratic and dangerously unstable Apprentice. “Just didn’t care for the incident and… her.”

“I understand,” Zakath replied as he rose from his chair. “And I am not asking you to like her. Merely make sure she’s aware of all drills being run. So long as nobody dies during training exercises, that is the extent of what I expect out of you two.”

“Understood,” Luiza said as she stepped back a foot. “We won’t rack up a big body count while you’re gone.”

“Good,” Zakath said as he opened up a small storage cabinet tucked away in the corner of his office and began to pull out some tools.

“I might have to stun her so that we can get inside to verify that the installation got done, though.” Luiza added with a slight smirk.

“Try not to lose too many men in the process,” Zakath snorted as he began to lay out the tools and weapons on his desk, considering which ones to select for the assignment.

“So little faith in us, chief?” Luiza asked, her tone disapproving.

“Oh, I have plenty of faith in our men to repel boarding actions and policing the crew. Their abilities there are without question,” Zakath replied as he began to select tools and tucking them into the utility belts he wore around his waist and torso. “I simply have more faith in my former Apprentice to kill anybody who trespasses her domain.”

“We’ll see about that,” Luiza said finally after a long moment of silence.

“Indeed,” Zakath said as he finished the selection and locked up the storage cabinet. “If you are successful, then I will be very impressed.”

“It’ll get done,” Luiza said flatly as she slapped the door release to the outer office.

“We’ll see,” Zakath replied, a hint of mocking laughter hidden in his tone. “Have a requisition form drawn up requesting replacements ready for my approval when I return. Just in case.”

Before Luiza could respond, the Barabel slipped through the door, heading for the hangar bay.


Contract Status: Forfeit
Grade: Incomplete (-2)

As the contract has failed to be completed on time, it has now reverted to the status of Forfeit. The participant can feel free to request another contract, though this one in particular will remain Incomplete.