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[2015-01] Contract 022: Raiju Kang - Security, A-Class


Shadow Academy Library

The Nautolan muttered under his breath in his native tongue as he sifted through old scrolls, searching for some obscure fact that had not been added to the tomes. It had been something the Seer had read before, though the lack of organization frustrated him to no end.

One of the scrolls were shifted aside, revealing a datapad in a style he had seen once before. Kang glanced around, wondering to himself how and when the device had been placed there before he grabbed it.

Lines of text immediately began to fill the screen as soon as his thumb hit the scanner.

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: Raiju Kang

Missions Detail:

Seer Kang,

You have been chosen by the Antei Contract Bureau to carry out a mission due to your position within Clan Taldryan. Following the alliance with Clan Arcona, your leaders have chosen to reopen talks of the peace agreements with Clan Odan-Urr. The delegate from Odan-Urr is Councilor Turel Sorenn. There are those who would wish to disrupt these talks or sabotage it outright. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to prevent any sabotage and protect the delegate from Clan Odan-Urr from the moment he arrives in the system to when he leaves.

Good luck, Seer.

-Celevon Edraven
Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

Protect the delegate from Clan Odan-Urr at all costs and ensure no one disrupts the talks of a renewed non-hostility agreement between the two Clans.


Contract Status: Forfeit
Grade: Incomplete (-2)

As the mission was failed to be completed in the given time, it has reverted to Forfeit. Though the participant will be able to request further contracts, this one will remain Incomplete.