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[2015-01] Contract 023: Adem Bol’era - Recon, B-Class


Power On

Analyzing Biometrics
Identity Confirmed

Loading Filesystem
Filesystem Loaded

Decrypting Files

Target: Kravhu Transport Compound, Dajorra System
Assignment: Your mission is to run reconnaissance and gather intelligence on the Kravhu Transport Company, in preparation for pirate activities by Tyrant Sword. Kravhu is a prosperous shipping firm used by a number of private companies throughout the Dajorra system. Based on Selen, KTC’s main compound is highly fortified to prevent the loss of their customers’ cargo. Tyrant Blade will need details on their upcoming shipping manifests and proposed navigational routes so that their leadership can better determine where to hit these freighters. Military material, engineering equipment and goods that are easily fenced are all high priorities. How you retrieve this information is entirely at your discretion.

Closing File
Unmounting Filesystem
Filesystem Unmounted
Erasure Complete


Contract Status: Defaulted
Current Grade: -2

As the original fourteen days have elapsed, this contract has defaulted. Should the participant wish reactivation, simply email the ACB Staff with your stated request.


As the new Policy regarding Defaulted Contracts has been implemented, all Defaulted contracts are considered Forfeit after a period of 30 Days.