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[2015-01] Contract 033: K’tana - Assassination, B-Class


Phantom Complex, Port Ol’val
Dajorra System

The Onderonian strode through the secret complex beneath Port Ol’val, each determined motion bringing him ever closer to the office of Shadow Gate’s Gatewarden. In a gloved hand was a contract datapad he had specifically chosen for the marginally insane Twi’lek.

As he came to a halt before the door and knocked sharply, Celevon could have sworn he heard glass breaking from within. A shrieked ‘Enter’ had the Obelisk wondering if he should tactically retreat until later in the day. I wonder who pissed her off today, the Human mused as he opened the door and walked in.

“Oh, it’s you Cel… Please, please, please tell me you’re not here to deliver more paperwork,” the violet-skinned Twi’lek pleaded, jumping over her desk to stand in front of the Onderonian.

“Nope. Not paperwork. You’ve got some field work.” At the curious, yet more excited appearance, he elaborated. “I’ve got a kill order here and I’m assigning it to you. Have fun.”

As soon as the Gatewarden caught the device, Celevon turned and exited the office, digging in his pocket for his cigarettes.

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: K’tana

Missions Details:


You have been chosen by the Antei Contract Bureau to carry out an Assassination mission as a test of your skills as a prospective Shadicar. Eliminate the Kaleesh Warrior, return with his mask and one of his weapons as proof of your kill. Further details on the objective have been attached.

Good Hunting.

-Celevon Edraven
Commissioner, Antei Contract Bureau
Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

Eliminate the Kaleesh Warrior on the Jungle planet in the Lubang Minor System and bring back his mask as proof of your kill. You are free to use any means at your disposal, as the planet where Jormund is hunting has only a small population of bipedal lifeforms.


Name: Jormund
Sex: Male
Species: Kaleesh
Age: 31
Height: 6’3”
Build: Bodybuilder
Eyes: Pale yellow
Further Details: Your target is a traditional Kaleesh warrior who specializes in unarmed combat, though he is also moderately skilled in a variety of weapons, though he seems to be of the belief that the more primitive the weapon he uses to hunt, the more honor he earns. The last intelligence report places him and a hunting party on the Forest planet in the Lubang Minor System, the site of a battle during the Clone Wars. You can consider this mission a part of your Shadicar training. He should be fairly easy to locate, as intelligence reports he is the only Kaleesh in that party with a combination of orange skin, pale yellow eyes and an uncommon mask made of durasteel, rather than bone. He is also the only member of his party with long, dark brown dreadlocks.


Contract Status: Deactivated
Current Grade: None

At the request of the participant, this contract has been deactivated until further notice. As the original time for posting has not elapsed, this will not be classed as Incomplete.


With the new policy implemented, Defaulted Contracts only have a period of 30 Days to be Reactivated before they will convert to Forfeit.