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[2015-01] Contract 039: Sashar Erinos Arconae - Security, S-Class


Soulfire Barracks
Lower Levels, Arcona Citadel
Several Hours Prior to Initiation of Operations

The Adept bowed his head as he loaded up his gear for the upcoming operation, messy black hair falling just into his eyes as he tightened the straps that held his weapons. Dark brown eyes narrowed as the Mandalorian sensed the approach of a familiar presence. “If you’re trying to sneak up on me, you’ve gotten sloppy, kiddo. I don’t have time for a talk now, if that’s the reason you’re here.”

The Onderonian rested his shoulder against the doorframe, mercurial gaze shadowed by the emotions simmering beneath the surface. The two had barely spoken since the war, as the Assassin was still coming to terms with the fact that the other male was still alive. “I’m not here to talk. Something came across my desk that suits your particular skills.”

Sashar raised an eyebrow as his former apprentice tossed a datapad his way, snatching it out of the air in a deft move. “It wasn’t so long ago that I was handing out these missions to you.”

A small smirk curved Celevon’s lips as he pushed off from the doorframe, backing out of the barracks. “As you said, there’s truly no rest for the wicked.”

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Biometrics Confirmed
x://_Identity Verified: Sashar Erinos, di Tenebrous Arconae

Missions Details:


Due to your unique skillset, I’ve chosen to assign you a task brought to my attention by our Proconsul. Cortel has informed me that the Shadow Lady is meeting with members of the Dark Council on an undisclosed location and we are concerned for her safety, despite Lord Pravus’ solidifying rule. There are too many shadows lingering in the Brotherhood–too many questions left unanswered. The DIA has caught wind of rumors that someone wants to strike at Arcona by assuring that the Consul does not make it to the meeting–Admiral Cortel and myself are of the belief that conventional security will not be enough for this mission. Due to the lack of detail, you will be shadowing the Pendragon I and ensuring that the Shadow Lady makes it to this meeting and is protected at all costs.

Good Hunting.

-Celevon Edraven
Commissioner, Antei Contract Bureau

Atyiru is unaware of the additional security you will be providing, as she has not been informed of the possible threat to her life. As you can no doubt determine, the security you will be providing has not been authorized by the Shadow Lady, so she should remain unaware of your presence.


Contract Status: Defaulted
Current Grade: Incomplete (-2)

As the original fourteen days to post have elapsed, this contract has Defaulted. To request reactivation, simply email the ACB Staff with your stated request.


With the New Policy on Defaulted Contracts, any contract not reactivated within 30 days will be considered Forfeit.