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[2015-01] Contract 44: Lexiconus and Scarlet - Infiltration, C-Class


Orian V
Sadow Palace

“What is this? An Arconan giving us orders?” Scarlet’s voice interrupted the discussion taking place. The irritation present in the Sith’s tone was enough to both of the men’s attention, Lexiconus and the holographic form of Uji Tameike turned to her at her words.

“I am contacting you as a representative of the Antei Contract Bureau. Not as an Aedile within Arcona. The information being uploaded to the datapad will provide the mission details.” Uji stopped for a moment as if considering his next words carefully.

“If you have something else to say, get on with it,” Lexiconus spoke with a hint of irritation - one of his former clan-mates was not a welcome sight to him.

“How you complete your assignment is up to you. I would warn you though, consider leaving Scarlet behind.” As Uji finished, the holographic image terminated, leaving the two members of Naga Sadow in silence.

“What the drek is that supposed to mean?” Scarlet felt an immediate surge of anger at the Aedile’s words.

“Calm down Scarlet, let us see what the Bureau has for us”

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: Lexiconus Qor

Missions Detail:


You have been chosen by the Antei Contract Bureau to handle a mission for Naga Sadow. To be more specific, you have been chosen to fulfill this mission on behalf of Naga Sadow though it will require you to operate without use of title or position within your Clan. The Cenota Facility on the moon of Gamuslag is reported to contain a series of test facilities where the prisoners are put to use in testing new equipment, procedures and experiments.

You are to infiltrate the penal colony posing as a prisoner - below the facility is reported to contain the Level 13 experimental facility. Upon transference to the Facility, you and your companion will be approached by someone familiar to Scarlet who will aid you in getting into Level 13.

Be forewarned, your contact has a history with your companion. Level 13 was built with the intention of providing research to Naga Sadow, recently progress has ground to a halt, yet resources have continued to be requisitioned and put to use. Identify what is happening within the Facility and deal with any complications accordingly.

Good Hunting.


Contract Status: Forfeit
Grade: Incomplete (-2)

With the new ACB Policy in place, contracts can only remain Defaulted for a period of 30 Days before being declared Forfeit.