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[2015-02] Contract 054: Andrelious & Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj - Undercover, A-Class


Mimosa-Inahj Homestead
Karufr, Kr’Tal System
0875 Hours, Local

“–What do you mean, another mission? We do need time off to spend with each other-”

The Onderonian could tell, even through the holo-frequency, that the woman was building up for a massive rant. Derailing was the best tactic in this case. “Yes, I’m aware. That’s why I’m sending both of you on this mission.”

“What’s the mission?”

“Use the biometrics scanner and find out. Edraven out.”

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Biometrics Confirmed
x://_Identities Verified: Andrelious & Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj

Missions Details:

You have been chosen to perform a task set out by the Antei Contract Bureau. Recent information has indicated that a company on Bastion has come close to uncovering secrets that could reveal the existence of our Brotherhood. Though they claim to be a Security Firm, stolen data from their mainframe revealed that Ares Security Solutions is nothing short of hired mercenaries willing to do anything for the right amount of credits. Your mission is to infiltrate the ranks of this organization and destroy it from within with all due haste. A team of a Master Forger and a highly skilled Slicer will work with the both of you en-route to work up your cover aliases and cover all bases - As soon as both women are finished working up the details, you will be able to pass any background check possible. Along with the documents provided will be Concealed Carry Badges for your firearms.

Good luck.

-Celevon Edraven
Commissioner, Antei Contract Bureau
Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

Infiltrate the company Headquarters on Bastion by joining their ranks and destroying the company from within at all costs. If you can somehow smuggle in your lightsabers, you are free to use them in this case due to the importance of this mission’s success. I will warn you, however, that reconnaissance of this location has revealed state-of-the-art security. Every entrance and exit to this location is outfitted with metal detectors and full-body weapon scanners. Once you have been accepted as members of this organization, they will allow you to carry your firearms in the building. Good luck.


Spanky’s Cantina

“When Edraven said he’d arrange us to meet with a skilled slicer, I somehow guessed it would be you,” Andrelious stated smugly. The slicer in question was his own daughter, Saskia.

“You’re a regular clairvoyant, babe,” Kooki responded. The Mimosa-Inahj twins, now nearly a year old, lay sleeping nearby. The Alderaanian had already arranged that they would be staying with their elder sibling.

Saskia said nothing. She was deep in concentration, looking up from her datapad only to discuss her task with her colleague.

The master forger, who had introduced herself as Pumpitch, had arrived only minutes ago, but she had already begun to produce the various documents of identity that the mission would require.

“Alright. So, I’m basing these aliases on what you guys told me,” Pumpitch explained.

Saskia nodded along. “I think Kooki will get a laugh from these,” she added, sliding a datapad in the direction of the couple.

Name: Buzzla Fonhill
Age: 45
Planet of origin: Corellia
Occupation: Combat Instructor, CEO of Fonhill training
Skills: Light weapons (blasters)
Profile: Buzzla Fonhill has spent the last ten years as a private combat instructor, specialising with blasters. In this time she has developed a particular affinity with the DH-17 pistol, to the point that she insists on carrying one at all times. She came across her now husband, Bankar, when working with a group of slavers.

“Slavers? I don’t like where this is going,” Andrelious stated. With a minor sense of dread, he scrolled down, looking at what Saskia and Pumpitch had come up with for him.

Name: Bankar Fonhill
Age: 46
Planet of origin: Coruscant
Occupation: Personal assistant, Fonhill training.
Skills: Piloting
Profile: Originally the pilot of a YT-1300 freighter, Bankar and the rest of his crew were captured by a group of slavers four years ago. Whilst his colleagues were quickly sold, Bankar was fortunate in that Buzzla took an immediate shine to him and bought him herself. The Corellian immediately freed Bankar, but on the conditions that he marry her and ‘do as he was told’. Now works as Buzzla’s personal assistant.

Pumpitch handed the couple a pair of folders. “Here you go. Even Imperial Intelligence shouldn’t be able to guess these are forgeries, let alone the mercs you’re supposed to be going after. I’d not advise trying that out, though.”

Kooki smirked. “Fonhill training, eh? I can do that. These Ares people don’t stand a chance,”

“So basically I’m just coming along for the ride?” Andrelious questioned.

“It’s for the best. There’s no way you’d be able to hide our chemistry, so I asked for our aliases to be married,” the Alderaanian answered.

“The PA thing was MY idea, dad. It’ll be easier on you if Kooki can boss you about,” Saskia interjected.

“Exactly. This way, you’ll just be able to do as you told until it’s go time,” Kooki continued.

Andrelious sighed. It was going to be a long mission.


Kooki hadn’t long been home from her latest mission and was already preparing to go on another. Once again the Alderaanian was going undercover, but this time with one slight difference- Her spouse, Andrelious was coming along too. Deep down she was rather worried about this. Undercover was her specialist forte, not his. She severely hoped he would not blow his alias. It would be a lot easier if was just to follow her lead and do as his told.

After meeting with Saskia and Pumpitch, Kooki felt much better about the mission in question. She rather liked the idea of taking the lead. Andrelious was likely to only speak when spoken to. By now Poppy and Etty were staying with Saskia and Kooki had already dyed her hair again. This time it had taken a lot more effort than usual. The Sith headed downstairs ready to greet her spouse.

Andrelious stared at his reflection in the mirror. This new attire was quite different to what he was used to wearing everyday. His usual robes had been replaced with an all-black suit. The Warlord sensed a very familiar presence approaching and out of the corner of his eye he spotted a sight he had never seen before. He spun round and there in front of him stood Kookimarissia wearing a smart black shirt and a red and black tartan patterned skirt, which was just a couple of inches hitched above her knees. Her slender legs were covered in a pair of black tights and her customary knee-high steel-toe cap boots. Kooki looked very youthful and unusually feminine compared to her usual black and purple cinder robes. Andrelious eyed her up starting at her boots and working his way up. Her breasts looked as bountiful as ever and upon reaching her shoulders, Andrelious was suddenly even more stunned. Not just at the vast change in clothing, but Kooki’s hair was RED!! The poor Sith had to blink and rub his eyes. For a very brief second he had a flashback to a familiar woman from his past who had harboured a very similar shade of hair colour.

“So…what do you think?” asked Kooki, as she spun round, causing her outfit to float outwards as she did so.

“Umm… very….interesting…” stuttered her spouse.

“I know it’s a bit out of my usual comfort zone,” Kooki stated.

Andrelious silently nodded, unable to construct a coherent sentence.

“I can tell you’re not impressed. I gave it some thought, I have to look vaguely educational, given I’m a teacher now. Now I come to think of it, perhaps a personal assistant would look better in this outfit.” Mused the feisty teasing female, as she stroked Andrelious’ buttons on his smart shirt on his chest area.

This possessive behaviour caused the male’s cheeks to flush a little pink.

Before he could respond to such frivolities, a beeping sound echoed from outside.

Ah saved by the bell. Thought Andrelious to himself, despite knowing his spouse could most likely read his inner thoughts.

Kooki swiftly began leading the way and exited the Mimosa-Inahj homestead and Andrelious obediently followed. The leading lady turned her head over her shoulder, sweeping her red hair as she did so.

“Be a good personal assistant and don’t forget the bags, babe.” Kooki teased.



Having rushed to the spaceport, Kooki was most annoyed when she discovered that the Bureau had arranged for a third party to transport her and Andrelious to Bastion. They had been waiting nearly an hour when finally a shuttle landed nearby. Its pilot was a tall, thin Human dressed in the clothing of a spacer.

“I’m looking for a Mr and Mrs…” the pilot began, reading from a datapad.

“Fonhill?” Kooki interrupted.

“Correct. According to my manifest, I’m to take you to Bastion,” the man replied.

The Mimosa-Inahj couple followed the man onto the ship, taking seats in the passenger area. Andrelious looked longingly at the doorway leading to the cockpit.

“Don’t even THINK about it. I need you to remind me of my appointments this week,” the Alderaanian ordered, knowing exactly what her spouse wanted.

A loading droid carried in two large suitcases full of clothes that Kooki had acquired. She wasn’t sure exactly how long the mission was going to be, but had packed for every eventuality. The droid disappeared into the cargo hold, whilst the spacer went through to the cockpit, leaving Andrelious and Kooki alone.

“So the first order of business, you’re aware that Bastion is an Imperial held world?” Andrelious questioned.

“I always research anywhere I’m going on a mission. Am I going to get the usual speech about how these Imperials weren’t even born when Alderaan was blown up?” Kooki sighed.

The Warlord smiled. “Now who’s a clairvoyant?” he quipped.

“Something I’m wondering about. What are we going to do about our lightsabers? Even my usual trick won’t work here,” the female said, glancing down at her boots.

“I was thinking about this. I know you packed them, but I think we’ll be better off hiding them somewhere when we land and proceeding without them. I’ve seen you with that DH-17, though. We’ll be fine,” Andrelious explained.

The ship jolted the couple a little as it entered hyperspace.

“How long before we get to this Imperial hellhole?” Kooki asked.

“Just about long enough to find out where we need to go. Saskia told me that ‘Buzzla’ has been in contact with a man called Tressyn,” the Warlord replied.

Kooki giggled. “You mean you don’t know? I can tell you’re a beginner at this! Tressyn’s going to be our way in. He thinks he’s hiring Fonhill Training to show some of the newer recruits a thing or two.”



The shuttle was descending through the atmosphere of Bastion. Kooki shuddered in her seat. Andrelious spotted his spouse’s unusual behaviour. He thought it best not to question her, let alone make a tongue-in-cheek comment. Instead he just sat there silently. It wasn’t long before the shuttle landed at a spaceport on the Imperial planet where the undercover couple would be spending an unknown length of time.

Similarly to when they had departed Karufr, a loading droid obediently appeared and took Kooki and Andrelious’ suitcases to a nearby speeder and loaded it up.

“So where to, Miss…?” enquired the driver.

Kooki sighed heavily.

“Fonhill! And take us to Ares Security Solutions!” she replied, rather annoyed.

The Force blind driver nodded silently.

Very little was said between the trio in the speeder, and before long they arrived at the Security company.

Ares Security Solutions

A tall, dark haired male was already waiting outside a simple, yet elegant looking glass building. The glass exterior was rather unusual in that it was jet black in colour and therefore passers-by could not see into the building, but those inside could see outwards.

The male Sith was the first to exit the speeder, hastily grabbed the suitcases and opened the speeder door on the other side to allow his boss to also emerge. Tressyn smirked to himself. This Buzzla Fonhill was clearly a feisty, dominant female who had a personal assistant who was at her beck and call. The company owner held out his hand to greet the couple that had just arrived.

“Ah, Buzzla Fonhill, we meet at last.” He stated.

Kooki reached out her hand and placed it firmly into Tressyn’s counterpart and shook it.

“And this must be Bankar, your little personal assistant,” he continued.

Andrelious placed the suitcases down either side of him and reached out his hand also.

By this point Tressyn had retracted his hand and had turned to lead the duo inside the unique looking building.
“Enough of the pleasantries. Let’s get you both settled in. The gang can’t wait for some training Miss Fonhill!” he explained.

“And I can’t wait to get started!” exclaimed an eager Kooki.

Tressyn suddenly halted before the entrance and placed his finger on a small touchpad next to the door frame. He drew a small design and a robotic voice echoed.

“Welcome Tressyn!” it boomed.

The metallic doors slid open and the trio entered into a very small claustrophobic space. Three tall walls surrounded them and in a fourth wall was a similar door to the one they had just entered, but with one significant difference-this was outlined with metal detectors.

“We do apologise Mr and Mrs Fonhill, we can’t be too careful these days.” Declared Tressyn.

“It’s understandable. You can’t trust anyone these days.” ‘Buzzla’ agreed.

‘Bankar’ just quietly nodded when his spouse glanced over at him.

Tressyn walked through first, leading the way without a problem and waited by the full body scanner in the next room.

Kooki followed swiftly after, as did Andrelious. As expected a loud beeping echoed around them causing a sudden group of abrasive armed people holding blasters at the couple’s bodies. They casually put their hands up.

Tressyn glared at them and quickly had one of the armed group search through both suitcases and discovered two lightsaber hilts.

“What is the meaning of such treachery?” he yelled.

“Barely even a foot in the door and we discover such propaganda. Explain yourselves immediately…AND make it good!!”
‘Buzzla’ began laughing.

“What’s so funny Miss Fonhill!” demanded the company owner.

“Well TWO things really,” she began.

“ONE… these are simply ‘trophies’ of the Jedi we have slain as a result of my powerful teachings. I really am a fantastic combat teacher!” she stated smugly, whilst moving her hand held up next to her head slightly.
“You really are a fantastic combat teacher,” Tressyn responded.

“And TWO!” she continued, whilst still chuckling.

“Those E-11 blasters will do very little damage since they are full of blanks, which could barely break one of my fingernails!”

Tressyn nodded and gave a signal and the throng of armed people backed away and disappeared.
“I’d heard you were good, but that was AMAZING!” he gushed.

Kooki smiled smugly.

“Shall we continue with the full body scan?” Tressyn queried.

“Why not?” Bankar randomly said, without thinking.

“Hush you! I don’t pay you to think, I just pay you to look pretty and do as you’re told!” hissed Kooki, whilst winking at her spouse.


“Right. You first, Mr. Fonhill,” Tressyn ordered, almost shoving Andrelious into the body scanner. The device beeped, scanning the Warlord from head to toe. The scanner beeped again, indicating that it found some metal, but the monitor displayed that all that it had found were parts of the Sith’s clothing. It was even of a high enough quality to identify that Andrelious’ E-11 was indeed armed with blanks.

“You’re clean. Not that I’d expect the help to be carrying anything anyway,” Tressyn stated, ushering Kooki onwards. The scanner again found nothing of note.

“Well. You certainly take the security here very seriously. I’m surprised you’re in need of my services,” Kooki observed.

“There’s a good reason for that, Missy,” a gruff voice said from some nearby shadows. Kooki and Andrelious could both sense that somebody was indeed lurking there, as if to watch new arrivals carefully.

Tressyn aimed a thumbs up into the shadows. A second man, one dressed in a few pieces of Stormtrooper armour that had been painted black, stepped out, greeting the ‘Fonhill’ couple with a nod.

“Random men in the shadows. Definitely very secure,” the female stated.

“Tressyn. Perform the lockdown. Then we can explain exactly who we are. And what we’re really doing,” the armoured man ordered.

Tressyn nodded and pressed his hand against a nearby scanner, before pressing a few buttons on the adjoining control panel.

“Command accepted, Tressyn. Lockdown online,” the computer confirmed.

“Ok. We’re impressed now. But we really don’t need to be locked in,” ‘Buzzla’ chimed.

Andrelious’ face fell. “Indeed! Fonhill Training is a reputable company! You have no right to-” he began, before silencing himself when he noticed his spouse’s icy glare.

“Excuse my assistant’s rudeness. Still, he has a point.” Kooki interjected.

Tressyn and his apparent superior gestured towards a small office nearby. Kooki took a seat, allowing Andrelious to sit next to her. The two other men sat down on the other side of a desk that was taking up more than half of the room.

“I’ll cut to the chase, Fonhill. There’s a very good reason we called you in. Ares is far more than just another security company. That’s just what the Imps think. What we’re really doing here is a little more professional,” the armoured man explained.

“Oh? Such as?” ‘Buzzla’ questioned.

“Pretty much anything. So long as our clients have the money,” Tressyn answered. “Brank there is our Captain. I’m one of his deputies and the public face of Ares. Brank’s hot property, shall we say.”

Kooki smirked. Things were developing nicely.


After a surprisingly good night’s sleep, the ‘Fonhill’ couple awoke bright and early. Today, they would meet the rest of Brank’s command structure, as well as the men and women that ‘Buzzla’ was supposed to be training.

Andrelious sleepily poured the pair a mug of steaming caff each. He handed one to Kooki, not saying anything: he suspected the room was bugged. The Alderaanian quickly drank half of the drink whilst getting dressed. Her ‘training’ outfit was a little more familiar to her: black leggings and a fitted black shirt, supposedly to allow her to move around with ease. Andrelious was given another suit to put on.

A knock at the door was followed by Tressyn and Brank wandering in uninvited just moments after ‘Bankar’ had finished getting dressed.

“Nice to see you’re ready. Now, Buzzla, we don’t need your employee in for this meeting, so he can busy himself with whatever you have him doing,” Brank began.

“But Buzzla needs me in there. You don’t mind, really,” Andrelious responded, waving his hand.

“Buzzla needs him in there, Brank. I’m sure you won’t mind, really,” Tressyn stated, almost tonelessly.

“Very well. If you would come this way, it’s time you met my best,” Brank instructed. Kooki and Andrelious followed, looking around the corridor and spotting several security devices, mainly cameras and small turrets. After a short journey, Brank turned into a large room.

“This is the rest of my senior team,” he declared, gesturing over to a small group that were waiting around a large table. “And this is Mrs. Buzzla Fonhill. She’ll be training some of our new intake,” Brank continued.

“So. You going to tell me who you are?” Kooki questioned, maintaining Buzzla’s Outer Rim accent perfectly.

A green skinned Twi’lek clambered out of his seat first. “I am Gr’eev. I’m in charge of external operations,” he said.

A female Human, the same size as Kooki, was next. “The name’s Lolaz. I’m the best slicer you’ll meet. I make sure things here are kept nice and secretive from the Imps,” she declared.

Finally, a Rodian, whose gender wasn’t obvious, introduced themselves as Jeeda.

“Now that you’ve met my team, and I know you’re not going anywhere, it’s time we explained what’s going on here. Recently, we’ve had a lead about a strange organisation out in the middle of nowhere. Obviously we’d normally ignore such rumours, but we’ve heard that a large portion of the membership of this group are able to use the Force. We also believe there’s bounties on quite a few of their members from various sources. In short, we’re trying to find out more before we strike,” Brank explained matter of factly.

“O…k…” Kooki managed.

“That’s where you come in. Lolaz did some digging. Turns out your little company has been involved in a scuffle or two with some Jedi types. We didn’t think you’d actually carry their sabers with you, though,” Brank continued.

“Yeah. So we’d like you to train our men in how to shoot a Jedi,” Gr’eev added.

‘Buzzla’ feigned surprise so perfectly that even her husband was fooled. “I didn’t know you’d heard about that. Not that Banky there was any use,” she responded.

“Very well, then, Buzzla. We’ll leave you to get started. Your first class will be in an hour’s time. Do you have any questions?” Brank queried.

“Just one. You’re clearly very active. How do you operate right here on Bastion without the Imperials becoming suspicious?” Kooki ventured.

Lolaz raised her hand. “I’ll cover that one. Our base’s communications all go through a single hub computer. That encrypts everything so it looks like legit business by Ares Security Solutions,” she explained.

Very clever girl. Andrelious thought to himself, wondering if Saskia could manage such a feat.

I agree. Time to start thinking of a plan, Kooki responded, the Force allowing her to speak to her spouse secretly.


“So this is our main hub computer we told you about,” Lolaz began explaining, whilst loading up the computer system.

Kooki knew time was not on her side and she needed to devise a plan and fast. The system was taking a while to load, so she decided now would be a perfect time to take a fresher break and TRY to think up a vague idea at least.

Moments later, Andrelious walked into the room where Lolaz was. Initially upon quick glance he thought it strange that he hadn’t sensed his spouse already in the room and that she was already there. Lolaz spun round, causing the undercover warrior to heave a sigh of relief.

“Ah, Bankar. There you are. Buzzla will be along in a few minutes.” The hard-working female reassured.

“Wow! K…Buz…Lolaz!” stuttered Andrelious just as Kooki entered.

Lolaz began chuckling once she noticed Kooki’s arrival.

“I’m not Buzzla, you short bimbo. What were you going to call me? K…?” she enquired, rather puzzled.

Kooki glared over at her spouse. He was not used to all this undercover malarkey.

“Captivating!” Kooki shouted, in a vain attempt to cover her spouse’s close call.

Lolaz glared over, narrowing her eyes in a suspicious manner. Kooki continued her cold glare at Andrelious, whilst trying to remain professional. The slicer suddenly burst into a smile and laughed.

“Very flattering, Mr Fonhill.” She giggled, and going a slight shade of pink.

She turned and began logging into the computer system, which had finally booted up. Her black shoulder-length hair floated perfectly down her back.

How could you be so stupid? You nearly blew our whole operation! Kooki messaged her clumsy, seemingly incompetent spouse through the Force.

Andrelious could both hear and feel the sharpness and hostility within her tone. Rather than risk apologising, he simply hung his head humbly in shame.

Wow! She does look like me! Kooki thought to herself.

Without a second thought, the Alderaanian female grabbed her blaster and with a couple of carefully aimed shots, she punctured the lungs of Lolaz, who slumped onto the floor to her demise.

Andrelious stared in utter amazement at his spouse’s sudden actions. Her feistiness never failed to surprise and scare him a little. Her total lack of empathy or regret was evident as Kooki began infiltrating into the computer system that Lolaz had logged into before her sudden death.

“What are we going to do with her body, love? Tressyn and his men are going to suspect something.” Andrelious queried, a slight nervousness in his tone.

“Leave it with me, babe. For now just put her into that cupboard over there.” Kooki reassured, as she pointed at a nearby cupboard, which was labelled as containing Lolaz’s private artefacts.

With her back to her nervous looking spouse, Kooki began concentrating really hard. Silently she managed to focus and channel all her energy and slowly her floaty red hair darkened until it was jet black, her deep blue eyes became shimmering emerald in colour and her breasts began to decrease slightly in size.

The Warlord moved the limp, cold and lifeless body with shaking hands and bundled it into the area Kooki had pointed at. His stomach churned as the deceased female flopped when he pushed her further in to close the door. Kooki just carried on working on the computer heartlessly.

Suddenly a knock came upon the door. Andrelious began to feel his heart beating through his chest. Tressyn entered following his rhythmic knocking.

“Ah, Bankar. There you are.” Tressyn began.

“Have you seen…” he asked.

Kooki appeared and turned to face the superior male. The female master of disguise was already well prepared.

“Lolaz! Have you seen Buzzla anywhere? The new recruits are waiting for her.” Enquired Tressyn.

The undercover female just shook her head.

Almost speechless, Andrelious managed to squeak out a reply.

“Umm…If we see her…we will…umm…let you know.”

“Righto. Many thanks.” Stated Tressyn assertively, before closing the door and leaving the room.

“Phew! That was scary!” stammered Andrelious, once Tressyn was out of earshot.

“Calm down, babe.” Said Kooki, with a wink and a glint in her eyes.

“I know what I’m doing!”


Contract Status: Defaulted
Current Grade: Incomplete (-2)

As the original fourteen days to complete this contract have elapsed, the mission is hereby Defaulted. To request reactivation, the participants should email the ACB Staff with their stated request.