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[2015-02] Contract 057: Aaleeshah - Infiltration, C-Class


Prompt provided by guest writer Nath Voth

Talzin’s Den

Nath Voth reclined back in her seat.

“This is impressive, considering the shop isn’t even open yet.” A redheaded Dathomiri sat across from her and smiled sweetly.

“I’m glad it pleases you.”

“It’s useless to me.” The Dathomiri female faltered. “But still useful, keep a keen ear for all things. Even if I am not interested, someone always is.” The redhead let out a silent sigh of relief the last thing she wanted was to disappoint her new employer.

“You are excused.” She didn’t hesitate to leave a small bubble of anxiety in her employee’s belly as the door closed at her back. The lock engaged not long after and Nath returned her attention to her console, moments before starting up a transmission.

“Mar Sûl, long time no see.” The male scrutinised the screen, not recognising the Iridonian’s drastic change in appearance. “It’s Nath Voth.” An expression of recognition dawned on his face before a deep frown set in.

“What do you want, Sith?” He remained blunt and to the point with her as always.

“I have some information that may prove useful to your Clan.” Mar paused a little paranoid and not fully trusting.


“Well, from my sources on Port Ol’val, it seems you will very soon have a piracy problem close to your Territories. If you have a young one brimming with promise and a drive to prove themselves, we could very easily nip things in the bud.”

“So let me see if I understand you correctly: you want me to send a Jedi into the heart of Arconan territory to gather information that you could easily acquire yourself and expect them to return untouched by your sects filth?” The male spat the last word like a curse at her, the woman’s expression remained passive to the jab.

“Surely you have faltering Jedi, those that are not so light as they should be. Use it as an example as to what awaits them if they choose unwisely.” Nath spoke the words carefully, using her words to manipulate the Jedi into action.

“I will not let them go alone…” He did not get a chance to finish before Nath cut across him.

“You may accompany them here and back, if you are so concerned for their wellbeing.”

He paused to consider, his fingers clenched as he thought about it.

“Very well, I will contact you when we are close,” Nath acknowledged him with a nod of her head.

Ol’val Docks
Some Time Later

Mar had contacted Nath as promised - the shuttle was close to docking and he felt a wave of unease pass over him. This place was dark; it had the Sith’s taint all over it, which could be felt before they even set foot in the Port.

A Togruta female sat close by as he tried to clear his mind.

“Do not falter in this place, do not use them as an example to aspire to.”

“Of course.” She gave a slight nod and double checked her equipment one final time.

“And do not trust the Iridonian, she does not have our interests at the forefront of her mind.” She gave another idle nod of her head, listening but keeping her thoughts to herself.

Once the ship had landed they found themselves greeted by this Iridonian, she was tall, pale and looked sickly. Blackened veins trailed along the pale expanse of her arms and face. Black hair was pulled back from her face and braided back. She didn’t smile or move and there was just something naturally disconcerting about being in her presence; as though someone else was watching you from those black eyes.

“You will need to go to the Besadii Entertainment District, there’s a small social club there known as the Priory hook up an external connection with their computer and I will download the information and send a copy to you.”

“And what do you want in return, Sith?” She pressed her lips together carefully before responding.

“One day I may call in a favour, or I may never. I am doing this with some form of good will. You may join me if you believe I am going to falsify the data.” Mar gave a stern nod; there was no trust to give her in his mind. She didn’t seem to mind though.

Nath turned her attention to the other Jedi, a hand going to the pouch at her belt. “You can contact me on this whenever you are ready for the data transfer. You should also hand your lightsaber over to him.”

“Why?” the Togruta asked suspiciously, even as she handed the hilt over to her Quaestor.

“It’s unwise to carry one on the Port. There is a gang here that hate Force Users.” The Iridonian gestured for Mar Sûl to follow her but, where they were headed, Aaleeshah did not know.

Data Transfer: Complete

Location and Target Details: The Priory is a small set of shops that have been converted for more nefarious purposes. There are three floors in total: ground floor, basement and a top floor. The upper level is now being used as quarters whilst the ground level still holds the masquerade of a shopping district. The sublevel is where all the real activity takes place: a number of Splicers are under employ to gather and coordinate information to and from the area.

It is within this sublevel that your target is located. You are to steal data from the central computer hub, detailing the specifics on Pirates that have been approaching the Yhi System. Once you have copied this information, delete the areas that mention the system where New Tython is located and exfiltrate the area. Once completed, contact your Quaestor and inform him that the mission is complete.

Additional Notes

Warning: Port Ol’val maintains a shroud of secrecy when it comes to the activities of Force Users. Though House Qel-Droma controls the Port itself through the Shadows, even they adhere to this secrecy. Visibly carrying a lightsaber is discouraged, just as the attire of a traditional Force User would have you treated with suspicion. If at all possible, you should approach someone you trust to handle your weapon if you have not already done so. Blatant use of the Force will have the on-station security after you in a heartbeat for whatever crimes are committed, just the same as anyone else on the Shadowport.

Should you be arrested whilst carrying out activities for the Antei Contract Bureau on Port Ol’val, answer any attempted interrogation with: “Contact Dajorra Intelligence Agent Marcus Burke. I’m working for him.” This is one of the many aliases used by Quaestor Celevon Edraven Erinos, who will arrive shortly and have you released.


Contract Status: Defaulted
Current Grade: Incomplete (-2)

To request reactivation, email the ACB Staff stating such.