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[2015-02] Contract 065: Kalar - Recruiting, C-Class


Zelden Zlas Cantina
San Korinar
Orian System

The cantina had an unsavory reputation, although few knew it was actually a covert operations cover for Clan Naga Sadow operatives. One thing was certainly known: the bar was full of addictive substances and beings drawn to those sorts of carnal pleasures. And the sports holovids were free albeit slightly old.

This was a great place for an Anzati to enjoy himself. Although few beings had enough “soup” to really interest him, the addictive substances were prevalent. The Grey Jedi could almost drink in the essence of the fallen wafting about the air. His hand rested on his unusual mask, half black and half white in color.

“Nice mask,” commented the barkeep who happened to be a very attractive Zeltron female. “I have someone that wants to meet you in one of our private rooms.” She gestured towards an open door and a darkened room. Kalar stepped into the room as his curiosity got the better of him.

The door shut behind him as the lighting came up. Before him sat a hulking red-armored Sith. “No need to draw your weapon Grey Jedi,” chuckled the madman. “I do appreciate the thought however. I am Macron Sadow, and the Antei Contract Bureau has need of your unique talents within this system.” The Adept handed Kalar a datapad.

“You’ll find everything you need within, and as a Hunter in this Clan you will have the resources and transportation you need at your disposal. Within reason, of course. Good luck.”

Power On

Analyzing Biometrics
Identity Confirmed: Kalar

Loading Filesystem
Filesystem Loaded

Decrypting Files

Target Area: Lor Zatean, Aeotheran
Assignment: Recruiting, C-Class

Mission Details:

*You have been selected for an important mission. In the resort city of Lor Zatean, our undercover operatives have identified a young human woman know as Zilli Cayless who is force-sensitive. Unusually, she appears to have latent Beast-control abilities. She works in the local zoo as an animal handler.

She has shown unique abilities in the control and handling of the creatures within the menagerie, especially of a captive panthac. She first came to our attention after using the panthac to defend herself from a traveling thug who attempted to rob her as she worked alone late at night.

Good Hunting.
~ Adept Macron Goura Sadow
Authorized Signature(s)
-Voice Of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood-
-Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood-

You are to recruit her to the Clan using any means necessary without seriously harming or killing her. We have very few people with her (and your own) abilities with animals and beasts and she will be highly useful. Once she is convinced, rendered unconscious, mind-controlled, or any other useful means as you see fit you will deliver her to the Temple of Sorrow on Sepros to begin her training.


Name: Zilli Cayless
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5’6”
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Short,Blonde
Distinguishing Marks Known to associate with animals. Known untrained Force-user.
Classification Recruit
Military Training None.

Further Details: Keep civilian and droid casualties to a minimum. Do not alert the public, this is a resort town. Do not kill her, or drink her Soup. Good luck.

Closing File
Unmounting Filesystem
Filesystem Unmounted
Erasure Complete


Contract Status: Reactivated
Current Grade: Pending Completion of Contract

“Just get me there and a way back and this will be done” Kal said looking up from the pad. Macron nodded at him. 
“That will be arranged. Get to the port in the meantime.” Macron said. 

Kal bowed and strolled out the door. He paid for a drink, tipped the bartender, and left with the drink. Kal didn’t waste time getting to the dock. He waited there for a little while till someone came and approached him.
“You’re to come with me.” The human said. Kal followed him onto a ship. Kal took a seat and waited for the ship to move. He didn’t wait long. Quickly they flew to the island. On the way there, the pilot gave him an com link.
“Tell me when you’ve got the new recruit. Just push the side button, to talk.”
Upon getting off Kal looked around. It was quite beautiful on the island. It was bright and sunny, and very little noise. It almost set Kal at ease.
“Great place to cause some chaos.” Lar hinted from the back of his mind. Kal had to ignore his other self and get the job done.
“We take her soup yes? Make our own abilities stronger” Lar suggested. Kal actually paused at the thought, but quickly dismissed it. The calmness of the island must have lowered his internal guard. Slowly Kal strolled about, trying to not look overly strange, but the mask wasn’t helping. He arrived at the gates of the zoo at near closing time. The guard at the gate said it would be too late for him to enter. Kal apologized and walked away.
Kal neared a different portion of the wall around the place, made sure that no one saw him, and climbed over the wall. He dropped further than he expected. When he looked up he saw that he was in the containment pen for the panthacs. The creatures all growled at his presence, but suddenly stopped. Kal swung his hand around at all the animals, and they stopped and just layed about. Only one person noticed and that was Zilli.
She stared at the strange thing that happened before her. Kal looked up and smiled behind his mask.
“Is there some way to let me out?” Kal asked.
“How did you…” Zilli started but was then interrupted by Kal.
“I’ll explain myself when you release me.” Kal told her. Zilli ran into a building and then opened the door into the pen. Kal casually strolled out and thanked her for getting the door.
“You mind explaining yourself now? What were you trying to do? Steal one of our animals?” Zilli asked confused. Kal laughed at her idea.
“No mam, I’m here for you. I have an… employer, who wishes to remain anonymous, that has seen your skills with animals and is offering you a better job.” Kal answered. He watched her consider the deal.
“What do I need to do?” She asked.
“For now it would be to follow me and be picked up. What you would be doing for him, I don’t know. Something with animals I assume.” Kal replied.
“So I just leave? Now?” Zilli questioned. Kal nodded.
Lead the way.” She said. Zilli unlocked the gate to allow both of them out and relocked it and threw the key to the other side. Kal called the pilot.
“We’re coming so get ready.” Kal said into the com link. Zilli followed him to the docks and got in the ship with Kal.
“For once something was simple and easy,” Kal thought.