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[2015] Contract 066: Turel Sorenn - Undercover, S-Class


Spaceport Tavern
New Tython, Yhi System
1532 Hours

Turel sat quietly in a booth, lightly sipping at a glass of whiskey as he indulged in a cigarra. The Guardian had been contacted several days prior about a mission and requested that he be at this location for the meet. A light cloud of smoke rose towards the ceiling of the establishment, spreading to the speakers which played soft rock. Loud, boisterous laughter came from the bar itself.

“You look deep in thought, Turel,” Celevon spoke up as he slid into the seat across the booth from the Guardian.

The Proconsul’s eyes widened as he looked up. “How did you… I didn’t sense you at all.”

The Onderonian shrugged, visibly uncomfortable with the topic. “It happens sometimes,” he explained, evading the question.

“Why didn’t you just call me and deliver the mission details in your usual manner?”

Again, Celevon shrugged. “I felt that I needed a bit of a break. Some time to travel and get out of the office for a little while. Here’s your mission,” the Arconan murmured, passing the encrypted datapad across the table. “See you around, Turel.”

The Assassin stood and moved towards the exit as the Jedi activated the device, his mind processing the events.

Celevon’s usual presence in the Force had only been a bare whisper compared to what it had been before. It took a moment before the Guardian connected the dots, head shooting up and jerking to where the other man had been.

“Why does he feel like he isn’t a Force User? I wonder what happened…”

x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Biometrics Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: Turel Sorenn

Missions Details:


You have been chosen to carry out a mission where you will go undercover and disrupt the tentative peace between two gangs: Cobra and Mezule. If you’ve heard of them, I’m unsurprised, as their main area of operations are in the more populated areas of New Tython. Your mission is to join one of the two gangs under an alias, eradicate the fragile peace between them and have them at each other’s throats. If you are able to cause both gangs to fracture in the process, even better. Under no circumstances should your cover be blown. Use any means at your disposal to carry out this mission, though I would highly advise against carrying your lightsaber. Once your mission has been completed, contact me.

Good luck. Take care in your work, as both gangs are known to be involved in everything from the drug trade to political assassinations.

-Celevon Edraven
Quaestor, House Qel-Droma


Alias Details