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[2015] Contract 068: Rhace Tarrin - Infiltration, B-Class


x://_Encrypted File
x://_Passcode accepted
x://_Fingerprint Authentic
x://_Identity Verified: Rhace Tarrin

Infiltrate enemy installation upload package. Kill quietly, only if necessary.

Missions Detail:

Commander Tarrin,

This will be short. You should have received a package containing incriminating evidence that implicates one Jorrid Sahl to be conspiring against his own sect with the Imperial Remnant. You are to arrive at the coordinates provided and infiltrate their installation undetected. Once you are in, find Jorrid’s office and upload the package to his personal mobile terminal. Once your primary goal is achieved, you are to remain unseen and exfiltrate to the second set of coordinates by any means for pick-up. If you find anything of use while you are there, you’re expected to bring it back with you.

The installation has already been reconned and moderate to heavy opposition has been reported. The installation is three stories above ground and at least two under. Standard patrols of two lightly armed mercenaries are reported to be above ground where heavily armed mercenaries are below. We know of two primary entrances with security checkpoints, but we believe there is an additional entrance that is not guarded on the roof, if you so choose.

Rumor is that within six hours, a transport ship will be arriving with additional mercenaries to take Jorrid to a more secure location. Ensure your mission is complete before then.

Location Recon

The location is on an abandoned planet at coordinates 17, -25, -43. The planet was abandoned when a series of underground gas pockets ignited, causing the entirety of the terrain to become unstable and inhospitable. Be wary of random natural gas explosions.

Your exfiltration coordinates are 23, -156.

Do well, Commander.

-Proconsul, Clan Arcona
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