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A Sit Down Interview With The Members of Naga Sadow


In a small room along a string of corridors leading towards the Shadow Academy

(Turns on the holo recorder and adjusts it showing a room with a couple black chairs and a table)

(Waves to the holo recorder)

“ Heya all, this is Tasha’ Vel Versea here, bringing you live to the Clan of Naga Sadow. As a fellow member here, I have had the pleasure of getting to know some of our awesome, wacky, zany and pretty cool members. Today I am going to highlight a few of these members.”


“First we have Marcus Kiriyu, a fine guy who has studied quite a bit, always brutally honest but lots of fun. He is currently my master and I think he has been doing a dang fine job of keeping me busy, but also having a lot of fun.”

“Smile Marcus! No, don’t do that… Aww, come back, Marcus.” (Faint yelling in the background) “Turn that damned camera off, apprentice!”…(Marcus walks off the set)


“Anyhow, now onto another member. He can be a bit full of himself, always cracks random jokes, and is my biggest rival, Bentre Stahoes. Yes, he is an annoyance and sometimes I wish…”

( Bentre takes the holo recorder and starts smiling giving this macho pose)
“Yes, she wishes she were as good as me. Little Tasha has got a far path ahead of her before she can achieve my level of awesomeness…” (After Bentre kisses his flexing bicep, Tasha snatches the holo recorder back) “Right…”


“For our third member, we have one of our most humble and honorable fellows: Sanguinius Tyscura Entar. He has been working hard to help keep most of us on our toes and possibly sane. Here I present our one and only Sang!”

(Sang is sitting back and meditating)
“Is this really necessary, Tasha? Well, if you would like a comment all I have to say is seek the light side, it will bring peace to your inner self.”

(Maelous pokes head in and yells: “You lie! Dark Side is the way to go!”)


“And speaking of fun, Maelous Ascarend has also been a great man with ambition. I have enjoyed working alongside him and others as we seek to get our team together. Do you have anything else you would like to add Maelous?”
(Looks at the camera and growls walking towards it)
“Uh oh…no don’t Mal! Um, we will be right back, having some technical difficulties…”
(Watches helplessly as Maelous smashes the holo recorder)

“Well folks, as soon as I can get my holo recorder fixed up again, I will be highlighting more of our wonderful naga sadow members. Stay tuned in for more!”


( A holo recorder turns on revealing a blue Twi’lek with zig zag patterned lekku adjusting the placement. The set is a room with a black table and two black chairs with a bookcase behind it.)

“Welcome back fellow watchers keeping up with Naga Sadow news, I am back again; Tasha’Vel your reporter for the day. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties I had to purchase a new holo-recorder.”

(Yelling in the backround of Marcus Kiriyu. “Dammit all, Apprentice I said to use that money to buy beer not another blasted holo-recorder!” Shuffles off angrily spouting about how apprentices are really annoying with their stupid recordings.)

“Now onto the continuation with more members of Naga Sadow. Here with me now is one of the Sapphire Squadron members of Naga Sadow: Robert Sadow. He is also known lovingly to many as Bob.”

(Recorder shows Bob sitting in the chair drinking some Red Fury Ale)
“Together with many of the Sapphire Squadron members they had a successful mission with taking out the Red Fury’s hangar along with as you can see some of the loot.”

(Robert grabs the camera and puts it up closer. The recorder gets a nice close up of his nose before he sets it on the desk and takes another swig of his beer.)
“That’s right Lady, our amazing team of people swooped in (burps) and stole all of the liquor. Mighty fine stuff I may add and (burps) all of their precious stash of pirate hats. Sapphire is the best darn squadron in Naga Sadow and don’t you forget it!”

(He says while pointing and waving his left hand drunkenly at the holo recorder)
“Well enough of this man’s talk. (glugs down the last of his beer) I better get on to my liquor cabinet…hic I mean work that needs completed.”

(He stumbles off the set and knocks the recorder off the table. Records him ambling out the door while humming a pirate shanty before Tasha picks it up again and sets it back in a proper place) “And that everyone was Robert Sadow aka. “Bob” of the Sapphire Squadron in Naga Sadow. Now for a brief commercial break as we get ready to set up for another member. Don’t change that channel!”


( The holo recorder shows Tasha’Vel Versea, blue skinned Twi’lek aiming the camera at the black table and chairs again. She then faces the recorder)

“Good evening all! This is once again your awesome Twi’lek reporter, Tasha Vel Versea giving you the scoop and highlight of our amazing, crazy, wild, and downright scary sometimes, members of Naga Sadow. Today, I am bringing you a little more in depth by presenting one member at a time. Each member that I am now interviewing was asked a series of questions. I have here with me, a very opinionated yet exceptional member today. He was willing to step up and answer my questions here he is: Shikyo Kiebatsu, one of the Sons of Sadow.”

(A black haired, grey eyed human with a cross shaped scar across his left cheek, enters the set and sits down. He pulls out a bottle of Tuskan beer, opens the bottle with one hand and takes a drink. He then looks into the holo recorder with an almost cheeky smirk)

“It’s been awhile, since I addressed Naga Sadow as a whole, but I appreciate an opportunity to say a few things.” (He takes another sip of his beer and sets it back down)

“First off, I want to say that liquor is good for the body and soul. You can never have too much beer or any spirit for that matter. If you don’t have any right now, then go buy some beer! I, for one as hells am not sharing mine.”

(He gestures a pointing finger at the camera) “Next point, where was I…” (brings the bottle to his lips again wondering slightly as he takes another drink)

“Oh yes, what also goes well with liquor is some meat. Liquor and meat, two of the finest things you can get that come close to a mini slice of happiness. Whether it’s bantha steaks, rack of nerf, to krayt jerky; if it’s moving around and looks like a fine source of protien, kill it and eat that animal!”

(He takes another sip of his beer and holds it in his hand as he begins to gesture again towards the recorder) “Now in all seriousness since I know have everyone’s attention, I would like to address an important issue. And that issue is that some of you (points out at Tasha slightly away from the holo recorder to the side of it) are in the wrong order and I mean that in all seriousness. Krath is the order you want if you are seeking true power and strength.

Why settle for less? I mean, come on people! Sith are nothing but a bunch of feeble narrow minded ones that bark at sticks. They are mere puppets in the true sight of the mighty Krath order.” “And Obelisk( He laughs slightly) you just follow orders like a mindless creature. You seem to have no mind of your own. Why be in a mindless order? There is so much more potential for power and strength of mind in the Krath. So why settle for less?”

(He finishes gulping down the last of his bottle and smiles.) “I leave the choice up to you now my fellow Sadowans. Either stay in your brainless and powerless orders or choose true power!( He takes out his open right hand gesturing it out in front of the recorder and closes it in a fist for added emphasis) After all, it’s only a change away.” (He then stands and steps off the set, his voice trailing as he disappears from sight) “Remember Tasha, you can know true power! Come join the powerful and stronger of the orders.”

(Tasha clears her throat a bit and maintains composure)
“Well there you have it folks, that was Shikyo Kiebatsu,Son of Sadow. That is all for now, tune in for more updates and highlights when we return with sitting with Clan Naga Sadow.”


“Hello all Tasha’Vel is back again with more! You ready for more hilarity and fun as we delve into some of our talented and interesting members? Well buckle in because here we go again.”

(Blue Twi’lek turns on the holo recorder and gets it in position. Sitting in the chair across from her is a tall green-skinned Faleen with golden yellow eyes staring out vacantly into space. He seems to be pondering something, also noticeable is a rather large tattoo of an eye on his forehead. The Twi’lek waves at the camera and smiles.)

“Good evening Naga Sadow, Tasha’ Vel is back again after a bit of scrounging around. I had lost the holo recorder, well more like “someone” Had taken it”
(Marcus Kiriyu yelling in the background: Dammit, I thought it was hidden well. I’ll return when this room is holo recorderless, my annoying apprentice…." Footsteps trail off.) “ Anyhow, I found it again and we are ready for more.”

“Here with me today is another son of Sadow. He is a strange kind of guy that a lot of times keeps to himself, but a great asset to the Night Raptors: Darth Vexatus.”

“Vexatus, tell me what are some things you enjoy eating?”

(Vex, still looking vacant, turns his head towards her?) “uh, what was the question?” (Scratches his head a bit and tries to think again) “Oh, um…fairies bread is pretty good. And some nice tallow sunshine ale…” (Tasha kind of blinks a bit at the strange response, but continues.)

“Right well, we seemed to have come across some older holo recordings of your days. Let’s take a look.”

(Old holo recording begins playing and a younger looking Vexatus seems to be out on the steps of the library shouting.)

“ The end is coming, You need to join with the fairies! They will set you free from this world and set you on the right path!” “End is near! Be ready for when the Sacred One takes you away!”
(Two librarians come out shaking their heads at Vexatus)

“Come on, you need to stop preaching this nonsense on the stairs.”

“It is not nonsense! The END is upon us, join me we must warn everyone!”
(holo recording shows guards dragging off the Faleen) “Doom!”

(Holo recording then shuts off and cuts back to Vexatus and Tasha) “Well that was interesting, you have anything else to say on that Vexatus?”

(Vexatus still blankly stares, but seems to be reminiscing a bit) I had wondered where those were put, but yes and I firmly believe the end is still coming. You must continue to broadcast. (He suddenly rises out of his chair and begins shouting crazily.) The end is here, you must be ready! (grabs the recorder as he continues spouting off about the end. Tasha, presses a button to call the guards. They arrive and take him by the arms as Tasha tries to pull the holo recorder from him.) I need that back Vexatus.

“Doom and end! You must be ready!” (Tasha wrenches the recorder from him and sets it back as the guards drag him out.) And that folks, was Darth Vexatus. Crazy, but interesting person. We will see you back again with another highlight soon after this commercial break. (Holo Recorder shuts off)


“Today, I have a very special interview report. In this special edition I took the liberty of asking one of our best and awesome members a variety of questions. Today’s guest is none other than Anima as most call him or Atra Ventus. He is our current roll master and one who has helped play a vital role in securing the documents we needed for Red Fury. Without further ado here is our beloved Anima.”

(A pale skinned humanoid sits down in the chair. He has a scar around his left eye that seems to be mostly hidden by his shaggy brown hair. He looks around the room with his other pale grey eye as if to make sure nothing is recording him. He also appears slightly annoyed at being bothered from his duties.)

“Tasha, I really should be getting back to my office. I need to continue working. You are not spying on me now are you?” (He sends a menacing glare in her direction)

“No, I am not spying on you Anima, I just want you to answer a few questions.”

“Well hurry up, then I’m on a time constraint.”

(Tasha then begins her questions)

“What kind of food do you enjoy eating and why?”

“Wait, who let you in here to interrogate me… All right then, I suppose you aren’t going to leave until I answer. I don’t really care what kind of food I eat… I guess if I had to chose a type that would be “meat”. I do not eat plant-life… That is what my food eats…”

“What is some advice you can give to our new members?”

(He still seems wary of his surroundings and begins to walk around the desk checking for any listening devices)

“Don’t get in over your head, assess your surroundings and utilize any advantages that may be available. Whether this is in the form of fellow clansmen or a particular nasty looking piece of debris, identify it and use it. That applies to more than just battle, but progression as well.”

“What is one of your favorite battle moves?”

(He looks at Tasha, eyes narrowing a bit not sure of what she could be planning)

“More questions? Is someone plotting my assassination, Versea? I wouldn’t say I have a favourite move, so much as I prefer to embrace the flow of combat. It’s truly akin to a dance, the dance of death some refer to it as, and if you can fall into that flow… It truly becomes beautiful. It is a fine line to follow, as one misstep could be the difference between victory and a less than enjoyable, yet sudden end.”

“What leadership position do you play?”

(At this question, he kind of semi smiles in a really psychotic way that sends a slight shiver down Tasha’s spine)

“I am the Rollmaster of the Clan, which means I get to babysit all you Journeymen. That means I’m in charge of making sure you are completing your requirements, matched with a master if so desired, and – I suppose – enjoying your time here… You’re enjoying your time here, right Tasha’Vel? Need I spend some quality time with you? I would hate to think I was neglecting my duties, not for your sake mind you… More so I don’t have to deal with Locke. Additionally, that has the added bonus of being Captain of the Black Guard, as you are no doubt aware, as my role supposedly allows me to be impartial and prevent the Black Guard from being used as a coupe by some power mad Consul or something.”

(He then spots the holo recorder and races towards it)

“I knew it! You were spying on me all the time! Trying to collect information for Locke weren’t you!”

(He goes into this animalistic barbaric rage and literally rips the recorder into ribbons)

“Get out, Tasha right now! “ (He practically growls as he finishes smashing the poor recorder to smithereens. Poor Tasha has to run out before he decides that she is his next target.)

(After walking a little further out of the hall and away from Anima, she takes out her tiny recorder)

“Well, there you have it, my fellow Sadowans, the magnificent beast Anima. I will be back when I can get (sighs) yet another recorder. Till then this is Tasha’Vel signing off.”


“Welcome back again to another exciting episode of Sit downs with Naga Sadow. I am your brave Twi’lek interview reporter Tasha’Vel Versea. Today, I am going to be sitting down with Macron Goura Sadow. He is another sadowan that is also on the Sapphire Squadron team. Without further ado, here he is: Macron Sadow.”

(Holo recorder turns on towards the black table and chairs. A human looking male, severely scarred with several ghoulish Sith tattoos covering his face comes into view. As the recorder zooms in a bit more, one can see a rather repulsive bulging blue eye with a horrendous yellow pupil in the middle. One can’t help, but stare at the sheer grotesqueness of this humanoid face. Most of his body is covered up with black robes bearing the Sith insignia. Tasha tries hard not to stare at his eye as she asks what he enjoys eating. He leans forward slightly in his chair and grins fiendishly.)

“Well Tasha, when you are more so a synthetic human you can’t eat the same things. I however prefer to eat some nice nutrient slop. To me, it gets what I need without the boring need for cooking, or other useless chores. But there is one item, that I indulge in from time to time and thoroughly enjoy eating. That item is Gungan sushi.

You can’t beat Gungan sushi. Now of course, you have to get the meat tenderized just right, otherwise it will spoil. To get it tenderized, you have to first slice into the Gungan taking off pieces bit by bit. Then you skewer them on the end of a nice pointed blade. It’s the screaming that really makes it the best.Also, while they are still screaming, you just take a nice juicy bite in front of them, chew it a bit and swallow. Guaranteed, they will scream louder which is what makes it quite a delicacy.”

(Tasha tries not to hurl on the floor as her face turns a slight tinge of green as she hesitantly states.)

“Well thank you Macron for that wonderful piece of information, now was there anything else you may like to mention?”

(He looks at Tasha, making his eye seem to pulsate a little as he shrugs his shoulders, then makes it almost glow as he seethes with hatred.)

“Now that you mentioned it, I suggest that the current Dark Council is nothing but…”

(Tasha quickly turns off the recorder as a string of obscenities to horrific to even mention are spewed from Macron’s mouth. After he finishes his rant, Tasha turns the recorder back on and faces the camera as he gets up and walks out.)

“Thank you all for joining us today, Well I hope that you tune in next time for another Sit down with Naga Sadow.”


“Now for another exciting edition of Sit downs with Naga Sadow. Today, I am interviewing a rather quiet individual. He a lot of times keeps to himself rather than show himself, however he is still a great asset and member here he is Mirado L’eonheart.”

(A rather tall black haired humanoid male wearing designer sunglasses and a black outfit sits in the chair. His dark hair is braided in a herringbone pattern. He fidgets a bit in the chair obviously uncomfortable being in the presence of the recorder.)

“Do I really have to do this right now or be a part of it?”

(Tasha to the side of the recorder answers back) “Now you know Shikyo and Macron have both participated and they asked me to have you participate as well. They wanted to be sure they could have as many as are able to do these interviews.”

(Mirado sighs and folds his arms across his chest) ”Well if they want me to I guess I had better comply. Now what is it you would like to know?”

(Tasha asks him about what he may enjoy eating. Mirado moves his head to the side pondering a bit then answers.)

“ Honestly, I don’t really have a true preference. Pretty much anything that I hunt and kill is good enough for me. Whether it is fish, lizard, beast. or otherwise. If I hunt and kill it, that is my preference.”

(Tasha asks him if he has seen anything different about leadership, Mirado turns his head in her direction his face a picture of insult)

“Are you trying to be funny, Tasha? I am blind, now I can see a bit through the force, but really? It’s not like I am pressuring you as to why you failed to clean that spot of red fury ale off the left side of your chest.”

(Tasha looks down and sure enough there is a small spot) How did you know?

“Tasha for one I could smell it from this distance, and two with the force I could see a darkish pattern on your left side so I took a guess. Anyhow is that all now? May I leave now?”

(Tasha still a bit flabbergasted and slightly embarrassed says yes. Mirado stands up and walks out rather quickly)

“There you have it my fellow members, Mirado L’eonheart. Thanks for watching and tune in for more episodes coming up next time.”


“Heya all, Tasha’Vel your friendly holo interviewer is back again. This time we have another person up for a wonderful interview. He’s a wild card that is the battle team leader for Shadow’s Bane and quite a lively one in Naga Sadow. Here he is, Darkblade of Naga Sadow.”

(The sapphire colored Twi’lek adjusts the holo-recorder to reveal a brown haired and brown eyed handsome looking Anzat sitting in one of the black chairs. He looks about the room as he folds his arms across his chest.)

“So you are an Anzat, aren’t you some sort of legend in stories?”

Darkblade laughs. “Legend huh, well maybe more like the nightmares you have. I really don’t see why you think this is necessary Tasha.”

“This interview is for some of our members, I am trying to help them get to know a little about you. Anyhow, what do Anzat eat?”

A cruel nightmarish grin comes across the Anzat’s features. “I eat what I call “soup” This soup is the very force essence within someone. I have come to find that a strong force essence in people is very irresistible to me. For instance, you are giving off a very nice aura and I haven’t eaten in so many ages…” (He starts licking his lips and uncurls his two proboscises.)

“Uh, Darkblade ( The Twi’lek backs up slightly nervous.) you aren’t supposed to be eating members of the Clan. Me included.”

(He curls up his proboscises again and frowns.) “ Well darn, guess I shall have to wait again.”

“Now as I was doing some research on your past history, I came across some interesting info. Says you once had a lover.”

His eyes widen a bit “What? How did you get a hold of that info! Well, I guess it can’t be helped. You are a reporter. Yes, I am still searching so tell me have you any information regarding her whereabouts?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t know where your lover is.”

“I see, well then this interview is finished. I have much better things to attend to than waste my time here. Good day Tasha.”

(The Anzat gets up and walks out of the room. Tasha looks at the recorder and moves towards it.)

“Well there you have it folks, a little bit about Darkblade, the mysterious Anzat from Naga Sadow. Tune in next time to hear more about another fascinating member of Naga Sadow!”


“Hello all, Tasha’Vel here for your reports on many of our members here in Naga Sadow. Today’s guest is a member of Marka Ragnos and in the Shadow’s Bane Battleteam. He tends to be a lively one and is usually seen sipping apple juice. So much that most call him by his nick name: AJ.
However, here he is Sebz Janren.”

(Twi’lek turns on the holo recorder to a human man sitting in the black chair sipping a cup of apple juice. He seems content with just sitting there enjoying his juice.)

“So tell me Sebz, what types of cuisine to you enjoy.”

(The brown haired, brown eyed human sets down his cup of juice and starts tapping the table lightly with his fingers as he thinks.)

“Well Tasha, being from Naboo I enjoy several different foods there. One of my favorite dishes is Naboo Goulash. It has a whole mix of different vegetables and nuna meat with five blossom bread on the side. As for beverages, I still prefer apple juice or coffee.”

“That sounds very delightful, now what exactly do you work on most days?”

(Finding a pencil on the table, Sebz now starts twirling it between his fingers as he stops momentarily to drink his apple juice.)

“Well I love to tinker around with technology if given the chance, and sometimes I go on missions when told to. Out on the field, I help make sure orders get followed, but myself I can be pretty laid back. So does that answer all of your questions, Tasha?”

(The twi’lek nods and walks towards the holo recorder as Sebz finishes off his apple juice.)

“Well I will be heading out then, seems i’m out of apple juice and must get more.”

(Sebz gets up and walks out of the room as Tasha looks into the holo recorder.)

“Well folks, that was Sebz Janren, another one of our fantastic members of Naga Sadow. Tune in for more updates and highlights on other members in the future. Thank you and goodnight.”


(Holo-Recorder comes on as a blue skinned Twi’lek is seen sitting down in a black chair sipping some kind of tea. Across from her is an orange-skinned Quarren. Tasha sets down the tea and begins to speak.)

“Good morning to you my fellow Sadowans. My it has been quite a time here with the latest going ons. Over the course of events, we have had a few promotions, medals and all sorts of giveaways from our last big encounter with Awakenings. As a Battle team Sergeant to Night Raptors, i’ve been busy with a few projects and things so its taken a bit, but I am back again live from our wonderful set here with a rather interesting individual."

"He’s partaken in numerous competitions and wrote a whopping 10K word fiction for Awakenings. When he’s not running around about to become Bentre’s victim of cruel experimentations, He’s usually seen in the mess hall scarfing down one of Atra’s prized cheesecakes. But without further ado here is Lexiconus Qor of Naga Sadow!”

(The Quarren looks about as he picks up a piece of cheesecake that was on the table and begins devouring it.) “Mmm, such (Munching noises) a delicacy I tell you Tasha, cheesecake is always good in the morning before a long day of work.”

“So tell me Lex, what are a few things you like or dislike?”

(Holo recorder captures the Quarren licking the plate clean, he quickly sets it down after realizing he’s being recorded.)

“Well as you can see clearly cheesecake is one of my favorite dishes. I also enjoy a bit of sparring with others from time to time when I am able. As for a dislike, I have to say Darkblade is a rather dreadful person. I can say it is a bit rough sometimes having to be in the same room with the disgusting Anzat. He has worse table manners than I do! Have you seen how he eats?”

(Tasha begins to turn pale, as she interrupts) “Yes, that was something we covered on an earlier episode, but anyhow it has been a real pleasure having you on here Lex, I do believe though I must get back to some of my warm up exercises for some sparring. Thank you for coming."

“Oh, would you like to spar with me then, Tasha? I promise it will be fun!”
(The Quarren attempts to smile a bit as the tentacles on his face wiggle around a bit. Tasha walks towards the holo recorder and picks it up still trying to smile.)

“Perhaps some other time, Lex. In the meantime we will take a short break and hopefully be back later with some other peeps from the wonderful clan of Naga Sadow. Thank you all for tuning in, and stay tuned!”

(Holo recorder shuts off)



(Holo-recorder turns on to reveal the familiar black chairs and table setting as a Sapphire skinned Twi’lek smiles)

“Good afternoon my faithful watchers, Tasha’Vel here again to deliver you the latest on some of our amazing and wonderful people here in Naga Sadow. Today, I have with me one of the newer members of Naga Sadow. He is an interesting fellow that always has something to say, here he is: Mactire Chemel.”

(The holo recorder shows a rather short human with bluish-gold eyes wearing a grayish-black tunic with black pants and boots. His rancor claw bracers give off a slight glint. He appears slightly uncomfortable in his chair as he fidgets slightly)

“Are you alright Chemel?”

“Just peachy here, Tasha. I just happen to not care for annoying things that record people.” He replies with a bit of sarcasm.

“Well no need to worry about it Chemel, I only am here to ask you just a few question to help others get to know you a little bit.”

(Chemel raises an eyebrow) “Who wants to know? I can say that in general I am tenacious and eager to get in, get the job done and get out. Usually I prefer to handle things by myself as others just get in my way. That is question one by the way, I will only answer two more before I leave.”

“Fascinating Chemel, now I can imagine you get quite a bit of flak from others due to your smaller stature, how do you handle that?”

(Chemel snorts a bit and just grins)

“With superior wit and determination my sweet Twi’lek. There are plenty of taller individuals who made the bad mistake of commenting on my height and paid for it with a few broken bones. I’m not afraid to take on anyone who dares insult my height and that is question two. Last one, Tasha.”

(Tasha kind of smiles to herself before continuing) “All right for my last question, what kind of hobbies do you enjoy doing?”

(Chemel leans back in the chair thinking a moment then begins to speak)

“I am a bit of a sparring kind of person, so to help me relax I tend to practice my martial arts skills against others. It’s a lot of fun watching someone fall over from a well placed kick. Anyhow when I am not sparring I sometimes work with my Guardian MKII droid. He helps to keep me on my toes with my blaster. There that makes three and we are finished. Goodbye Tasha.

(He gets up, gives a cheeky grin and saunters out the door as Tasha prepares to turn off the holo recorder.)

“There you have it folks, Mactire Chemel from Naga Sadow. Thanks for tuning in, keep watching for more updates on your fellow Sadowans.”

(Holo recorder shuts off)



(A holo recorder turns on and a blue skinned Twi’lek is seen adjusting the recorder.)

“Good Morning my fellow watchers and welcome to another fantastic episode of Sit Downs with Naga Sadow! Today I have another fun member of Naga Sadow. She is quite a talkative one and really enjoys a good party. She is also has been taking care of the Sapphire Squadron as Battle team leader of House Shar Dakhan. So without furthe ado: Miss Scarlet Agna!”

(A vibrantly magenta skinned Zeltron is seen sitting in one of the black chairs set up. She seems very cheery and smiles waving a bit at the camera.)

“Good to have you here Scarlet, now you are a Zeltron as I see. Tell me, aren’t you all very social oriented?”

(The Zeltron’s eyes seem to light up as she speaks.)

“Of course we are, Zeltrons are always the life of any party. We have so many good food and wines that many off worlders love to enjoy, there is always wonderful music, and a great time to be had. Rarely, do you see an unhappy Zeltron.”

(Tasha nods off screen and continues on with another question.)

“Now I have done a little research about your species and planet. Is it true that there is a place where you can enjoy many hologram programs to whatever you desire?”

(Scarlet grins as she takes a small sip of wine from one of the glasses on the black table in front of her)

“Why yes Tasha, the place you are asking about is Hologram Fun World. That specific place was created by us for the sole purpose of entertainment and fun. Whenever I get back home, it is one place that I usually spend a good deal of time visiting.”

(Tasha comes into the view as she then sits down on the second black chair set up across from Scarlet.)

“I may have to go visit sometime then. Is there anyone you don’t like talking to?”

(Scarlet places a finger to her chin as she appears to be thinking a bit. Suddenly, she gives a slight shudder.)

“Most of the time I am fine talking with anyone. The only person I have a little difficulty with is Lexic. His facial tentacles can be quite (Scarlet’s face contorts a bit as she wrinkles her nose and shakes her hands a bit) creepy. Usually if I have to speak with him, I prefer company. Not sure what it is about his face, but he just seems to give off the most creepy aura at times.

(Tasha gets up out of the chair and shakes the Zeltron’s hand) “Well thank you Scarlet for coming and being here today.”

“It is a pleasure Tasha, it’s the least I can do for someone who saved me awhile back.”

(Tasha blushes slightly)

“It was nothing Scarlet, I will see you later.”

(The Zeltron smiles again and walks out the door as Tasha makes her way towards the holo recorder)

“Well all, that was the sweet and fun Zeltron: Scarlet Agna. Stay tuned for more interviews coming soon. Tasha out!”

(The holo recorder shuts off)