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A Vacation of Sorts


Emere Galo
Port Ol’val
Phantom Complex

After what felt like hours, Emere was finally convinced to go on vacation. The thought of being distracted for a few days rubbed her the wrong way; there was too much to do. She had doubts the Collective and Dawn Conclave were out galavanting without a care in the world. Yet, here she was packing a duffle bag full of clothes that weren’t entirely suitable for a ‘vacation’. There were a few essentials in the midst; her blaster pistol, sword, utility belt, and medical kit. No way in hell she was being caught by surprise if they were under attack… or tried to do something risky.

Throwing the strap of her bag onto one shoulder, the dark-haired woman made her way from her quarters to the docks of Port Ol’val, spotting a familiar chromium-plated ship. A tired sigh left her lips as she made her way to the entryway of the vessel, the ramp extended for herself and whoever else was joining the trip. Her boots clunked against the metallic surface as she ascended to The Flying Closet with ease.

Upon entering, she noticed it was eerily quiet. She must have been the first one here since there wasn’t the usual commotion the women were typically known for. Her eyes scanned the foyer, she, then, tapped her knuckles against a nearby wall loudly. When there was no response, she took a few steps forward, peering down the corridor to her right. “Anyone here?”


Alaisy Tir’eivra
The Flying Closet
Port Ol’val

As she applied the last lick of black nail polish, she dunked her fingernails into a bowl of ice water.
When the Sith recognized the grumpy woman’s shouting, she narrowed her smoky grey eyes at her droid companion across the makeup stand.

“Don’t just stand there Phil, go greet our guest!” Alaisy commanded her protocol droid.

“Right away, mistress,” the obsidian black automation answered cordially.

When the door slid open, Alaisy gently dried up her hands and slipped on two long finger-less gloves. She wore a shiny over-bust corset with a very long latex skirt. The skirt came with a slit that cheekily revealed her thigh highs, which were completely clear of any straps or belt buckles this time.

For this special occasion Alaisy kept her neck uncovered so she could show off her recently applied runic neck tattoo.

Before making her way out of the misty spa room, she gave her straightened jet black hair one last rub with heat treatment serum and let it gently fall down to her hips.

Her modified civilian hauler “The Flying Closet” was exquisitely groomed for her guests today, with all the containers out of the way, a table prepared with a bottle of a fine Corellian whiskey, several types of juices, and several beach-bags neatly lined up at the entrance.

Phil secured a seat for Emere in the ship’s common room but she stubbornly refused the gesture, instead leaning against the wall waiting for Alaisy to be done already.

“Welcome, welcome! What do you think? Looks much better now doesn’t it?” The tall Sith woman said with great pride and enthusiasm as she finally made her way into the common room.


Lucine Vasano
The Flying Closet
Port Ol’val

Lucine breezed aboard The Flying Closet a few minutes later. “Sorry I am late, darlings! Would you believe that someone tried to rob me on the way to the docks? Alas, I got blood on my dress and had to return to my apartment to change my whole outfit!”

The dress in question was an expensive-looking green silk affair, trimmed with gold and black lace. Though it did not reveal much in way of exposed flesh, it clung to her curves perfectly in a way that would spark the imagination.

Tabriss followed closely behind, carrying three suitcases. He set them down in an out of the way location, before inclining his head in greeting to Alaisy and Emere.

“Thank you, Tabriss. Now, are we almost ready to get this vacation underway?” the redhead asked brightly. Evidently, murdering a low-level thief had done nothing to dull her ebullient mood. “Do not look so dour, Emere. Our enemies will still be there when we return and will still be plotting our wholesale destruction. But I have always found that it is more satisfying to destroy my enemies when I am well rested.”


Eilen Jath
Port Ol’val
Phantom Complex

The world slowly came back into existence from behind a heavy black veil, as Eilen’s eyes cracked open. Her radio was still on from last night, filling the room with the sound of smooth electric rhythms. An ear swiveled toward it. She could have swore the same song was playing when she passed out. Wait… She did actually sleep, right? What time was it? It wasn’t so easy to guess; her time on Selen had spoiled her with a regular cycle of daylight, which Ol’val simply lacked.

With a long yawn, Eilen lazily reached a hand toward the stand by her bed, fumbling at the buttons on her datapad. The screen stung as it lit up, but she forced her eyes back open to check the time in the corner.

Her eyes shot open on their own. “Blast it!” With a sudden surge of adrenaline, the half-Selonian threw herself out of bed, hardly keeping her balance as she stumbled and nearly tripped on a mad dash to her dresser. “Frack, frackin’ kark, son of a mother’s lover–”

She was gonna be late. The others were probably waiting on her, and they were gonna be ticked for having to delay, and they were probably already having fun without her, and she was missing out, and why the heck didn’t she pack a bag last night or something?! Stupid frackin’ past-Eilen!

Eilen made virtually no effort to pack her bag neatly or efficiently, merely stuffing clothes in as a jumbled mess and stacking in her datapad and radio in on top. The music she hadn’t bothered to turn off grew muffled as she barely managed to fasten her bag closed. No time to change - the clothes she’d worn to bed would do fine enough for the flight. After one more quick spin to look around her small one-room dwelling, Eilen slung the bag over one shoulder, grabbed her field pack, and bolted out the door.

Alaisy’s ship was still parked on the port. Oh good. No, not good! Good? Gah, crap. A mix of relief and worry flooded Eilen’s thoughts as her speeder pulled up alongside The Flying Closet. She was glad that they hadn’t left without her, but damn did she feel bad that they were still waiting on her. Ohhh, I hope it hasn’t been too long…

In a swift and well-practiced motion, Eilen shifted a leg over the side of her swoop as it was still coming to a halt, and dropped onto the ground in a dash for the shuttle’s boarding pad. Her hand knocked frantically on the entry frame. “Here! I-I made it!”

A heavy sigh left her as she pulled her tangled hair backward. It fell right back as soon as she lifted her hand. The hybrid girl may have been starving for breakfast, sporting an unkempt bedhead, and wearing little more than the plaid shorts and sleeveless shirt she’d slept in, but at least she was present.

“…I’m, uh… I’m not too late, am I? Eheh.”


Meneveria Navis’thae (aka: Eevie)
The Flying Closet
Port Ol’val

Always sprite-like, and with all her charming grace, Eevie skipped aboard The Flying Closet. Closely behind her, Rhylance followed suit with a look of absolute annoyance marring his azure face. In her sing-song voice, the Sephi announced her presence to the party.

“Here at last! Sorry for my lateness, but I got caught up on my way over. Had to drag this sourpuss along! I figured our friendly Quaestor should have a vaca too!!!”

The Chiss walked into the spacecraft and quickly scoured the area. After noticing the grinning face of his “friend” the red-head, he walked past the jubilant Eevie and sat with Lucine and her servant.

“Not one word Lucine. I do not know how she talked me into this…excursion,” disdain dripped from his voice.

Lucine merely laughed in response, drawing the Sephi’s attention.

“Oh don’t be such a downer Boss-man. We’re all gonna have a blast!!!”

Eevie passed the others on the shuttle before tackling Emere to the ground with an overenthusiastic hug.

“I’m so excited that you’re here Emere! We are going to have so much fun together. I’ll show you the time of your life,” still draped over her close friend, Eevie turned her head slightly to Alaisy. “I’m flying, right?”


Emere Galo
Port Ol’val
Phantom Complex

Not a moment after she declined the droid’s usher towards sitting down in the lounge, Alaisy entered the room, asking Emere her opinion on her new marks were looking.

“Welcome, welcome! What do you think? Looks much better now doesn’t it?”

The mercenary glanced up towards the Alaisy’s neck where her new tattoos were. Her skin wasn’t a swollen mess like before, and the designs were much clearer. She raised a brow, impressed with the work. The inky markings were darker than she was used to seeing, but she figured it was the result of using anthropoid venom.

“Looks good.” Emere resigned to her place on the nearby wall, her arms folded over her chest. It was work she could have done for the Sith if she would have just asked.

A moment later, Lucine entered, explaining away her tardiness. Behind her was Tabriss, the one Chiss she hadn’t run into any issues with. Yet. He was hauling the Aedile’s luggage in-- why she needed so much, Emere would never know. The credits must have been kind to him. No matter what the pay was, the Mercenary didn’t see herself sacrificing her freedom in such a way for any amount of money.

Her head tilted up in response to his nod. The dark-haired woman’s face returned to something between neutral and annoyed, which was plenty for Lucine to mention her mood.

“Do not look so dour, Emere. Our enemies will still be there when we return and will still be plotting our wholesale destruction. But I have always found that it is more satisfying to destroy my enemies when I am well rested.”

A scoff left her lips as she rolled her eyes. “Sure.” There was plenty more she wanted to say, but she chose to bite her tongue instead. The red-head had made something of a tentative promise to help her find her daughter. She didn’t want to burn that bridge. Her eyes lingered on Lucine a moment longer, tracing the outline of her figure. Not… not too bad, she thought.

Her attention turned towards the ruckus down the corridor that led to the lounge where they all resided currently.

“Here! I-I made it!” Eilen’s voice echoed down the hall before she came into view. The half-selonian was dressed in a sleeveless shirt and plaid shorts. She must have just rolled out of bed. Huh. “…I’m, uh… I’m not too late, am I? Eheh.”

“Relax, furball. We’re still waiting on Eevie,” Emere responded, rolling her neck from one side to the other, a crack audible if anyone was standing close enough. Deciding Eevie wouldn’t be for a little while longer, she went to select a quarter to store her things in.

Striding to the hall on the left of the lounge, she hit the console for the quarters closest to the Captain’s cabin, entering the room to see a single bed with room for one person-- well if anyone was creative enough, it could fit two. On the left, there was a small desk for, what she assumed, work or other things. She could set up shop and work on her weapons on the voyage to their destination.

The human removed her jacket, utility belt and was left in her black tank-top, and her grey cargo pants. Satisfied everything was neatly stored near her temporary desk, she made her way back into the lounge where everyone else resided.

Upon entering the lounge again, she spotted Rhylance first her eyes narrowing slightly. No way in hell she’d spend a week with this Sculag. Her jaw knit tightly, her teeth grinding together.

Her focus on Rhylance quickly subsided when she was hug-tackled to the floor, Eevie on top of her.

“I’m so excited that you’re here, Emere! We are going to have so much fun together. I’ll show you the time of your life.”

Emere’s irritation grew ever so slightly as she pinched the bridge of her nose and inhaled in an attempt to subdue any violent actions she may regret… The pilot’s energy was something she still wasn’t quite yet accustomed to.

“Yeah… Great. Look forward to it, can you–”

"I’m flying, right?" The Sephi asked Alaisy.

Emere took the opportunity to slide from beneath her friend and get back to her feet. She helped Eevie back to her feet, her hand holding onto the pilot’s hand. For a moment the mercenary forgot about her anger and looked into the Sephi’s eyes.

She cleared her throat and dropped her hand. “Maybe… uh, next time… We do a… uh… normal hug, alright?”


Alaisy Tir’eivra
The Flying Closet
Port Ol’val

Alaisy let her hair fall down again after acknowledging Emere’s approval, nodding her head ever so slightly. Just a tad later the Sith looked over to the red haired woman as she entered the lounge area and gave her a modest bow, while firing a sultry smirk at Tabriss.

“We’re just waiting for our final guests to join us Lady Lucine, I do hope they don’t keep us waiting for too long.” Alaisy said with a worry in her voice as she played around with her nails.

Barely a second later, her frown changed into a relieved smile as she heard Eilen’s voice echo down the hallway of The Flying Closet.

“…I’m, uh… I’m not too late, am I? Eheh.”

“Don’t worry, yes you are late, but I’m glad you’ve made it Eilen. It’s clear to me that you can use a little time off. You are just, so, so, tense all the time.” The tall looking Sith woman said as she walked over to the half-Selonian, gave her a stroke over her shoulder fur, gesturing she can just relax and sit down in one of the lounge-chairs.

Before being able to even start another sentence, Eevie came barging through the ships hallways, clearly and annoyingly announcing herself.

“You’re here too, oh, that’s, great. “ Alaisy said with an irritated voice as the Sephi instantly reminded her of the abundance of energy she came with.

The black haired Sith also felt slightly sorry for her master, with him being dragged in by the sprightly girl. Alaisy gave her master a cordial nod as he presented himself to the Aedile.

After Eevie gave Emere an enthusiastic greeting she turned her head towards Alaisy. “I’m flying, right?”

“Yes yes, go ahead, make yourself comfortable Eevie, you know how to get to Canto Bight.” Alaisy said with a sigh.

“Well that’s all of us accounted for, we’ll be leaving shortly, and please let me know if there’s anything you may need. There are beach-bags near the shuttle entrance, and I can provide some extra towels or food if you wish, although, I would highly recommend saving room for food so that you can indulge to your hearts content on the wonderful food offered at the Casino-city itself. Enjoy the trip!”


Lucine watched with a pleased smile as Eilen, Eevie and finally Rhylance boarded The Flying Closet. Her smile dimmed at the Quaestor’s foul mood, but she giggled at his comment nonetheless. Later on, I will simply have to corner Eevie and find out how she managed to pry Rhylance from his lab, she decided.

Having said his piece, Rhylance pulled out a datapad and began to glare at it balefully.

“You do realize you are on vacation, do you not?” she murmured in an undertone.

“It cannot be helped, my dear. I had planned to spend this week collating data from a series of experiments. I do not have time to waste on frivolities,” the Quaestor replied. Lucine rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the others.

The conversation continued continued as Emere tried unsuccessfully to hide her embarrassment at the Sephi’s enthusiastic greeting. Lucine was content to take it all in as she accepted a cup of tea from Tabriss, who was offering refreshments to any who appeared interested.

The redhead beamed when Alaisy mentioned the exquisite cuisine on Canto Bight. “And let us not forget the shopping!” she chimed in. “The shops of Canto Bight offer the highest fashion from Corellia, Naboo and even Coruscant!”

Her words were met with a snort of derision from the Chiss sitting beside her.

“Are you going to behave like this the whole week?” she murmured, annoyance lacing her tone.

“Only until I can find a shuttle back to Ol’val,” Rhylance replied.

Lucine raised an eyebrow at the Chiss. He was clearly in a foul mood, and even more obviously did not want to be there. But she enjoyed his company, and the man really did need a vacation. She sighed inwardly as she fished her own datapad from her handbag. I was hoping to save this bit of leverage, but as the needs must and all that.

She glanced around to make sure no one was near enough to see the image she brought up on the interface, before snatching Rhylance’s datapad and placing her own in his hands.

The Chiss raised his eyebrows as he studied the screen. An intrigued look passed over his face, before quickly being replaced with an impassive expression. “What is this?”

“Bribery,” Lucine replied. “Behave sociably during this vacation and actually try to enjoy yourself. If you do, then we will do that.” She made a small moue of distaste. “Do we have an agreement?”


Rhylance looked over the datapads screen, a rush of amusement and surprise washing over him. He hadn’t anticipated Lucine to play this card, but he wasn’t about to pass up such an opportunity. There was only one answer he could give.

“We have an accord, deaie. I will do my best to be more…sociable on this trip. Of that, you have my word.”

After receiving a heavy eye roll and a smile from the red-head, Rhylance rose from his seat and approached his old apprentice. Though she had learned much from him, and proved herself capable of her new rank, he still felt a need to make she never plateud.

“Good to see you, Alaisy. I hope your new station is meeting your expectations.”

Eevie ran into the ships cockpit with a beaming smile plastered on her face. She eyed the pilots chair and noted the ships many controls. Taking hold of her backpack, she carefully pulled out the collapsed forms if her twin pit droids, Remy and Lebeau. Hitting each on the nose, she activated the droids and set them out to fo their duty.

“Ok you guys, let’s get this beauty to Canto Bight!”

She jumped into the chair, and began initiating the flight systems.

“Engines are hot, stabilizers are set and ready to fire. Let’s get this party started!”

Activating the ships speakers the Sephi addressed the rest of the ship.

“Hold on to your butts! We’re blasting out of here guys!”


Emere Galo
The Flying Closet
En Route to Canto Bight

With everyone settled into the flight, Emere retired to her chosen quarters, settling in. She chose to lay on the small bed, tucking her hands behind her head as she gazed up at the ceiling. Part of her was exhausted, her nights were sleepless. Especially without the sleep-aid that Rhylance prescribed to her. The stuff was a crutch she was dependent on and she hated it.

Inhaling, she closed her eyes, trying for sleep. Much to her dismay, it wasn’t long before she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her head buried in her hands, elbows resting on her knees. If she was going to get any semblance of rest, she needed to take those damn pills. Shuffling over to her bag, she noticed her datapad light up with a notification.

Sighing, she took a look, reading the subject.

‘Emere, when you are prepared, I have the intel…’

So soon? She thought, her heart skipping a bit. Was Morra alive after all? Or… had she found records of her death? Maybe Morra ended up with a decent family who cared for and loved her. Emere could never take her away from that. Any of the results made it feel like a thousand stones were sitting on her heart.

Feeling a little weak, she stumbled back onto the bed, her hands still holding the datapad as her eyes were stuck on the screen.
She needed to know…


Alaisy Tir’eivra
The Flying Closet
The Dajorra System

Eevie carefully maneuvered the shiny Short Hauler through Dajorra space. It took a fair bit of time to reach a clear hyperdrive path, giving the crew a bit of time to relax.

The tall corseted Sith took her chance to catch up on recent events with Rhylance and Lucine, filling up a few of the glasses with whiskey before Tabriss had the chance to do it.

Emere retreated herself to one of the quarters of her own choosing, while Eilen seemed to be busy fidgeting around and scrounging together breakfast.

The rose-pinked Sephi ensured the Flying Closet slipped into hyperspace safely after finishing calculations and entering a predetermined route into the ship’s computers.

After smoothly exiting hyperspace, the Shuttle found itself just outside Cantonica’s gravitational pull.

Meneveria glided her amethyst eyes over the ships controls and gave it a gentle pat as she announced their arrival.

“We’re here! You guys ready to hit the beaches and rob the resort of its credits?”