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Abomination: A Clan Naga Sadow Event


This is the location of the Abomination runon thread, set to start June 2nd 2017.

It begins……

DP-20 CRV Bastion
Edge of Comet Belt
Outside Inos Orbit
Orian System

“Sir, we seem to have gotten their attention with that salvo over the bow,” stated the Lieutenant. “They are heaving to, as it were.”

Alongside the ship, a blood-red T70 X-Wing flew in combat patrol. “Adept Malik Sadow here. I have the transport in my sights. I will to continue to shadow you and provide cover.”

“Good.” Captain Zain nodded at the viewscreen. She was a born and bred Orian System naval officer. Orian was not a bad place to live. The powers that be actually did a decent job of taking care of the populace and she was proud of that. Her parents still lived on Aeotheran and her duty dictated, along with her own stubborn determination that she allowed no smugglers to slip by her.

No-one would steal credits from the system’s recently weakened economy. In a system like Orian so far removed from the mainstream commerce of the galaxy, many unsavory characters were always trying to make- or steal- a credit. “Lieutenant, notify the transport we are coming aboard for a routine customs inspection.”

“Yes.” The young Verpine Lieutenant ran his claws over the control screens. Although most of his kind had fled the system after the Iron Throne’s attack, many had remained. Orian was their home hive now. Their diligence and technical aptitude was most appreciated by the armed forces in particular. “The boarding party of Warhost Marines are ready to deploy at your command.”

“Very well, Lieutenant KllKzz. Let’s see what we have caught today.” The Captain stood with her hands behind her back, fingers meshed together as she thought of other matters. The system was in chaos after the attack. So many had lost their lives. Good friends, and enemies. She pondered on the irony of feeling loss at the death of even those she had not cared for as they served the common goal of the system’s military.

“Marines are aboard, Sir. Scans indicate… baradium? Yes.” The Lieutenant looked perplexed and readjusted his headset. “Baradium and what appears to be… cryogenic organ transport containers.” The officer looked over his video feeds with a concerned look. “Confirmed. I’m getting reports of resistance. Trandoshans and Kaleesh. Blaster fire.”

“Malik here. Bastion, I’ve picked up two older T-65 X-wings with no markings or IFF signal on an intercept course. Can you confirm?”

“Copy that, T70. We confirm. Assume they are hostile.”

“Roger. Closing to intercept.” Seconds passed. “I’m on them.” The crew of the corvette listened with bated breath. Blaster shots could be heard over the channel. “Definitely hostile.” The electronic scream of a launched concussion missile echoed across the com signal, decreasing in loudness as it sped away from the Neti’s ship. “First one is…The first one is splashed, and the second is turning to run. I’m in pursuit.”

Just then, a brilliant explosion lit the Bastion’s viewport screens as a distant clang reverberated throughout the ship. “The transport has self-detonated, Sir. No survivors, including all eight Marines.”

“Damn. Open a channel to Central Command immediately.”

Dentavii Prime
Dentavii Asteroid Belt
Orian System

The small battered-appearing shuttle slid into the old hangar bay. This old former asteroid that their enemies had once inhabited more than twenty years ago served nicely as a base of operations. The shuttle’s bay door opened to display an interior that seemed in contrast to it’s exterior. Inside, the technology was impeccable. Several X-wing fighters, a few other snubfighters and small vessels also sat in the hangar. All appeared battered but all were heavily armed. Appearances could be deceiving.

“Two years,” commented the Iktotchi that stepped from the bay. He was dressed in a form-fitting jumpsuit that shifted patterns in the light. “We’ve been operating under their noses this entire time. To have such a place as this and abandon it is foolish.” He gestured around at the bay. “I trust the Kyber crystals purchased from the Gizkas helped your process. Enemy of my enemy, and all that.”

“Perhaps Baltrog,” growled the monstrosity that greeted him. The tall reptilian’s gray and brown skin glistened in the fusion lantern lights. “Our plan is now in motion. The Abominations are nearly completed. We have enough harvested organs to combine with the cybernetics to complete the current batch. Once unleashed in their cities they will inspire fear and create destruction. We do have a concern however.”

“And that is, Firak?” asked the Iktotchi. “With the infighting between the system and their Iron Throne overlords, they are quite distracted. And their capital class vessels cannot penetrate the asteroid field. They have nothing left that is large and well-shielded enough to push through. They are weaker than ever. The timing could not be better. We will have our revenge.”

“One of our transports was boarded. Like good zealots, they destroyed themselves but debris was certainly recovered. I’m sure the enemy will see to it that it is analyzed.”

“All part of my plan.” Baltrog Quillan gloated. “I have foreseen it. They surely will, and their chief scientist will undoubtedly investigate personally. His bloated ego dictates it. We have an operative in San Korinar that will terminate him using their own baradium. Once that is done we will make our move on their assets. The Dominion may be crippled, but my personal revenge will taste sweet.”

Coming Soon, July 2nd!
For Sadow!


You can find the full official event fiction and information on enemies here: Abomination Event Fiction

Inner Area
Dentavii Prime
Dentavii Asteroid Belt
Orian System

“Baltrog, they are going to try and retake this station.” Firak growled quietly. “I suggest we make preparations.”

“I’m sure they will, Firak.” The Iktotchi Dark Side Adept stood impassively. “They will send their best. We have filled this fortress with traps- and their people, twisted beyond belief into engines of destruction.” The Iktotchi checked his own weaponry. Although he eschewed a traditional lightsaber, the staff he used was filled with the Dark Side. It was as good as any lightsaber and resistant to their blows as long as he channeled the Force through it. “I will enjoy killing them.” And the baradium-enhanced fission bomb in the core will blow it all to hell with them in it when we escape, he thought. And you too, my foolish reptilian lackey.

“As will I. I expect the payments to be in my account.” The reptilian horror contemplated the mutational vats and surgery bay before him. “Is the Alchemist dead?” The monstrosity was clever and did not trust Baltrog Quillan at all. He had his own plans of escape and treachery. I wonder if Iktotchi cells can be manipulated in a certain way…

“All reports indicate that he was slain by the blast. I cannot feel his essence…” The alien closed his yellow eyes, “Although there is much interference in this system rife with crystals and Force sites.” The Iktotchi shifted his gaze. “Send the signal to the Abominations to commence their attack on the system’s population centers. That should provide a sufficient distraction.”

“Yes.” Firak turned to the internal comm system and issued the textual command. The signal went out and many shipping and cargo containers hidden throughout the system began to stir. “All patrol fighters, scramble and protect this base.”


20km Outside of Seng Karash

Marcinius walks into the temporary command post as a Warhost Sergeant barks the order to call the room to attention. The officers that were standing around a mobile holo projector turned and presented a crisp salute.

“Sir,” the ranking Lieutenant responded. Marcinius returned the salute as he continued to move forward. Marcinius moved toward the projector as he studied the layout of the city. Red dots moved around the city representing enemy troops and vessels moving about. Marcinius leaned forward, noticing that a large concentration of icons that were being displayed in the industrial district on the east side of Seng Karash. The Captain tapped on the control panel which signaled for the projector to change images. It zoomed into the industrial district showing each building in detail. Small icons appeared over the buildings showing their address and their population. Luckily, the industrial district had a relatively low concentration of residential buildings as it’s primary purpose was to refine the raw ore coming in from the planet.

That is where we will attack,” Captain Turelles said as he pointed to a defensive position.

“That what quick…how did they set up defensive positions so quick?” Sergeant Torwall questioned from the corner of the table.

“They look like mobile platforms, but it’s hard to tell. Has 1st Scout reported anything yet?” Captain Turelles responded with his own question to the communications Sergeant.

“No sir, their CO reported up to Battalion saying they encountered forces on the way. As a Scout Company they don’t have the means to push through an enemy front,” Sergeant Torwall stated has he looked down. Something told the Captain that the Sergeant knew someone in the company, but this was war and loved ones are lost. Marcinius thought for a moment. He could risk moving the Battery closer to Seng Karash and risk losing some of the walkers to get a better firing position however, that wasn’t a risk he was about to take. He had studied the specifications of the AT-APs and knew just how far he could push them. With a technique the Dlarit called squatting, he could get at least an additional kilometer or two out of their distance.

“Sirus,” Marcinius stated as he looked over to his left. The battle hardened Lieutenant served with him in the Dlarit military. The two had seen many battles together, laughed, cried, bleed and killed together. Their friendship became strained when Marcinius left for the Shadow Academy. Sirus looked at his old friend, “Sir.” A look came across his eye as if he already knew what the Captain was thinking.

“Move 4th Platoon to the line, here.” Marcinius pointed at the holo map that was now displayed in front of him. The line that he indicated was roughly 10 kilometers from the eastern part of Seng Karash. “Once they are fortified, begin firing on the defensive structures. Do your best not to damage any more structures, enough civilians have already died. We have to clear out the defenses before the infantry companies reach the city border or they do not stand a chance. Torwall, send communication to their Battalion commander to hold position just outside of our blast radius and their fire zone. Tell him to await word from you before entering. If they don’t wait…well…use colorful language to get the point across, Sergeant.”

30 minutes later

Marcinius walked out of the temporary command post, the sound of crushing foot steps assaulted his ears and ground shook as AT-APs marched forward. It was a sound and a feeling that he had not heard in a while. Their crew and maintenance following directly behind them and Sergeants could be heard yelling orders to their soldiers. The platoon moved with pride, knowing that they were marching to take back Seng Karash from the Abominations that dared to attack it. This was what they trained for, thrived for…lived for.

As the firing platoon reached the way point, their front arms swung forward, implanting itself into the ground. Rocks and debris flew from underneath it as servos fired to harden it’s stance. Each one of the eight attack pods raised their gun to a per-calculated angle. The back legs of the attack pods folded slightly to give the gunner a better angle of which to fire from following the old Dlarit squatting technique.

Lieutenant Sirus walked next to Captain Turelles. He gave him a slight nod, as he stopped and folded his arms behind his back. Turelles chuckled to himself, the last time he saw that nod was the last battle the two fought together. He looked at his friend and returned the nod.

“Alert Pro-Consul Stahoes that we have began…” Captain Turelles stated as he turned back to face the fortified pods.



Aboard the Sheathipede-class “Iron Fang”
Orian System Space
Approaching Aeotheran

The message had come to the Corellian Sith barely an hour ago. The young Twi’lek he had adopted as his apprentice was the one who brought the word. She had interrupted his meditations against his direct orders, but once he read the datapad, his rage had been forgotten. The majority of his preparations had been in the section of his room he affectionately called his miniature armory. It was less spread out than when he had been bunking in the Temple of Blood, but it still had all the little necessities, and some other little fun pieces like the explosives he carried in his shuttle.

He glanced down at the Denton explosives and the mines. The Warhost were well-equipped in the field, he had no doubt, but he knew that sometimes every little extra bit would help.Well, that assumed that he actually made it to the planet. Sluggish, under-armored and utterly unarmed, he felt he would be lucky to merely make it to the surface uninjured. Even if you didn’t account for the dangers on the surface and in space, Stahoes had far less experience than he liked piloting anything larger than his speeder bike.

Pulling back out his datapad, Bentre reread the data he had been provided with. He felt a pang in his heart. The action on Aeotheran reminded him of the infiltration on the planet when he had served as Aedile to Shar Dakhan. It made fresh the pains and frustrations of that period. It brought back to mind the realization of what was happening on the surface, the pain and the rage he endured, and the moment of brief pleasure he felt as he slipped a blade into what he believes to be his Quaestor’s back.

As he cycled through the emotions, a bitter taste hit the back of his throat. The months following that had been hard. He needed to focus on the moment. Turning his mind back to the task at hand, Bentre Stahoes adjusted the trajectory of his shuttle to align closer with that of Aeotheran as the planet appeared to grow larger. There was no use in wallowing in previous hurts. The Snake had departed their midst. Besides, if they were not successful repelling the vermin of that day, there would be enough for Sadowans and Warhost alike to cry over.

Warhost’s Temporary Command
Sang Karash

As he stepped through the doorway, Bentre had to stop for a moment. That first moment when the lights and sounds inherent to military command were not an issue for the man, but the emotions and thoughts coming off the Warhost were. He had grown more attuned to such things since when he first marched against the Red Fury back in his days as an apprentice. He normally managed to steel himself against such things, but moments like this reminded him that he was not perfect, even if he outstripped several of his fellows in combat. Superiority was no perfection.

A member of the Warhost turned to the Proconsul, pointing a weapon at the Sadowan. It was an action borne more of nervousness than suspicion, but it still irritated Stahoes. “How can I help you, soldier?”

“What is your business here?” The man’s question was demanding, but there was a slight quiver to it. “Do you have orders?”

“I was provided with-” Bentre trailed off for a moment as he fished in his pocket. The man tightened the grip on his weapon noticeably as he watched the human. Bentre couldn’t help but smile, his tone condescending, “I don’t suppose that this intelligence would back up my reason to be here?” The Sith held out the datapad he had withdrawn from his pocket.

“We are under attack, if you hadn’t noticed,” the last few words nearly disappeared into a snarl.

“Well, fine then. Do what you need to. I am looking for Turelles. Tell your commanding officers that Proconsul Stahoes is here if you need to. I need to get to Marcinius and his lot. Can’t have them dying on me.”

“I will have to check with the CO, if you don’t mind waiting, sir.

“Just hurry along and tell your CO that Proconsul Stahoes needs to know the location of his old friend Marcinius. Got it?”

The soldier motioned over to another of his fellows, and pointed at Bentre. The other soldier drew his weapon as the first made his way deeper through the TAC. As the Battlelord watched the soldier tasked with guarding him, he inwardly sighed. There was enough going on here. He didn’t want to hold up the Warhost from doing their duty any more than he had to.

Several Minutes Later
Near the Landing Zone
Sang Karash

Bentre held the datapad in his left hand as he strode quickly back toward his shuttle. Marcinius and his men were located east of the TAC. If the Sadowan hurried, he might meet up with his former master intact. Rounding a corner, he laid his eyes upon his worn old shuttle. The Corellian’s eyes darted left and right, watching for any dangers in the streets.

Despite his unease, the way appeared clear. Still, Stahoes hesitated for a few moments before he continued his hurried stride. As he covered almost half of the distance, all became chaos with a flash and a roar.

Bentre was thrown from his feet into a tumble. Pain and a ringing in his ears filled his senses for what seemed like ages. Finally, the ringing faded in part, but the pain was eased little. Where the shuttle had been, there was a small crater, surrounded by scrap and smoke.

He did not need this.

The Warhost and his former master were in what seemed increasing danger. Drawing himself up and trying to ignore the pain in his side and his head, Bentre Stahoes turned around. He would have to return to the TAC. Hopefully he would be able to convince the CO to loan him a soldier and a shuttle. If not, Force help him, for he would walk out to assist his former master if he had to.


(Note: This post introduces Evelynn, Jurdan, and Malik to the Runon, with their permission.)

Dentavii Asteroid Belt
Orian System

Rocks lay scattered across the starscape as if some great force had placed them there, setting them to tumble through space for all eternity. Perhaps, in a way, it had been a great force. The Dentavii asteroid field was the result of some ancient Sith ritual gone horribly wrong. These mundane rocks were a warning to those wide enough to heed it: do not take power lightly.

Locke Sonjie sat at the helm of his ship, the Gemini Alpha. The bridge was silent as he guided the craft around one of the larger asteroids, finally revealing their target beyond: the Dentavii Installation itself. Built into a large space rock, the facility was an old base of Naga Sadow’s. It had been long abandoned until, recently, someone had taken up residence.

They would soon learn, however, that their rent had been revoked.

“Blades and Banthas report they have cleared the field, no fighters lost. Same with the U-Wings,” Jurdan Krennel reported. The Aedile occupied one of the ship’s gunner stations, but instead used it to monitor their forces.

“Good,” Evelynn Wyrm said. The Quaestor occupied the other gunner station. “Now we see if the code Sang dug up actually works.”

“It should,” Locke answered. The code in question was an old encrypted key that was a built in failsafe. When broadcast near it’s partner shielding system - in this case the Dentavii Facility - the shield generator would malfunction - at least for a few minutes.

Evelynn grunted. “Broadcast it,” she said.

Jurdan keyed something on his console. “Done.”

“Wrex,” Locke said, speaking to the pilot droid who was plugged into the co-pilot console. “Reading?”

“Shields down,” the droid said. “For now.”

“Great, hold on,” Locke grasped the ship’s manual steering yoke with one hand, pushing thrusters to maximum with the other. As the Alpha pushed forward, Jurdan gave orders to the other craft who had come with them. The X-Wings of the Searing Blades squadron and the Y-Wings of the Dancing Banthas moved in more quickly than the transports, quickly engaging the enemy. They hadn’t brought anything larger than a transport. Although the small ships could navigate the asteroid field without too much trouble, larger capital ships would struggle to get through it without massive damage. That was why Malik Sadow had stayed behind, overseeing the small task force that would arrive later. The DP20 Frigate Sentinel and Nebulon-B Frigate Gauntlet would be slowly making their way through the field, carefully carving a path through the asteroids.

The Blades were more than a match for the old T65 X-Wings the enemy had, while the Bantha’s Y-wings were free to bomb the station.

“Why are we receiving fire from the right?” Evelynn said, voice almost bored. It seemed like she didn’t really want to be there. “When the station is ahead of us.”

Locke turned the Alpha, rolling along it’s axis as he evaded incoming fire. “They must have stationary defenses.”

“Mines,” Jurdan growled. “Banthas…”

“We see them,” a voice replied, crackling over the ship’s comlink.

As a flight of Y-Wings broke off, the Alpha and U-Wings got closer to the asteroid base. They would likely only be able to fit two to the facility’s hangar at a time, so the others would have to wait.

Locke pushed the Alpha in first, plunging through the hangar’s magnetic field. Evelynn and Jurdan were already out of their chairs, preparing to meet up with the commando squad on the lower deck.

“I’m going for their leaders,” Evelynn said. “Jurdan, secure our exit, then make sure our slicers get to their computer banks. We’ll need that information.”

“You’ll need help,” Jurdan said as the two exited the bridge.

“I’ll go alone, that’s…” Evelynn answered, and that was the last Locke heard. As he set the Alpha down in the hangar, enemy troops were already firing at it from entrances to the massive chamber.

“Return-” Locke started. Then lasers launched from the ship’s ventral turret, tearing away at the enemy.

Wrex emitted some noise that sounded very much like a manufactured “harumph,” as if he was imitating disappointment in Locke’s lack of faith in his abilities.

All seemed to be going well. Then, a fighter pilot’s voice broke over the coms.

“Woah, watch out for that frigate!” it said, voice mildly excited. These pilots didn’t seem to get startled.

“Where did that thing come from?” another answered.

“I don’t know, but I don’t think we’re going to be getting close. Transports, this is Blade One, recommend you evac immediately, enemy has a Lancer Frigate emerging from behind their base. Those lasers will tear us apart if we get near.”

“Damn,” Locke muttered.

“Task Force Mynock Thirty-Four, this is Gemini Alpha, we could really use some assistance!”

He silently hoped Malik would know what to do. Otherwise, their fighters would have to withdraw and their commando’s escape route would be cut off.


10 KM East of Seng Karash

Round after round pummeled the hastily constructed defensive structures as the 4th Platoon continued their unforgiving bombardment. The 4th was determined to ensure that those who had thought it would be a good idea to make a stand in the Industrial District would quickly regret their decision. AT-APs could be seen rocking as their powerful cannons fired round after round toward the distant city. Captain Turelles stood behind the line near his command vehicle, keeping an eye on his tactical screen. His goal was to minimize civilian along with keeping the infrastructure intact. As the third volley finished the cease fire order was given allowing the command team to survey their progress. Smoke pillars rose in the distance as the rounds found their target.

“Several direct hits, Captain,” Lieutenant Sirus reported as he returned to where the Captain was standing. “I need to know how many Civilian casualties we are looking at as well as cost estimates for the bombardment. Don’t do it yourself, pass it back up to Battalion, or hell, even Regiment.” The sound of Sergeants barking orders in attempts to get the AT-APs restocked more quickly with fresh ammunitions could be heard over a muffled explosion to the west.

“What was that?” Captain Turelles questioned as he turned in direction of the sound.

“I’m not sure, but I believe it came from the direction of the Battalion TAC though,” Sirus stated with a pause.

“Resha, Resha this is Dragon 6, over.” The communication link fell silent.

“Resha Actual, this is Dragon Actual, sitrep!” Marcinius began to worry that the enemy had somehow circled around behind his forces, preparing to attack their position. He barked orders at both officers and enlisted men nearby, coaxing them to move into a defensive posture in hopes to defend all clans assets, both material and personnel.

“Dragon Actual, Resha Actual,” a crackled voice came over the communication link.

“Resha Actual, Dragon Actual. What the hell happened?” Marcinius stated as he was beginning to get impatient. Even given the fact that the Force had been ripped away from him over 12 months prior, he had never lost the anger and temper that came with being a Dark Jedi. That was something that couldn’t be taken away from him.

“Dragon, Resha. I’m not sure. The ProConsul was here trying to get information about your location. He walked outside and then there was an explosion. I’ve got several wounded and a couple dead. Is there -”

“What is the status of the ProConsul?” Captain Turelles questioned as he cut off the Battalion Commander. At that moment he could care less about Warhost troops. They could be replaced with ease. A member of the Brotherhood was an asset that was much harder to replace. The feeling was even stronger, as the current ProConsul was also his former student.

“Defensive posture has been achieved, we are ready but we can’t hold it for long if they attack hard.” Lieutenant Sirus said in hushed tones, understanding the urgency in his friend’s face.

“Dammit Zakka answer me!” Marcinius yelled over the communication set getting annoyed with the Major.

“He’s alive Captain, and you would do well not to - “

“Put him on,” he stated coldly as he yet again cut off the Major. He had no patience for the man. The only reason Zakka Bremmer got the position was because Lieutenant Sirus had throat punched the previous commanding officer. Major Bremmer and Captain Turelles never got along even back in the days of the Dlarit.

A small tone played as the communication link showed a stronger feed, one that offered a holo call over the standard voice only option.

“Bentre, it’s been along time my friend.” Marcinius stated as the image of his former student, now Pro-Consul appeared in front of him.

“That it has, what is your current status?”

“Three volleys away and reloading now. After we heard the explosion we began to fortify our position. What happened?” Marcinius asked as he transmitted his coordinates to the ProConsul.

“Received,” Stahoes looked down for a moment looking at a map that showed where his former Master was located. “I was walking back to my ship and the next thing I knew I was standing back up after getting knocked on my-” static cut out the last word as ProConsul Stahoes turned his head to look behind him, as if here were checking to see if someone was watching, “There’s a spy here. We just have to find out who it is.”

“Let Battalion handle that, I need you up here with a squad of troops. We need to move forward,” Marcinius stated has he motioned for Sirus to look at him. After a couple of handle signals, Sirus left. A few moments later the sound of the AT-AP’s main cannon filled the air. “I plan to fire another round of three volleys which will soften the target then you, myself and a squad of troopers will move forward and capture their eastern outpost. Intelligence points to that stronghold as where they’re bringing in supplies to further their push into Seng Karash.”

“Your next three volleys need to be maximum force. Hold nothing back.” Bentre stated, his voice going cold.

“The civilians, we need to mini-”

“Do it, Daed.” Bentre cut the Captain off, calling him a name that he hadn’t heard in so long. Marcinius didn’t reply only offered a nod. “See you in 30, Captain.” The holo-projected image of his former student flickered away. Marcinius thought for a moment. He had never given the Omega order before. It didn’t matter if it was his first time - something had to be done to extinguish the incursion.


“Sir,” Sirus replied over his communication link. His voice was being muffled by the sound of the near by AT-APs.

“New fire mission: Zeta Oscar.”

A moment of silence came the communication link, “It will be done sir.”


The heat from the near miss blaster shot singed a few eyebrow hairs from Jurdan’s face. He dodged low and jumped up into the face of his attacker. The man’s head flew backwards from the concussive blow caused by Jurdan’s knee. Stumbling backwards he caught his balance just in time to feel the heat of the Battlemaster’s blade penetrating deep through his chest cavity.

“Not this time weak fool,” Jurdan said spitting on the man as he fell from his wound. He moved hastily to the next being closest to him standing in the doorway to the hangar. He twisted and contorted his body into a massive spin like a tornado. His boot landed on the man’s blaster and caused it to fly up into the air. Jurdan brought his blade up and sliced through the weapon. It exploded in a brilliant flash of light and sound. The man reached for a vibroblade but was met with the swift removal of his head from neck.

The Warhost slicers followed close behind Jurdan as he finished clearing out the rest of the local fighters. He signaled to Evelynn that the way was clear. He headed towards the main computer terminals in the core of the base with the slicers in tow. Corridor by corridor they moved as swiftly as a Mynock attacking power lines. There were a few firefights on their way to the main hub, but they finally reached their destination.

“Evelynn,” Jurdan hailed his Quaestor, “We have reached our destination and are proceeding with data extraction.”


Warhost Medical Center
Temple of Sorrow
Orian System

Lilith and Aul watched the soldier walk away with his head down. Lilith looked over at her former Aedile and heaving a sigh said, “I have a feeling that this is going to take everyone we have and then some. These abominations are truly revolting and quite terrifying. I’m not sure that we are going to be able to save the poor individuals who have been transformed like this.”

Aul met her eyes, knowing that his showed some sorry but also that she would see the changes in them that showed determination and a new fire that wasn’t there when they had worked together before. “I hear what you are saying Lilith, but sometimes you have to lose some to win some.”

Lilith, not sure she liked the “new” Aul, stared back at him. “I still feel that we should try our best to save as many as we can, but I understand that we are going to have to fight this until the end. That is why I have contacted my apprentice, Erik. I hate to pull him from his studies at the Shadow Academy, but we need him here. I have been sending him on small missions to test his combat readiness, the last one with Jurdan and have received very good reports on him. I think that he is going to be a good asset to the Clan.”

Just as the Dark Jedi was going to respond, the voice of the Proconsul came across the comms, “Med team to War Room immediately!” Both Lilith and Aul turned, grabbed a Medpak, and took running to the turbolift.

Once in the lift, Lilith thought, Aul might be darker, but he still responds like a healer should. The lift stopped at the floor where the War Room was located, the door opened with a swish and the pair found themselves looking down the barrels of several blasters. Warhost soldiers were at the ready. Flashing their badges, the two Savants were granted entry into the room where several summit members were crowded around a collapsed DarkHawk.

“MOVE,” shouted Lilith as she elbowed her way into the crowd, not caring whom she was pushing out of her way. “Give him some air. Let us make sure that he is ok before you badger him to death,” she said, ignoring what she was sure were death glares from the higher ups in the clan. No one argued with her and sure enough they moved back a bit to allow her and Aul to assess the damage to their clanmate.

After administering some Bacta spray to the worst of the wounds and insuring that her friend and rival Battleteam Leader wasn’t going to bleed out on the floor, she looked around the room.

Bentre, cocking an eyebrow, looked at her and said, “done now? Can he finish his report?”

The Consular grinned rather sheepishly and said, “yes, go ahead.”

DarkHawk groaned and finished telling the Summit of all that had transpired. After he finished, he was loaded up on a gurney and whisked away to the medical bay to finish being patched up.

21 days later
Warhost Temporary Command
Sang Karash

Lilith was knee deep in blood, it seemed like a never ending battle with trying to patch up the wounded. She had been working alongside the regular medical staff that accompanied the Warhost whenever they were deployed. Hearing an explosion she thought, that was close, maybe a little too close. The Savant had turned to call the next soldier in line when a Sergeant rounded the corner out of breath, “I need medical outside. The Proconsul’s shuttle exploded.”

Lilith took off at a dead run.


(OOC, this introduces my Verpine secondary character General Zzzclk’ik)

Lancer Class Frigate Havoc
Dentavii Prime zone
Dentavii Asteroid Belt
Orian System

“Target that Decimator ship and fire!” The Clawdite pounded a quivering appendage on the the bulkhead wall. It was difficult to remain in one shape when she/he/it was so angry. “Dammit you morons! I said Fire!”
Around him the human and Trandoshans operating the systems worked to obey. Truth be told they were not a seasoned crew. Many if not most of the best naval officers and enlisted beings had perished when Clan Naga Sadow had attacked the Dominion in their own systems not so long ago.

“We have them in our targeting vectors.” The lone Human who had kept his head operated the controls of his station with some dexterity. The Sadowans had destroyed his home town and killed almost all of his family. Revenge is a never-ending cycle and Kthiss understood it well at the moment. “Firing now. Wait… we have trouble.” The ship rocked as a wave of Y-Wing bombers unloaded on it at close range. A mix of smaller proton torpedoes ripped into the ship’s outer hull and propulsion units. They could see that the Decimator had managed to dock with the asteroid station. Several of the attacking Y-Wings were blown to pieces as the Lancer did what it was designed to do best- destroy enemy fighters.

VT 49 Decimator Gemini Alpha
Dentavii Prime Landing Area

“Gemini Alpha, this is Mynock Task Force. We are nearing your position. The Dancing Banthas are engaging that Lancer.” Wrex monitored the transmission as it echoed in the cockpit. Jurdan had already debarked into the base. “Searing Blades squadrons have their fighters under control. Be advised, you should be clear to insert.”

Warhost Temporary Command
Sang Karash

As Lilith ran from the command tent as a dead run, the Verpine Officer nodded and touched his comlink. “Proconsul Bentre’s ship has exploded and Lilith is on her way.” General Zzzclk’ik studied the maps carefully. “Commander Turelles has the situation in hand. Warhost Command has every confidence in his abilities.”

“Very good General. Their Abominations have hit several of our industrial targets. Generators, medical facilities, command centers seem to be their targets.” The transmission from Sepros broke up slightly but Consul Sanguinius’ voice was clear.

“I’ve anticipated that.” The Verpine gestured at the HK series droid. “We’ve set a trap. Secondary generators lined with heavy amounts of trip-mines and explosives. If they like baradium so much, I am happy to introduce them to some.” Just then several explosions rocked the tent from nearby. “They are here. I’m engaging them.” The insectoid picked up an ICWS anti-armor rifle and stepped towards the exit. It jacked a clip into the weapon and chittered in Verpine. “Make peace with your ancestors enemies of my hive. You will be meeting them soon. Your carbon will be recycled.”


Nebulon-B Frigate Gauntlet
Dentavii Asteroid Belt
Orian System

The Neti stood motionless on the bridge of the Gauntlet, his mind spreading out across the void, connecting to friends and foes alike, distantly he could sense the forces engaged in the fight on Aeotheran and nearer to his current location he could sense the forces who had managed to land on the former home of House Ludo Kressh, the asteroid base on Dentavii Prime. He left all of them to fend for themselves at the moment though as the space battle had just become the more imminent threat to Warhost forces.

Dentavii Asteroid Belt
Orian System

A flight of Y-Wings from the Dancing Banthas had been caught by surprise by the enemy Lancer-class Frigate and instinctively they had launched a wave of proton torpedoes at it more as a distraction than as an actual attack, luckily for the Banthas it had worked their only initial loss being a single astromech droid. The pilots felt their minds and instincts sharpen as Malik’s mind connected to theirs, and as one the flight of Y-Wings turned away from the Lancer using smaller asteroids as cover from the now incoming barrage of laser fire, after reaching a safe distance from the Lancer they resumed their mission of clearing the mines ahead of the Gauntlet and the Sentinel.

Nebulon-B Frigate Gauntlet
Dentavii Asteroid Belt
Orian System

Working in perfect synchronization the crews of the two capital ships navigated through the asteroid belt at near full speed attempting to get in range of the Lancer in order to engage it and support the base assault teams.

The Neti sensed the first targeting solutions coming in and knew he didn’t have act on it, the Warhost crew were well trained and instantly he felt the first shots being fired from the turbolasers targeting weapons, shield generators and other priority targets spread out over the full length of the Lancer. Shortly after he saw the first barrage of return fire hit the shields of the Gauntlet, on queue the Dancing Banthas swooped in for an attack run letting loose a salvo of proton torpedoes. Joining the Banthas was the legendary Sapphire Squadron, having shifted from flying escort for the Gauntlet to now escorting the bombers, Malik had personally traveled to Zafiro Torre to recruit them for this mission in order to give them a shoot at once again proving that they were the very best pilots Naga Sadow had to offer.


Courtyard of the Shadow Academy
Antei System

Erik sat alone under the stars with an Academy datapad in his lap, eyes moving back and forth rapidly as he examined an entry on lightsaber forms. A small light flashed on his wrist comlink and he sighed with annoyance. He was rushing through as much of his studies as he possibly could and loathed any distractions. Turning on the comlink, he heard the familiar beeps and whistles of his new Lothal astromech droid.

“Play the message from Aeotheran, then!” He said impatiently.

The last time he had set foot on that jungle planet he was carving his way through thieving pirates alongside the battlemaster Jurdan Krennel and Warhost’s Charlie Squad. Having survived and even thrived in battle, he learned much from watching his betters. He wished he was out fighting again instead of assimilating knowledge over 700 parsecs away.

As if in answer to his thoughts, a familiar voice was patched through as the start of the recording began. “This is Lilith Versea-Stormwind. We require your presence in Sang Karash at once, apprentice. There have been some terror attacks by genetically altered individuals in the industrial district and we need all the help we can get. We’ve set up a temporary command centre. More details will be transmitted en route, including our coordinates. Leave immediately!” The message ended, replaced by the sounds of the night again.

He was on his feet instantly and sprinting for the shuttle bays, shouting instructions to his droid to forward the message to his instructors. He needed them to be aware of his absence and to get assistance in requisitioning transport to the Orian system since he had no means of his own yet.

If I keep being called away like this, they’re going to have to give me my own starship or the funds to purchase one, he thought.

21 days later
Warhost Temporary Command
Sang Karash

It had been weeks since he arrived, having taken several transports to finally reach the temporary command centre. He used Warhost supply runs to reach his final destination, guarding them against sabotage as part of his duties. Reports of explosions were cropping up all over and it was hard to predict where the next one would be. He felt that there must be spies infiltrating their operations .

Upon arrival he was reassigned back to his Master and acted as an assistant healer and guardian. Though he carried no medical knowledge himself, he was gifted with rapid healing through the force if he applied enough concentration to the task. Although he felt it was less glorious to save lives compared to taking them, he understood that there was still plenty of opportunity for a good fight if insurgents presented themselves or their lines were pushed back enough.

Erik was in a triage room doing what he could to stabilize recent arrivals from serious lacerations and wounds while the medical teams made their rapid assessments. He stopped as a nearby explosion sounded, instinctively making him reach for his lightsaber. He rushed out of triage with weapon in hand to see what the commotion was all about.


The Empiricalum
35 ABY

Darkblade sighed as he strolled down the halls of The Empiricalum. Once the place where he felt all powerful, it was now a place of intense pain and proof that everyone was mortal. Walking down it’s corridors had a way of bringing the Anzat back to the cold hard reality of the world he lived in. Being an official member of Clan Naga Sadow again had allowed him access to the facility without problem.

The Clan had gone from bad to worse since his departure to Taldryan. Infuriated with the way the new Consul had treated it’s most loyal members, Darkblade departed without word for Taldryan in the hopes of better opportunities. This not being the case, the Anzat roamed the Dark Jedi Brotherhood’s systems until he was called back by his apprentice, whom had now taken over the vacant position of Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan. The Clan Summit appeared a mess with no real changes having happened besides a dwindling amount of support to the Clan. The new shift in leadership had brought nothing but silent rebellion and open discontent towards it’s new Consul and Proconsul. Now it seemed that they had once again allowed spies and infiltrators into its ranks. This didn’t come as a surprise to the Seer, knowing well enough that the new leaders were not used to getting their hands dirty.

The Anzat stared at his datapad, reading the message the Quaestor had sent him for the fourth time. It all seemed so ironic to him. The men who worked hard, silent in the shadows and orchestrated so many life changing events, were surpassed by the people who yelled and stamped their feet the most whilst riding on the backs of the men who did all the work.

A hard lesson learned for the young Seer. One that was shown throughout the entire Brotherhood in each and every Clan. A pattern that was discernible to many but ignored by the ones who benefited from it.

“Politics,” Darkblade murmured to himself, the word tasting like ash in his mouth.

As the Anzat reached the elevator to the secret lab, which wasn’t very secret anymore, he spoke the code which would allow him access.

“Computer, override code Delta Alpha Delta 1-5-4-3-R-3.”

Waiting patiently, the door gave the all clear sign and opened up before him. Taking the elevator down, Darkblade began to feel anxious. Returning to the scene for the first time where his best friend had been killed by the Iktotchi twin brought him pangs of guilt.

The elevator doors slid open, revealing the torture room as it was left behind. Instruments strewn about the room, the spatters of blood of the victims Darkblade had had. After taking a few steps he knelt down, placing his hand on the floor where Marcus Kiriyu had been slain. The only place to have been cleaned properly when the body was moved to allow proper burial. Nothing but the memory of Marcus remained behind.

Anger and rage began to coil around his chest. Angry at himself for being so careless, the rage rising because the Clan disposed of it’s good men without a second glance. Instead, choosing to elevate lesser men to lead Clan Naga Sadow.

Curling his hand into a fist, Darkblade rose back to his feet. As he gave a final glance around the room, he pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it. It had been awhile since he needed to use the lightsaber, the familiar handle and grip helped him to focus his rage. The Anzat howled in rage, tears streaming down his face as memories of past and present friends flashed through his mind. Darkblade began to strike out around him, destroying the equipment and any evidence of his failures. With each strike he felt his pain subside and make way for the end goal he was setting himself up for. When he was finished the room was nothing but a smoldering heap of unrecognizable scrap metal. Breathing heavily, Darkblade turned off his lightsaber, clipping it back to his belt.

To hell with Naga Sadow, I’m here for Shar Dakhan, Locke, Evelynn and Aul. The rest can go to hell, which I will gladly help them reach, the Anzat thought to himself. Taking the elevator back upstairs and leaving the facility, Darkblade reached out to Evelynn and let her know that he was back, with a thirst for vengeance.


En route to Marcinius’ position

Bentre used the time on the shuttle to think through the current situation. Word would move quickly, he was sure. His thoughts shifted to the larger situation .Surely, some of the others ere going to be in just as much danger or more than he was right now. His time as Proconsul had kept the Corellian out of the fighting for a while, but when he became aware of Daedric- or Marcinius as he was choosing to be called now- being on Aeotheran, he had found himself called back to the planet. A fire and temper had risen in his chest when he had seen the state of the planet.

I will bring a ruin to those who have ruined one of my new-found homes.

With a low growl, Bentre punched a hurried message into the datapad attached to the shuttle’s commlink system. It was short, and to the point: “Shuttle destroyed. Stranded on Aeotheran but not leaving soon. Have work to do. Daedric in danger. Wolf is on the prowl.-Ben.” Punching in the commlink code for Tasha’Vel, the Corellian drew a labored breath before hitting the submit button which glowed at the bottom of the datapad’s display. The message sent, the Sith lifted his chin sharply, his voice a near-bark.

“Alright, soldier, are we almost there yet?”

10 KM East of Seng Karash

Bentre was nearly down the shuttle’s gangway before it had settled into the soil. The man was on a mission, and emotion and a barely-perceived fear drove him. Smoke and the smell of munitions stung the air, shrouding a figure in the haze. As the Proconsul lifted a hand, preparing to call out to his friend, he was struck by how drawn out his former master looked.

The Captain’s eyes widened when they focused upon Stahoes. “Bentre,” he gave a bow, “your orders are being carried out as requested. We fired for full effect. The destruction was-” the Loyalist’s words seemed to fade off.

“War is never pretty, is it?” Bentre tried to make light of the situation, but he foiund the words catching in the back of his throat, threatening to devolve into a sob. Despite himself, he couldn’t have prepared himself for the full effects.

“No, but that isn’t even the worst. It appears that several areas are still under insurgent control.” Daedric pointed almost loftily toward the bombed-out buildings. “They have set up several portable turrets and we don’t have eyes out there just yet.”

Bentre looked over his fellow Sadowan and Warhost Captain for several moments, deep in thought. Stahoes tapped the side of his face as he considered his options. “Well, I can do a lot with a commlink, a datapad and a bit of time. I suppose you have these things, right?”

“Of course,” Marcinius nodded, “what do you have in mind?”

“Well, we can try to use any intact cameras to act as bloodless scouts, I can try disabling their turrets if not outright turning them on their users, and given another thirty minutes or so, we can start to kick our way into the middle of these worms. Once we soften them up I think we will have to make them suffer for the foolish decision to invade Sadowan space, and especially for choosing to attack the home of my former House.” Despite himself, Bentre found himself smiling a bit. “Unless you have any further suggestions, we can get started driving them out.”


Inner Area
Dentavii Prime
Dentavii Asteroid Belt
Orian System

All eyes were fixated on multiple monitors across the bridge. Communication officers were steadily updating battle data onto the main screens of the bridge. Firak only hissed when displeasing Intel scrolled across the screens in real-time battle plan updates. Baltrog kept a keen eye on the events on both battlefronts. The events on Seng Karash were pleasing to him. It almost seemed that a smile crested the Itkotchi’s lips, he seemed pleased almost as he foreseen these events play out before hand.

Firak on the other hand was more anxious. The space battle taking place in front of him was discerning. He was irritated, his claws digging into the console as the battle outside took place.

“Relax Firak, everything is going as planned.” stated the Dark Side Adept.

Firak once again, hissed at the Adept.

“You must be a fool to sit there so smug Baltrog, our forces are on the verge of being overrun!” Firak scoffed.

The bridge was almost quiet enough to hear a pin drop. The Itktotchi never wavered and continued to study the events on the screens.

“You lack vision Firak, every move as and equal and opposite reaction. In order to see the results, the entire process has to play out. So I reiterate my statement, You are lacking the vision to see this as it truly is…a work of art.”

“Spare me your philosophy Baltrog, just get me the results!”

A young Clawdite Lieutenant continued staring at his console until a hailing signal echoed through the control room. The signal was broken. He adjusted dials and radio boosters to bring the incoming transmission to light.

“Master Baltrog, I have an incoming transmission from the Red Fleet” the young lieutenant stated excitedly.

The transmission came in on a secondary screen within the bridge. Another Itktotchi helmed the transmission.

“This is Sairus of the T65 Squadrons, we have made safe passage through the asteroid field and are heading to the coordinates provided by Baltrog. We will be in position within minutes and await your further instructions.”

“What heresy is this Baltrog!! Who is this Sairus and these new squadrons?” hissed Firak

Baltrog continued to monitor the screens and watched his plan play out. Firak almost in a feral; rage at the moment jump from his seat and made his way towards the Itktotchi. All eyes turned from their stations to see what was going to transpire between the two commanders.

Baltrog held one had up shaking it at the reptile in almost utter discourse. Signaling the irrational reptile to return to his previous station. Firak would have nothing to do with it. The reptile had his snout almost touching one of the Itktotchi’s horns.

Baltrog paid the reptile no intention, continuing to study the battles in front of him. Without even acknowledging the reptile appalling breath he spoke with a whisper of condescending tone.

“Again Firak, you lack vision, that is why you have never succeeded in your attempts to thwart the Brotherhood. I took the liberty of recruiting reinforcements. We will outflank them and then decimate them.”

Firak only sneered and never took his eyes of the Dark Side Adept.

“I only hope that this kind of Intel would be available to me, and not learned by surprise” the reptile spat.

From the corner of his eyes, Baltrog could see the disdain in his newly acquired partner. So much he could hardly speak without drooling the pungent smell of his saliva down his scaled beak.

“Surprise” Baltrog said without acknowledgment.

The incoming Dominion fleet came into view on the monitors. All eyes were on Baltrog as the squadrons commenced closer to the ongoing battles. From the Dentavii Prime base, T65 X-Wings could be seen on the viewing screens coming in a flanking maneuver on three sides of the brotherhood. They engulfed the real time battle field monitors, and infested the ongoing battle like bugs.

Firak, stared at the Itktotchi, his agitation of the situation still present acrossed his scaled face. Only when the T65’s started commencing attack runs did the reptiles expression change.

“Does this please you Firak?” asked Baltrog.

“I will only be please when we eradicate the brotherhood and we are victorious.”

No looks were exchanged during the conversation, the two stood tentatively glued to the monitors as the battle unfolded.

Another communications hail came over the console of the Clawdite Communications officer.

“Sir, another transmission being hailed from one of ships coming in to Seng Karash.”

Firak whip his head around again to blatantly show his disgust for the events taking place.

“More heresy?” hissed Firak.

“No Firak, this operation called for logic and tactics, traits you lack when it comes to the Brotherhood. We cannot go at them head on, diversions and misdirection is what is needed here. I simply added that element.”


Warhost Temporary Command
Medical Facility
Sang Karash

Lilith reached the remains of the shuttle to see Bentre get up and shake himself off.
Calling out to him, he waved to her to let her know that he was ok. Satisfied that he was not injured, she turned to make her way back to the Medical facility almost being plowed into by her apprentice who had also come running when the call came out.

“Eric, we need to see what we can do to get the wounded treated and back out here, it looks like things are coming to a head,” Lilith informed him.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied. “I heard that some of those creatures are headed this way. We need to form some defensive lines and get ready for their attack.”

Together the two of them headed back towards the building. The Battleteam Leader looked out towards the city, stopped, and grabbed the Hunter by the arm. “I would say that they are heading this way." Pointing towards several lurching abominations, she replied, “they are almost here. Quick, run inside and gather whomever you can and get back here.”

The Marauder took off like a flash to carry out her orders.

Lilith keyed the mic on her comm and said, “Lilith here, we have abominations at the medical facility, requesting back up. I have Erik Cato, JoForth Reed, and Motan Starblade with me along with several injured and I’m not sure how long we can hold them.”

Her request was met with static. Hopefully someone heard, she thought.

Hearing Erik returning with several others, she drew her lightsaber and looked at the gathered ‘troops’. “I have requested back up, however, I’m not sure that the signal went out, static was my only answer. So, it will be up to us to hold this area until help comes. I want everyone to spread out and team up, fight in pairs. These things are enhanced and hopefully if we can attack with multiple strikes it will bring them down. I have a little trick up my sleeve to give us an edge in the beginning but after that, it’s going to be close quarters. Go for the legs if you have trouble with anything else, take them out so they can’t advance any further. Any questions?”

She was met with a chorus of “no, ma’ams.”.

“Okay then, wait until I give the signal to attack, they need to be a bit closer,” she informed them. “Everyone step back from me and find your footing or hold on to something,” she said, earning some weird looks from her newer clanmates.

Gathering herself, the Sorcerer concentrated on the Force, tapping into one of the darker aspects that she used when needed. Lilith waited until the creatures were within about six feet, then slamming her hand to the ground, she channeled the Force through her fist causing an earthquake-like ripple where she sent the former citizens, now abominations, tumbling. Some fell over, some just staggered from the blow like someone who’s had a few too many, but it was enough to give the Sadowans an edge.

“NOW,” she yelled and with that Lilith and her troops swooped forward to engage the enemy.


Warhost Temporary Command
Medical Facility
Sang Karash

Erik had arrived too late from the medical facility. If there was a fight, he had missed out.

He could see several Warhost soldiers and emergency service people moving far ahead of him. It was easy to follow the smoke to its source after such a big explosion.

Opening up his comlink, the dark-haired human checked in with Warhost command for the latest information as he raced towards the center of the smoking pillar. His Lothal Astromech was keeping him updated on all the military chatter from a terminal at the facility. Many events were happening all at once and he wanted frequent Intel when he could get it.

The droid issued a series of hurried beeps and whistles, warning him of a group of abominations that were seen pushing toward the medical facility. The message was cut off abruptly, replaced with the hiss of static.

Frantically adjusting his comlink while running, he nearly crashed into his own Master. Warning her of the immediate danger, they raced back to regroup with more soldiers and formed a defensive perimeter outside of the facility. It didn’t take long for the monstrosities to make their appearance.

Calls for reinforcements were met with no responses. Help wasn’t arriving any time soon as far as they knew. Despite this, the Sith apprentice was grinning as he let his robe fall to the ground and ignited his lightsaber. This was much more exciting than healing the wounded.

When the abominations were thrown off-guard by Lilith’s initial blast, the attack sounded and Erik rushed in eagerly. He extended his right palm toward an already off-balance abomination, concentrating on pushing it over through his control of the Force. The monstrosity stalled for a moment and fell backward, crashing noisily to the ground. We need to keep buying time, the Hunter thought.

His attention snapped to his right as he heard the tortured screams from one of the troopers. The man was having both arms ripped from his body. In fitting revenge, Erik strafed to the side of it and managed to sever one of the metal arms. The gruesome cyber-ghoul’s focus turned to its new adversary, screaming in incomprehensible gibberish. It picked up the body of the now deceased trooper with one of its remaining limbs and swung it wildly at Erik. His lightsaber moved swiftly to intercept, splitting the messy corpse in half. A fresh coat of blood splashed over the marauder from the interception.

“Come get some!” He yelled madly over the roar of the defensive blaster fire, trying to draw it away from the others.

How long can we possibly hold? These things are so strong!


Main Computer Core

The slicers were moving as quickly as they could while Jurdan held off the abominations. They had downloaded about eighty five percent of the stations files and uploaded ninety percent of their own virus to cripple the bases systems. Another man armed with a vibroblade ran around the corner and into Jurdan’s outstretched hand. The Battlemaster squeezed his throat tightly and stared into the man’s eyes as the sparkle of life left his body.

“Sir!,” the slicer shouted out, “the data is downloaded and the virus is in their system. We are good to go!”

Jurdan nodded his approval of the situation and motioned for everyone to pack up their gear. “Evelynn this is Jurdan. The mission is accomplished. Virus uploaded and data downloaded.” He said and was greeted by static. “Evelynn come in please.” Again static. “Locke this is Jurdan, we have a problem with Evelynn.”

Elsewhere in the Asteroid Base

The Quaestor of Shar Dakhan turned a corner as she ran looking for someone to fight. She could sense an enemy presence nearby that was almost too much to pass up. Evelynn’s saber was ignited and ready for battle as she turned sharply around the next corner. The hallway opened up into a double wide area filled with guards.

“Finally, someone to kill,” she said with a smile. The Battlemaster leapt high in the air and brought her saber down swiftly splitting an abominations head in two pieces. With a hard twist of her hips she spun round and kicked the next man square in the jaw with the force of a rancor. He fell backwards into his comrades making them fall backwards. Evelynn opened up on the group with a vicious electrical attack which singed the hair from what was left of their normal bodies. Igniting her second saber she launched a twirling tornado of an attack severing limb after limb until the hallway was cleared.

“That was a fun distraction. I do hope there are more of them,” she thought to herself as the bloodlust filled her veins.


Locke watches as the Warhost’s fighters engaged those of the pirates. The pirates fought with inordinary skill, as if they had been trained better. X-Wings had come from almost every side of the Dentavii Station. Even though they were older fighters, they had succeeded in causing trouble for the Warhost forces, including the new arrivals of the DP20 frigate and Sapphire Squadron.

Sapphire, like the elite squadron they were, quickly began to eliminate enemy fighters. Once a Battleteam, Sapphire was now composed of the best fighter pilots Shar Dakhan - and indeed, even the Clan - possessed. The enemy was no match for them, and they quickly tore enemy X-WIngs apart. Furthermore, Locke could feel Malik’s battle meditation. The Force guided his movements. A non-Force user might not even notice, but for Locke it required him to surrender to the feeling and let it guide him, and he did so. He trusted Malik. In his VT-49 Decimator, with Malik’s battle meditation augmenting his abilities, Locke felt he was unstoppable.

He put one X-Wing in his sights. He flipped shield energy to the rear, knowing his target could not retaliate. He shifted power to the engines, then slowed them as the X-Wing slowed and attempted to double back. On his own, Locke could never complete such a maneuver so smoothly, but with Malik’s strength added to his own, it was almost easy. He quickly eliminated the X-Wing and chose a new target.

The new one - another X-Wing - was a pretty good pilot. He probably would have evaded Locke’s efforts, except a Sapphire T-70 suddenly appeared and wiped out the enemy fighter. Malik’s battle meditation was so strong that it made the Warhost forces work together in ways they could barely comprehend.

Locke was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard a paging on his comlink. It was Jurdan’s voice.

“Locke, we can’t get ahold of Evelynn, we don’t know what’s going on.”

Pausing, Locke turned his ship toward the Dentavii facility.

“Alright, I’m on my way,” he said, pushing the ship to maximum speed.