About the Run-Ons category

(James Lucius Entar) #1

This category is for our run-ons.

Run-Ons are a special type of fiction writing that involves multiple people. One person will post part of the story, then the next person will continue the story in their post. The participants continue to write back and forth until they reach the end of the story. Please see the Run-On Guidelines for more information.

Please follow the following guidelines when creating a runon thread:

  • The topic title should be descriptive of the run-on. If this is a competition-related runon, please include the competition name and team name in the topic title.

  • Please also include the following information in the first post of the run-on, before the prompt.

    • Reason (Is this a competition-related runon or for fun)
    • Participants (Is this runon open to everybody or just a select group of people)
    • Dates to be active (What is the expected running time of the runon)
    • Name of Competition (example: Fading Light)
  • Competition-related run-ons should follow the Run-On Guidelines