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ACC: Fading Light, Round 3 - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Greetings all!

Battles for ACC: Fading Light Round 3 have begun. Let me know if you think anything is out of order. All battles should be centered around an ion cannon emplacement. Members "fighting" someone from their unit have a new NPC to encounter. Note that this guy has a great deal of raw power, but he has some serious flaws, so hopefully you all enjoy the challenge of "figuring" him out (this is not to say I have decided how those matches should go - have fun with it :) ).

All battles should have 3 day post limits. If I entered something in wrong, let me know ASAP!

Finally, and just as important, a note on NPCs (other than the One Sith some of you are facing): Though the rules say you may not “add” additional NPCs, you may engage with, discover, kill, or otherwise write about any NPCs mentioned in the venue descriptions (as was the case with the wraids). Be creative, but remember that your writing must stay true to the venue and your posts must feature conflict and resolution between the combatants, no matter what additional NPCs you write in - so keep this in mind in how you write the battle! If you're unsure on if something is fitting the setting, email the Voice and me and we will get back to you right away.


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Mav, how is the first poster determined? Is it random who posts first?


Yup, completely random right now.


Note: This venue has a lot going on, and you’re not required to deal with all of it given the word cap. The venue is meant to explain why you’re there (for the most part), and what you’re likely to encounter, in addition to your opponent.

Second note: The V-150 on Wookiepedia was definitely the inspiration for the venue description so feel free to use elements from it and consider that to be how this installation appears… minus being on Hoth in the snow.


Mav has a sexy avatar.
In other news, yay ACC!


Perhaps “YayCC”?