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ACC: Fading Light Round 4 and CM Leave - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Greetings all!

The fourth round of ACC: Fading Light has begun. If you think there is any problem with your battle, please contact myself and the Voice ASAP, as I'm setting these up from Grand Central Station en route to Europe for a week long work trip and it's possible I've made an error in battle creation. I will have access to internet and email frequently, but will likely be off of IRC for the majority of the trip.

Good luck to all the remaining combatants!

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We are the most vacationing/traveling/DJBing staff in the universe!!!


And yet still seem to be the most active… that’s weird, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, communication and being active generally go hand-in-hand.

Have fun, Mav. Try not to get eaten by all the bugs and/or drink yourself under :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a skill ;). #GoTeamVoice


Rock on to the four awesome Plagueis players in Round 4! And we’re guaranteed at least one in Round 5!