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ACC Question and Answer


Greetings all!

I’ve started this post in hopes of allowing members to easily ask questions about the ACC. To start it off, I’ve listed a few questions here that have been answered recently:

Q1: Can I use armor in the ACC?
A1: Armor in the ACC is, for the moment, purely cosmetic.

Q2: Can I add additional characters or NPCs to a battle?
A2: In general yes, but some competitions (e.g. Fading Light) have specific restrictions to this. For instance, Fading Light restricts you to use of only you, your opponent, and any potential NPCs mentioned in the Venue.

Q3: If my opponent makes a big error in either continuity, or realism, or some other category - should I follow his/her lead, or act like it didn’t happen?
A3: Always keep with the continuity in the previous post, even if your opponent made a big mistake - the Judge will mark your opponent down.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have!


Q4: How is poster order determined?
A4: Totally randomly!


Q5: Are ACC posts canon?
A5: The short answer is no. Certain aspects of posts may be made canon by the Voice, but the fights themselves are not usually considered canon. Any damage suffered or death is not official, unless the participants wish it to be. You may feel free to discuss making any ACC battle part of your character’s history with your opponent, but the ACC staff doesn’t force any official damage or outcome from a battle’s conclusion.


Q6: What is Elo and what good is it?
Elo is a relative ranking system. All members start at 1000. Win matches, go up in rating, lose matches, go down. If you beat someone much higher than you in ranking, you go up a lot, while you lose only a little. On the other hand, if you lose to someone much lower than you, the reverse happens; you drop a ton, and even if you win, you’d get little. When you play someone “on par,” or roughly at your ranking, you’ll earn or lose approximately 15 points.

Elo helps you evaluate your skill relative to opponents. You can track Elo on the ACC Leaderboards, and use it to find opponents roughly in your skill range. As your writing improves, your ranking will, too!

Finally, Elo allows you to flex a little epeen. There are titles available exclusively to the ACC at Elo ratings of 1600 and 1800. These ratings are extremely difficult to obtain!