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Account recovering from over 8 years ago?



Many years ago I was involved with this online community with the character “Droveth Kathera Vectivi”. It has been atleast 8 years since I participated in this club but I rediscovered it recently and would be interested in regaining my old character. Unfortunately my old email address associated with my account, Iyfighter469@aol.com, is lost to the ages. I have no means for recovering this email account or its password, or my character’s password on the website.

I understand if this makes in not probable or possible to recover my character, in which case I would request that I could use a new character. Knowing that I would probably not be able to get “Droveth” back, I made a new temporary account and character with this email account. I know it is not allowed to have multiple accounts, which is why I am trying to get my old one back.

I would prefer to remove the new character and recover my old one, but if its not possible to recover I would like to start over with the new one. I can try my best to remember distinguishing information about my character but it has been quite a while.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Hi, I am not sure what information would be required to have your account re-opened, but you can e-mail the Master-at-Arms (aabsdu@gmail.com) with this information and he would probably then ask you some more questions. If you’re active it probably won’t take you long to get that old rank back, but it’s always nice having your old stuff if you can have it.

So yeah, e-mail the MAA and he’ll be the one who can address this issue properly, one way or another


Thanks for the quick response.

I already emailed the MAA about it but I wasn’t sure what the response time was gonna be. I haven’t even been to this website in something like 7 years and I’m not sure if its just because of some new formatting or what, but the community seems to have dwindled. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna get a response to be honest, I’m glad to see there’s still someone around here :slight_smile:

EDIT: my account has some awards that I’d like to keep, mainly the reason I’m worried about it. Also because if we can’t have two accounts I’d want to get rid of either this one or that one(preferably this one)


You should get a quick response from the MAA, and while things are not quite as active as they may have been 7 years ago, there are still plenty of us around. The forums probably seems much smaller since the website and the forums are all completely new since the last time your around (we’ve had them for almost 2 years now?)


Yeah I’ve been contacted via email now, so its getting taken care of. :slight_smile:


All cleared up and resolved.

Hooray :slight_smile: