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AFoC Ascendant Legion RO


PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Assault and capture the Roark-Cole-Tresor Research Station on Zsoldos, and obtain any and all useful data and artifacts.

SITUATION: The Dread Lord of Plagueis has ordered your strike team to work with the Ascendant Legion’s Armored Regimental Combat Team Delta in order to infiltrate and take over the Roark-Cole-Tresor Research Station on Zsoldos during the Plagueian strike on the planet. This station, allegedly, contains valuable research on Mandalorian alchemy and other facets of Vizsla. The station is heavily guarded by anti-aircraft artillery, Vizsla mercenaries, AT-AT’s, AT-M6’s, and other conscripted forces. Not only that, but Vizsla is well-equipped with spec ops forces, including snipers and slicers, who may attempt to disrupt your team’s ability to enter the facility and pull information from it. While these forces and infantry are not primarily equipped for siege, mobility is heavily emphasized.

The operation will be deemed successful if the station is captured intact and valuable research is collected.

Member snapshots
Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae
Ahsik Warren
Taranae Rhode
Callus Bo’amar

Rubric and Rules

The Clan-Wide Run On will be graded following a unique rubric, located here.

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  • Members may only participate in one of their clan’s two offered run-ons.
    [PLA-VIZ Event Long] Fiction - Clash On Zsoldos

The Overseer watched as the assembled Plagueian’s waited in anticipation for the fight ahead. Looking up, Tahiri watched as the last few transports landed amid the barrage of Tie fire. The X-wing squadrons were doing a pretty good job of keeping the transports safe. However, there were at least two transports that were completely destroyed, and some that were hit badly. Many soldiers had already landed on Zsoldos with no incident, while many more and the rest of the clan were fighting above the atmosphere.

Brimstone stood off to her right, awaiting the order to advance. Arden had sent Kz’set to help the strike team, knowing that the Verpine was a techweaver, which the Battlelord put in charge of the communications. Kz’set would also be keeping things going smoothly between the ground troops, coordinating backup and reinforcements where they were needed.

As the last ship landed, there was another Plagueian who jumped off, as Tahiri finished up the final communication to the Dread Lord and joined Brim to prepare for the advance. The Epicanthix strode up to the pair.

“Who’s in charge here?” Callus asked calmly.

“I am” Tahiri replied.

“She is. Now isn’t it about time Tahiri, to make the call for the troops to advance,” Brim replied coarsely at the same time.

Tahiri glanced up at the tall Chiss, “I’ll sound the advance once the last few tanks are unloaded. I want as much ready to go as possible, before we full on hit them.”

“Fine. As long as we’re almost ready.”

“We are ready. Just awaiting a message from Opress, once they are at least through the lines up there and are descending, then we hit. Until then, we begin by getting into position, and being ready to strike once the hammer comes down.” Tahiri replied sternly. She knew what decisions needed to be made, knew what the orders were and planned out. It wasn’t her first battle.