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[Aftermath] Team Locke


In the aftermath of the Warhost’s attack on Agua’tah, there is the need to solidify their hold on the planet and mope up the last of The Dominion resistance… Locke has entrusted the Sons and Daughters of Sadow to lead the missions in the hope to bind them closer to the Warhost and the newer members of the Clan.

The team leaders & their missions are as follows:

  • Shikyo will lead an assault on the main settlement of Agua’tah to bring it under Warhost control.
  • Jade will lead a covert strike team to track down the escaped captain of the Hammer of Chakota.
  • Macron and his team will investigate an ancient archaeological site and discover its hidden secrets.
  • Locke will lead a team to liberate minor settlements across Agua’tah.
  • Sang will lead a team to help rescue those in need across Agua’tah and work to liberate and befriend the natives.

Entries will be judged using the standard fiction grading rubric, with how well you involve others in your team being included in the story part of the grading rubric.

Top three placements will earn crescents.

All posts must be 250 words minimum and all participants must complete a minimum of 2 posts to meet the requirement for potential placement.

Team members:

Locke Sonjie #10311
Ophelia Delacroix #8106
Tasha Vel’Versa #14192
Bentre Kairn’tel Stahoes #14185


Landing Site Theta - Southeast
Island Continent of Ura’tah
Agua’tah Surface

Locke stepped off the shuttle, the whine of it’s engines winding down permeating the environment around him. It was night here, the lights of camp the only illumination. The Consul immediately undid the first couple of buttons of his uniform. It was hot here, a cool breeze the only relief.

The engine noise quickly gave way to voices all around as Warhost troops established camp, setting up temporary shelters and pavilions in orderly rows. A few vehicles dotted the camp, but most of those were just scout speeders. Other, larger equipment could be delivered later.

This was the 8th Chapter of the Warhost, otherwise known as the Flamerend Chapter. As with all such units, they were 1000 beings strong, of clones, infantry, droids, and supporting soldiers. Each Chapter was like a miniature army in itself, and trained to fight that way. Often, they would have no reinforcement.

This particular Chapter was based on the Absolution. The old Acclamator transport hovered in the sky in the distance, having already delivered all of the troops it was thought would be needed for this battle. Now it hung back, on call in case it were needed. Fortunately, aside from anti-air defenses on Ura’tah, the skies of Agua’tah were now under Sadowan control.

Ura’tah was the name the Dominion had given this continent. In truth, it was little more than an island, but it held most of Agua’tah’s settlements and population, and it was here that the Dominion garrison was preparing to make it’s Last Stand - or wait for the reinforcements they were not aware they wouldn’t receive.

Four Chapters of the Warhost - the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th - had been disbursed to this world to complete it’s pacification, each accompanied by members of the Clan who were led by Sons or Daughters of Sadow - aside from two, led by the Consul and Proconsul themselves.

Locke’s team had the objective of securing several minor settlements. While they were not as large as others, they still held strategic significance in that the Dominion could use positions here to launch raids on other parts of the island.

The Consul nodded to the others who had initially accompanied him here - Bentre, Tasha, and Ophelia - and headed for the pavilion at the center of camp, expecting them to follow. The strange four-legged creature that followed Ophelia was a bit unnerving, but Locke ignored it. The central pavilion was lit up when he arrived, and the Consul ducked inside.

There a temporary table had been erected, and datapads strewn across it. Several had floating projections hovering in the air over them, showing statistics, local areas, or other things. At the head of the table was one distinct individual, his uniform indicating he was the commander of this unit; rank and name giving his identity.

“General Mabon,” Locke nodded.

The General nodded, gazing at the others.

“You are our reinforcements?” he asked.

“Yes, what is our situation” Locke asked, not wanting to waste too much time. He knew - and assumed the General did - that speed would be important to catch the Dominion before they could consolidate their defenses.

Mabon gestured at the hologram closest to them - a long range view of a settlement, that seemed to be a composite of many different viewpoints that were likely retrieved from scouts.

“This is the nearest village. We have designated it Theta One. T-1 is fairly small, but should serve as a foothold for us to further our advance inland. It has two roads leading up to it; one that comes from the beach, where we are, and one that is parallel to it and likely continues further inland.”

When he paused, Ophelia Delacroix spoke first. She said something indecipherable before appearing to catch herself and continuing in Basic. “If there are two roads, maybe a two-pronged attack is best?”

Tasha pointed at the second road, leading further inland. “If we could have one group approach from here, it would definitely distract them.”

Locke looked at Mabon, who nodded. “I can send a company to each location. This village seems lightly defended.”

“Ophelia and I can lead the distraction from the side route,” Locke said. He didn’t really trust the new Aedile, and wanted to keep a close eye on her. Bentre and Tasha were another matter, but the Consul felt that he knew what to expect from them.

They wouldn’t try to sabotage the mission, he thought.

“Then we’ll accompany the main attack,” Bentre said, gesturing to himself and Tasha.

“Let’s get started then. The Dominion will detect us if we take too long.”

“And we don’t want them to reinforce T-1,” Mabon added.

After that, the two pairs of Jedi departed for their respective positions and the soldiers who would accompany them.


Road To Objective
Island Continent Of Ura’tah
Agua’tah Surface

She felt…uncomfortable. Used to hunting alone or part of her tribe, she hadn’t expected things in recent months to escalate so quickly. She sighed into her mask and rolled her shoulders, the familiar weight of the saberstaff hanging heavily at her side whilst the smaller single bladed saber adorned the other. She reached down and ran her hand along the spines of her massif as it kept pace with her and it almost purred in response. As she looked up, the form of Locke appeared in her peripheral vision and she spent a few moments observing him before turning back to the road. As she walked she quickened her pace ever so slightly to give herself some room from the soldiers and the watching Consul.

“Ophelia, where are you going?” Came a voice from next to her, she turned and eyed Locke again. He had changed his gait and caught up with her. The expression on his face spoke volumes but she ignored it.

“Nowhere, simply break away to get space. Too many people around. Feels like a hunting party, but not Tusken.” came the broken response. Versed in basic, she just wasn’t willing to speak it. She often preferred the harsher, more primitive Tusken tongue, but this man didn’t know the language. “Why?”

Locke looked at her and shrugged. “Wanted to ensure you didn’t wander off and get lost, that’s all.” he flashed a wry smile and walked back to where he had been previously. Her pet looked up at her and whined softly and she nodded, muttering a few soothing words in Tusken.

The nearest guard looked over to her then back to where he was going. She was adorned in strange armour intermingled with Tusken garb and it unnerved him. Flashes of metal echoed in the light where the garb slipped as she walked and cybernetics were revealed. Not many knew what she looked like under her attire and not many dared to ask her and the guard let out a quick cough to stop himself commenting.

The sound of footsteps brought the lot of them to a halt and men fanned out into defensive positions. then there was a scurrying sound, followed by what sounded like someone sliding down an embankment. Suddenly from around the bend one of their scouts appeared, waving his arms in the air and mouthing something before he stumbled and fell face first into the dirt as of struck with something from behind. He didn’t move and no enemy was in sight.


Secondary Road to Objective
Island Continent of Ura’tah
Agua’tah Surface

As Tasha and Bentre parted to take the other road inland, she gazed at her husband. As of late, he seemed to have grown a bit more distant with her since she became a Quaestor. “So both of us will I guess try to get to this village and knock out the defenses with some backup from the soldiers we have. Sounds about right, so how are we going to attack?” She asked looking at Bentre. The Corellian seemed in some thought almost arguing with himself.

“He sent me to work with this TRAITOR to our cause.” He scoffed a bit, his voice was tense as he glared.
Tasha felt a wave of anger from him almost backlash her. “So you decided to give up fighting just for a position, Tasha? Is that what I have come to gather from this recent bit?” Looking up, Bentre’s eyes were narrowed and his lips were curled in a snarling scowl.

“Bentre, do you think I had a real choice? I was ordered by Sang to stand down, because he didn’t want me to risk my life for him. SInce he took the proconsul position and wanted to save my life from Locke, he told me to stand down. At least for now, this keeps us off the radar and I have some time to think of what we can do next. Otherwise, I could have been instantly killed you realize.” Tasha shot back looking directly into his malice filled eyes.

“At least you would have retained your honor.” He stated coldly as he kept walking alongside her.

“Yes, I die honorably and where would that leave you, Bentre? What would have you done if I died?”


“I hope that thought helps you sleep at night. If you had died because of it I would have just killed every kriffing wastoid responsible. It wouldn’t matter in the end. At least you would have died with your dignity intact.” Bentre grunted the last word as he turned his face away from her and looked down the path before them as he fingered the use-worn lightsaber at his side. As Tasha’vel watched him, she caught a gleam in the corner of his eye. “Ultimately it is your attack to lead here though, isn’t it little miss Quaestor? I suppose you get off on all that.”

“You would know better than most about that kind of thing.” Tasha’vel spoke the words below her breath. She wasn’t going to argue with him when he was like this. Instead of arguing, she motioned to the Warhost behind them. “Right now, we need to get our people into position and wait for the ready signal from Ophelia.”

“Oh,” Bentre turned, a coy smile on his face, “so I take it that Marka Ragnos is leading this attack then? Can’t have the Consul getting in the way of the exercise of your newfound power and position now, can we?”

The Twi’lek came to a sudden, hard stop at these words. As the Sith smirked back, he could see the anger burning in her eyes. He turned around, taking a step or two back and he smiled cruelly. Reaching out, the Mystic pointed at the Corellian’s chest. “Don’t start on me Kairn’tel. You put my honor into question already once. Don’t push it.”

“So you want the Dakhani in line too? I guess you learned more from Kiriyu than you let on. First we have the Traitor, then the Snake and now-” Stahoes’ voice trailed off.

The pointed finger lifted to point at his throat before her hand twisted into a clenched fist. With a breathy gasp, Bentre could feel his throat constrict. Rage reflected in the Gray Jedi’s features as her hand trembled. Doing his best to keep his composure, Stahoes grasped at his throat, gasping for shallow breaths.

“You are forgetting your place, little Patriarch. I lead this family, as it has always been.” Her voice came out remarkable cold for the kind woman. “Do not push your luck.” As she released her grip, the Aedile felt the pressure on his throat cease. He lifted a hand to rub his neck. “I will bring the Warhost into position,” Tasha spoke curtly as she stepped past her husband with the Warhost closely in tow, “and we will wait for the signal from Ophelia and Locke.”

“Right.” Bentre’s hand dropped to his side. He glared after the Twi’lek, derision evident in his twisted facial features.

“Maybe you can make yourself useful by laying down a bit of cover fire with that blaster of yours, Benny. Unless you are not done having a hissy fit because you aren’t a Quaestor.”

She did not look back, but she could imagine Bentre’s expression. Whether rage or shock, it was irrelevant. She had a job to do, and by hell she was going to drive out the Dominion from before them. Her husband was moody, temperamental and just plain coniving. She had to avoid showing any sort of weakness when he was like this. As loathe as she was to admit it, she didn’t trust him at these times. For all she knew that is why Locke had relegated the man to the position of Aedile. He had already got more under her skin than she cared for.

Here I thought that Sang fancied you some kind of a Jedi potential. The voice of Bentre whispered in the back of her mind. I guess we both know better than that though, don’t we?


“Oh great, they know we’re here,” Locke muttered. He motioned for everyone to take cover, and did the same, dashing to the side of the road and taking cover beside a long row of hedges. Ophelia did the same, a little bit ahead.

“See anything?” he whispered.

The only reply was something in a guttural language he did not recognize. Then, she added, “could be a sniper.”

“Probably,” Locke agreed. “We need to get past them, somehow. And quick, before they raise an alarm and call in reinforcements. Can you pinpoint their exact location?” He might’ve been able to sense them himself, but it would take him great focus, and he didn’t want to dedicate that attention to one detail at the moment.

“Think so. Must get closer,” Ophelia said. She inched closer, that creature that followed her right at her heels. It growled softly, like gravel displaced by a repulsorlift.

“Be careful,” Locke whispered.

Ophelia replied in that strange tongue again, seeming to otherwise ignore him. She stopped after several feet. “Found him; he’s on the other side of the embankment ahead. Will only have line of sight when at the top of the hill. He seems to be the only one.”

“And then he’ll be able to hit us,” Locke said. He turned back to the group of troopers and motioned the leader of the group over. “Do you have anything that can lob an explosive over a hill?”

The soldier nodded and Locke pointed to Ophelia. “Great, she’ll tell you where it is. Don’t worry about her…pet, I don’t think it’s going to bite.” He honestly didn’t know, but if one of his followers had a pet that started to bite their own soldiers then they would have words. He didn’t want it to come to that.

The soldier moved forward and conversed with Ophelia in hushed tones. Then another couple of soldiers moved forward and some sort of launcher was set up. A few moments later, there was a loud pop as something was launched out of it.

It was followed by a boom from the other side of the embankment. The distant chirping of insects and other animals fell silent as the all-too-loud explosion subsided.

“Get him?”

Ophelia nodded, speaking something that sounded affirmative, but that Locke couldn’t decipher.

“Good job,” Locke said, a bit louder, his voice rising with each word, “I’m sure they know we’re here now, so we might as well get this distraction on the road. Advance!”

The Krath moved forward, rifle held at the ready, as the soldiers formed up around them.


As the words left Locke’s mouth she moved. Past the soldiers, across the guard and up the embankment and over it. Her Tuk’ata bounded behind her, spittle leaving it’s mouth as dust kicked up and the creature cleansed its mouth. Her earpiece buzzed with muttered grunts of confusion and one voice cut in over them all.

“Delacroix where are you going? Return.” The consul growled in her ear. She didn’t reply for a few minutes and continued her pace across the scrubland perpendicular to the road the army was marching along. It wasn’t until she hit a dense patch of scrub she took the time to respond.

“Hunting, the army more obvious than Bantha herd. I’ll move along edges and kill. Keep men safe. Hunt those who hunt.”

The consul’s voice was strained and clearly annoyed but simply muttered an acknowledgment and the line went dead.

Ophelia turned to her pet and ran her hand along it’s spiked back and kissed it lovingly upon its snout before rising and moving back through the area in the direction of the town. Crisscrossing the area, relying on her senses and feeling through the Force to locate and track. The humans weren’t like her, those without the Force weren’t anything to her. They hid behind guns and their scopes and dared not face a true warrior in combat so she would bring them a quick death as they weren’t deserving of anything more.

Something pinged to her right and she stalked across the land until she was able to get a more established sense. At least three enemies lay over the next ridge and as she crawled around Ophelia managed to observe two humans and what appeared to be a Kaleesh. The two humans were gazing down the scope of their rifles whilst the Kaleesh dug into what appeared to be a ration pack. All three were looking away from her, their attention to the road.

She clicked her tongue and the hunt began. The great beast lurched over here and down, feet smacking the ground as each clawed foot hit the dirt. She pushed herself up and forward. Her hair cascaded behind her as her soft footsteps made little to no sound as they carried her forward. The Kaleesh looked up in time to observe the Tuk’ata’s maw before it clamped around the bone mask and bit. A satisfying crunch resounded as it began to chew. The two humans looked around behind them but it was too late, Ophelia’s saberstaff activated and swung end over end cleaving the two snipers.

It was quick and over before it began. The only sound from the area was the sound of tearing flesh and crunching bone and Ophelia smirked as she contacted the Consul.

“Sniper nest down. About half a mile forward. Will find more. Will kill more. Recommend sweep the other side.”

Without waiting for an answer, she set off on the hunt again.