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[Aftermath] Team Sang


In the aftermath of the Warhost’s attack on Agua’tah, there is the need to solidify their hold on the planet and mope up the last of The Dominion resistance. Locke has entrusted the Sons and Daughters of Sadow to lead the missions in the hope to bind them closer to the Warhost and the newer members of the Clan.

The team leaders & their missions are as follows:

  • Shikyo will lead an assault on the main settlement of Agua’tah to bring it under Warhost control.
  • Jade will lead a covert strike team to track down the escaped captain of the Hammer of Chakota.
  • Macron and his team will investigate an ancient archaeological site and discover its hidden secrets.
  • Locke will lead a team to liberate minor settlements across Agua’tah.
  • Sang will lead a team to help rescue those in need across Agua’tah and work to liberate and befriend the natives.

Entries will be judged using the standard fiction grading rubric, with how well you involve others in your team being included in the story part of the grading rubric.

Top three placements will earn crescents.

All posts must be 250 words minimum and all participants must complete a minimum of 2 posts to meet the requirement for potential placement.

Team members:

Sanguinius Entar Tsucyra #10407
Malik Sadow #97
Aul Celsus #14565
Darkblade #13897
Mactire #14320