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[Aftermath] Team Shikyo


In the aftermath of the Warhost’s attack on Agua’tah, there is the need to solidify their hold on the planet and mope up the last of The Dominion resistance… Locke has entrusted the Sons and Daughters of Sadow to lead the missions in the hope to bind them closer to the Warhost and the newer members of the Clan.

The team leaders & their missions are as follows:

  • Shikyo will lead an assault on the main settlement of Agua’tah to bring it under Warhost control.
  • Jade will lead a covert strike team to track down the escaped captain of the Hammer of Chakota.
  • Macron and his team will investigate an ancient archaeological site and discover its hidden secrets.
  • Locke will lead a team to liberate minor settlements across Agua’tah.
  • Sang will lead a team to help rescue those in need across Agua’tah and work to liberate and befriend the natives.

Entries will be judged using the standard fiction grading rubric, with how well you involve others in your team being included in the story part of the grading rubric.

Top three placements will earn crescents.

All posts must be 250 words minimum and all participants must complete a minimum of 2 posts to meet the requirement for potential placement.

Team members:

Shikyo Keibatsu #6059
Marcus Kiriyu #10602
Firith’rar J. Versea-Stormwind #14519
Lilith Alema’rha Versea-Stormwind #14524


KEF Masarao
Approaching Sepros System

“Let me get this straight. We actually had a difficult time against a backwater military force?”

Shikyo didn’t bother to hide the distain from his voice. He understood he wasn’t caught up in the affairs of his clan but the sheer idea that an outside force could cause such an issue was baffling to the Elder.

“You forget that our forces took many casualties as a result of the Crusade, sir. We have been trying to rebuild in that time but it has proven difficult.” The junior officer’s voice shook enough to destroy any bravado he might have tried to portray. Shik knew the Lieutenant was passing along the request for assistance but it didn’t change a thing.

“And my brother was there?”

“Lord Ashen was present for the campaign and-“

The Keibatsu disconnected the holocommunicator and turned towards the Nihilgenia commander next to him.

“You believe this, Katsu? I swear that ototo is just toying with these bastards until he finds someone worth fighting.”

“Perhaps,” the commander said, his voice stoic. “However the same can be said about you since your mission on Dromund Kaas.”

Sasuke scoffed before smirking. His friend was right. It had been quite some time since he was able to let loose and attack without holding back. His latest missions required discretion and observation. It watered down the sensations the Crusade had awoken in the former Herald.

“What is Locke asking of us, General?” Shikyo said as he leaned against the bulkhead.

“He wants us to strike at the heart of the Dominion. Take their main settlement. Establish a beachhead for the Warhost to disperse.”

“Who’s available from Sadow?”

Katsuhide looked over the datapad for a moment. “We have Knights Firith’rar and Lilith Versea-Stormwind-“

The Keibatsu let out a chuckle. “Related to the Twi’lek?”

“No, sir. Human.”

The Nihilgenia commander danced his fingers across the keypad of the projector in the middle of the room. Images of an older man and woman filled the void that the junior officer once occupied. Sasuke let out a sigh and lowered his head.

‘The couple that slays together, stays together…’ thought the Keibatsu.


“Firith is a brawler. Discreet but focuses on sheer strength. Lilith has knowledge in healing that will be invaluable.”

“Who else do we have?”

“Finally, there’s Mystic Marcus Kiriyu,” Katsuhide’s tone changed at the mention of the Equite’s name.

Shikyo was familiar with the man. From his “attraction” of Force sensitives to his desire to move up the intelligence community, Marcus had dreams of something greater or delusions of grandeur. While the terms may seem one in the same, the level of insanity determined what was a dream and the other a delusion. In Marcus’ case, one had to wonder if his level matched that of Macron’s or if it succeeded it. The Dark Jedi Master would find out for himself.

“Very well. Contact Locke and tell him the mission is accepted. Once that’s done, mobilize Fireteam Okami. We’ll need their support for this mission.” As soon as the words left Shikyo’s lips, he left the CIC (Combat Information Center) and made his way to his quarters. There was no sense in requesting Sadow troops to help with the fighting. With what the Consul asked of him, the Kyataran was certain that they would be more than enough for the oncoming storm.


Lilith and Firith returned home from the Antei Combat Center, where they had been sparring, to see a message blinking on the holocom.

“Can you check to see who contacted us, Lil? I’m going to take all the equipment and put it away,” said Firith.

“Sure thing, Honey,” Lilith replied. Going over to the COM, she pushed the button and listened to the message. “Firith, you need to come and listen to this. Locke has a mission for the two of us.”

“Both of us?”


Firith came back into the room and Lilith hit play again on the Holocom.

Locke appeared in the center of the room. “Greetings, Firith and Lilith. First I would like to congratulate Firith on a job well done with the mission that we had in attacking the Dominion. I have another job for you and I would also like to include Lilith in this one. We are sending several teams to Agua’tah to solidify our hold on the planet. These teams will be lead by the Sons and Daughters of Sadow. Team Jade will be in charge of tracking down the captain of the Hammer of Chakota, Team Macron will be investigating an ancient archaeological site, Team Locke will be liberating minor settlements across the planet, Team Shikyo, the team to which I have assigned you two, along with Marcus Kiriyu, will be in charge of reclaiming the main settlement, and Team Sang will help to rescue those in need along with liberating and befriending the natives. You will report to Shikyo Keibatsu and follow his orders. Locke out.”

“Wow.” said Lilith, “That’s a pretty big operation. I do find it kind of confusing that I am on an assault team. With my healing abilities, I am usually only brought in on assignments when there is more of a ‘let’s show the natives that we are going to help them’ tactic for a mission.”

“Yes.” said Firith, “Maybe they want to try that route first and if all goes south, then we attack. You are still a decent fighter and even though we don’t fight as much together, we still work pretty well in tandem. What do you know about Shikyo Keibatsu, ‘Oh Shadow Academy Goddess?”

“Let me look him up as even I don’t know the whole of it. It says that he is a Human and is Sith. He is also the brother to Grand Master Muz Ashen. Oh, lordy, that’s one Force powerful family. Even being in the same room with the Grand Master causes my hair to stand on end and now we are going to be working with his little brother. It says here that he was raised on Dosuun. I wonder if he was anywhere near where we were?”

“Locke said that Marcus was also going to be part of the team?”


“I don’t trust him.”

“You don’t trust anyone, and besides, it isn’t up to you who gets assigned where or what role they play, we just do as told.”

“I know, I know. Well, I’ll get our gear together and you go grab your Medi-kit and whatever else you need.”

After getting all their things together, Lilith and Firith headed to the rendezvous point to meet up with their other teammates.


Cruiser Absolution

Edge of the Agua’toh System
Inbound towards Agua’toh

Firith wiped the sweat away from his forehead with a greasy hand leaving a black streak.
“Lad, hand me the #5 spanner.” He said sticking his hand out from under the hoverscout he was helping to repair. He felt it slap into his palm and he pulled it back in to tighten the last bolt on the ducting engine.

Pulling himself out from under the craft he smiled, it had been to many years since he worked on machinery and he had forgotten how much he loved it. “Right check the readings and see if they are green now, if so fire it up.” He told the mechanic pilot.

“Looks good, here we go.” He replied flipping some switches. The engine whined and hummed as the fans rpm’s increased. Firith’s dingy robes flapped around his ankles as the craft lifted against its tethers, blowing air from underneath it. The pilot called out, “She’s in the green across the board and holding steady.” Firith acknowledged with a nod and made a chopping motion across his throat telling the pilot to kill the engine. Giving the man a thumbs up he walked over to a cleanser to get the grease off of him.

“I did not think you Jedi liked to get dirty.” Said a feminine voice from behind him. Firith looked up into a beat up metal mirror above the cleanser and could make out a woman in armor, shiny, perfect immaculate armor. Taking his time to get the grease off his forehead and hands Firith turned around to face a woman in a sergeant’s uniform. Deliberately he shook the water off his hands in a vigorous jester making her jump back so she didn’t get splashed. “Well lass, that’s what you get for thinking then. And if ye are afraid o’ a bit o’ water, ye are in trouble. Where we are going, there is lots o’ the stuff.” Firith said, walking away.

The sergeant followed him talking and finally almost shouted, “Will you please stop and listen to me?” Firith walked over to where his cloak and pack were. Digging through it he found his saber and clipped it to his belt, then donned his cloak. Turning to look at her, he sat down on a nearby crate of explosives and started to fill his pipe. “Listen, would you- what are you doing! Are you insane?” the woman barked. “You are sitting on explosives! And you are going to, to light a fire?” She sputtered at him.

Firith looked up at her from under his brows and just gave an evil grin. Leaning back against another crate he pointed the stem of the pipe at the sergeant. “Lass, ye are pretty daft if ye think I’m gonna be smokin’ my pipe on this ship with it’s canned air. Now what is it ye are fashen’ yer sel’ about?”

“Fashen? Oh, right, you and the other Jedi woman may be leading MY troops for this mission and I want to make sure you won’t kill me or them by doing something stupid. And will you please address me as sergeant, I have earned that title through years of hard work.” She responded in a superior tone of voice.

Firith just shook his head. “Lass,” he said and smiled as she tensed up, “when we get to where we are goin’, you will follow the orders given to you by whoever gives them, no more or no less. I have nae idea what we will be doin’ or what we will be attackin’. So go sit down with your troops, or find my wife and play Pazaak or go polish your weapon, but it’s a long trip to the planet and other things to do and strategies to be discussin’ with the higher up, yeah?”

The sergeant stormed off muttering and Firith just sat back watched her walk off, softly topping the stem of his pipe against his teeth. “Kriffing prima donna, probably doesn’t know the first thing about fighting.” He thought to himself.

He thought back to this whole trip, and from the get go something felt “off” about it. He was somewhat upset when he was sent back to Seng Karash. All he had been told was “Be ready.” In a terse communiqué from his former master. He was pleased to see his wife again and learn she had graduated and promoted in the Shadow Academy. And he had to admit sparring with her at the Lion’s Tooth branch of the ACC had been enjoyable. But still, he was very upset that he missed Aul’s knighting ceremony. When Locke’s holo came in, he was amazed to find himself, along with his wife on his way back to Agua’toh and the remainder of the armed forces that were not committed to home defense. His wife had promptly vanished to the medical bay to see what she could possibly scrounge leaving him alone to putter about with the troops and machinery. Aside from the few times they met at their cabin, he hadn’t seen her. She was busy with medical issues and meditating, he was assisting with machinery and discussing tactics with the senior military staff. He glanced over at the sergeant who gave him a black look when she noticed him looking at her.

It was going to be a long trip to the planet.