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Ahoy and Force be with you!


Hey there everyone. I am completely new to this community, but I am far from new as a Star Wars fan. I’ve been in SWRP environments on and off since around 2005 (one of the founders in Second Life RP, doing thestarwarsrp.com stuff for a while as well) and have done a lot of SW table top gaming over the years.

I’m still getting into things and have yet to hear from my assigned contact, so I hope I am not jumping the gun. But thought I’d say hello. Glad to have found this place and can’t wait to get more involved!


Howdy, and welcome to Odan-Urr! It’s always nice to see a new face around here. Our rollmaster is in Poland, so I suspect he’s in bed by now, but I’m sure you’ll hear from him tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some things to do.

The best way to get hooked into the goings on is via Telegram, a free messenger app for mobile and desktop. If you decide to download it, hit me up and I’ll get you added to our group. We also have an email list, which you should automatically be added to soon if you haven’t been already.

Our Clan recently went through a bit of a reboot, so the big focus right now is on our new system, Kiast. If you look at the competitions page, you’ll see the current Clan event, Homecoming. Competition participation is one of the best ways to participate and start earning yourself some shinies and promotions.

We’re a pretty friendly group, so if you have any questions, press don’t hesitate to ask.



Hey @Xolarin !
Welcome to the club and I hope that you enjoy the community that we’ve created here. As your BTL, I’ll try and keep in good contact with you, in whatever form you prefer. Telegram, as Arch has said, is our most popular method, but I’m happy to work with you in whatever way is easiest - email, etc.

I’ve sent you an email to introduce myself, and will likely send another in the morning.

Again, Welcome.