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An Evening To Remember


Firith’rar panted heavily as he made his way inside the Temple of Blood. After several weeks of heavy training, being pushed to the limits, and tested beyond his physical capabilities, He had emerged victorious with his initial training as a Blackguard complete. Now he found himself face to face with the Captain of the Guard, Marcus Kiriyu. The dark haired, green eyed humanoid stared coldly into Firith’s eyes. He stood with his arms at his sides as he looked the Knight up and down.

“You have completed your training, Firith. Congratulations.” Giving a bemused smile he continued to talk as he began to circle around the Shadow.

“What you have accomplished was no easy task. Your next assignment will be to guard the House Marka Ragnos Quaestor, Tasha’Vel Versea. She was a remarkable student of mine that I had the privilege of training to a Knight. She is a strong warrior that can hold her own in the face of battle. I do not doubt her abilities to take down an enemy, but as custom with Clan Naga Sadow we appoint Blackguards to help protect the leaders. I trust that you will do your best to protect and give your life without question and should I hear that you fail…” His eyes narrowed as his face contorted into a cruel smile. “I will see to it myself that you are punished severely. Do you understand?”

Firith’rar nodded. “Aye, as clear as a bell.”

“Now for the last part of your indoctrination you will be tattooed with the Blackguard symbol on your body with Sith lightning. Where would you like this done?” Marcus watched as the human removed his shirt.

“Place it across my back. Suits me well.” Bracing himself, Firith’rar soon felt the burning sting of lighting ripple across his back as Marcus burned the Blackguard insignia into his flesh. After enduring several minutes of agonizing pain, the deed was complete. He could still smell the horrific stench of burned skin and felt a bit of stinging pain as he tenderly put his shirt back on.

Firith turned around to face Marcus again as he stood up straight again, glancing into the heavily-scarred face of the Mystic. “We are finished here, Firith’rar. From here you need to fly to Tarthos and meet up with Tasha’Vel. She will be giving you future orders as her Blackguard.”

Without a word, the Knight bowed and made his way out of the Temple of Blood towards the transport hangers. He smiled at the thought of guarding the Matriarch of the Versea Estate and Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos. This was going to be his chance to prove himself as a valuable member of Naga Sadow.