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An introduction of sorts


Well it appears this forum isnt overcrowded with many new faces…or atleast a placed to post newbies on the forums
Allow me to acquaint you with who i am. My name is Kryy Vitaan. You can call me Kryy.
As of now my backstory remains as mysterious as to the whereabouts of my former master.
It shall be an honor, to learn, to fight and walk beside you all


Hiddy ho everyone, my name is Rykus Thorn. Just call me Rykus.
I thought (with some extra convincing) that I would introduce myself, my back story has all but vanished from my mind as I embraced the Darkside with passion to finally see its true prescience upon the galaxy.
I am honored to learn the ways of the Darkside beside you all.


Welcome to Plagueis, both of you! I look forward to watching you rise through the ranks. =)


Thank you Misium, I shan’t disappoint


Hello everyone. My name is Tianna Rhode and I’m Taranae’s girlfriend :smile:
I’ve come into the DJB to learn more about this fantastic universe she’s living in right now instead of RL, and hope to make some friends as she has said this is a great community to be a part of !
Apparently I’m going to be included in some of Taranae’s fiction as her sister, and considering the fact that her character thinks she killed me back on Naboo, this should be fun.


Welcome Tianna! It is indeed a marvellous community to be apart of, she was not wrong there. As to the fanfic, boy that does sound fun haha, im eager to read it!


Welcome new recruits. Glad you have decided on a journey to better yourselves.

I am Brimstone. I recruited Misium and Taranae, some of the brightest stars of the DJB. Learn from them and you will achieve greatness, ranks, and have a buttload of fun.


Welcome Kryy. I am new to the clan as well. My name is Integris Admirari. I am chiss. Can’t wait to watch you ascend through the ranks! Maybe we will be put on the same misson.


Good to see a fellow chiss, reminds me of home. How exactly, do we receive an assignment, I’m looking forward to flexing my skills over our unfortunate opponents. Ha-ha