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Antei Fantasy League 2014-15 (American Football) - Sign Ups/Interest - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Hey guys.

Arden and I are going to be organizing the DJB's Fantasy Football league again this year. Last year was unique with having two leagues running at the same time, with the respective winners facing off in NFL.com's playoff challenge. Here is what is on the table for this season.

  1. I'm open to running things like we did last year, or just creating a single league with a hard cap of 12 Teams Max.

  2. If we have more people genuinely interested, we can do what we did last year if everyone is cool with that.

  3. We could create 2 leagues, perhaps, one for beginners/casual players and one for the Xtreme/Harcore competitors.

You can express your interest by using this form.

Standard Scoring Format - QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, DEF, K

Please leave comments below so we can see what you guys are interested in. I will also be speaking to Aabs to see about getting higher-stakes awards considering that Fantasy is a long-term event that takes place over the course of months.



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Not sure what last year’s league consisted of, but I’m happy really with any option. I know there’s already one that Edgar is running as well.


But seriously. Password is taco?


Also. Standard crescents are more than fine. It was fine last year, it’s fine this year.


Meh, 1st level should be fine. I’m only managing to get 1st level for the EPL League, and that runs twice as long as the NFL Season :stuck_out_tongue:


A crescent winner each week would be epically awesome! Give me some!


Sounds good, Walls. I’ll sign up.

What say we do a Sapphire Blade for the winner?


I want to do this again. I know a member of Odan-urr has already made one and made it a contest here. How ever his team is maxed out so I cant join. Please please please do this again I don’t want to miss out.


I agree with Yacks, First level Crescents is fine for the Fantasy EPL competition so it’s fine for this, especially as he said, the EPL season runs more than twice as long as the NFL season.


Well a couple things I’d like to see changed from last year.

Being there is a losers bracket come playoff time, the winner of it gets a crescent or something.

If we do 2 leagues again. have crescents for each league. and then after the season is over, the top winner from each league faces the other in a playoff bracket for a top prize

I know last year I didn’t make the playoffs, but I was the top winner of the loser’s bracket and didn’t win nothing, not even a “I got the Loser’s bracket and didn’t even with this t-shirt” t-shirt. LOL


I’d like to see there be more given in the way of awards than last year – but not necessarily for the winner of the loser’s bracket, since the winner of the loser’s bracket is still a loser. I’m not sure it’s a good comparison to reference the EPL competition, because that league doesn’t have nearly as many sign-ups, and it’s also focused around a significantly less important sport (that also happens to be masquerading as “football”). I don’t know who this Edgar dude is who’s running a competition, but wouldn’t it make more sense to condense them and just do one?


Oh Legs… you poor, simple, american.

But of course, you’re right. Comparing a sport that is watched on average by 20 million viewers with a sport that is watched by over 400 million viewers really isn’t fair. I guess the competition for the teensy little niche sport that is the NFL should be demoted to 5th level crescents in order to try keep them on par?

I mean, it’s a shame that we can’t give out fractions of crescents to the NFL folks, but I guess you yanks could use a break. :smile:


While fractions cannot be done, downgraded Fifth level Crescents is an option. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in like Flynn

Errol Flynn ( I had and awesome picture of Errol Flynn here but apparently new users can’t post pictures so my awesome reply was thwarted.)

That is


Uh oh, did I upset Yacks by belittling his league and sport? I will concede that European flopperball gets more viewers (wait, isn’t one American worth 20 Europeans?), but I never argued otherwise. It is objectively true that the EPL fantasy league has fewer competitors this year than last year’s football league (by half), and I anticipate this year’s football league being bigger – hence my view on enhanced prizes. I also argued that American football is more important, and while I suppose that can’t be objectively proven, I’m the kind of “poor, simple American” who believes his own support of the NFL confers on that league an importance that Yacks and his EPL simply cannot match.

Take your viewer numbers and treasure them. I’d rather focus on rewarding the winner of the larger, and hence more difficult to win, NFL fantasy league. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a poor, simple American.


OR, we award like competitions similarly? Also, don’t give competitions that have ZERO to do with SW or the DB extra stuff that actual DB-focused competitions don’t get :stuck_out_tongue: Doesn’t matter which gets more or which one is better…these are just fun little things for DB members to participate in. Don’t see why they need anything “more” than other competitions. This isn’t an actual DB activity :stuck_out_tongue:

And as mentioned before…there is a Fantasy Football competition already going on. The set-up, but maybe talk things over with the guy running this one and just combine things? There is no point in running two of these things.


Scratch that, go with Sith Lord title; they hand those out to just about anybody.


To put some actual serious perspective to this, Shad “only” got First level Crescents for winning the ACC Beta ladder which is a lot more work than this would ever be. So if anything the Crescent levels should be lower if they are to be changed.


While i see part of your point Halcyon in that this has ZERO to do with Star Wars anything i do with my Brotherhood brethren to me is a Brotherhood activity. To say that means that CFs for playing D3 should be less than those gained by playing JA. So while it’s not a Star Wars related competition it is EVERY bit a DB activity.


That’s fine. And it’s already receiving Crescents just like any other competition. The main issue is some people asking for “more” beyond what is received from a regular competition.


Wow. In the name of the wise Canadian philosopher, Avril: “Chill out, what you yelling for?”

I was thinking more like Nova. It was just that though: thinking out loud. There is nothing wrong with crescents. At ease :stuck_out_tongue:

I will give this a few more days and see how many people are interested and decide the best course of action.

On the topic of soccer and football-soccer sucks, just come to peace with it :stuck_out_tongue:


I am down for some … but I suck at it.


" Achieving first place in any official Vendetta event. Those who have earned the Gold Nova have distinguished themselves as being some of the most skilled Jedi in the galaxy, having defeated, in open conflict, their fellows within the Dark Brotherhood"

That’s from the Novae wiki article, if we start handing out Novae for regular competitions, like this would be even if it lasts for months, we devalue them.


Haha. That wasn’t a crack about your SB, bud. Canadians are so sensitive.

Can’t wait for College Football and Pro to start up. Going to be fun. You dirty foreigners enjoy your soccer! (That is a joke. A friendly jab. Hold your fire.)


I’m playing in both leagues because both sports offer entertainment. I’d play if the awards were 5th level crescents because the smack talk is worth signing up for


Malik, quoting scripture is kind of lame and overly literal here. You can win a gold Nova for answering Trivia questions in a matter of 10 minutes. I have a GN for about 20 minutes of photos hopping.

Fantasy football requires a lot of preparation, anticipation, weekly analysis of matchups , staying up to date, knowing which players to pick up or drop, depending on match up. Is the defense your QB is up against down their tip corner back? Better get him off the bench when your other QB is playing the Seahawks (best D in the league). Things like this all happen after a draft that requires tactically targeting players.

What do you track in fantasy soccer anyway? Shots on goal percentage, number of dives taken, how many balls a goalie stops? :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, and jabs aside, I agree with Matt. Fake pixels are stupid compared to smack talk and bragging rights. :smiley:


Im interested in doing this so how is it going to work wait till we know how many want in and then more details will follow?


Fantasy football does not require all that, in theory with the right amount of dumb luck you could randomly draft players on day one, never look at it again and end up winning. The same is true for fantasy EPL.


As for “quoting scripture” what I posted is the definition of what it takes to win a Novae. Handing them out for this competition or any like it would mean completely redefining what is supposed to be the highest level of competition award we have in the club and in turn make it less valuable/less special.


I’m not saying it has to be. I value things differently than you do. This is something that happens between generations, and it’s perfectly ok. We can agree to disagree and ignore my foolish hope for a larger prize for something perceive as a big deal.

The language of the Novae from the wiki does not reflect, imo how I have seen it used and valued in the last 4 years. Just thinking out loud though.


There is nothing like the feeling of winning a Fantasy Football League. As your reigning Champion, I would happily win again for 5th level Crescents.


Novae are rewarded for 1-3 placement in DJB-wide storyline events (vendettas). This includes RoS, GJWs, and the other stuff like Horizons and the Crusade. Regardless of whether the event is a timed SA course or a lengthy fiction, it’s all about the parent competition.

1st Level Crescents is sufficient for the breadth of the competition, though I’m inclined toward 2nd level which can be upgraded to 1st once you hit 10 people (which should be easy). That said, it’s been linked that a DJB Fantasy Football competition is already running. I’m not inclined to have two at the same time, so you should chat with Edgar about how you can set up multiple brackets or whatever.

All of these sports competitions are cool because they promote fun activity and banter, but none of this is Star Wars-related so we’ll only be so kind. Malik’s point about Shad’s ACC Beta crescent is fair:


That’s all fine and dandy Aabs. You’re still attempting to scale the “effort” required for a given event to determine what the best reward is.

As you can see, most of us don’t care about the award for this type of thing. In my mind, it’s something that requires time and effort, so I wanted to get the best award I could think of. If we get to muse on trying to offer out ships for people taking an SA exam, I’m allowed to muse on higher awards for a certain type of competition.

Anyway, matter is closed, I’ll be looking at the document tonight and figuring out our best course of action.