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[ARC-COU] Coop Fiction: Team Tall, slim, and handsome


A collaboration between:
Bon Riverio (#15123)
Korroth (#8488)
Prompt : Glamour and Glitz


Bright lights, various smells of foreign and alien perfumes, and the always present smell of the constantly flowing booze sent Bon’s senses into an overload. He had become accustomed to the peaceful tranquility that filled the Odan-Urr Jedi Praxeum, and was annoyed to be around big crowds once more, as he had growing up in the Pantoran capital. He grabbed a drink from the tray of one of the passing butlers. As he took a sip he felt a presence behind him and heard a stern serious voice “You know, a Jedi should not drink if he’s to maintain a strong connection with the force, young one”, said the older Odanite Equite, Korroth. The Gray Pau’an towered over the slim, tall Pantoran.

“Yes Korroth, I know. I figured I’d blend in a bit if were to get some info out of these slimy rich bastards”, Bon replied disdainfully. Korroth looked over the young Acolyte quizzically “I sense anger within you, Bon. You need to clear your mind”, replied Korroth, calmly. “You should’ve seen how these kind of people treated my parents back home” Bon replied sternly, just barely raising his voice. “Well, You aren’t going to blend in well, with a look like that on your face”, Korroth replied. “And a Jedi also should let go of his emotional attachments, for they’ll most always ultimately end in suffering”, the slim Pau’an added. Bon sighed a deep breath. “Let’s get to the task at hand”, he grunted, drinking the rest of the cocktail.

The tall, slim Odanites walked over to the nearest Pazaak table where a Rodian high roller had been beating and turning away all the other opponents. “May we have this game?”, Spoke Korroth, politely. “Yeah If you’re trying to lose your money maybe”, the gambler barked, in response, his voice filled with over-confidence. The amount of drinks he had drank at this point, had numbered his successes, and Bon could tell through his force amplified empathy that whatever tactic the Rodian gambler had been using,(a cheat of some kind), was slipping along with his memory, and motor skills. He understood Korroth’s plan now. The cards were dealt, Bon’s hand was good, but he sensed something through the force telling him that he was to wait for Korroth’s move.

The Pau’an had the dealer hit him 3 times, an abnormally high amount, to which the gambler laughed and hit the deck twice adding his +1 card and placing him 6 away from a win. Korroth was over the number, but then suddenly played a -3 card winning him the game. The gambler gazed at the deck in disbelieve; his starry blue Rodian eyes wide open he started swearing in his home-tongue before ordering 3 more cocktails. It was Bon’s turn now, and he could see the confidence of his opponent quickly fading. Once again Bon hit the deck 3 times and his opponent 2, with his opponent going over 21. Bon was 3 under, and added his +3 card, winning as well in the process. The Rodian cursed out again, chugging his 3 drinks within 30 seconds, he collapsed to the floor.

The CBPD officers were there almost immediately with a medical droid. Korroth and Bon took the opportunity to be the helpful bystanders, and helped the officers carry the gambler to his personal quarters. The gambler held much power at the Casino and more than likely was a sponsor to Capital Enterprises, which had kidnapped some of theirs, and Arcona’s clan members. They needed a way into the Rodian’s quarters and Bon found it almost accidently when the intoxicated Rodian gave him the keys to his quarters after the CBPD officers had responded to another distress call,(guess it was a rough night, heh, who would’ve guessed). Eventually, later in the night, Korroth and Bon both snuck back into the gamblers quarters, with the Rodian snoring loudly in a drunken slumber. The two Jedi successfully finding a list of Capital Enterprise executives, and the locations in which they were officers of. The nearby prison was also listed, they had found what they were looking for. Bon gave Korroth a goofy smile “Wow that actually worked, huh?”,. Korroth put a hand on the Acolytes shoulder, “you have the potential to make a great Jedi one day, young one.”