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[ARC-COU] Team Fiction - Escort and a Thief


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Kordath Bleu could count on one hand the number of cells he’d found himself that was this nice. Everything about Canto Bight had been over-decorated and ostentatious, the holding area was drab by comparison. But it was warm, the bed was wide enough that he wasn’t cracking an elbow against the wall everytime he moved, and he wouldn’t be surprised if the food was above average. The guards might not even spit it in here.

He laid on the bunk, glaring at the ceiling above him. A Human in a suit that could pay for a bloody platoon was on the other side of the cell, sitting on the floor. Sprawled, was a more apt description, his tie undone and one arm on the bench-like bed in an attempt to pull himself up. He gave up and rolled his neck, before looking at the Arconan.

“So, whadtya do?”


“Whatdidya doooo?” spoke the drunk once more, words coming slower yet not any clearer.

“Nothin’,” grunted Kord, rolling over to present his tail to the man, lashing in irritation.

“Oh, sure, yeah, nothing! Me too!”

Kord felt his eye twitch in annoyance. It wasn’t fair, he’d actually done nothing this time. His hands had been full with a drink in each one, trying to get from the bar back to the table that had contained the Odanite boss types. Conversing about offhand matters in an attempt to look casual had lead to the Ryn needing to take a walk to avoid having the white-haired woman or the Zeltron from shooting him for his comments.

Hells, the drinks weren’t even his, peace offerings for the ladies they were. He had to squeeze past a pair of Gamorreans in evening wear that were at one of the gambling tables. That the male porker had found a tuxedo that fit his bulky form was astonishing, that he’d had it tailored so well even more so. Kord had even tried to compliment the tusked man when his companions…wife…sow? The Ryn wasn’t sure what kind of relationship titles that species used. Her, wearing a gown that would haunt his dreams to the end of days, began having a fit when he tried to get by.

Security droids appeared as if by bloody conjuring magic and demanded he hand over whatever he’d stolen from the woman. When he insisted, quite loudly, that she had nothing he wanted, she had slugged him.

He paused in his reminiscing to rub at his sore cheek; the big girl had a helluva right hook.

It had seemed a little too neat, one moment he’s trying to not drop his drinks and the next he’s sprawled on the fancy floor covered in them and being detained for being drunk and disorderly. It wasn’t bloody fair, he’d barely had anything to drink himself but the security droids’ sensors were tripped and now he found himself down in the bloody cells. Bereft of comlink or anything passing for credits. At least they’d left him his ID and the keycard for his room.

Kordath sighed again as the drunk behind him wouldn’t just pass out, and hoped that the Odanite ladies weren’t suffering too much from him not being present.


A woman and a female Gamorrean angrily gestured towards the last known location of the Ryn known as Kordath, broken glass the only remaining evidence. Archenksov and Ta’var looked on as Satsi somehow continued to have a heated argument with the bovine creature, its jowls quivering with rage, despite not knowing its language. That didn’t deter the Arconan, who simply yelled right back, shoving her face against the Gamorrean as she unleashed a new string of threats that involved ‘rolling in your own mud’. Aura couldn’t help but wonder if their equally volatile natures inferred a shared kinship.

“He didn’t steal anything. Perhaps if I rip that tusk off your head and stick it up your—”

Alethia sighed, walked up behind Satsi, and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Such pleasantries. Sorry Madame, but could I borrow her for a minute?” interrupted Archenksov.

The Arconan grudgingly pulled her gaze off of the bovine, hope of news of her brother’s fate tearing her away from what could very well be a visit to a prison cell.

“What do you want? Any news?” Satsi asked.

“Not yet. But I know a way to get Kord back that allows you to not only stay a free woman but also help us find him,” replied Alethia.

Aura smiled as she recognized the steely focus of her Consul, thoroughly amused it wasn’t directed towards her for once. That pleasure was short-lived.

“Well, out with it!” demanded the Arconan.

Alethia merely raised a brow and gestured towards Aura with her free hand. “My associate has a unique natural ability I’m sure you’re aware of. I think it will come in useful in quietly freeing Kordath from what I presume is a cell.”

Aura rolled her eyes. Humans tended to only see their manipulative side of a Zeltron’s natural passive abilities. The stereotype was more than a little annoying.

“You want me to trust a Zeltron with questionable talents to save my friend. That’s crazy,” replied Satsi automatically.

“Frankly, you have bigger space-fish to fry and if you question their talents why are you so afraid of them? We have no time for fear. Your brother’s life is at stake. But, if you’d rather get yourself put in prison as well,” reminded Alethia with a fake innocent tone.

“Fine,” the Arconan consented, “but she better keep her hands to herself.”

Aura couldn’t help but feel threatened as the seemingly deranged woman stared her down. Alethia allowed herself a brief snort of derision as she thought of the past encounters between the Ryn and the Zeltron.

“You don’t have worry about that. Trust me,” Alethia requested, not taking her eyes off of Satsi’s face.

The Arconan merely lowered her fist and yelled at the bovine to get out of her face before she rearranged it. Archenksov nodded towards Aura, who thought about arguing for a moment but then stopped herself short as she realized this was her chance for a little fun for once. The Zeltron shrugged, unable to keep herself from slightly smiling as she walked past Satsi to chat with the local guards.

She made her way towards the nearest security guard, pondering how to best free the troublesome Ryn. She frowned as little came to mind and internally cursed the furry birdrat. Aura grumbled under her breath in frustration.

“Floofins, you’re a good porg. Yes, yes you are,” half-shouted a larger woman nearby as she fawned over her pet.

“A pet…” the Zeltron whispered, inspiration finally hitting her. Aura held back a smile as she stepped in front of the security guy and stated her plea. “Excuse me, I’d like to report a missing pet. He is an Ryn by the name of Kordath Bleu. He was just at the bar getting me some drinks and now he’s gone. Has anyone reporting a missing Ryn?”

“Hmm. We did just take in a rodent of unusual size,” explained the man.

“Sithspit, what did he do now? This is what I get for letting others watch him,” sighed Aura in exasperation.

“Possible theft and assaulting a patron. You should get a better…petsitter next time.”

“I’ll watch him myself this time. Can I have him back? I promise I’ll keep a closer eye on things,” asked Aura as she slightly pouted.

“You’ll have to pay his bail and promise to keep him on a short leash. Next time he gets put in jail he stays there,” threatened the guard, his voice stern.

“Thank you so much! I’m so sorry. He won’t get in trouble again. I won’t let him,” promised the Zeltron.

“I’ll show you where you can pick him up. Follow me,” ordered the man.

Aura followed the guard into the waiting room and reluctantly took out a Clan credit chit to pay for his release. Another man went to go fetch Kordath while an inquisitive Zabrak nearby asked her questions.

“You have an Ryn pet. Why?” he asked.

“I know he’s of unusual size, but he grows on you, really,” assured Aura, trying not to think of all the times he had annoyed her so she could keep a straight face.

“You know, I’d be a far more worthy companion,” offered the Zabrak.

Aura resisted the urge to slap the man lest she end up in prison as well, consoling herself with telling the man off with the harshest words possible.


“You! Rodent! Up!” came the voice, stirring Kord from his half sober stupor. He rolled off the bunk and ran a hand through his messy hair, yawning.

“Ya sure, mate? Figured out I did nothin’, eh?”

“Sure, whatever. Bail has been paid, now get the hell out of my cell.”

Bleu blinked, “Bail?”

The guard waited for him to step out of the cell before placing a hand firmly around the Ryn’s upper arm, the other closing the door and fiddling with something as he walked the Arconan down the hall. As they neared the entrance to the security station, Kord began to whistle jauntily through his nose.

“Red! I knew ya’d pull through for me, luv, now we can get ba— Oh. Hey, Princess,” he finished with an almost mumble, surprised to see the Zeltron sitting across from the security supervisor. His tail lashed behind him and he tried to keep himself from humming aloud as he took in her pose, legs crossed and leaning just so slightly forward. He had no doubt the pheromones were at play as well.

Someone is turnin’ up tha charm here, guess I owe her one.

“Princess, huh? Guess the rat is your ‘pet’, madame. Like I said, short leash,” the Zabrak finished with a growl. The guard escorting Kord pushed him forward and dropped a coil of what looked like leather on the desk with a choked off a laugh. “Ah, thanks. This is a lead harness for the Fathier’s, miss, I might suggest you keep it on hand just in case.”

Kord stood very, very still as he took in the way Aura’s delicate eyebrow arched at the appearance of the leash. Surely she wouldn’t. She had to abhor the bloody things as much as Zuji did, he was sure of it.

“Pick up the lead, Bleu, and let’s move along back to the casino floor, yes? I believe the last task you were given was to get me and my friend some drinks. This interruption to the festivities and business could be quite costly, and I don’t mean the bail I had to pay for your wandering hands!”

Playin’ like that are we? “Uh, course, uhh, Miss Aura. Big misunderstandin’ is all, swear, I’ll make this up ta ya, uh, however I may,” he stumbled over his words as he picked up the lead, his hand tingling as he did so. The thing was bloody distasteful on the one hand, but as he followed the Odanite out, he had to admit it had certain, uh, possibilities. Ones that he’d cram into the back of his mind for another time; he was trying to be a good Ryn right now. Karking around wasn’t going to get his lass to come back to him.

When they stepped onto the lift to head back up to the casino floor he nearly collapsed against the wall.

“Thanks, Pinky.”

“What happened to Princess? And since when am I one?”

“Uhh, kinda, umm, a nickname for when ya come up in conversation around Satsi, helps keep her calmer if I nae use certain names.” He looked sheepish, ears darkening as the lift ascended. It was hard not to feel his spirits rise as well, but he was pretty sure that was the adrenaline from conning the guards and the Zeltron’s proximity, hurrah for pheromones and confined spaces… “Not ta sound ungrateful, but I need some bloody air, luv.”

Aura snorted, “I didn’t think I was putting on that much of a show down there.”

“Please, lass, ya had that poor Zabrak near ta droolin’. All polite and tha like but unable ta stand from his desk to see ya off? Yeah, not much of a show at all,” snickered the Ryn, starting to feel truly sober. “I need a blasted drink.”

“On that, we agree,” she sighed as the doors swished open. “What about the boys, you learn anything while down there?”

“Nah, they ain’t down there. Can feel ‘em, though, somewhere on the planet. Think they’re okay.”

Aura seemed to process this information for a moment, the barest hint of a grin tugging at her lips.

“Oh no, what are ya plannin’?”

“Come along, Bleu, to the bar. You owe me some drinks and I promised Alethia I’d at least try and make some contacts for the Clan while I was here. You’re my dutiful ‘pet’ after all, and security is going to be keeping an eye on you. Just play the part, who knows, maybe we’ll hear something about Turel. And Uji.”

“Satsi is gonna be pissed, ya know that, right/”

“She should have kept closer to you if she wanted you to stay out of trouble, Kord,” spoke the Zeltron with a bright smile.

Oh no, what have I gotten meself into?


Aura scanned the room and reached out to the Force, feeling for a worthy target. She went through each level of the casino, Kordath following behind her until finally she stopped at a more reclusive bar tucked away from the fancier establishments that seemed to overwhelm this particular level. While it was true the rich and well-to-do could be found almost everywhere, this joint was decidedly the opposite, compared to the rest of them. It certainly looked like a rougher crowd, even from the outside. The Zeltron eyed a boastful Muun in the back corner, the Ryn following her gaze.

“Don’t know ‘bout this, Princess. Maybe we should go ta one of the nicer places,” suggested Kordath.

“Muun in the back feels particularly vulnerable right now in the Force. And he’s away from the rest of his usual crowd. Besides, afraid to be around fellow thieves?” asked Aura.

“It’s more for you, Pinky. Ya aren’t used to this sort of crowd. And uh, Satsi is here, somewhere.”

“Really?” asked Aura, unable to pick out the Human from the crowd of sentient beings jammed into the establishment. Most tables were full or weren’t ones you’d want to visit of your own volition. The Muun had a few empty seats though. “Well, maybe she is in the back of the bar somewhere. I doubt she had time to put on a disguise this quickly. Maybe she can even help,” offered the Zeltron optimistically.

“Or maybe she’ll punch you. She likes to do that to pretty faces,” stated the Ryn.

“Hmm. Well, you’re a loyal pet. You can protect me. Let’s go,” ordered Aura as she pulled him inside.

A few heads turned to follow the newcomers but most ignored them. Canto Bight was full of the strange and unimaginable. A Zeltron with an Ryn in tow was nothing new. The pair ignored wandering gazes as they made their way directly to the Muun’s half-empty table. He was sitting with two Twi’lek’s.

“This looks like a fun table. Care if we join you?” asked Aura.

The Muun looked her over, taking in her dress and the handle of a whip poking out of her clutch. The nervous Ryn also amused him for some reason. He just didn’t know why quite yet. His father would probably disapprove but the 7 drinks in front of him said yes.

“Yess. Come join our little soiree,” offered the Muun.

Aura and Kordath took a seat next to each other, their new host already signaling the bartender for more drinks.


The server approached with hesitance, with little surprise from how the Muun was leering at the diminutive Bothan.

Aura looked over at Bleu expectantly; apparently dealing with the help was to be the pet’s job. One servant to another, he figured.

“Whiskey, neat, and uh,” he dug through the details he know of the Zeltron beside him. “Rancor tequila a thing ya got?”

The Bothan bowed and scurried off, keeping far away from the Muun across from them. Kord took a moment while Aura started some spiel of introductions to look over the mark and his companions. The Muun was well dressed, too well dressed maybe for this more shady bar. His two friends, hired or charmed the Ryn wasn’t sure, took him more by surprise as he looked them over. Subtle differences suggested that the two were more made up to look alike, as if they were related. Every guy wanted to make it with twins, or at least thought they did, and the two probably used that to get higher pay out of their jobs. He blinked, realizing one of them was wearing cleverly disguised prosthetic ear cones.

*Huh, this guy seems sharp enough to have noticed that, guess he really likes to play.”

“…and this is Cyan, my loyal servant,” he heard Aura say, her hand just touching his arm in indication. “Say hello to Master Chordin, he’s a banker of some kind, pet.”

“As you say,” he paused, realizing he’d not caught whatever name Aura had introduced herself as, “Mistress,” he finally went with, feeling like he was grasping for straws. From the way Chordin’s eyes lit up, and his smile widened, Bleu decided to call it a point for them.

Proper freak, this one. That’ll make this easier.

“And your companion’s names, Master Chordin?”

“Unimportant,” he said with a dismissive wave. The Twi’lek pair seemed unconcerned, leaning in from either side and stroking the Muun’s arms, looking up at him adoringly. “You two, though, you seem quite…entertaining, oh my yes. Such an eclectic pairing!”

“Well, we all have our talents,” spoke the Zeltron, shifting her slim handbag slightly so the handle of the whip was more easily displayed. Her other hand reached over to lay on the back of Kord’s neck, causing his hair to try and stand up. He fought the burning sensation in his ears, going through calming exercises. Wouldn’t do to display something like shame at this juncture. Or at least nervousness. “Many, many useful talents. Cyan here is quite limber, for example, as are many of his people. Some would argue they’re even more graceful than Twi’lek’s with the proper…motivation.”

Chordin laughed, head back as the Odanite and Arconan’s drinks arrived. “Oh, yes, you two must spend some time with us! My company’s chairman’s…business associate has given me leave to use an exquisite estate while on business here. Quite expansive, and very private,” his eyes narrowed into a leer that Kordath realized was directed at both of them, not just the Zeltron.

No wonder tha poor Bothan lad looks so nervous.

“Oh? That does sound enticing, I’ll admit. Where would we find this estate of yours so we might meet when our own business is concluded?”

Kord gave Aura a sidelong glance, keeping his expression carefully neutral. She had a plan, he figured, and who knew, if this guy was Capital Enterprises they might find a good lead on the missing pair. The Muun began to open his mouth when both Force users stiffened in their seat, their sense of danger going off. This time they looked at one another, before looking back at the new arrival who’d taken up behind them.

Dark eyes were fixed on the Zeltron’s hand that had been toying with the hair at the base of Kord’s scalp.

“What tha frak are you doing?” hissed Satsi, even with a disguise the pair knew that tone.

“Well, he’s my loyal little pet, isn’t he?” asked Aura, arching a slim eyebrow. If she was trying to convey that they were working over a mark, she failed. Perhaps it was her unfamiliarity with Satsi, or the open hostility the Tameike woman showed her that goaded her into action. The hand traveled from the back of the Ryn’s neck to scratch at the underside of his chin, along his beard. He hummed in contentment for a moment before realizing what was about to happen and winced internally.


Aura’s eyes widened as Satsi’s fist sped towards her face. Instincts kicked in and she ducked as best she could, sliding under the table. As she made to exit their booth, a foot kicked underneath, missing her head by inches and causing her to bang her head against the table’s support bolted into the ground. She rubbed her head, weighing which options still let them keep their cover.

“Get your schutta ass out here so I can kick it!” yelled the female Arconan in frustration.

“Look, I won him fair and square. It’s not my fault you don’t know how to play Sabacc!” Aura retorted, hoping Satsi would get the message.

“Get out here you coward!” the female Arconan yelled as she crouched for a better view.

Aura made a show of nodding towards and pointing significantly at the Muun but to no avail. The Zeltron yelled out in surprise as Satsi came after her under the table. Aura quickly pushed her way between the Muun and one of his Twi’lek’s but the Arconan woman had already grabbed her right ankle and was pulling her under.

“She’ll kill me. Help!” pleaded the Zeltron as she tried to kick Satsi away from her. Aura felt her foot connect with something but she was still being pulled under. Master Chordin looked like he was enjoying the fight but looked worriedly at her face.

He simply nodded towards his companions, all of whom started to kick her away. The Zeltron pulled herself almost totally onto the cushioned seat before she felt her ankle twist in an unnatural direction. Aura screamed out in pain, adrenaline taking over as she pulled her foot free. She climbed over the booth as she drew in the Force, willing it to dull the pain until she could properly hide or reach the nearest guard. She dearly wanted to use her telekinesis or lightsaber but that would kill her cover. Satsi had the advantage.

Kord watched as Aura sprinted as best she could out of the establishment, helped by the Muun’s friends who tried to slow down the female Arconan as a token gesture of something. He doubted their intentions but at the same time it was an opportunity. Kord pretended to be a scared pet waiting to see which one would win. As Aura turned the corner out of the bar, Satsi got free and yelled at the Ryn, her nose slightly bloodied.

“Stay the frak here and don’t try anything funny!” Satsi yelled before she chased after the Zeltron.

The Muun waited till both women were gone before addressing the bantha in the room.

“So, which one do you want to win?”

“Eh, depends on the day. Either way, it does nah matter,” Kordath deflected.

“Oh come on. You can tell me,” ensured Master Chordin.

“Nah here. Maybe somewhere safer,” replied the Ryn as he looked around nervously.

“Well, there’s my estate,” offered the Muun.

“Ya? Tell me about it. If the Mistress is still alive, we’ll come visit. She migh’ be. I ‘ope.”

As Master Chordin leered at him and started to gush over his estate, Kordath couldn’t help but wonder what fun Aura was having with Satsi.

Probably tha better option. Maybe…