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The morning in Zumbro district, two hundred kilometers south Seher, was fresh, airy and comforting. The situation was back to normal after the last incidents where the Phantom of the Feud nearly brought war to the district. The fresh atmosphere also filled the newly built Disciples of Bass Central Office, mixed with the painted scent of the building. The office was modern and tech equipped but still adopting the shapes of original domicile in Zumbro. Lu’aisha Gresee, the Conciliator of Baas, exited from the building to the backyard airstrip. She looked at her datapad, nodded and looked at the sky. The LAATs should be there in a moment.

From the northern sky, three LAATs approached the airstrip, and finally landed safely on the ground. Their ramps went down, letting the high military officials step out from their transports.

Gresee recognized Turel Sorenn, the Proconsul and Councillor of Clan Odan Urr, as also the acting leader of Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, and New Tython Military Command in his general outfit, approaching the building. At his left was Mar Sul, the Quaestor of House Satele Shan, and Kah Manet, the Aedile. At his right was General Deo Sol, the Second in Command in the Military and Xantros the Roll Master of Clan Odan Urr. The Conciliator of Baas greeted them, both in excitement, and tense, “Welcome to Zumbro District, Baas Central Office. It is an honor to have your visit.”

“Has Edgar been here?” Turel asked, as they all continued their way into the building.

“Yes, he arrived yesterday directly from Fort Pernicar, briefing his student about the result of his trials duty,” Gresee replied.

“He didn’t tell about this meeting, did he?” Kah inquired

Gresee shook her head, “Of course not. It is prepared in confidentiality.”

“I love surprises,” Mar Sûl commented, with a thin smile on his face.

“Awesome,” Xantros concluded.

Gresee lead their way to the auditorium as the group met current Aedile of Hoth, Edgar Drachen, the tutor and supervisor to Lieutenant Len Iode. Iode was stationed in Zumbro district to perform his duty, managing the district security against the impending threat.

Bowing his head a little to the guests, Edgar, who previously served as the Disciples of Bass second in command, greeted, “Welcome, Gentlemen.”

Turel nodded and replied, “Do you think Lieutenant Iode is ready for a higher command?”

“Yes, absolutely,” said Gresee and Edgar in unison. Gresee smiled at Edgar, and continued her talk with the Councillor, “Thank you for your willingness to grant the promotion in the procession. This is the first military promotion in our Disciples, thus it is going to be quite a surprise to the members.”

“Then, proceed,” Turel commanded.

“Yes, Sir,” Edgar and Gresee, replied in unison.

The door slid open as the assembly entering the hall where the members of the Disciples of Baas had waited, along with the Central Office regular personnels. The audiences immediately rose on their feet, seeing the high officials moving into the chamber.

“Officers on deck!”

The military personels saluted as Turel and General Deo Sol replied in kind after positioning themselves at the front desk. The leaders of House Satele Shan stood at their right, whereas Xantros, Gresee and Edgar at their left.

Gresee as the Conciliator of Disciples of Bass spoke to open the meeting, “Greetings, everyone. An honor to our Disciples, the Councillor of Urr, the General of Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, the Quaestor and Aedile of House Satele Shan, are able to visit in our new Office in Zumbro district, that would give us direction and counsel regarding our next mission. However, before we advance to the core agenda, let us go to the lurid opening session…”

The audience waited nervously. A bead of sweat dropped from Lieutenant Len Iode’s forehead, even though the room air was cool and fresh.

“Lieutenant Len Iode, please come forward, “ Gresee stated.

The male Chiss strode formally to the center of the room, approaching the leaders’ front desk.

“In this bright morning,“ the leader of Disciples of Bass explained, “we are pleased to recognize, Lieutenant Len Iode, because of his dedication, performance and service, to receive a token of advancement to his career. General Turel Sorenn as also the Councillor of Urr will officiate the ceremony. All the attendees, General Sorenn.”

A gulp of relief came from the male Chiss, as his eyes stared forward following his formal military composure, awaiting the procession to continue. The KUDF flag holder stepped forward at the right of Lieutenant Iode.

Gresee continued narrating the ceremony, ”Attention to orders: The Councillor of Urr, the Military Chief of Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, New Tython Military Command, has given particular trust in the integrity, loyalty, and performance of Lieutenant Len Iode to serve in a higher capacity, thus today Lieutenant Len Iode is promoted to the rank of Captain. General Sorenn will now read the oath of loyalty for Captain Len Iode to follow.”

Turel Sorenn spoke both formally and warmly to the new Captain, “Captain Len Iode, read after me.”

The newly elevated Captain Len Iode, placed the tip of the flag before his heart.

“I, Len Iode, having been ordained as Captain in Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, take an oath, that I will serve and defend New Tython, against all enemies, that I will contain the allegiance and duty free of mind, without any oppression, reservation or equivocation. May the Force be with me.”

The female Jedi looked at Edgar, “Aedile Drachen, would you please assist General Sorenn in applying the new rank insignia to Captain Len Iode?”

Turel walked toward the Captain, as Edgar produced the insignia for the General to apply to the Captain’s uniform.

Gresee pronounced the new Captain once more, “All the attendees, Captain Len Iode.”

A thunderous applause filled the room, covering the whispering remark of Hoth’s Aedile, solely to Iode’s right ear.

“I am really proud of you.”

The leader of Disciples of Baas concluded after the applause receded, “This resolves the opening session of the meeting. General Sorenn will lead the core program. Captain Len Iode you may go back to your seat. As a notice, all the attendees may offer your congratulations after the core program has finished and please join the jubilant feast.” Gresee smiled at her new promoted Captain, her lips making a wording gesture.

We are so proud of you.


Awesome Fiction great job Aisha!!!