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[Arcona Battleteam Nighthawk] RO - Introductions



  • Minimum of 250 words per post
  • No Maximum word cap
  • With weekly prompts members will need to post once per week and at least twice for participation.
  • CI’s will be awarded for participation

You can view the Introduction fiction in the post below. Assignments to follow.
Good luck and have fun, everybody!


Week 1 Prompt:

During the first week, establish what your character has been doing since the end of the Great Jedi War and the return to Selen. The Nighthawk is docked within the Orbital Shipyard above Selen effecting repairs and upgrades before its return to Eldar. All crew will be aboard the Nighthawk by the end of the week (introductory period will be over at this point.). Introduce your character and his or her role on board for new members, older members return to the vessel and report in.

Have fun guys and gals just figured this would give us something fun to do for a few weeks! Expect at least one weekly prompt.


Orbital Shipyard
Above Selen
Nighthawk Bridge


“… Captain.” The call repeated itself before the Obelisk responded. The new Captain of the Nighthawk turned to find the speaker, his eyes tracking across the bridge until they came to settle on Nami Dalros, the new communications officer.

“Yes Chief?”

“Sir, just received confirmation: the last of the repairs will be completed within forty-eight hours.”

“Send out the call… All crew are to report immediately. Crew briefing will begin once all members are on-board.”

“Yes, sir.” Nami’s quick salute took only a moment before she returned her attention to her console.

Uji returned the salute before looking over the command console. The entirety of the Dajorra system laid out before him, the hologram turned in slow rotation highlighting viable paths for the Nighthawk to take on its return to Eldar. The controls allowed him access to nearly every system aboard the Nighthawk as well as the entirety of the ships database, assets and contacts.

Picking up a nearby datapad, he began reading off the names of his new crew that were to be arriving.

Crew Arrivals

Baxir Vol - Ship’s Quartermaster

Ood Bnar - Ship’s Doctor

Kalon Tsucyra Entar - Ship’s Pilot

A message displayed along the bottom of the pad. Uji activated the message and began to read aloud.

“Transfer of additional resources by order of… The Aedile of Galeres?” the message came with a list of names, only one of which he recognized.

“I’ll be in my quarters” without explanation the Captain turned and made his way to the lift.

Uji stepped off of the lift and entered his quarters, his personal items occupying little of the barren space left by the former Captain’s departure. The tank that covered a large portion of the wall remained empty from Arcia’s inability to keep anything living within.

Moving to his desk, Uji activated the com station, locating the correct frequency he activated the channel.

“Captain Uji, what do you need?” Mako Henymory’s voice rang out almost as soon as the channel became active.

“Lord Aedile. I received missive of a team being assigned to the Nighthawk. Considering we are preparing for take-off, a little more warning would have been expected if we’re to play taxi-service. Sir.”

“I was wondering when you would finally read my final act as Aedile, though I suppose you didn’t take the time to read the full order as my transfer to the Nighthawk was included in it.” The Archpriest paused for a moment before continuing. “As far as this taxi service is concerned, you will find that if you read the full order two five-man special forces teams have been transferred to my direct command as a Captain in the Arcona Armed Forces and is being stationed along with myself and my two Fades on the Nighthawk under your direct control.”

“Thank you Mako, while I read the order thoroughly. I wanted to ensure that command would remain as it is. I look forward to working with you.”

“Understood, the Talons and myself will be boarding a shuttle momentarily to come aboard. I would strongly suggest you personally come meet the men who will be your eyes, ears, and trigger finger ground side when we come on board. I also have a training opportunity to brief you and Rulvak on once I come aboard. This mission has come from the upper levels of the DIA; they have concerns about the crews ability to repel a hostile boarding,” the Krath’s tone remained cold and devoid of emotion, leaving Uji to only wonder at what the man was truly like.

“We can discuss it once you’re on board, along with the Commander and the rest of the crew. Uji out.” Shutting off the channel, the Captain’s mood grew dark as he considered the intrusion of his former Aedile.


Undisclosed Location

The Archpriest turned to the Talons as they stood around him in a semi-circle. Lilly and Vincent were standing by the shuttle waiting for their master and the others to board the craft. For Lilly in particular, this new assignment was an emotional challenge as she had spent a long time on the Nighthawk with Sight. Vincent had been a major comfort to the younger Fade, whom was like a sister to him. However, the young woman still found it difficult to hold back the tears when she laid to rest for the night.

“Talons, you heard the Captain, I want to be struts up in under five!” Mako shouted out the order to his men. “Sergei, Seth a moment if you would.”

“Yes Sir!” The Talons barked out as the members gathered what little gear wasn’t already packed on the shuttle. The two team leaders approached their commanding officer. Though their faces and body language would never show it, the DIA operative scared the living poodoo out of them. He had been an effective trainer and leader in the few short weeks the teams had been under his command, however his cold and logical demeanor never changed.

“When we get shipside, I want your teams to deposit their weapons in the Armory. I trust you remember from our extensive layout studies of the Nighthawk that you will be able to find your way. Also keep your blades and sidearms on your person at all times,” after a short pause Henymory continued almost as if it was an afterthought. “If Captain Uji meets us in the Hangar, I trust you and your teams will be on your best behavior. Dismissed.”

The man’s final words elicited a snicker from the Team Leaders as they turned and walked away. Letting a small grin grace his lips, Mako turned as well to collect his rucksack. ’This should prove entertaining,’ Henymory thought as he boarded the shuttle.

AVG Nighthawk
Selen High Orbit

Vincent guided the shuttle through the Hangar doors with practiced ease as his hands flew over the controls to ensure a smooth landing in a back corner of the Hangar. Mako was the first to step foot on the deck, followed by Lilly and Vincent then the rest of the Talons. Across the bay, the Krath spotted Captain Uji walking briskly toward the shuttle.

“Talons, Atten-tion! Captain on deck!” Mako barked drawing out the call to attention, the snap pop of rifles going to order arms and heels clicking together echoed across the Hangar, drawing more than a few stares from the crew working or lounging in the area.

“Port Arms!” The Krath called out the drill command. The special forces members moved perfectly in sync as their rifles moved downward with the butt stock coming to a rest on the deck. Mako, Lilly and Vincent snapped to attention, each executing a perfect salute as the Captain grew near. The three dropped their salute as Uji saluted in response.

“Captain Uji, your Talons are reporting for duty,” The Archpriest spoke as he returned to a more comfortable standing position, the Talons’ members doing likewise.

“Welcome aboard Commandant.” Uji nodded to Mako as he overlooked the team standing before him. His eyes tracking the weapons and posture of each member. “I wanted to take the opportunity to officially welcome you aboard the Nighthawk. My apologies however you and your team will be residing here within the Hangar for the time being until proper quarters can be established.”

“Thank you for your warm welcome Captain. We have been sleeping in less than pleasant areas during our training so the Hangar is a decisive step up. Let me introduce you to the Team Leaders. Sergei, Seth: front and center,” Mako called back to the men and the team leaders stepped forward after passing their rifles off.

“Greetings Captain, Seth’s team and my own are ready and awaiting your commands Sir. Until then may we store our primary weapons and grenades in the armory?” Sergei’s voice was deep, his body language relaxed and seeming completely comfortable around the two Equites.

“Of course, see to securing your weapons. Your teams are free to move about the ship as necessary. Ensure you stay out of the way of the repair crews for the next few hours.” The Captain forcibly kept his tone even as he spoke, the process of giving orders still new to the Templar.

“Henymory, you stated we have orders to fulfill? If you’re available, we can discuss them in the briefing room while we await the rest of the crew’s arrival.”

Mako nodded and dismissed the Talons with a wave of his hand. Their three-tone grey armor clanked against the deck as the walked off toward the armory. “I will meet you there in five minutes, sir.”

Nighthawk Briefing Room

Mako stared across the conference table as Uji read the orders from the DIA. As the Captain set the datapad down, the Archpriest began. “As you can see, the DIA has their concerns which we both know are justified due to recent events. The most pressing issue is the crew cannot know anything other than the fact that we will be conducting war games and they are to only have training and stun weapons on them. Commander Rulvak will, of course, be brought into the loop. I can have my plan of action on you desk in the next several hours.”

“See it done, it’d be good to see what Arcia’s apprentice can come up with.” Referring to his Executive officer made Uji all too aware of Arcia’s lasting presence on board the vessel.

“On a more personal note, I’ve heard of your reputation and look forward to an opportunity to do… some training with your team.” The Obelisk inclined his head with small smirk appearing for only a moment.

A micro expression of professional gratitude toward the Obelisk passed on Mako’s features for but a split second before the Archpriest nodded. “Very well Sir, if you have no further questions I will return to the teams to work out our plan of action,” the Krath’s emerald eyes bore into the Captain for a moment as he weighed the merit of the man before him. Uji could have sworn those eyes took on a glow for a moment as the man rose casting his face into shadow.

“Understood, once the rest of our brothers arrive, I intend to call a meeting for the entire crew to become acquainted. You should have plenty of time.”

With a final nod, Mako turned and walked at an even pace from the room as he mentally went over his somewhat twisted plans for the future.


Orbital Shipyard
Above Selen
Near the Nighthawk

As the shuttle dropped out of hyperspace near Selen, Zakath was already on the communications console, raising the Nighthawk. After less than a minute, the channel opened, and the Sith Battlemaster spoke.

“Shuttle Shadow Knight to the Nighthawk, requesting permission to come aboard.”

Shadow Knight, we have you on radar. Transmit security codes.”

Zakath keyed in the codes and hit the transmit button before waiting patiently. He didn’t have to wait long.

“Security codes verified. Welcome back, Chief Zakath.”

“Why, thank you.” The Sith smiled a toothy grin to himself. “Can you get the Captain to meet me in the hangar bay? Certain things has changed, and I want to avoid any… misunderstandings.”

“Understood, just a second.” The intercom went silent for a long moment. “Captain Uji will meet you in the hangar bay.”

“Thank you.” Zakath said before breaking communications and setting the shuttle on course to dock with the Nighthawk. Raising the wings, he guided the shuttle into the hangar and began to touch down on the bay floor. As he powered down the shuttle, he noted the Captain stepping out of the turbolift with a security team marching right behind him.

Of course. Zakath thought with a slight lift of his lips. He probably thinks Naradas is back from the Void.

Zakath rose and stretched, feeling the popping and cracking all along his spine.

Time to disabuse him of that notion.

Keying the shuttle ramp to lower, Zakath waited patiently for the smoke to clear before descending. As he came into view of the security team, everyone’s rifles snapped up, pointing directly at the Sith Battlemaster. Zakath merely smiled a serpent’s grin as he halted at the base of the ramp, his hands clasped behind him as he stared at his new Captain. Uji remained unmoving, his cold eyes studying Zakath for a long moment before he finally spoke.

“I was expecting my Security Chief. Who are you?”

“I am your Security Chief.” Zakath replied with a cold smile as he raised a hand, admiring the heavy talons that topped his fingers now. “As I said to your communications officer, the circumstances has changed somewhat.”

“You leave a human and return a Barabel?” Uji’s eyebrows rose slightly. “Forgive me if I take that with a slight grain of salt.”

"You have the Force, Captain. "Zakath’s eyes began to glow a deep violet. “Surely you can read my Force signature. And Naradas’ body is in the cargo hold as my trophy.”

Uji’s eyes closed and Zakath could feel questioning ripples from the Force washing over him. After a few seconds, Uji’s eyes opened.

“Interesting.” Uji said calmly. “But since when were you a Barabel? Nothing in your records indicated that bit of information.”

“Those records were sealed before Nighthawk’s formation.” The Barabel hissed slightly, his tail flickering from side to side in annoyance. “I can grant you access. And I know all of my security codes that should authenticate who I am.”

“Very well.” Uji turned to the security team. “You, and you, both sides of Zakath. The rest of you are dismissed.”

Two members of the security team took up positions on either side of Zakath as the rest marched out. Zakath merely waited patiently as he stared at the Captain.

“We’ll talk some more in my office with these gentlemen as your guard.” Uji said as he turned on his heels and headed for the turbolift.

“As you command… Captain.” Zakath replied with a slightly annoyed hiss before following the Captain, his two guards keeping step with him.


Yardia II
Central Aqualock

“Load the gear fast Rx we have to get out of here” Egregious said as he loaded the storage lift of the light freighter.

“I guess your talk with Master Raiju didn’t go as planned?” The droid cocked his head and his eyes flashed. It was how he tended to laugh.

Egregious pointed at the droid “ no time for your joke, get a move on it double time”.

He then walked over to the console near the airlock and punched in a few keys. A voice overhead warned of the imminent flooding of the compartment with the seawater that was just meters beyond the wall. He ignited his blade and plunged it into the console and disabled it then ran up the ramp. It quickly sealed behind him, as the room was flooded.

The comm crackled to life, “Where do you think you are going?” The voice was familiar, but at this point it was irrelevant. The irritation was thick, “ You leave now and I will hunt you down.”

He engaged the underwater drive and turned the craft to the exit “Rx scramble their sensors and get the hangar door open.” The droids fingers worked the comm board and the door started to open.

“I repeat… If you plan to make space we will shoo…” he clicked off the comm and pushed the craft forward making a break into the open ocean. He pulled the craft into a steep climb and broke the surface of the water and into Yardia’s atmosphere.

There was an alarm of craft trying to make target locks. He took the craft into an evasive maneuver and pushed for space. He just needed to make his hyperspace vector.

“Hyperspace coordinates ready boss” Rx spoke.

The craft made it to space then was out of the gravity well. Then jumped to hyperspace. He had escaped.

“Rx lets make sure we don’t have any homing beacons, besides we are taking the long way to Sleen.” spoke the warrior as he unbuckled his harness. The craft was small but it still was base issued Tarentum stock. It could hold anything, and he didn’t want to bring old issues to the new opportunity.

Finding nothing the rest of the jumps went without a hitch. Double tracking and then using the Maw itself to hide his tracks he pointed the craft towards their destination and made the final jump.

Aboard the Unclassified Freighter

The ship came out of hyperspace far off from the orbital shipyard. Rx called on the comm for Egregious to come up to the cabin.

“Boss they are calling ya on the comm. You need security codes to be in this sector.” Rx was using his rough voice protocol.

Egregious then made his way to the cockpit of the craft. Seeing the ship in the dock being repaired was a sight. Not many outside of Arcona got to see it.

“Sir unidentified craft just came out of hyperspace!” the security officer exclaimed. Looking over to his Commander.

“Long range scans. And get them on the comm.”

The personnel were executing their tasks with efficiency. One crewer then put his hand up and the commander walked to his side. “ Seems it is a Tarentum vessel, Sir. It is providing a code we have not seen in some time. It is a defection code.”

The commander rubbed his chin. It was interesting indeed. “ Clear them to land in the lower hangar, and send a security squad to meet the occupant. Capture and detain him on sight.”

Egregious waited for a reply. Rx was just still. Then orders rolled across the screen.

“Seems like the codes Endordeath gave us worked Rx. Follow the vector and fly casual.” Egregious spoke as the craft entered the stations range of fire and then docked in the hangar.

He unstrapped himself and then made his way back to the landing ramp. He made his way down the ramp and was greeted by a group of armor clad troopers all pointing weapons at him.

“Nice and easy boys, I come in peace”

The Commander rounded a corner and spoke “ Peace is a lie…”

All went dark as he was stunned by the 8 troopers at once.


AVG Nighthawk
Personnel Quarters

Kordath Bleu awoke with a groan, shifting on a bunk and hearing the clatter of a transpirsteel bottle hitting the deck. He clutched his pillow to his head and tried to block out the noise, every time the empty vessel hit the metal plating it resounded through his skull like a chorus of excited Jawas. The Ryn whimpered as the bottle settled and he slowly pulled the pillow from his ears and looked around the compartment. The lights were on and he was fully clothed; the room itself absolutely reeked of cigarette smoke, alcohol, and shame. After a few minutes of brain throbbing pain brought on by the Priest pulling himself up to a seated position, he realized that what he was smelling was himself.

Sniffing tentatively at his robes, he noted a pile of folded clothing on the small desk lining one wall of his quarters. A note was sitting atop them, but first thing was first, he decided as he spotted the small refresher stall set in the wall. With a stumbling start that sent him face first into the door jam, bruising the side of his face, Kordath managed to get inside. His robes and various garments found themselves flung back into the room with the bunk. The sounds and smells that were issued from the refresher are not for the faint of heart, nor those with sensitive stomachs, so we shall skip that.

Almost twenty minutes later a well scrubbed, fresh and slightly less disgusting Ryn stepped out of the station. He promptly caught a foot in the robes he’d carelessly thrown to the deck and tripped, slamming face first into the plating. A few minutes later he roused himself, pushing off the floor and shaking his head while running his tongue across his teeth to insure their position hadn’t changed. Grumbling to himself about a crap start to the day, he looked over the room again.

Where the kark am I? His entire face was throbbing, between the floor and door jam he’d be lucky to get out of this room with just one black eye.

Shivering from his time spent sprawled out naked on the cold deck, the Ryn picked up his robe and gave it another sniff. Retching for a moment, he tossed it aside and picked up the note he’d seen before. Putting it to the side he shook out the pile it had been sitting upon, finding a set of clothing that looked suspiciously like a uniform. With no other apparent options, he began to dress, noting warily that the clothing seemed to be tailored to fit him. It even had a proper outlet for his tail.

Settling the belt that had been on the bottom of the pile around his narrow waist, he sighed and picked up the note again.

‘Kordath! Good to see you survived the night, have to say I’m actually impressed you’re not dead from alcohol poisoning. And thanks, again, for the lead in you gave me with that Twi’lek chick, you were right about the whole ‘tortured soul’ angle on that one. I’m gonna be sore for a week, but I’m smiling. Hope you did okay with that Miraluka girl you were chatting up. Anyways, I had security make sure you ended up on the ship whenever you finished up for the evening, so that’s why you woke up where you did. Also the clothes you found are your new uniform, to be worn while on duty on board the Nighthawk, so get used to them. And Bleu, I cannot stress this enough, no drinking on duty. Welcome aboard, Chief Analyst Bleu!’

“Oh poodoo,” muttered the Ryn, realizing that he must have agreed to serving aboard Uji’s command while they were out drinking last night.

That dirty little ex-Jedi, I swear…., he thought, before glancing at the note and turning it over.

‘Don’t forget Nath is on board, I’m sure you’ll enjoy having your old Master around, just don’t tick her off!’

Kordath stared at the wall next to the hatch for a solid sixty seconds before his mouth opened, “I’m going to die.”


Just after appointment of Arcia to Quaestor

“Well now what do I do?” Rulvak said to himself aloud while packing up the few things he had managed to unpack since joining the Nighthawk. "After waiting around here to find out what job I’m going to have, Arcia up and leaves me here with naught a clue. I may as well just go back to Thustra and continue my work there.

Just as he plops down in disappointment onto his bunk, his telecom chirps. Reluctantly, he answers.

“Rulvak,” the voice, just like many others, still foreign to him. “Hello? Are you there?”


“Oh good, I thought I may have mistakenly rang the maintenance bay. As you know, your master is no longer the Captain aboard this ship…” the voice began.

“You need not remind me of how useless I am right now,” Rulvak interrupted with a growl. “I am fully aware of my current position.”

“Well that’s no way to speak to your new Captain,” Uji replied, slightly irritated, but understanding the situation. “I still have use of you, even if you feel useless. In fact, I feel that your Master as adequately prepared you to step up a bit.”

Rulvak thought about his new Captain’s words carefully. “Go on.”

“How does being my second-in-command sound?” Uji said this softly, but would not take no for an answer even if he had received one.

Commander? I’ve hardly done anything outside of what little help I could provide during the war. Could Arcia have planned this all along? Rulvak thought to himself, forgetting he was even talking to Uji.

“Rulvak? …RULVAK!? Damn, I didn’t think he’d hang up on me. I suppose I could have came to him in person, maybe then…”

“I’m here,” Rul replied, the shouting catching his attention once again. “and I’ll do it.”

“Good! The first thing on the agenda is for you to pack your things and move to your new quarters.”

That will be easy. Rulvak thought while glancing over his area, mostly packed already.

“Second thing on the agenda, we will go over all the details of the arrang-”

“Oh please not any boring rules,” Rulvak said quickly, yet again interrupting Uji.

“There may be some, but I will add a new one right now: DO NOT interrupt me. You follow that one, and we will be a happy team.” Uji stated, as his patience had already been worn out with the tip toeing of the situation. Arcia had told Uji to take good care of him after all.

“I can do that,” Rul said. At least I should be able to.

"Good, get started! Soon we will be having everyone get together, and we will be greeting our new members. This will be a good time for you to get acquainted with anyone you have not yet met.

Hangar Bay
Day of arrivals

What a display! So many new things! Rulvak thought to himself as he sat atop some cargo watching what seemed to be some military performance for his Captain. He watched as Uji approached a man, and, after proper customs and courtesies, began to speak with him. The man introduced some of his own men, and shortly after Uji left. In fact, Rul would have even recognized him had he been closer.

Hangar Bay
Later that day

Well isn’t this a busy day! Rulvak thought to himself. He had already watched the military group unload all their things and then pile into the turbolift. Now he was watching as another shuttle set down, to be welcomed again by Uji, only this time with a security force. After an exchange, he watched as Uji dismissed all but two guards, which he posted on either side of the new visitor. Detained? No, only two men at each side. I wonder if I am supposed to be helping with any of these ‘meet-and-greets’.

Sensing Rul for the first time, Uji shouted to him. “There you are! Rulvak, I need you to take post on the bridge. I have a meeting with our guest, and I will fill you in on the details later. First, you must take the bridge and deal with our next arrival.” Uji said hastily, before turning back to the turbolift, ignoring that Rul had saluted him from across the Hangar Bay.

“Well, I suppose I am to help after all.”

Nighthawk Bridge

“Commander, a ship out of hyperspace.”

Captain already knew? No wonder he manages everything so smoothly. “Hail them,” the Commander replied to the Communications officer who he still did not know by name. “I will meet them in the Hangar Bay.”

This could be fun. An old authentication code, how should I handle this? Rulvak thought while in the turbolift to the Hangar Bay. As the turbolift came to a halt, he stepped out and called over the remaining security detail that Uji had dismissed earlier. After explaining the situation of a possible leak of old security codes, they marched up to the shuttle. As the shuttle’s ramp came down, the security team positioned for battle and Rulvak stepped behind a corner.

“No killing, just stuns,” Rul whispered. “The Captain would not be pleased if we killed precious guests.”

“Nice and easy boys, I come in peace,” the stranger spoke as he came down the ramp.

To which Rul replied with a smirk, “Peace is a lie.” The Commander then nodded to the security team, and each shot the new-comer with their blasters on stun. “Maybe next time he’ll get a more recent security code,” Rul chuckled to himself. “Take him to a holding cell.” Rul then returned to the bridge to await any further visitors.


Briefing Room

Inside the darkened chamber, two Equites stood illuminated by the holo-image of the Nighthawk and the repairs being conducted. The alien appearance of the security chief made all the more intimidating by the dark atmosphere. Standing opposite the Battlemaster the Nighthawk’s captain took far more interest in the datapad he held which contained the details of the Barabel’s personnel file.

“I won’t even attempt to try and understand most of this Zakath, I’m sure there are a few within Arcona that would be interested. So long as I can rely on you to fulfill your duties that is all I need for now,” looking up to meet the Sith’s eyes, Uji sat the datapad down as kept his expression neutral as he awaited the response.

“As the file stated Captain, the Summit was made well aware of my intentions, Arcia even had my movements tracked, though I’m pleased to see she kept the information to herself. Yes I can and will fulfill my duties,” the Barabel’s accent remained thick, though compared to others of his race; Zakath spoke far too similarly to the human he once possessed.

The two men turned as another presence entered the room, the half-breed Sephi commander waited respectfully to be acknowledged. His eyes moved between the dark men as he probed through the Force attempting to gain an understand of the tense situation, finding both men’s thoughts and emotions sealed off from his intrusion.

“What can we do for you Commander?”

“Sir. We’ve taken into custody an unidentified Falleen Sith. He is currently in the brig being readied for interrogation,” the Commander attempted to remain nonchalant as he his curiosity over the prior conversation remained unsatiated.

“Commander… What exactly are you intending to interrogate our new crew member about?” a slight note of irritation slipping into Uji’s voice.

“Sir?” the Jedi Hunter’s expression changed as he processed the information while the Captain’s words sunk in.

Zakath’s hissing laughter echoed in the silence of the room, the Barabel’s shoulders shook for a moment until he contained himself.

“You two are doing… fantastic so far,” the security chief’s smile did nothing but further irritate both Obelisk’s.

“The last members of the crew should be arriving soon. As soon as their aboard give the order for us to depart for Eldar. I want all members of Arcona on board present for a briefing.”

“Yes Sir,” the Jedi Hunter saluted before turning heel and departing.

Two Hours Later

Assembled for the first time stood the entirety of the Nighthawk’s brotherhood members. Uji’s eyes passed around the room from one Jedi to the next. Baxir Vol, the only member of the ship to hold the title of Elder, sat carrying on a conversation with the Commander of the Ship, the Sephi Rulvak and the massive frame of the Neti Ood Bnar. Standing towards the back of the room looking sullen and still slightly hung over was the ship’s encryption chief Kordath Bleu, his former master sat behind him not bothering to hide her amusement at her apprentices condition. Nath Voth looked… almost happy after her return from leave, something that seemed to trouble Zakath as he watched his former pupil. Finally the newest members of the crew, the two returning members Mako Henymory and Kalon Entar stood to either side of the Sith Warrior Egregious.

“It’s good to have you all here” Uji’s words cut through the idle conversation. Several of the crew took seats, a few remained standing as their eyes turned to the holo-projector as it’s image changed to show the entirety of the Dajorra system and the route they would take from Selen to Eldar.

“We will be returning to Eldar for inspection, our Quaestor has decided she expects one last tour; before giving us our standing orders.”

“In the interim I want each of you to spend the time en-route acquainting yourself with your roles and ensuring all systems have undergone full recovery. Many of you will have already noticed differences aboard the ship and new arrivals, spend some time getting to know the new members of the crew.”

“After the events of resurgence, I have made it mandatory for all members of the crew to carry side-arms in the event of another boarding; we will never be caught unprepared again. All side-arms are to be inspected by Zakath and his team, while within Arcona’s air-space we will maintain the use of stun weapons for the time being.”

“It’s an honor to have you all here and to have the privilege of being the Captain of the Nighthawk. I am not Teroch, nor am I Arcia, I am dedicated to the success of the ship in it’s mission and to the continued success of Arcona. We will discover any danger to Arcona and those we protect, we will not just observe and report. It is time for the Nighthawk to begin eliminating and controlling those who would bring arms against our Clan.” Uji finally quieted and took a moment to lock eyes with each of his crew.



AVG Nighthawk
Four hours after leaving Selen shipyards

The Archpriest hummed to himself as the turbolift rose to the bridge. The crew had socialized in the Hangar bay as the final repairs had finished on the ship. Mako, however, had not joined in the jubilations of the crew; he would get to know them all soon enough. Henymory had secluded himself with the Talons and a holoprojector. Safely away from the others, they had prepared their plan of action for the training operation. Which had already been presented to the Captain and approved.

In the Hangar bay below, the Talons were emptying the Armory of all live weapons and explosives, leaving only non-lethal and training weapons behind. The Special Forces members would be securing the equipment from the Armory and their own lethal measures in a shuttle which Mako’s Fade Vincent would be flying beside the Nighthawk while the operation was underway. The only exceptions where knives and lightsabers which were already in the crew’s possession. However, all the firearms the crew had on hand were stun only. The Archpriest had been very clear on that part with the Captain; this was to minimize the possibility of a death during the exercise.

Henymory fell silent as the Turbolift came to a stop and the doors slid open with a hiss to reveal the bridge. The Krath stepped forward and entered the bridge, his green eyes carefully observing every detail within.

“Attention, officer on deck!” one of the crewmen called out as they spotted the Commandant near the lift.

“As you were,” Mako replied in turn. The Commandant took note that the Commander was sitting in the chair, the half Sephi’s head turned to take in the former Aedile and the man offered a simple wave as greeting.

“You ready for the exercise?” Mako probed as he drew close to Rulvak.

“As ready as one can be expected to be for this sort of thing, the bridge crew just conducted shift change,” the Jedi Hunter spoke, a grin on his face.

“We should drop back to real space and call the Captain, it’s almost time to begin.”

“Agreed. Helmsman: initiate the drop from hyperspace. Display coordinates on the holoprojector. Com, let the Captain know it is time,” Rulvak issued the orders as he walked briskly to the holoprojector, Henymory a step behind. The turbolift hissed open again and the Uji stepped onto his bridge.

“Carry on,” The Captain said before a call to attention could be made. The Nighthawk lurched slightly as it returned to real space and Uji made his way to his Commander and Commandant.

“Is the sector secure?” The Krath called out as the Commander and Captain watched the map data populate on the holoprojectors display.

“Sector is cleared sir.” Mako nodded at the reply and looked down at his wrist bound computer.

“Gentlemen, if you are ready to proceed, the Talons have finished loading the shuttle and are on their way up to the bridge. Vincent has informed me that he just recieved launch clearance and will be proceeding according to plan, activating Talon vision now Sir,” the Archpriest leaned against a rail as he spoke, his fingers running over the wrist computer.

The holographic display flickered from a map to a floating line of text and a progress bar which read Talon vision, connected, compiling quickly the readout changed to a perfect holographic representation of the Talon team waiting for the Turbolift in the hangar bay, to the sides each individual’s live video feed was displayed the hologram in the middle a composite of feeds from all ten members. Rulvak let loose a low whistle. The three officers watched the video feed without a word as the Talons rode the turbolift to the bridge.

As the turbolift hissed open the bridge grew silent as well, the only sound was the soft clink of armor against the deck and assault weapons shifting. The Talons took position at the front of the bridge.

“Notional breach on your mark Captain,” Mako said turning to his attention to Uji.

“Very well, lets begin,” Uji spoke as his finger pressed a button, activating the PA system aboard the Nighthawk.

Across the ship three whistles blew signifying the crew to pay attention to an address “Crew of the Nighthawk this is your Captain speaking. We are about to begin a training exercise, your task is to repel a hostile boarding. During this exercise the bridge and my quarters will be off limits to all personnel. Good luck, and remember this is a training exercise.” Cutting the PA system Uji turned to the Helmsman. “Shake the ship gentlemen.”

In response to the order, the Helmsmen fired varius turning jets across the Nighthawks exterior in concentrated bursts. The ship in repose rocked as if under exterior attack.

“Commander, please leave the bridge to assume your role,” Uji said with a nod to Rulvak whom returned the nod and left without a word.

“Commandant, please proceed with your plan.” The Captain sat as he finished his orders. Uji would be remaining on the bridge for the remainder of the exercise to observe the feed from the Talons and ensure the Nighthawk continued.

“Notional breach!” Mako yelled out and the Talons began to move as if they entered the bridge through a breaching hole. Within seconds they had moved through the bridge, ‘clearing’ it as they went.

“Bridge clear, Sir,” Seth spoke through the com link, Mako held a finger to his ear as the transmission came through and nodded

“Captain has been captured,” Sergei reported.

Mako spoke into his wrist as he clenched his gloved thumb and forefinger together. “Excellent work, gentlemen. Let’s move into the hallway, we will clear this ship room by room. Leave no crew member unstunned.”

With a nod to Uji, the Commandant and his Fade Lilly followed his troops into the hallway. The Nighthawk would have their work cut out for them to repel these two highly trained veteran Special Forces teams and their trainers.

Talons team loadout and basic information can be found here note, all grenades are replaced with concussion grenades for the training operation.


AVG Nighthawk
Chief Analyst Station

After the general briefing and meet and greet, which Kordath managed to duck out of fairly quickly, the Ryn decided to become better accustomed to his station. A few awkward questions with crew members led him to an area near the bridge, with a console and a comforting lack of viewports to space. After setting up a login and locating the nearest source of caf and water, the Krath was feeling pretty run down after his last night of freedom, and various self inflicted concussions from cleaning up earlier, he settled down.

Rifling through files on the terminal was vaguely entertaining, pulling up random intelligence reports lead to some interesting reads. Who ever had the job prior to him had tried to cobble some kind of ‘big picture’ together; he tossed it out, they had a methodology of their own. He’d have to start from scratch on that , and start trying to construct his own theories and ideas. After a while even the caf wasn’t helping, as he sifted through the files erratically.

Tomorrow, I’ll start going through this pile tomorrow, in a logical fashion. I should sleep…when am I supposed to sleep on this boat? Do I have a set schedule or…do I ask permission? That seems wrong, no…were those my quarters I woke up in earlier? Bugger…

Eventually the screen grew hazier, and Kordath’s chin met his chest, as he quietly snored, collapsing forward on to the console.


4 Hours Post Selen Launch
Shortly after the start of the drill

People were shouting, why were people shouting while he was taking a nap? The Ryn groaned as he pushed himself off the console, moving his head and neck slowly to work his circulation back up. Yawning, he reached down for his caf mug, wondering who on the ship he should bother about a permanent bunk. He wasn’t all that clear on all the ‘naval’ terms and rules, but he was certain they were called bunks. And that it was doubtful they’d appreciate him sleeping at his station on a daily basis. Wandering from his station to refill his mug, he was yawning again when he almost tripped over a crew member lying on the deck.

What the kark? Kordath reached down with his free hand, checking the body and was relieved to at least find a pulse. Really? Our first bloody flight out and somebody manages to board us? What kind of ship am I on? Right, okay, think. Mental inventory…I have…well I have my knives in my belt, that’s it. Great. Really need to learn how to use a blaster one day, Bleu. A quick survey of the corridor showed very little in the way of obvious options, but the Ryn had done his share of stowing away prior to being inducted. Keeping his eyes sharp, and boosting his hearing with the Force…heavy boots were treading further in on the ship, trying to be quiet. Likely the shooters, great, so they’re armored probably.

The Ryn let out a little grunt of satisfaction as his inspection of the hall turned up a maintenance panel in the wall. Pulling a knife out from his belt, he worked the catches and popped it open, revealing the space behind, filled with the standard structural support and wiring that all ships had. Sheathing his blade, the Ryn crawled into the tight space, pulling the panel back in place behind him. He’d done this dozens of times while freighter hopping in his younger days, and it’d always helped that he was so small. It wasn’t comfortable, but he felt safer, even as he slowly shimmied his way sideways through the wall.

Just keep quiet, Bleu, if we can make it up the bridge at least we’ll be able to see what’s going down…


Location unknown.
Naga Shadow space

She slept so peacefully she hardly noticed the sound of her comm as it alerted her to an incoming transmission. Eventually the noise increased in volume until the Iridonian stirred from slumber.

Crawling from under the sheets a pale hand groaping until the cool metal it under her fingers she activated it and grumbled into it.

“Miss Voth, you took your time.” The man’s voice was quiet and dignified, intimately familiar.

“What do you want Elim?” Her voice was fractionally groggy as her sleep left her.

“Our mutual acquaintance wished me to inform you that the Nighthawk will soon depart.” The pause dragged out between them as Nath weighed her words.

Always when I’m on shore leave.

She pushed the thought aside deciding against that line of thought it was pointless and only made her angry.

“When do you arrive?” Reluctantly she stood from the warm bed and started collecting her clothes from the floor.

“Fifteen minutes.”

“… I’ll meet you in the hangar.” With her words spoken she cut the transmission, unwilling to get chatty on exactly why she was so far from Arconan territory.

The other was still asleep in the bed, she pressed a kiss to his temple and allowed him to continue with his dreams undisturbed.

twenty five hours later

After being dismissed from the meeting Nath had very little to entertain herself with, everything was exactly as she left it. Not even dust dared to disturb her things.

She entered her room and dropped her bag on the bunk, it was nice here, dark and quiet exactly how she liked things. A small light activated as she entered but it was not as bright as the rest of the ship. Often the harshness should leave her with migraines that potentially lasted for days at a time.

Carefully she unzipped the confining dress she had arrived in, the leather protested at the movement but she had to be rid of the damned thing, it was uncomfortable but the only thing she had to hand at such short notice. Internally she cursed herself for buying it to please him, she would not wear such revealing clothes otherwise. The dress exposed swaths of flesh in horizontal strips. At the meeting she felt their eyes as though the burnt her skin, she had to reassure herself there were no marks there because she still felt as though she was being watched.

Seeing Kordath again was amusing, the Iridonian could barely contain the mirth at her former Apprentice’s suffering. No doubt he would be nursing his wounds for the whole day. It was just enough to make her tolerate the gathering without feeling too under scrutiny, though she was no fool, no doubt Zakath would grill her with questions later.

On autopilot she went and collected the usual attire that hung on the high stacked crates close by. The familiar clothing gave her some form of comfort, like it could mask away all of what she was trying to hide from her cohort. It did not take her long to change back, she still refused to wear the uniform that was expected of her.

Before she realised she was pulling the boots to herself but the sound of the door as it hissed open attracted her attention away, the glint of metal made her move fast, her hand slamming the rifle into the wall and her other hand doing the same to their skull.

They dropped the weapon, stunned, a bare foot lashed out to the kneecap forcing the leg to buckle as she drew her blade ramming it into an exposed eye socket. A cry of pain ripped from their throat but she clamped her hand down tight over the attacker’s mouth unafraid of being bitten. The Iridonian went for the only other exposed bit of flesh she could reach; their throat.

Blood spat out as she sawed through flesh and cartilage. The air hissing out of the ragged gash in wheeze as her attacker strained for breath. There was no way to conceal the sound, blood coated her face as well as the pristine clothes she had just adorned in a large arch of spraying crimson.

Without much thought she allowed the Human to drop from her grip, the dull thud as they hit the ground went ignored, she strained her ears, listening carefully for more signs of intruders but was greeted with blissful silence.

Carefully she poked her head out of her hole, the corridors seemed devoid for now. Quickly and silently she made her way to the turbo lift, it seemed that’s where her attacker had come from, as it was already on her level. Once she opened the door she stepped inside the slightly claustrophobic space and carefully looked above. It was there, she knew it was, the seams of the latch carefully concealed to give the ship some form of aesthetic.

Nath stood on her toes and ran her fingertips along the ceiling until she felt the telltale signs of a maintenence hatch and with little hesitation she pulled it down and hauled herself up before carefully placing the panel back in its proper place.

The only signs of her passing were the tiny marks of crimson that had smeared from her fingers as she had searched for the panel.


The Brigg

“Sir! I understand Sir. But… No Captain. Never Captain. I understand.” The guard spoke into his comm-link, he looked paled. He deactivated the cell and opened the door. Egregious was sitting cross legged on the bunk with his eyes closed.

“ Uh… you are free to go. The Captain gave the order your stuff is at the front desk.” He stammered as he spoke.

The Sith stood and brushed past him and walked to the security desk and grabbed his stuff still in the evidence envelope. He then exited to the main corridor and entered the lift taking him to the crew deck.

Mako Was there to receive him after he exited the detention center. " Egregious I assume?" he spoke.

The Sith just nodded " Odd welcoming party you guys have here."

“The Captain wants us up in the assembly hall. We should make our way.” he spoke with a smirk on his face as he turned and lead the way.

Most of the crew was present, and the address was short and sweet. Some he knew of from natural Brotherhood missives. Some he was just seeing for the first time. He took them all in and started to make mental images of them as, well friendly.

The group broke and he made his way to the crew quarters. He stepped into the lift to take him down a few levels.

Across the ship three whistles blew signifying the crew to pay attention to an address “Crew of the Nighthawk this is your Captain speaking. We are about to begin a training exercise, your task is to repel a hostile boarding. During this exercise the bridge and my quarters will be off limits to all personnel. Good luck, and remember this is a training exercise.”

Egregious then pulled the force in around himself and slipped from general view. His form waivered then started to fade. His body then refined to a faint ghost. With his cloak enabled he readied himself for what was ahead.

The Doors to the lift opened with its normal swoosh. Slowly he peered outside. There was a body of a trooper on the ground. His neck was turned at an unnatural angle. The warrior then stepped over it and moved down the hall. There were sounds of fire fights from all directions.

As he sneaked around a corner he came across an armored clad invader. The Sith then crept up behind the man and using his closed fist struck the guard in the side of his head. His strike of Teras Kasi snapped him back into view just as the force of his blow collided with the troopers head, making it rattle off the bulkhead. He slumped to the ground clearly knocked out.

Egregious quickly pulled the downed trooper into the open quarters and stripped him of his clothes, armor and weapons. He then strapped him to the bunk using sheets and shoved what looked like a sock in his mouth. He looked into the troopers face and let the force change his own appearance. The strict Falleen features faded away and took on the appearance of the downed trooper. He then slipped on the armor and picked up the blaster.

Egregious took one last check in the mirror in the sani-unit before slipping on the helmet. The Comm unit inside the helmet was alive with reports and chatter. He slid the door closed and shot the control panel. He scoffed as his weapon was set to stun and nothing really happened as to damage. Extending his finger he let off a shock into the device on the wall and the lights on the panel all went yellow.

He took on a walk of importance. Remember, If you think you belong you probably do. He checked his weapon and continued down the hall. All he had to do was to survive. Avoiding the sounds of the nearest fire fight he decided to make way Aft. Maybe I could find a way to control the ship from the engine room, he thought as he moved deeper into the vessel. As the Sith made his way as he then started to flood the comm’s with false reports of the crew in different locations, using this to make a path for him to make his way.


The Tipsy Rancor
Estle City, Selen
The Night before departure

“And another round!” shouted the Ryn, his tail flicking drunkenly upwards to smack the waitress as she walked away, causing her to jump and glare at the inebriated Krath.

“She’s going to poison you, if you keep that up,” said his companion, who was trying not to laugh.

Kordath Bleu was, to put it bluntly, hammered. He grinned across the small table at his Human friend, Uji, whom over the course of recent events he’d formed a bond with. The Priest damn near trusted the Templar. Much as I can trust any mouth breathing Obelisk, he thought, chuckling to himself. The Human’s eyes narrowed at him.


“That wasn’t very nice, Kord, but you’re buying so I’ll forgive you this time,” growled the Obelisk.

Poodoo, must have said that outloud, the Ryn thought, feeling his ears burn a bit from shame.

“Yes, yes you did, and that.” Uji was grinning at him openly now. His eyes flickered, and Kordath turned in a very unsubtle manner to track whatever had caught his friends eye. “Cool it Bleu,” hissed the Human. Kordath felt his own idiot grin return as he caught sight of the Twi’lek woman, skin a burnt orange in hue wearing the trappings of a freighter pilot. She was drinking with what looked like a Human female wearing dark lensed maintenance goggles, with short hair and grease spotted coveralls.

“Oooh, lonely space honies, in for a drink, Uji. Bet the pilot would love to hear some stories about your Jedi past,” said the Ryn, winking.

“I told you I don’t like using my past to pick up women, no matter how much you seem to think it’ll work. Drop it,” said the Templar, sighing.

“Poodoo! You said yourself the Nighthawk is departing tomorrow, who knows what’ll happen, another bloody ‘incident’ will breakout and you won’t be on land again for who knows how long! Better to have some stress relief beforehand, eh? Besides, tis good luck!” The Ryn was grinning broadly, momentarily distracted by the waitress bringing them a fresh round of drinks; she was standing expectantly, staring at the Krath. Kordath blinked dumbly a few times before jumping up, landing with his feet squarely on the seat of his chair, and reached into his robes. With a flourish and a drunken laugh that almost took him tumbling to the ground, he presented his wallet to the open air.

The waitress rolled her eyes, before blushing a bit herself as the Ryn pushed a handful of credits at her, and waved away her attempts to make change. This time when she walked away she let out a giggle when his tail made it’s move. Laughing, the Priest hopped down, again almost falling to the dirty bar room floor, before stabilizing himself and grasping the rocks glass that had been placed on the table. Next to it was a datapad which he’d been using for a ‘personal project’ prior to Uji finding him alone at the cantina.

“So, like I said, good luck and all, right? We should go talk to them…you got your eye on the pilot, I can tell,” the Ryn verbally prodding at his friend, with a lecherous grin.

Uji waved him off, “I don’t really care for Twi’leks that much, Kord, the last one I…spent time with was a bit insane. Like carve-your-name-in-her-arm nuts, and we only went out for a week.”

Kordath was ignoring him, watching the two women talk and laugh, the mechanic stretching in her chair for a moment, obviously relishing a moment where nothing was breaking or screeching at her. Bendy looking, mmmm.

“Come ooooon, you’re the one who showed up and told me to be social, blast it! I was content to sit here, drink, and write! You woke the beast, you get to deal with the problem, Imma talk to that mechanic girl she’s with, so you might as well come along and make sure I don’t do anything foolish. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy yourself,” stated the Ryn, standing up and nearly tripping over his chair.

“Bleu…” started the Human, remembering he’d come tracking the Krath down for a purpose, before scooping up his own drink to follow his friend. Kordath was waving towards the bartender and pointing towards the two ladies table; the barkeep simply nodded, fully aware of the Krath’s habits. Kordath smiled as he walked up, trying to appear charming when the two women turned to look expectantly at the drunken Ryn. With a wave of his hand a chair came sliding across the floor, stopping as he deposited himself in it.

“Ello ladies, name’s Blue, Kordath Bleu, a pleasure to be in the company of such lovely…uhh, ladies! Oh, and this soursack of doom and gloom is my mate Uji, he’s good at hitting things and poetry, if you believe it,” he said, winking at the Twi’lek as he gestured with a thumb towards the Human. Despite the obvious failure at being charming, the woman did smile in amusement. Funny, then, funny works.

“Umm, yeah, hi…” the Obelisk started, put on the spot as the pilot turned to him. Kordath tuned it out, turning towards the short haired woman who had her head tilted a bit to one side, goggles fixed firmly on him, “Sooo…what kind of…” he started to ask, before she raised a hand.

“That was nice of you; your friend is a bit wound up, I can tell. He wants something from you, though,” she said, a little smile on her face.

Kord squinted at her, and tried to get it together long enough to give her a gentle mental nudge through the Force. Her smile broadened a bit, and he felt a little tingle at the base of his brain that sent chills down his spine, all the way to his twitching tail.

“So, umm…light sensitive?” he asked, lacking anything akin to intelligent thought for a moment after the little brush she’d given him.

The smile faltered for a moment as she slumped forward, before facing him once more. She licked her lips, nervously, before speaking, “I…wear them so other people won’t be uncomfortable…my…race…umm…”

“Oh!” said the Ryn, loudly, before becoming embarrassed and lowering his voice, “You’re a Miraluka then, huh?”

“Y…yes, how did you,” she started to say, confusion clear on her face.

“Hah, oh look there’s our drinks, umm, took the liberty of getting you lasses another round, seeing as you’re visitors on our rock. As for the, ya know, how I know? One of my best friends…who’s…my boss now I guess…she’s of your people. Don’t bother me much, all you near-Humans look alike to me anyways, some of ya got spikes, some of ya don’t have eyes, who am I to judge?” The Ryn shrugged, placing his empty glass on the waitress’ tray, as the mechanic cradled hers. Kordath accepted a fresh one from the server, smiling and keeping his tail to himself.

“Oh, that’s rather open…minded of you. Many get disturbed, not Key’la here, she’s used to it, but I’ve grown really used to the goggles anyways. Oh! I’m Veras, Key’la and I run a courier ship, somebody in your Clan seems to trust us with ferrying messages and some light cargo, so we get to spend some downtime here on Selen sometimes. Mostly out of Korda city, but sometimes we make it to Estle.”

“Well that killed the next question,” said the Ryn, grinning, ‘Come here often? Anyways…yeah Uji is pretty uptight sometimes, takes himself way too seriously. He’s got a big important job now, and is leaving tomorrow so this is probably our last hurrah for a while.” Kordath punctuated this statement by turning and lifting his glass towards the Templar’s face, ‘Oi!”

“Huh? Oh, yeah,” said the Obelisk, clinking his glass after a few tries, not looking away from the Twi’lek who he was in conversation with. Kordath shook his head and smirked, before turning back to Veras, “So, you just got the whole….Miraluka Forcey Sight thingy going on, or can you do other stuff?”

A blush worked up the woman’s face for a moment, before she seemed to take control of her emotions, “No, I’m not one of you all. I wish, sometimes,” she said, wistfully.

Kordath snorted, causing her brow to furrow at him, “Sorry, sorry. Just it tends to make me a target more often then it seems to help. I tend to do better with my life when I just don’t…don’t use it? Manipulate it? Whatever. My number of injuries tend to be smaller, and a lot less interesting when I’m acting like a normal Ryn…huh?

The Ryn turned, at the insistent tapping on his shoulder, Uji trying to get his attention. “Bleu, gotta ask before I…uhh, me and Key’la are going to go check out something. She wants to see the Nighthawk’s…state…room, yeah. Anyways, got a job opening still on board, want in?”

“Huh?” said the Ryn, trying to wave off his friend, who seemed to have found his pre-launch good luck, “yeah sure whatever, I’m busy.”

“Great, see you.”

“Uh-huh. So…Veras…can I…buy you another drink?”

The Miraluka leaned in a little, either the alcohol or the lack of company making her grow more confident. She placed a hand on his arm, “Well I guess…oh my goodness your so…soft….”

“Ahem!” Kordath looked up to see the waitress standing in front of the table, holding up his datapad, “You left this, My Lord, over there.” Her face was flushed, noted the Ryn, absently. “Very…umm, you shouldn’t leave things like this lying around. Not things like…just…it’s not proper.”

“Oooh, what’s on the datapad?” asked the Miraluka, grinning and reaching out with her other hand.



Oh…so that’s how I ended up here, thought the Ryn, still wedged between a support spar and the bulkhead, Pretty sure she put her comm code in the pad, at least. Hope I run into her again, she was fun.

The Ryn grimaced, pushing through another gap as he moved forward. This was so much easier when he was younger. He could just make out up ahead part of the inner bulkhead curving upwards, likely leading over the bridge proper. The Krath sucked in his belly, and began his journey.


AVG Nighthawk
Nath’s quarters
Training exercise underway</b?

“Sir, this deck is secure, but we have a problem. You’ll want to see this in person.”

Zakath hissed slightly in annoyance as he responded in his thick hissing accent. “On my way.”

Within two minutes, the tall Barabel strode into the room where three of his men had taken up position around a body, blood splattered all over the room. Zakath’s violet eyes began to flare up as he took stock of the situation and surveyed the room, seeking out every visible detail.

“This is supposed to… be…” His voice trailed off into a sibilant hiss as he realized where he was. “Oh… oh, I see.”

“Sir?” A cool voice said from slightly behind him.

Zakath turned to see Luiza, one of his team leaders, return his gaze with icy blue eyes narrowed, her face a calm expressionless mask. The Barabel smiled down at her before waving a taloned hand around him. “This is Nath’s personal quarters. It seems my former apprentice has gone rogue. Or become unstable.”

“More so than usual, you mean.” Luiza’s nose wrinkled slightly as she looked down at the corpse. “Your Iridonian isn’t the most balanced person at the best of times.”

Zakath barked out a quick laugh, his tail flicking to and fro in amusement. “True enough. Either way, I will need to hunt her down before she kills too many of our crew.”

“Understood.” Luiza brushed back a stray brunette hair that had slipped from its severe bun. “Orders?”

“Continue to secure the ship. Seal off these quarters. If you sight the Iridonian, retreat and inform me at once.” Zakath’s mouth broadened into a wide serpent’s grin full of razor sharp teeth. “She is not to be engaged with under any circumstances. She is mine.”

“Yes sir.” Luiza paused and raised an eyebrow pointedly at the Barabel “So we’re continuing the exercise then. What about our Talon guests? Should we inform them?”

Zakath paused and considered the question for a few seconds before shaking his head, his grin still in place. “No. If our new comrades cannot deal with a wayward assassin, they have no business being on this ship. Let’s see how they acquit themselves if they run afoul of her before I do.”

“As you command.” The team leader smirked as she bowed slightly toward her superior before turning to bark orders to her men. “You heard the boss. Get this place sealed up, then do another sweep of the deck for our Talon guests. If you sight an Iridonian, disengage and tell the boss. If you engage her against orders, your life is forfeit.”

Zakath stepped into the hallway and sighed slightly, cracking his neck as he considered the new situation. So, Nath, you’ve gone rogue. Again. Is it you or that abominable spirit hiding within you, I wonder?

The Sith shrugged slightly to himself as he watched Luiza step out, her men following crisply behind her. It really didn’t matter at this point, the Barabel thought to himself. All that mattered was that his apprentice was now loose on the ship and was a threat to be put down.

Zakath smirked as his hand dropped to his newly crafted lightsaber.


Zakath turned and strode into the turbolift, smashing the button for the next floor above. As the doors slid shut, the Barabel paused as the faint scent of blood floated into his nostrils. Frowning, he looked around the turbolift, but failed to see any sign of it. Looking up, the Barabel’s eyes flared as they zeroed in on the maintenance hatch. Tapping his comlink, the Barabel hissed in amusement as he stared at the traces of blood.


“Luiza. Inform our men that Nath has entered the maintenance tunnels via the turbolift hatch. Previous orders still apply.”

“Acknowledged. Good hunting.”

The Barabel smiled.

The hunt is on, my wayward apprentice.


Nath cut the connection after listening carefully to the chatter, it wouldn’t be long before they found the bugs, they weren’t that stupid after all.

She gave her current situation some thought as she wedged herself within the confined space, she remembered the Human had his rifle drawn, who would be stupid enough to walk into her space ready to fight? The Iridonian moved off ready to continue along the maintenance hatches, it was pointless to remain on this level no doubt Zakath had used the turbo life and scented the blood already.

You can’t win against him. Jith’s voice echoed within her mind. It had been getting stronger and stronger with each passing month, she was certain she joyrided her body in the few short hours of sleep she managed.

“Stop telling me things I already am well aware of.” Nath murmered her words as she climbed fixating her gaze on each turn off in as they came.

So why did you kill him? You could have disarmed him easily enough.

Nath gave the question some thought before responding. After all there was no telling what the crazy spirit could disclose. In the end she opted for the partial truth.

“Do you think I’m going to give someone another chance to try and kill me?” She could hear that woman laughing in her mind, it made anger flare, she would not accept such behaviour had Jith been there in person.

“You’re lucky you’re in my head.”

Why? What would you do if I wasn’t?

“No one would hear you ever again.” Nath spoke the words just as she rounded a tight bend, she hadn’t been paying attention, hadn’t even sensed the presence that was so close by until she was practically ontop of it.

The Iridonian came face to face with the Ryn; her Apprentice. He still looked haggard, large bags under his keen eyes spoke volumes of the kind of night he had experienced.

Nath resisted the urge to grab and lash out, keeping her hands firmly where they were. She knew her appearance probably did nothing at all to endear or passify his anxiety, it was as though Kordath lived in a perpetual state of it whenever she was near.

The sanguine substance that caked her skin had already begun to dry and crack as she used the finer muscles in her face but for now she ignored the dull itch of irritation it was beginning to cause.

“I wouldn’t linger too long in these places, Zakath is hunting me.” She licked at her chapped lips before continuing. “He’ll probably start closing off access points soon, you’ll get stranded here.”


AVG Nighthawk
Maintenance Tunnels

Kordath was a bit dazed, having slipped and fallen down towards a thing mesh covering that had torn and deposited him in one of the maintenance runs within the ship. Shaking his head, he stumbled down the dark, cramped corridor, looking for something he could use as a step up back to where he’d been. As he reached a corner he heard someone muttering to themselves, and froze, sensing the conflicting mindset that was his former Master. Depending how she was doing, this could be good or bad. The blood speckled Iridonian that rounded the corner did not look promising.

Filled with a moment of concern, as well as the ever present fear he felt around her, Kordath realized she’d spoken. Running back he realized she was in trouble, which…didn’t come as much of a surprise to the Ryn.

“So…your old Master is…” he started, uncertain how to proceed, but feeling as if he was supposed to do something useful. What he really wanted was a nap, a cigarette, and a drink.

Nath looked distracted, before focusing on the Ryn, “Yes, hunting, get out of here. I won’t have you being pulled into this.”

“Where am I to go? I barely know the ship, and it seems were under attack, Master,” he stated, tiredly.

“Attack? That’s just…did you hear that?”

“What? I thought I heard something scrape, yeah….look, there was a hatch further back the way I came, it was open,” hissed the Ryn, trying to see past the Iridonian in the poor lighting of the maintenance tunnel.

“If that’s Zakath, he will not be kind to you, Bleu,” she growled, reaching to grab his collar so as to drag him away. He shook off the hand, a sign of how tired and irritated he was with the day.

“Go. You know me, I won’t give him a reason to harm me, but I can at least buy you a minute. Besides, maybe I can calm him down a bit.”

The woman shook her head at the insanity of it, wondering if the Ryn had gained a voice in his skull as well, before moving towards the hatch he’d mentioned.

Kordath squatted and leaned against one of the walls, stifling a yawn with one hand as he listened to the locks start to engage throughout the area. She was right, the whole ship was locking down. With a start he realized he still had no idea what was going on, and shook his head.


The Barabel hissed angrily as he pushed through the maintenance tunnels on all fours, his heavy talons leaving the occasional gouge into the flimsy metal sheets as he passed by. His eyes flared as he reached out with the Force, seeking out Nath’s presence.


Zakath’s muscles tensed as he felt the presence of his wayward former apprentice before letting loose in a surge of energy, his pace quickening as he moved rapidly through the tunnels, using his hands and feet to grab every visible edge to make himself move quicker, closing in on the presence.

He growled softly as he felt Nath begin to fade away in his perception. On the move again. The Barabel Sith thought to himself as he reached out again to pinpoint her location. As he dropped into a larger junction connecting several tunnels together, Zakath’s focus was suddenly interrupted.

“Oh, who are you?” A startled male voice intruded.

Zakath blinked as he turned to see a shivering Ryn squatting against a wall looking up at him. “Who are- Kordath?”

“Er, yeah, that’s me.” The Ryn blinked up at him before raising up to his feet. “Oh, now I know who you are, you’re Zakath, aren’t you? Nath’s master?”

“Yes.” Zakath hissed as he locked his eyes entirely on the Ryn. “And why in the Hells are you hiding in the maintenance tunnels?”

“Well the ship seems to be under attack, so I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on…” Kordath’s voice trailed off as he saw the Barabel’s eyes narrow into dangerous violet slits.

“For being our new Chief Analyst, you are not starting off on the right foot.” Zakath growled. “We are in the middle of a training exercise, you moron. Our Talon guests are pretending to board and capture this ship, and the crew is moving to defend it.”

“Oh.” Kordath’s disposition brightened up a bit. “So we’re not in actual danger, then.”

“Just from Nath.” Zakath’s voice dropped to a hiss. “She killed one of my men for no apparent purpose, and I am hunting her down before she kills again. Which way did she go?”

“Oh uh… Not entirely sure…” The Ryn’s voice choked off as Zakath suddenly gripped him by the throat and lifted him up, forcing Kordath to stare directly into Zakath’s glowing violet eyes, which were now entirely intent on him.

“Do not lie to me, Ryn, she was here.” The Barabel’s grip tightened, causing a choking noise to come out of Kordath. “Put aside your misplaced loyalty to your master. She killed one of my men, and needs to be brought into custody.” The grip loosened slightly, allowing Kordath to gulp in air. “I will take her alive if possible, but she cannot be allowed to continue. Now. Where. Is. She.”

The Ryn pointed frantically toward a tunnel and the Barabel’s eyes narrowed, waves of the Force billowing out of him and into Kordath. After a long few seconds, the Barabel nodded in satisfaction and dropped the Ryn, turning to enter the tunnel before pausing at the entrance. “I suggest you start aiding in the ship’s defense. It would not look favorably on you if you spent the entire exercise hiding in the tunnels.”

With that, Zakath entered the tunnel, leaving the Ryn behind.

His lips curved into a serpent’s grin as he locked on to Nath’s presence in the Force, growing steadily larger in his perception. He was closing in on his apprentice, who was now apparently trying to get out of the tunnels. Glancing up at the location markings that lined the tunnels indicating where they were on the ship, the Barabel felt a surge of satisfaction when he noted that they were on Deck Five.

He tapped his comlink and spoke as soon as he heard his team leader come on the line. “Luiza. I’ve tracked Nath to Deck Five. Release the locks on the tunnels on that level, but seal off everything else in the area.”

“Acknowledged.” The cool female voice said before barking off the instructions to one of her men. A few seconds later, she came back on the line. “We’re holding our own here, but be advised, we’re tracking several Talon people closing in on Deck Five. You’ll have about 10, 15 minutes tops before you have hostiles joining.”

“Understood. Give our Talon guests hell.”

“Will do.” The Barabel could feel the female human’s smile before the comlink cut off.

Chuckling softly to himself, the Barabel pushed on, soon reaching the hatch that led out into the hangar bay. The Barabel can feel the presence of Nath just outside now, and the feelings of upcoming combat was now coiling deliciously within him, his talons now itching for the feel of flesh being ripped under it.

Sliding out of the hatch and onto the hangar floor, the Zakath instantly spotted a blood splattered Iridonian striding swiftly toward a door.

“It’s sealed off, Nath.” Zakath growled out as he withdrew his lightsaber, but not igniting it just yet.

The Iridonian female stopped suddenly in her tracks before turning to face him, her face carefully blank as always. “I see you caught up with me.”

“Yes. Quite the chase you led me on.” The Barabel hissed softly as he studied the face of his former apprentice. “Now would you mind explaining why you killed one of my men? A little overkill for a training exercise, wouldn’t you say? Especially since he was on our side?”


AVG Nighthawk
Hangar Bay

“…we will repel this force. For I have confidence in you all. We are Nighthawk. And this is our ship.” Rulvak spoke proudly, finishing up a rallying speech to everyone who had gathered in the bay.

Rulvak looked around at the well designed fortress they had created out of the cargo and shuttles in the Hangar Bay. There was no way anyone was getting to them from the turbolift or bay doors without being completely put down by their stuns. The attackers would have no choice but to filter in, single file, through a carefully placed maze of cargo and shuttles.

This is our area, and it will be impervious to attacks. We may have ‘lost’ the bridge, but we can work our way back after a good stand here. Rul thought, pleased with his fortress.

Rulvak then gathered a few members he had in the bay with him, and had them positioned strategically along the top of the walls of cargo containers and shuttles. He had trip wires placed with stun grenades to go off around corners that the attackers would have to squeeze around if they had any chance of getting to the other side where the rest of the crew were holed-up.

This shall do nicely. I assume they will put up a good fight, but I’m sure this will conquer our guests.

The Commander then turned back to the remainder of the crew not positioned atop the walls. He could see the doubt on their faces still.

“Come, all of you.” They all rose, and gathered by their Commander.

“This is a training exercise, but you shall not treat this any differently than the real thing. Your lives are on the line. There is no room for doubt. We will overcome this threat, and we will be victorious. There is only one opening, and they must make it through our maze. Should they do that, you will be there. You will stop them.”

Rulvak handed over the remaining weapons, knowing full well they would still need to have the courage to fire when the time came. He then pointed in the direction of the last remaining barrier, just outside the opening to the maze, for them to take cover.

“You can do it. We will be victorious.” He noticed a few brighter faces, but realized he wasn’t the best at giving speeches.

As long as they all hold their position, and aim true, this will be over faster than they thought possible.

Rul turned back toward his maze, his fortress, and took his position.

“This is my castle.” He whispered to himself, before focusing in on the force to feel out the situation on the floors above him.


AVG Nighthawk

The Talons had swept through the Nighthawk as a hot knife goes through butter. The Crew of deck two had fled screaming in the hallways from the team or hidden under their desks. It was not the second deck crews fault however as they had to face the Talons unprepared in the opening minutes of the exercise. With the exception of Kordath’s office the Talons had cleared and secured deck two in ten minutes.

The third deck, habitation, had been mostly cleared with the majority of the crew that remained unstunned fleeing toward deck four and deck five to consolidate under Rulvak’s leadership. The Talons had found Baxir and Ood at their respective offices. Both senior members and notionally surrendered to the teams, to busy with their respective work to be bothered with the drill. Mako had been thankful of this, knowing both where capable of taking out a large number of the Talons before being subdued.

It was when they had reached deck four that things got interesting. First they found two Security officers, one dead and one beaten to unconsciousness.

“Captian you seeing this?” Mako had called in each event.

“Zakath and Myself are already tracking on the Nath situation, continue on Commandant,” had been the reply each time.

With all but Engineering cleared on deck four the Talons stacked to breach Lilly’s old work station.


The Talons breached Engineering in a textbook fashion; quick and efficient movement to cover after softening the area with a concussion grenade. The security force lead by Luiza was waiting for them there. Blaster stun bolts shot across the open space of Engineering illuminating the area in pale blue light. The firefight lasted roughly five minutes as the two forces maneuvered with tactical excellence toward each other. In the middle of Engineering they met in hand to hand combat. Mako and Lilly quickly subdued security force members one after another with Teras Kasi, the Talons formed into a wedge behind the two stunning security force members as they fell and approached.

Mako engaged Luiza personally, Zakath’s lieutenant lived up to the trust that the Security Chief placed in her, managing to shallowly cut the Archpriest several times before falling before him.

“Casualty Count!” the Krath ordered as the dust settled.

“Brek and Delven have been stunned,” Sergei reported over the communication link, his voice unable to exit his helmet as the rest of the Talons were. Standard operating procedure for the teams was to seal their suits completely for combat.

“Understood, load them on the turbolift and send them to the bridge. Lilly access the Nighthawks computer system and use the personal tracker locate the rest of the crew. By my count there should still be 31 of the 60 crew members out there.” Mako issued his orders. Moments later the Fade replied.

“30 members are holed up in the hangar. They are prepared for assault from the turbolift and deck entrance.”

Mako’s eyes narrowed at the information as he took in the surroundings. “Talons grab those fusion torches the Engineers left for us. We are going to drop in behind the crew using the ventilation system.”

The Talons worked quickly, entering the deck five vents by referencing the ships layout on their wrist computers and cutting through the flooring above them. As the Talons strategically placed themselves against the space side hangar wall and began preparing for the final assault. Mako and Lilly checked the rest of the ship via the computer terminals in Engineering. They found only eliminated crew members left, but the count was 29.

“This must be wrong, where is the Falleen,” Mako muttered the Force answering his question quickly enough. Moving as if controlled by foresight the Archpriest caught Egregious’ hands causing the Sith to materialize into the normal visible spectrum again.

As he quickly stripped the lightsaber from the Warrior’s hands the Krath let his elbow strike the Falleen in the face. Staggering backward in pain and confusion the Sith only collapsed as a stun bolt hit him square in the chest. From the hole into the vents Sergei lowered his rifle, a smile on his face underneath the helmet.

“We are prepared Sir,” the Team Leader spoke over the comms before disappearing into the vents again.

“30 down, 30 left,” Lilly spoke through a smile as she brushed a strand of hair from her face.

Hangar Bay

The Talons and Mako stood poised to strike from the vents as Zakath and Nath entered the Hangar from a maintenance tunnel. Kordath stood near the Commander having finally found a force he felt safe with. The rest of the crew stood watching the turbolift, the nervous demeanor of most the crew felt almost palpable on the air.

“Snipers focus on Rulvak and Nath, then take Kordath do not touch the trigger till my order.”

“Yes, Sir,” the reply came back.

Mako breathed deep and exhaled as he prepared mentally for the final push. The Krath keyed the comlink three times to signal the attack.

Each Talon dropped one then two concussion grenades through a small hole they had cut in the vent. Rulvak’s body suddenly locked up on him as Mako dipped into the force to immobilize the Commander. The snipers shot as the 16 grenades went off, Nath and Rulvak collapsed from the stun bolts, a third shot and Kordath fell.

The Talons Stomped on a pre-cut vent panel causing it to fall to the Hangar’s deck, then jumping out of the vent and descending on ascension cables themselves the Talons found easy prey of 10 crew members as they struggled to re-orient themselves after the blasts had knocked them through a loop.

Mako descended next to Zakath, and their arms moved as a blur becoming entangled. Each stopped as the unlit emmeter of their lightsaber touched the temple of the other. With a nod they untangled themselves from each other and took a step back.

“Zakath and myself have eliminated each other in the contact, we both have become notional KIA,” Mako reported to the bridge as the Talons began to fall to the stun blasts of the crew. Within a minute it was all over as the last Talon fell stunned to the deck.

Three whistles echoed out as the Captain addressed the Nighthawk. “Attention, The training exercise has ended. The crew of the Nighthawk has won, however only 3 crew members remained in play. Return to your normal duties and prepare for a ship wide debriefing on the exercise, time to be announced.” Three whistles blew again as the Captain ended the announcement.



Uji watched his Chief of Security approach him, the Barabel saluting quickly before his eyes tracked from the Captain to the still-motionless form of his former Apprentice within the cell. Nath remained sedated for the time being, laying cuffed to the bunk within. Zakath returned his gaze to the Captain, his reptilian eyes seeming to glow slightly as he stared down at the Human in front of him.

“You requested my presence, Captain?” there was a note of irritation in his voice in part at being called away from the cleanup in progress following the training exercise.

“I wasn’t made aware of Nath’s condition until after the exercise. I find it strange that her records don’t indicate any mention of her possession or inability to control it.” The casual tone Uji used did little to disguise the obvious suggestion that it had been Zakath’s doing.

Zakath’s low, hissing laughter was enough to begin stirring the Iridonian out of her sleep; an unconscious reaction to the presence of her former Master.

“I have no interest in hiding my pupil’s flaws,” the last word issued forth practically as a curse.

“If I had known the full extent of the situation, I would have made Arcia aware of it when she was Captain of the Nighthawk.” Uji considered the Chief’s words for a moment before tipping his head in a slight nod of acceptance.

“One way or another, Nath is not to be allowed to roam the ship. As of now, I’m releasing both of you from your responsibilities on a temporary basis. Deal with this issue, and get her back to a state where we can rely on her — otherwise she stays in that cage. Understood?”

“…Captain. All I know is that a spirit is hiding within her. How powerful it is, or if it is capable of taking possession, I do not yet know."

“Due to our interrogator’s usefulness to this ship, the records will show that she was not fully in control of her actions. If that turns out to not be the truth, I expect you to deal with her.”

The Barabel’s glowing violet eyes increased in intensity for a long moment before dimming as he considered Uji’s words. Zakath bowed slightly. “As you command, Captain.”

Commanders Office

“Would you like something to drink Chief?” Rulvak smiled as he turned pouring a single glass of scotch, watching as the Ryn’s eyes lit up as he reached for it. At the last moment the Commander pulled the glass back and drained it, watching the disappointed and unamused look of his subordinate.

“Do… uhh, I get one of those?” Kordath looked at the bottle, grimacing slightly as he recognized the brand as a cheap knockoff before putting back on a smile. Guess he doesn’t get paid that much more than I do after all.

“From your report, you said at the beginning of the exercise you were unaware that an operation was happening. Now from the accounts of… every other crewman on board, those on and off duty heard the warning and participated. How exactly did you manage to not be aware of it?” Rulvak poured another glass, and left it sitting on the desk next to them.

“Yeah… I’m uhh, kinda still getting used to this whole “on shift” bit, and I may or may not have fallen asleep? Listen, I can talk to Uji and smooth this whole thing over, no problem.” The same forced smile remained as Kordath went to stand.

“Just to inform you of military protocol, the Commander is responsible for the disciplinary action of the crew. Believe me, you should be glad; the Captain’s choice of what to do with you would be far less pleasant.”

“Oh?” The smile faltered as the Ryn sat back down and began to take the Sephi a little more seriously.

“As such we need to address two occurrences. The first being your indiscretion in falling asleep during your shift, the second being the blatant cowardice of hiding while a foreign force attempted to overthrow our ship.” As Rulvak finished, he picked the glass of scotch up off his desk, and handed it to Kordath.

“I have chosen to overlook this exercise as an appraisal of your talents; however, make no mistake in my intentions. If you ever act in such a manner again, then I will personally see to it that you are placed into a suit, magnetically locked to the side of the vessel, and given plenty of time to think things over while watching the void of space pass by you from the exterior of the ship.”

“On a lighter note, the ship is undergoing a cleanup, and you should help with at least that aspect of it. I wish for us to get along well, but I cannot overlook everything you do. Tread lightly around others, as they are watching you.” Rulvak turned away from the Ryn, and reached into his desk. “And if you need a drink when you’re not working, come sit and chat a while with me,” he said, revealing his promotion bottle of vodka.

Kordath recognized this bottle to be much nicer than the last. Cheap Scotch for the lecture, and good vodka for the chats? Well played.

“Dismissed Chief”


Briefing Room

“To put things simply, even though the crew was victorious in rebelling the boarding team, there is simply no chance that three members of the crew could pilot this ship back to safe harbour.” Uji looked around the room, and noticed each member of the crew looked displeased at the tone of the de-briefing so far.

“However, I’d rather these flaws be shown during a training exercise within Arconan space, rather than as we’ve experienced in the past during pivotal operations.” The assembly relaxed slightly.

“Among those of the Brotherhood, we are often forced to operate as individuals. When we are a part of this crew, we must operate as a team. If I were to be captured, killed, or otherwise, command falls to Rulvak. Yet the moment I was eliminated, each of you became individuals again, and frankly my presence would have done little to change events.”

“We will be in orbit above Eldar within a few hours. Resume your stations and ensure that once we receive our orders from command, we are ready to disembark. I suspect Arcia will be performing inspections before letting us leave. Once you’re areas and prepped and ready, take some time to relax and reflect on the exercise.”


Captain’s Quarters

“Correct, near complete crew casualty by the end of the exercise. The additional complication involving Nath didn’t help matters any with Zakath being forced to restrict her movements.”

“Yes, after examining the situation, we believe that Nath was influenced by an external force. I have temporarily released Zakath and Nath from service. I believe his prior involvement with our Interrogator will give him additional insight into dealing with the problem.” Uji paused a moment, knowing that Arcia’s decision could override his own if her suspicion was aroused.

“Let me know how it turns out. I’d rather not have to see Operative Voth taken from active duty; however, we cannot risk her harming any more Arconan personnel.” Arcia’s voice betrayed nothing, monotone and cold.

“Once in orbit above Eldar, I will be joining you aboard the Nighthawk to discuss the details of your next assignment. Let’s hope that your future endeavors fare better than your drills did.”

“Cortel out.”

With that, the image of the Quaestor disappeared from the small holo-transceiver. The ship began to slow and begin its approach to the home planet of Galeres. Uji, pondering about the next assignment and if the crew was truly ready to act as Galeres’ first line of defense, looked outside. There she was. Eldar.


AVG Nighthawk
Hangar Bay

Zakath had spent the past couple hours coordinating the hand over of command to his newly minted second-in-command, Luiza. The whole of the security guards on the Nighthawk that weren’t on duty elsewhere was assembled in the hangar bay listening to their fearsome commander as he spoke.

“As of right now, Luiza is the new Deputy Chief of Security aboard the Nighthawk, and is acting Chief in my stead until I return.” Zakath growled out in his usual low rumble as he paced back and forth in front of the assembled men, Luiza standing a step behind the pacing Barabel. “You will obey her as you would me. Any insubordination, she has the authority to execute, if necessary. Is that understood?”

Shouts of affirmation came from the assembled men, and the Barabel’s lips curved into a grim smile as he turned to face Luiza, who gave her boss a smirk. “Don’t worry, boss. I’ll get these lazy sithspawns into shape, you got my word on that.”

“Good.” Zakath hissed as he shot a baleful glance at the assembled men. “They did well killing the Talons, but I would prefer that more of them remain alive. Dead men are of no use to us. Focus your attention on defensive tactics to begin with, then proceed from there.”

“You got it.” Luiza replied as she clasped her hands behind her back. “Anything else?”

“Have docking control get a shuttle ready, and have Nath brought aboard. She should be sedated, so will offer little resistance.” Zakath said as he turned to walk to the turbolift. “I will be departing soon.”

“Yes sir.” Luiza said as she fished out the comlink and linked to docking control.

Captain’s Office

“You’ve decided what to do with Operative Voth?” Uji asked as he gazed calmly at his Security Chief.

“I decided how to begin, yes.” Zakath hissed out as he paced back and forth in front of the Captain’s desk. “I will need to know the nature of the spirit and its relationship to my apprentice. From there, we can determine how to excise it. I will question her aboard our shuttle, then we can proceed from there.”

“You got experience in this matter?” Uji’s eyebrows rose slightly.

“Yes.” Zakath stopped in front of the Captain. “Though it will depend on if the possessed one wants the spirit gone. If Nath is unwilling to let the spirit go, we may have no recourse but to eliminate her.”

“You are willing to do that?” Uji’s voice grew hard. “If you can’t…”

“Do not doubt me, Captain.” The Barabel’s voice dropped into a low sinister hiss as he stared at Uji, his green eyes being overshadowed by a violet glow. “I do care for my student after a fashion, but I will not see her bound to a spirit’s leash no matter how willing she is to be its host. If she doesn’t excise it, she will fall to my blade.”

“Good.” Uji nodded in satisfaction . “And you’ve made sure the homing beacon is secure aboard your ship?”

“Yes.” Zakath gave a single nod. “You will be able to track us wherever we go. Although Nath will be able to find it and disable it easily enough if she gains control of the ship.”

“I’m aware of that possibility.” Uji admitted as he settled back into his chair. “But if nothing else, it will give us a place to begin our search.”

“Then I am free to depart?” The Barabel asked.

"Go."Uji ordered.

The Barabel gave a curt bow and strode out of the office.

Hangar Bay

“The shuttle is ready?” Zakath asked as he strode across the hangar to the waiting shuttle, Luiza keeping pace beside him.

“Yes sir, and your Iridonian is on board.” Luiza replied as she glanced at her master. “We estimate that the sedatives she’s been giving will be wearing off quickly. Normally she’ll be out for a great deal longer, but I think she’s using the Force to purge her body of the drugs. Either that or she has one fantastic constitution.”

“Neither would surprise me.” The Sith said with a harsh bark of laughter as they came to a stop in front of the shuttle’s lowered landing ramp. “Goodbye, Luiza.”

“Chief.” Luiza gave a crisp salute, which Zakath acknowledged with a nod before walking up the ramp and triggering it to rise behind him.

Checking in the passenger section, Zakath dropped to one knee next to Nath’s unconscious body, his eyes taking note of every detail as he examined her.

“I wonder what you’ve been up to, my daughter.” He murmured softly to himself as he carefully pried one eyelid open to examine the pupil. “I’m sure this will be a most fascinating conversation.”

Satisfied that Nath would be out for another hour, he rose and entered the cockpit. Settling himself into the pilot’s chair, Zakath began engaging the engines and readied to depart. Within moments, the shuttle has departed the Nighthawk and was on course for deep space.

This was going to be an interesting trip.


Kordath had cleared what little he had to do yet on duty, the ship wasn’t receiving a lot of specific information without an active assignment yet. Cleaning up had been boring and quick as well, at least for his station. Wiping away the last bits of drool markings from the console, he sighed and stood up, and wondered again just what the hells he was doing on a military ship. And what the Sephi had meant in referring to his cowardice…a clinking sound as he brushed against his chair reminded him of the bottle of scotch nesting in his trousers.


’Two hours until orbit of Eldar is achieved, two hours.’ A voice on the intercom had been informing the ship’s crew for a while now, a monotone drone that sounded bored.

The Ryn was ignoring it, stumbling slightly as he maneuvered around a group of crewmen carrying cleaning supplies through the personnel quarters. They took a moment to nod at the Chief, who ignored them as he took another pull from the bottle firmly grasped in his right hand.

“Gods what is this stuff, tastes like it could clean rust of durasteel. I don’t remember it being this…bad…’ Kordath squinted at the bottle he was holding, making out words such as ‘cleaner’ and ‘do not ingest’.

Huh, musta left the scotch somewhere, oooh well. This stuff ain’t killt me yet

With a jaw creaking yawn, the Ryn looked at the row of doors lining the wall, racking his sloshed brain for his quarter’s designation. Instead he kept picturing the violet skinned, pointy eared Sephi who’d…dressed him down? Kordath’s brow furrowed as he tried to remember all the pointless terms people on boats used.

“S’not a boat, ‘s a ship,” muttered the Ryn, “Call’d me a bleeding coward? Muh job is intellige…intell…information and stuff. Was tryin’ to collect it. What good am I in a bloody fight? Just get in the way…pointy ear’d Obelisk…all about the fightin’ ya little grunting jackboots…”

Eyes wandering up the corridor, the Priest spotted one whose indicator suggested it was unlocked. From what he could tell most of the officers had bedded down, after all the fun of the training exercise and impending visit from the Qauestor, people were resting up. In the Ryn’s drunken, possibly poisoned mind, this made a strong case for this door to be where his own bed would be.

Stumbling to the door, he palmed the controls and nearly fell in as the door swished open.

“Heh…swissssh…Gods save me from these jumped up military types…wha’s that smell?”

Kordath pushed up from the floor, bottle of solvent temporarily forgotten as he sniffed at the air. It was earthy, had a moist and musky quality to it. The lights were down, and hadn’t turned on when he’d entered. A scraping sound drew his attention as well, before a raspy voice spoke from the darkness.

“Ah, Bleu. Excellent. They finally sent someone to aide me.”

The Ryn let out a whimper as he recognized the voice, and heard the door shut behind him, the tell-tale sound of it locking didn’t help.

“Hey….Ood….wrong room mate, was tryin’ to find……me….bunk…”

A tendril appeared from the dark and caught the Priest by his wrist, yanking him further into the room.

“We have so much to do. This will be such fun.”