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Ashlynn Knighting Fiction

July 25, 0836 Zulu, House Satele Shan HQ on Daleem 

Looking around at the House members, Maximus Alvinius begins addressing the House members.

“Today is a unique day in the life of House Satele Shan here in Daleem. We have officially begun our new simulated training focusing on reconnaissance. This will allow us to improve the Intel we provide to the Clan as a whole. Problem is while I know many of you are still hurting from the pre-party that the A’lora decided to throw for us, I need you all to stay razor sharp on this training evolution. Celebrations and rest can be had after you finish. That is all. Good luck” Maximus said.

30 minutes later in the Hangar Bay

::Military Officer walks into the Hangar::

“Attention on deck!” The lead scout in the formation yells.

“At east, no wait… there is no ease right now.” The Officer pauses while looking down at his data pad.

“Our own plans for training have been canceled due to an incoming threat towards the North of the city. I’ll need all available hands to take course that way.” Yells the Officer.

Ashlynn begins her way towards the speeders when suddenly the Officer calls out her name.

“Ashlynn Cruise. Your presence is requested at the Intel office immediately.” He said while pointing towards the way.

Ashlynn quickly turned towards the direction of the Intel office without hesitation.

5 minutes later in the Intel office.

“Hurry come in! The forces are already engaging and starting to flank the cities positions! With my present calculations we have only minutes left to warn the units of their positions and start activating defensive maneuvers.” The Intel Operative said with a glaring look of concern.

Ashlynn sat down and began using her own skills in defensive strategy to start activating the different sensors, turrets, shields, and communication jammers for the areas protecting the city. One by one as she activated them the enemy units would quickly began bringing down the defenses.

“Oh this is not good. They have taken down 4 different defense systems and are minutes from the city.” The Operative said while pulling his hair.

Ashlynn still unfazed continued to try to counteract the enemy efforts until the last defense went out. As she looked down in defeat the room went black except for a glaring red light. Within the distance she could see the silhouette of four figures.

“Arise Captain Ashlynn Cruise” Responded a voice that appeared to be her masters.

“Captain? I’m not a Captain? Why are we talking about this when the city is about to overrun?” She responded as the lights jolted on.

In front of her stood Turel Sorenn, Alethia Archenksova, Aurora Ta’var, A’lora Kituri, and her master Maximus Alvin’s. Each one dressed in ceremonial gear.

“I believe your out of uniform Captain” A’lora said.

Maximus walked over and pinned her new Captain rank on her while smiling.

“How could I be promoted when I failed at saving the city?” Ashlynn said with a confused expression.

“This test has been given to many Officers over the years. It was designed to not be won. The goal of it was to stress your resolve and ability to sacrifice your self to the last minute to save your people. You not only did that, but you did it in better time than any before you.” Congratulations Captain.” Maximus responded.

“This is a momentous occasion for you. Everyone in the summit and the Clan are excited to see where your journey in the Clan goes next.” A’lora stated.