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Attack on Boyna end of the Obelisk



Solas Night Thorn
D’cota James
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Blackhawk was in his quarters, looking through available shadow academy courses, contemplating which course to take next when it arrived. The message, surprisingly, came from Grand Master Darth Pravus. “Now why would the Grand Master message me?” he thought. Curious he opened the message.

">> Classified.
Top secret.
Eyes only.

To whom it may concern
I have declared war on both the light and dark side servants who dare to oppose me. You have been selected to become part of an elite, five man strike force assigned to take out targets as they are assigned to you. Your team, whom you will meet with later, has also been made aware of all this. Go meet your team aboard that ship you’ve been working on, the Wolf, as you call it, if memory serves. The details of your mission shall be revealed there. All I intend to reveal right now is that you, along with your team, will be tasked first, with eliminating what remains of the vile order of the Obelisk. Go to the wolf, meet your team, and await further instructions.

End message"

“Interesting,” Blackhawk thought. “Who does he want me to work with?” He found it unsurprising that the grand master was aware of his pet project. It lead him to speculate that maybe he would work with his battle ream, considering only a few knew of the ship he had been working on. As he arrived at the docking bay where his ship was stored, he looked up and admired the Wolf for a moment, hoping it and the gunship aboard, would do well. As he boarded the ship, he was surprised to find that he knew two people aboard, and had heard of one. However, he had never seen or heard of the other one. Tall, attractive, but completely unknown was the red haired woman aboard the ship. “So” Blackhawk asked “who’a the stranger? And who knows what’s going on here?” He approached the holotable, looking around at each one around the table, realizing that he was among the lowest ranked at the table.


Taranae looked around the table at the assembled group. She knew names due to the list that had been sent to her datapad, now she just had to match the faces. The epicanthix she knew from her past mission as they tried to eradicate the evil lurking in the Plagueis station Anchorage. Solas definitely bore the scars of that battle now, as his new prosthetic arm lazily reached up and he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. The second of whom she knew was Caesar who had also accompanied her into the depths of the Anchorage. His blonde ponytail and the scar on his face instantly brought back his familiarity. As always, his weapons of choice already hung on his belt. He had used them with great ability before and she was glad to have him around. The two others she realised must be D’Cota and Blackhawk from Tarentum, the same Clan as Caesar and Solas. So now she had the names matched, it was simply a matter of introducing herself.

“I’m Taranae, Blade of the Fallen of Clan Plagueis.” she calmly stated. I have no idea why we are here except the details from a simple message sent to me by the Grand Master. I know only two of you,” she gestured to Caesar and Solas, “and I hope to get to know you all more as we go on.” She glanced at the newcomer to the table.

“I presume,” she said as she glanced at her datapad, “that you must be Blackhawk? And you,” she glanced at the other member of the team, “must be D’cota?” Both members acknowledged her with a curt nod.
“So that’s the pleasantries out of the way.” she said. “I presume all we can do now is wait until we are contacted.”

The group drifted away and began to wander around the ship that she had learned Blackhawk had secretly been working on. She found him near the exit ramps to the ship, barking orders at service personnel as they scurried about doing whatever was needed in preparation for the mission. The male struck her as odd for some reason. He seemed a normal-looking human, but his demeanour and stance suggested otherwise, and she decided to keep an eye on him as her senses screamed that he was not what he seemed. She found Solas further into the ship, sitting at a table and talking with D’Cota.

“Hi Solas. How’s the arm coming along?” she asked jovially.

“Oh this thing?” He waved at her with the prosthetic limb. “Feels like I always had it!” He stifled a quick chuckle. “It seems he actually did me a favour when I lost it.”

“Nice to see you’re using it so well.” She remarked. “And D’Cota. Nice to meet you.” She offered a hand to the male and he took it as he stood, shaking her arm so vigorously that her bones shuddered.

“Good to meet you too, Taranae. I must say, we’ve heard a lot about you from Caesar and Solas. I reckon we have a very able group here.” He released his hold on her hand and returned to his seat as Taranae massaged the feeling back into her digits. At least he was enthusiastic, that was a good start.

From further into the ship, everyone heard the signal from the holocommunicator. As one, they raced to the room and opened the communications.

“Greetings.” Came the welcome, as the Grand Master’s visage flashed to life before them. “You’re probably wondering why you’re all here….”


Caesar looked at the Data Pad, and saw the message which was being transmitted, it come from an unknown Planet, he looked at the rest of the team, as asked his apprentice D’cota a question.

“D’cota do you know where this message is coming from”,D’cota looked at the human with a puzzled look and pressed a button on the control panel, to locate the planet, and the Student replied with even more puzzlement “No I cant locate the planet, Caesar sorry”.

Caesar give a short glare at his student, as he did so Solas looked over at Caesar and said “Caesar give your student a break Grey if he can’t locate the planet he can’t”.

The human looked at Solas and replied “I was not looking at my student Solas I was looking at the data pad, the planet this message, is coming from is actually as my student has said unknown”.

Solas give a puzzled look and was wondering where is mission was going to end up.

Black Hawk, and Tara where looking puzzled as well, “mmm”, black hawk said “I wonder if we can locate the planet by deepening the search with a probe”.
Tara looked at Black Hawk and said “great idea black hawk”.

The crew looked at the data pad a bit further, as they did so Caesar reached out his right hand and reached for the Force, “Here we go again”, said Solas “Caesar doing his magic”.

Whilst Caesar was reaching for the Force he closed his eyes in deep mediation, he reached out with the Force even further then he had done before and he could feel the pressure mounting, as he did so.

After a few minutes Caesar slumped in his chair, and looked to the floor and held his hand between his hands and sit there for what seemed a very long time to him, but it was only a few seconds.

The human looked up and said “Place the probe 23 34 45 60, into the outer rim those are the closest co-ordinates I can give you”.

This time the Grey Jedi was quick to recover, not as before Solas and Tara looked at each other and Tara said in some amazement “Caesar you have recovered quickly, not like last time how come”.

The human replied “I have learnt how to control the Force in short waves so I don’t get as tired as I did before, don’t worry I have to sleep it off later, and it takes 8 hours or so, I can reach out as many times as I wish and don’t get tired”.

Solas and Tara said “Ok Caesar but don’t tire yourself out to much”, Caesar gave a nod to the pair and give a slight smile, with that Solas and Tara, looked away at the data pad, and asked Black Hawk, to release the probe.

Black Hawk replied loudly “Yes Sir”.

Caesar said to the young one “Black Hawk and D’cota, you don’t have to call me Sir, young ones I am Caesar just Caesar”.


D’Cota looked around the room at his companions. His first mission. His hands were shaking, not from being nervous, but from a sense of excitement. He had dreamed of this day. Being surrounded by superiors seemed to only boost his excitement. As he looked around he day-dreamed of all the scenarios in which he would have to swoop in to save the day. He imagined himself landed a perfectly timed ion torpedo as he swooped in for air support as his allies fought below. He could almost hear their cheers as the building in-front of them crumbled, destroying the remainder of their enemies. He snapped out of his own world at the sound of a woman’s voice.

“D’Cota, Nice to meet you.” said the red-haired woman standing before him. He stood quickly and shook her outstretched hand.

As the signal from the holocommunicator lit up and gave them their mission it started to become very real for D’Cota. The rest of the crew on the Wolf seemed very calm though, so he did his best to contain his excitement. What would his superiors think of him if he couldn’t manage his emotions on this mission? He needs to make a statement that he is fully capable of handling responsibility.

“If the Obelisk are our targets, its likely that they are heavily defended” D’Cota said aloud to his teammates, “We may need to delegate some roles between us to ensure that we can hit them from multiple angles.”

The rest of the group looked toward D’Cota. Perhaps he was onto something. The semi-approving look he was receiving from Caesar was reassuring.

“We may need some help in the air as well as on the ground to take down larger targets. I’m prepared to do whatever is needed from my team in order to execute this mission as efficiently as possible. What do you guys think?”

D’Cota looked on to his teammates, doing his best to hide the bit of nervousness that was beginning to creep in behind his itch for adrenaline.


Blackhawk was on the command deck performing a systems check when the comms went off. Rushing to the communication bay, Blackhawk noticed he location was unknown. " Interesting " he thought. The comms were designed to track all transmissions, so of course he wanted to know what was going on. “Any ideas?” the clawdite inquired, having recently unconcerned reverted to his natural form, not that he had realized his shift to human for anyway. “I can’t track it” D’Cota informed him. “Any probes in the area?” Caesar asked. “None but if someone can use the force and give me a general idea, I can launch a probe to find it” Blackhawk replied. With that Caesar began to concentrate, extremely evident by a spike on the presence of the force within the room. “23 34 45 60” Caesar told him before briefly dozing. He woke up in seconds. Before Blackhawk could here more he was sprinting through the ship to launch the probe, ordering various crew members to prepare for takeoff along the way. When he returned the message was played. As he, and likely everyone else had a suspected, an image of Darth Pravus appeared. " Greetings" the garbled voice of the message said. “As you may have noticed, I am transmitting from an unknown location. You may also wonder why.” the hologram continued. “For my own protection, I don’t intend to be found, and any attempts to find me, even if you have, by some impressive feat of the force, somehow managed to get an idea, will be wasted. Now as promised, your full mission briefing"
As the message went through the briefing and standard farewell, the crew was already planning an attack. “Long range bombardment?” Blackhawk suggested” “Blackhawk, you know this ship well, is this ship really capable of that?” Caesar remarked almost sarcastically. “In a pinch yes, but I see your point.” the clawdite replied. “How about we sneak in to deal with the anti air defences, then an orbital bombardment, followed by a ground assault to finish it off,” Blackhawk said, waiting for his companions to weigh in.