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Atty’s fiction question and my responses to them


I’ll try my best to post more. Tell me what you guys think about this. Any tips is appreciated.

Question: @[redacted] asks, if this was the end of The Force Awakens (Starkiller Base blown up, Hosnian System gone, tension broken but easily on the rise any moment…), where would your character be, and what would he/she be doing? How would they feel about the news?

Drae’lath grips his chest and falls to his knees, clutching at his chest. The tranquil silence of his room was broken by the twisted suffering that Drae’lath was just now experiencing. This pain, this suffering, had felt as if a burning dagger was being forced into his heart. Every second seared an eternity’s time of pain into his mind, but as quickly as it began, the pain stopped.
“Merciful stars above,” gasping to still in breathe and calm his pain, using what he had learned during his service to the Empire, to help ease his burden, "what was that?"
He looked around to see if there was anything that might deduce where the pain’s origin were as he stood back up and began to collect himself. Nothing was able to tell him anything, with the exception of his holoterminal. He had noticed upon his holonet terminal, a small glowing blip. It was to the emergency holonet channels. He switched the channel and waited for the message.

"Now here this.

Now here this.

All emergency channels prepare for priority message from the New Republic.
“Citizen of the Galactic New Republic. As you may know, the Galactic Concordance was signed in order to bring peace to this once war-torn Galaxy. Although the Imperial Remnant has been more than gracious in allowing the Concordance to pass, there are those from within the Remnant, that felt so driven, by the signing of this Concordance, for merely wanting peace and democracy in a galaxy still healing from the Civil War, as to bring more hostility and more death to this new and fragile state of peace. An offshoot of the Imperial Military know as a First Order had departed from the Galactic Republic and fled to the Unknown Regions of space long ago. Until recently, they had been nothing more than a group standing in opposition to the goals of the New Republic.
That was until now. With sorrow and grief, I must tell you that war has once again been declared. The First Order has returned from the Unknown Regions with a military force that stands in clear defiance of the Galactic Concordance. Now there are rumors of the destruction of an entire planetary system. Those rumors have been confirmed as truth. The Hosenian System has been destroyed by the First Order has called the Starkiller Base. But do not fear. For this base was destroyed by our New Republic Military.This is also true. I…”"

Unable to hear such news, Drae’lath stopped the broadcast. He stood frozen, trying to embrace the reality of the given situation.
“Mother of Moons.” He whispered under his breathe. "An entire system. The destruction of their base? Didn’t someone warm them of this?"
Something began to manifest from within. “How could they have allowed their arrogance to blind them so?” Every thought fueled this power, every emotion altering it’s intent and purpose. “Or was it truthfully ignorance that prevented them from truly seeing? So much death.” It was at this moment that it had build to a point where it could no longer be held in. The room began to shutter and shake. This was a feeling Drae’lath knew far too well. Rage. His rage, then, for a brief moment, had finally taken hold.
“HOW COULD THEY BE SO STUPID!?” He unconsciously used his connection to the Force to grip a small chair and slammed it into the wall, shattering the wooden construct immediately upon impact. As the chair shatter, so did his rage’s control over Drae’lath. Silence, once again, embraced the room. Drae’lath realized something in his moment of clarity.
“War will soon be upon us, I’m sure of it. The Galaxy will be cry out for their blood. And they will not allow their base fall to go unpunished. The Counsel has surely been made aware of this, I am certain; but what do they plan on doing, I do not know. I must to inform Master Celsus about this immediately.”


What are your character’s sleeping preferences? Are they an early bird or a night owl? A heavy sleeper or a light sleeper? Do they sleep short hours or long? Can they sleep easily or are they an insomniac?

Drae’lath’s sleeping habits are the same as any soldier. The way he sleeps is usually just in his skivvies (Military jargon for underwear) underneath a thin sheet of blanket to ‘keep him warm’ since he usually sleep with a window open. His years of military training, not just during his service to the Empire, but also as he grew up, have led Drae’lath to being about to operate with very little sleep, being able to sleep with his eyes open, and even being able to enter a semi-state of limited sleep. But when Drae’lath finally gets a chance to sleep, he is dead to the entire galaxy. He can sleep through a firefight, which is what actually happened during a mission in Devaron, when a small skirmish broke out between his squadron when they were out on a recon mission and were engaged by a fairly large group of Devaronian Freedom Fighters. The firefight lasted for about 10 minutes with small scorch marks on the armour of Drae’lath’s squad, but a total of 8 casualties for the 20 Devaronians.

As for where he sleep… “As a former stormtrooper of the Empire, I can tell you for sure, that what constitutes proper sleeping accommodations is always open to one’s interpretation.”


Is your character an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? Consider introversion and extroversion as a gradient. How introverted or extroverted are they, and when do these characteristics manifest?

Given that Drae’lath is a bit old fashion, (meaning that he watched too many holovids about Honour, Loyalty, and Duty as a youngling) he tends to be really introvert (cold, distant, and uninterested) whenever he meets people for the first time. Almost always, it’s people that go to him, usually about his cybernetics but in the rare cases that he approaches someone, Drae’lath is very interested about something that person that caught Drae’lath’s attention. It’s usually someone that is in the military or is former military, or that the person is female and captivating in terms of physical appeal. It’s not that Drae’lath is genuinely uninterested in people or that he has a superiority complex, it’s because he, literally, doesn’t know how to approach and to talk to people. It’s from the lack of social interaction that is given of from his demeanor. His entire demeanor is one of a Nobleman/Soldier given that he has extensive cybernetics, is usually wearing a military or very formal dress uniform, and that he carries himself with distinction.


[@DJBUser] asks, has or would your character ever abuse their power? If not why, and if so give an example of a situation they would do it in.

Drae’lath has actually abused his power many times before. It’s something he doesn’t like talking about, as he thinks it is a shameful thing for someone to do. He has courted the thought many times, but he has more often than not, remained steadfast in his beliefs of Honour. That and mainly, he has seen abuse of power not just during his service to the Empire but even during a few years that he spent during the waning years of the Republic prior to and during the Clone Wars. This was something he believes attributed to both of their downfalls.


[@DJBUser #1] and [@DJBUser #2] ask, What D&D alignment does you character most closely align with? (Link: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd%2Fdnd%2F20001222b)


@DJBKMendes asks, what does your character think of the people who make up their clan’s armed forces/staff/support population?

Given Drae’lath’s past of a soldier himself, he understands and sympathies with the harsh reality of being a nameless, faceless cookie-cut figure sent out to die as cannon fodder and meat shields. Being order to take hills with no tactical advantage whatsoever, in order to give a lowly Lord some worthless measure of accomplishment, with no care with for the casualty count. Being sent out on countless patrols with nothing to report, only to erupt into an intense firefight, coupled with explosions, and the deathly screams of the fallen, only to enter once again into silence. Being left in a constant state of anxiety and readiness for a battle that may never arrive.

He enjoys the company of these soldiers rather than that of other Force Users. Being around them reminds him of the friends he made, the laughs they’ve had, the battles they’ve been in, and, unfortunately, the ones he lost. Drae’lath doesn’t enjoy drinking alcohol at all, especially around others, but his time with these faceless Numbers has on many occasions led him to disregarded that, and regal each other of stories about something they found funny at the time, about the battles they fought, and the funniest things that happened to them while of shore leave, even bursting into songs of brotherhood and honour, duty and sacrifice, or even songs of cadence that they would march to during training. Being around them brings to him a small measure of peace. Drae’lath would rather they would address him by his former rank of Captain, but finds no discomfort with being referred to as Lord. He enjoys the time he spends with them


@[Redacted] asks, Why did your character’s parents choose their name? Do you envision it as being common or rare in their culture?
Bonus: how did you come up with it?

Cenia and Vontiand (Mother/Father) were on Onderon just 10 years before the start of the Clone Wars.