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[August Pilot] Contract #40: Xeipha - Infiltration, A-Class


Sight and Lilly had just settled back into their office after having lunch with Celevon and his Fade. The Prelate had jested and poked fun at the Priest’s relationship with his Fade, and Lilly had called the Obelisk several unmentionable names. Over all it had been a normal lunch break for the four. As the albino sat back in his chair a loud knock came from the door, after a few seconds Xeipha entered the room.

“I’m looking something to do,” the green haired Zelosian spoke slowly as she took in the Human and his Mandalorian Fade.

“Good I was hoping someone would stop by, some fresh intel just came in and I was hoping to have it taken care of today,” The Priest smiled at the Jedi Hunter as he spoke, the scars on his face twisted it into an unpleasant sight. Tossing a datapad to the green haired female Sight leaned back in his chair.

Power On
Encrypted Data Contained, Fingerprint Verification Required
Print Acceptable
Sound File Play

Jedi Hunter Xephia, the DIA and the Office of The Shadow Lord have asked that you infiltrate a Faust Weapons Corporation Facility located on Eldar. This facility is reported to be lightly guarded by roughly fifteen Faust security operatives, they are non-Force users and lightly trained in combat. These men are on an eight hour shift rotation and as such only five will be on duty at any given time. The facility is a communications relay outpost for Faust Weapons Corporation. We want you to infiltrate and implant a relaying program of our own which will allow the DIA to monitor all communications which pass through the station. Good Hunting Jedi Hunter.

Sound File End
Open Dossier File: Faust Weapons Corporation

Name: Faust Weapons Corporation
Business: Weapons Manufacture and Sales
Known Clients: The One Sith
Current Classification: Dangerous, destroy vessels on sight
Intel: The Faust Weapons Corporation has recently begun allowing One Sith security forces aboard its vessels, as such their current classification has changed from untrusted to dangerous, destroy vessels on sight.

Close Dossier File: Faust Weapons Corporation
Close All Files
Power Off

Xeipha looked at the Priest after she had finished looking through the files, a questioning look on her face.

“Don’t worry, just plug this into the centralized mainframe and that datapad will do the rest,” the albino said as he tossed a com cable at the Jedi Hunter. “However you will have to maintain the connection while Lilly’s programs insert themselves into the facilities mainframe.”

“I put a progress bar on that pad which will pop up when the programs initiate. It will take approximately ten minutes for the programs to properly install and you will have to have the datapad connected the whole time. If you disconnect early then you will have to start all over again and there is a chance that they will be detected and not work,” the Fade spoke from behind her master.

“As always, our presence is not to be known in this matter. So take every precaution to not be detected,” Sight spoke with a wave of his hand, dismissing Xeipha from the room.


~Fourteen days have elapsed. Contract defaulted.

This can be requested for reactivation by ACB Staff.

Current Grade: Incomplete (-2)
Status: Defaulted