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Aul Celsus’ Knighthood Fiction


This knighthood fiction was released via email on April 24th, 2016 by Darkblade for Aul Celsus and is posted here for archival purposes.

Crash site of the Hammer of Cha’kota
34 ABY

Aul Celsus fidgeted with his clothing as he stood before the Hammer, which had only hours before crashed into the shallow waters. Finished with tending to the wounded, he finally had some time for himself. Having fought and won his first major battle on the bridge of the downed ship, and surviving the entire ordeal, he could feel his connection to the Force more than ever. It flowed through him now, both in rest and in combat. His training was paying off and he noticed that he was becoming a valuable asset to Naga Sadow. No longer was he just a scholar or medic, he was christened with blood in this battle and could proudly call himself a warrior.

However, this battle didn’t feel like a victory for him, the loss of Tarryyhn weighed heavily on his mind. Lost in thoughts he stared up to the sky of the world they had fought so hard for, oblivious to his surroundings as he recollected on the events that changed his life forever.

Meanwhile, Darkblade had witnessed his student’s abilities and the quick strategical thinking he had displayed. The way his apprentice had handled the difficult situations whilst under duress only proved how much he had grown throughout his training. Even the Consul had noticed and it was only a matter of time before Aul’s prowess would be talked about in the Clan. The Anzat turned towards Locke, briefly making eye contact, giving a slight nod that was barely noticeable. Locke gave the signal to prepare and beckoned the Rollmaster to him.

Turning towards his Aedile, Darkblade signaled Bentre Stahoes began to prepare an emergency meeting to contact all members within signal via hologram. As he rushed to fulfil the task, Locke and Marcus walked towards the Anzat.

“He saved our lives with his quick wits on dealing with those Trandoshans. You have trained him well Darkblade. Well done.”

The praise came as a surprise, catching the Dark Jedi unaware.

“I had little to do with his training Consul. He wasn’t very accepting of my teachings, finding them too dark for his tastes. If anyone is to take the credit, it is the entire Clan who has shaped and molded him to what he has become today, making up for the things I do not possess. With Sang’s sparring matches it opened him up to realize he could use a lightsaber without thinking of it as a weapon. With your leadership he was able to see that some fights are necessary in order to protect what you hold dearest. I was just there at the right time and moment when Marcus had me appointed as his Master.” The Anzat said quietly.

Locke and Marcus smiled at the Quaestor but said nothing more as they both turned to watch Bentre clear a perimeter and set up the devices that would project holograms of the ones being contacted.

“It is time.” Locke said.

“Aul… AUL.” Darkblade raised his voice as he called to his Apprentice. “HUNTER AUL CELSUS!” he shouted, finally breaking through to the human as he snapped back to reality. Scurrying over to where his Aedile, Rollmaster, Master and Consul stood he realized something was going on.

Forming a ring around the Hunter, the Holograms turned on, portraying the image of Sanguinius, Tasha and numerous other Clan members. Marcus stepped towards Aul and beckoned him to kneel before him.Slightly confused, the Hunter complied and knelt before the Rollmaster, searching for his Master. As they made eye contact the Anzat gave a reassuring nod. Swallowing slightly, Aul turned his gaze towards the ground before him, bowing his head.

The snap hiss of a lightsaber made him tense up, wondering if he was going to be punished for something.

“Today we honor the loss of a brother. Whilst he had only been with us shortly, Tarryyhn sacrificed himself in order to ensure the survival of Tasha Vel’Versea, Quaestor of Marka Ragnos. He is one with the Force now, and we must remember that sacrifices must be made in war to ensure our victory.” The Rollmaster spoke with authority, commanding the attention of all who listened.

Raising his lightsaber high in the air he saluted the memory and bravery of the Wookie. The holograms of the members and the ones present mimicked his action, paying their respects to their fallen comrade.

“With every war, bravery is needed and expected of our members. Aul Celsus has proven his capability and reliability in trying times and in the heat of combat.” Lowering his lightsaber to the left shoulder of Aul, Marcus continued.

“Hunter Aul Celsus, for your bravery and outstanding performance during this conflict, we the Summit have decreed you worthy of the title of Knight.” As he moved his lightsaber to the right shoulder.

“Rise Knight Aul Celsus and join your brothers as a full member of Clan Naga Sadow.”

Aul Celsus rose and swelled with pride as he looked around. Hologram images of close friends and Clan members raising their lightsaber in salute to him filled his vision. He had made it this far, and he wasn’t going to stop here.