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[Awakenings] Lexiconus Aurelius & Darkblade Bladedark


During the Awakenings conflict, you have been sent to intercept a member of another faction. Your objective is to delay or neutralize them, but you are not to kill them. Will you succeed or fail? Capture or convert? The choice is yours.

Lexiconus Aurelius & Darkblade Bladedark


  • Each post must contain a minimum of 250 words.
  • No back to back posting.
  • Both participants must post at least twice in order to qualify for placement.

Temple Ruins,
The Shattered World,
Orian System,
39 ABY

As finely grounded pieces of rock, ice and metal sailed across the thin air that sat dormant in the Temple of Dentavii, the tension was palpable inside. The loyalists of the Oracle’s Apprentice formed a council in the central chamber, plotting and countering each other’s tactics. Gaining the upper hand to upper hands, flanking the flanks of enemy troopers and always on the cusp of some great idea to surprise the Consul and his small army of Dark Jedi. Meanwhile back in the recesses of darkness, behind the mint glow of the counsil table, a tent housed some beds and foldout desks. Inside, the young Zelosian of the group slouched back on his chair. His eyes dead ahead to a single desk lamp glowing, his body appearing frozen or paralysed. A fingertip was pressed against his bottom row of teeth and he nibbled on the nail slowly, his mind deep in either thought or traumatic shock. In the shade of the desk, a cerulean glow from a datapad was enough for Lexiconus to peer over, and reread the information. The screen was a scout report he received from Shi Long, as per requested by him for reasons unknown. It detailed the movements of the Dark Jedi Blackguards, one name appeared to stand out under Locke’s army and it has been highlight for a couple of hours now. Darkblade Bladedark.

Lexiconus was still lost in his thoughts, he knew the Anzat was an old accomplice back in Arcona. He remembered meeting Darkblade the first day he took position in his Quaestor office, and the Krath was dressed in his Naga Sadow symbols. As if he had been comfortable in them for a long time, Lexic remembered Darkblade was here first. Since then, they kept in contact and sharing the knowledge they both earned, whilst withholding their own respective fields. Because of course that is what Krath do, power through knowledge. It was their motto they will take to the grave, hand on heart as Lexic would say. The Zelosian took his medical practices very seriously, he respected the Krath knowledge very seriously too. But the feelings he owned around his agreement, his relationship with Darkblade was something alien. He felt a pounding in his chest, one of fear, of a common panic attack he was used to treating, and something else he felt in the Force. A hindrance in the back of his mind kept prodding at the subconscious of his morality, like how a jackal would prod its food for life. Something in the body would still be alive, because the limbs twitch and the eyes roll as the corpse releases energy of a sort. Lexic took his finger out of his mouth and placed a palm on his palpating chest, breathing heavily as he knew he was shocked.

He betrayed me?

Lexic stood from the slouching and slammed his fist into the steel of the desk, growling out in a hidden anger. His eyes flooded as his fist began to bleed against the metal, his furrowed eyes staring into the darkness of the doorway. Lexic felt he needed to approach the problem, resolve it the best he can or demand an answer. The Zelosian stormed out of the room and to the shuttle landing spot, and saw a shuttle sitting there with it’s ramp descended. He jogged up the ramp quickly and inside, Lexic approached the holocommunicator. The Sith keyed the familiar codes to Darkblade’s personal communicator in the hopes that the Anzat kept it within his possession, as a strong Blackguard would rightfully do. Nervously, Lexic bit his finger and awaited the receiving end to appear, his heart palpitating more. His mind scoured his morality about why these feelings were present in the first place, he couldn’t pin them on the Light Side as he had no connection to it. Maybe it was his loyalties to the dying Krath order? Maybe not, he lost his ties when he was given access to larger portions of the Lore in the Shadow Academy. Before Lexiconus could solve this riddle, the teal image of Darkblade appeared on the screen, his arms crossed and his probiscles flared in pure anger.

“What are you doing calling me Lexic!? Locke will find your hideout and swarm you with a thousand ships!” Darkblade professed in his loud and distorted tone. The shielding of the place must have corrupted the connection, hopefully enough to hide their whereabouts.

“I need you to meet me, somewhere secluded so we can talk. We need to end this disruption, and as Krath do best. Through shadows and out-witting all.” Lexic whispered into the communication, his focus purely on the hologram. He didn’t notice the aura of the Primarch slowly approaching behind him.

“Sure thing. I’ll send you the coordinates of an asteroid I will pick, not you. I will await you there.” Darkblade distortedly replied, his hands already hovered a datapad that appeared from nowhere.

“Alright see you there. I love-” He froze and gripped his chair. What on earth was that coming from his mouth? An affection of happiness? Lexic felt disgusted by it and yet it felt necessary. The hologram shut off before he could reply to apologise, then the rough hand of Shi Long gripped his olive shoulder.

“Go to him, bring him back. Dead or alive, it doesn’t matter. You can pick his brain if needed.” The Apostate’s sword ordered, and then left the shuttle as silently as he came. He flicked his hand which caused the ramp to ascend and close behind the Zelosian, who flushed a light red in his cheeks.

Why did I say love!?


Temple of Blood,
Order of the Black Guard Headquarters,
Orian System,
39 ABY

Darkblade flared with anger. Why did you contact me when it’s so dangerous? “Fool.” The Krath said to no one in particular. Yet he couldn’t help but feel slightly relieved that the Sith was still alive and that they would be able to meet up again very soon. The Anzat replayed the ending of their conversation in his head. Throwing down his communicator, he quickly opened his personal nav and searched for an asteroid large enough to hide their ships but also somewhere near a sun, or the Zelosian would be as blind as a bat. I love- kept thundering through the Krath’s mind as he found the perfect place. Sith don’t love, they only use others to gain power. Lexiconus is no different Darkblade thought to himself. Fidgeting somewhat before sending the coordinates, a sigh of relief escaped his lips as he pushed the button.

Standing up from his chair, the Anzat quickly headed to the hangar bay to procure a ship. The halls were silent and empty, mostly due to the recent outbreak of civil war and most Blackguards having chosen to side with their respective Summit members. The Captain of the Guard, Marcus Kiriyu, had decided to forsake his oath and try to gain power for himself. This did not sit well with Darkblade, as the oath taken upon entering the Blackguard ranks was forever binding. However, this problem would be dealt with later by Locke, Darkblade and the others who stayed true to Naga Sadow. Picking up his pace the Anzat continued on towards the hangar where he had borrowed a ship from The Turmoil, his clearance as a Blackguard garnered him many privileges as long as it was work related and this was work related.

Sending a silent prayer to the Force he hoped he would be able to get to the asteroid without too many problems. If anyone found out he was meeting with the “enemy” the Krath would get into serious trouble. As Darkblade entered the hangar he sensed a slight disturbance through the Force, and the Anzat tensed up. Was it wise to trust the Sith, no matter the bond they shared? As former clanmates in Arcona, it had surprised Darkblade when he managed to escape to Naga Sadow that the Sith Warrior had found his way inside their ranks too. Almost immediately working his way up to Quaestor, the Zelosian had enjoyed a brief period of power before stepping down. Sith seek only power to dominate and bend others to their will Darkblade recalled from reading one of the many books in the Shadow Academy on Lyspair.

Stepping into the shuttle, powering it on and punching in the coordinates, a slimmer of pain crossed his face as his past was briefly brought to the surface. Juliette, I hope you are still out there. I still love you after all this time. Darkblade thought. Love, what did it really mean? As a Krath, this was a hard thing to put on paper and just accept it for what it was. So many different factors were involved that it was all but impossible to define love. It had no boundaries, it did not discriminate. In an odd way it was kind of like the Force. It brought people together and it also destroyed people. It all depended on the person, yet it was not a tool that could be wielded properly. In that case, love was a slight nuisance.

Suddenly he was hailed by The Turmoil. Snapping back to reality he accepted the hail, his heart sank when he saw who was hailing him. “Darkblade, I have received intel that you have come into contact with Lexiconus Aurelius?” The stern voice of Locke Sonjie echoed throughout the empty ship. Blast. How did he know?? The Anzat asked himself, immediately knowing the answer. My communicator must be bugged. He should have seen this coming. Even though he was Locke’s Blackguard, the Consul made sure he had tabs on everyone, especially the ones assigned to guarding him. Darkblade replied, “Yes Consul, Lexic has reached out to me. I have drawn him out to meet me and will deal with him accordingly.” Hoping his fib would hold out, he breathed a silent breath of relief as Locke answered “Good. Remember he is a traitor and has chosen the Dark Prophet Darth Vexatus as his leader. As such he poses a threat to the Clan, and ultimately to me. I hope you have not forgotten your oath, no matter the… relationship you seem to have with the former Quaestor.” With that the com was ended and Darkblade was left alone with his thoughts.

The Krath slipped into a state of solitude and remorse as his ship left Sepros, and entered hyperspace to make the jump to the asteroid that would once again test his resolve. Reaching for his lightsaber, resting his hand on the hilt and feeling saddened and comforted by its presence at the same time Darkblade prepared himself for what was to come. “Juliette, no matter where you are, i know you are here to protect me and one day i shall hold you in my arms again, in the flesh.” The Anzat murmured to his saber as he gripped it tightly.

Lex, I hope you will forgive me.

Juliette A22.10
Unknown Region
39 ABY

The Krath looked out of the viewport, nervously waiting and watching for what he hoped would be the Zelosian. He hadn’t figured out what he was going to tell the Sith, but he figured this would not go down well either way. Darkblade could not deny having some sort of feeling for the Warrior though. It was just too risky to do this now. Feeling cornered and forced to move his hand now only agitated the Anzat even more. Feeling Lexiconus Aurelius imminent arrival, the Krath donned his Blackguard armour. As the helmet slipped over his head, he felt safer knowing that the Zelosian wouldn’t be able to see his face, should he fail in hiding his emotions.

As the Sith Warrior’s ship dropped out of hyperspace not too far from Darkblade’s own ship, the Anzat hailed the Zelosian. Breath held tight, he awaited the response.

Don’t force me to move against you Darkblade thought with a slight hint of sadness.


Juliette A22.10,
Orian System,
39 ABY

“Lexiconus here, where are you situated?” The Zelosian communicated through the shuttle.

“I’ll send you my co-ordinates, i’m not announcing them over a channel.” The broken voice of Darkblade replied, the solar flares were not helping the meeting as they surfed overheard to Ombus.

Lexic received a notification from his console and entered the numbers into the navigation console, the auto-pilot hovered him over the area. Within a few second, the droid beside him who actually piloted the shuttle, landed the shuttle slowly. As the dust and ice particles surrounded and covered the shuttle, the pilot droid turned to the Zelosian.

“Sir I strongly advise you wear a breathing apparatus, or at least some armour with it built in. There’s a soldier armour in the locker on the bottom right sir.” With a swift nod, Lexic approached the mentioned locker and opened to witness the heavy environmental suit. The theme of the armour was black with golden stripes across the helm, the chest and down the legs and boots. The visor held a familiar T-shape from a history long past, with a light spectrum that signals when voice activated. The Zelosian strapped the armour on, then took his own visor off and placed it down.

“I do hope this helmet let’s me see out there. Otherwise it’s useless.” Lexic sarcastically replied, whilst fiddling with the helm’s visor options.

“Sir, the helmet does have a night vision option, it’ll automatically do so, sir.” The droid quickly stated, trying to please his passenger.

With a strong nod, the Zelosian clipped the helmet onto his armour and activated with a bright and precise view of the shuttle. The technology inside picked up on the droid’s vitals; battery power, memory capacity and current activities. With a firm belief the helm worked for him, Lexic approached the ramp and slammed the activation pad. Hissing and whirring into life, the Zelosian jogged out of the lowering landing pad and took a more gentle pace once he reached the asteroid floor. Infront of him, he saw the shroud that was Darkblade, with his own vitals on display. The shadows and rocks that made these shadings were still filled with a void, but Lexic wasn’t walking towards them as he was in a flat crater from an ancient collision thousands of years behind them. As he approached the figure in the distorted shadows, his mind went over a various number of potential scenarios from this meeting. From simple discussions to a lengthy fight between two levelled forces, and also ultimately someone leaving with their friend destroyed on this low-gravity scenario. Within meters of the Anzat, he could see his Blackguard armour was polished and clean. His visor focused firmly at the Zelosian, he motioned his head to the side and walked off into a small opening between two very large rocks. Perplexed and agitated, Lexic growled.

“Just tell me-”

“Shut up and keep moving!” Darkblade interrupted, and they both went single file into the opening, as Lexic reached into his armour’s belt and brought out a flashlight.

“Can’t see huh?” Darkblade turned and noticed the small device as it lit up the path. Lexic just shook his head and continued walking down inside the tunnel and down the ramp. Coldness and a humidity greeted his visor’s information as they descended, he could also feel his feet becoming colder and harder to move. As Lexic pointed his torch downwards, he saw the muddy pools of water that grew taller with each step. Swimming was clearly the only option here, Darkblade didn’t warn him either as the Blackguard dived into the liquid and disappeared under. The Zelosian followed suit and dived under, attaching his torch to the side of his helm. The water was very opaque and with very few options but forward, his helm picked up very little life apart from the Diatoms that thrived here. Finally they reached a tight turning in the tunnel and Darkblade quickly jumped up to the surface, as Lexic followed suit. Once they were above the water, Lexic could see a large cavern area with dry land, several pieces of equipment and a resting area. It was clear someone was living here, and it was breathable to rest or meditate. As Darkblade and Lexic rose from the water and walked across the flat lands, Darkblade removed his helm with a hiss from the oxygen supply, and Lexic followed suit by taking off his helm and cutting the Carbon Dioxide supply.

“Alright, this is safer to talk in. Come over, now Locke has been sending his people scouring for shards. The Keibatsu’s already have one, with Sanguinius, Atra, Sebz and myself going for another, it won’t be long before we have enough to stop Vexatus. You need to switch sides before you lose and are forced to face punishment!” Darkblade lectured the Zelosian, as they both approached a console, with the last known position of Locke, the Keibatsu’s and the mission the Quaestors were on. Lexic looked over the information very carefully, he made mental logs of their positions, memorised the co-ordinates and used his helm to take a shot just for the droid.

“So this is why you couldn’t talk out there, you’ve been keeping up to date on the situation in here?” Lexic questioned, to which the Blackguard nodded nervously, it was clear he was afraid of capture but his eyes gave off something else. There was a small and potent fire coming from his gaze, it was felt strongly in the Force, like a child pleading for mercy. Lexic then turned back to the water and began to walk away.

“I can’t join you, i’m already in trouble straying away from the fight, this is madness to change mid-conflict.” Lexic replied, his voice filled with a confidence and comfort he had never felt with any other Dark Jedi. But the Anzat was just as quick, he grabbed the Zelosian’s hand and dragged him back to the console. Lexic did not accept the manipulation, he turned and growled at Darkblade, with his teeth bared.

“The only way i’m leaving this place is with you coming with me, there’s no two ways about that.”

“Then join me.” Lexic interrupted, his gaze firmly set on the Anzat’s eyes. He saw more of shock than anger now.

“You’ve always said you’ve wanted knowledge through power, Locke isn’t giving you that. Vexatus is on on the verge of discovering something amazing; the ability to recreate a planet. Here you are, preventing this new knowledge from existing!” Lexic smashed his gauntlet against the console and glared with a coldness at Darkblade, who receded alittle.

“Join us! Witness this event yourself, and you’ll be in history forever as a disciple who brought Dentavii back!” Lexic panted heavily as he just gave his all into his speech, looking at his friend for some sort of answer. But Darkblade only lowered his gaze and a sadness consumed him, the prospect of disloyalty to his Consul was not going to be enough, it was against Darkblade’s entire philosophy. Then Lexic saw his chance, in a big bottle of whiskey close by. The Zelosian smirked slowly as he walked around the Blackguard, snatched up the cold bottle and took a swig. The intensely sweet taste hit the back of his throat like a spoonful of energy, as Lexic tried to smile through it.

“Then drink with me, let’s reminisce the old times when we both raced for Knighthood, together!” Lexic smiled as he offered the bottle, to which Darkblade couldn’t refuse, he snagged the bottle up and drank a large portion of the alcohol and passed it back to Lexic. The Zelosian took another but bigger mouthful from the extremely sweet liquid as he felt his energy soar through the roof. Sooner or later the downside to this energy boost will come.

Several hours later.

As Lexic slowly opened his eyes, the bright lights from the nearby console hit him and stung immensely, forcing him to hide his eyes in his palms. Then it hit him, his palms were not covered, he could feel them bare. The Zelosian looked around in his distorted vision and found everything tilted to the side, his armour was thrown a few feet away and he was inside the covers of the single bed. Concerned and quizzed about where Darkblade was, the answer revealed itself when he felt the warm palm of the Anzat gracing his olive back slowly. Lexic quickly turned and was faced with the horror, Darkblade also laying nude next to him. The Blackguard smiled up at him, clearly still drunk.

“Did you sleep well, buddy?” Darkblade stuttered out, as he hiccuped.

Oh what have I done!? I do not love him!


Juliette A22.10,
Darkblades chambers,
Orian System,
39 ABY

The alcohol still racing through his body, Darkblade felt the stupor of the past night start to fade, and his memory slowly returning to him. It all came back to him in wisps, pieces of a puzzle. The corner edges first tantalizingly waiting to piece it together until the picture is complete. As the Krath was putting the pieces together he couldn’t help but look at Lexiconus sprawled next to him. His soft olive like skin, almost seemed to glow in the poorly lit cave the Anzat called home. Reaching towards the Zelosian, the Anzat felt a strong feeling of euphoria inside of him that he hadn’t felt in years. Stroking the Sith’s back with just his fingertips, slowly caressing him from the neck down to the powerfully built shoulders, moving on to the arch in his back and stopping just before reaching his superbly shaped buttocks, only to proceed back upwards in a lazy drift.

Lexiconus froze as he tried to think of an answer. So many questions raced through his mind. Why? How? WHY? Forcing a smile to his face, he groggily replied “I did, that was amazing. I haven’t slept so good since that one time when we first met back in Arcona.” A sheepish grin flashed across the Krath’s face as he reminisced that night. Their first encounter, both so young and new to their surroundings. It was only natural to seek comfort and protection in such a hostile environment as an Acolyte.

Sitting upright, Darkblade could feel the start of a hangover starting to build. The pressure already pushing against his skull causing him to wince slightly. He swung himself out of the bed, and looked around for some decent clothes. The Zelosian did the same, sitting next to the Anzat and proceeded to pick up his armour and robes that were scattered across the room. As the Sith heard Darkblade move across the room gathering his robes, he quickly looked at the Anzat. Confirming that he indeed did not love the Krath, despite all that they had been through. Somehow the confusing mass of feelings had cleared up last night and exactly like many drunk one night stands including alcohol, reality set in and he realised this was going to be an impossible situation. Still standing in the middle of the room, both in the buff with the Warrior holding his armour and clothes bunched up to his chest, he took a deep breath and prepared to speak the words that would tear them apart.

Darkblade spoke first however, “Lexi, I don’t really remember what happened last night but it seems something happened between us.” The Anzat turned towards the Sith and smirked, grabbing his loins. “As much as I enjoyed your company, I have been thinking about what you said. I have to disappoint you and decline your offer.” The atmosphere transformed from a drunken haze to hostility in an instant. Lexic watched as the Krath extended his arm, calling his saber to his hand from the bundle of robes on the floor. The familiar snap hiss of a lightsaber being turned on echoed across the room. As Darkblade bounded across the room closing the short distance between them in almost an instant, the Zelosian immediately dropped his clothes and called his own lightsaber to him, activating it and barely bringing up his own saber to block the blow. “I cannot betray Locke, not in a million years. You will need to kill me before that ever happens. So try if you can, but i will drag your screaming body back to him, preferably like you are now.” the Knight said, dragging his tongue across his upper lip, slowly in a circle down to his lower lip before biting the edge. The Sith reeled back, shocked at the lude approach and watched in slight fascination as the proboscis from the Anzat slithered out from their hiding places near the nose and waved about wildly towards Lexiconus. Taking another swing at the Zelosian grinning like a madman full with lust, the Warrior was better prepared for the attack and parried it with ease, countering with a swing of his own, meant to keep the Krath at arms length until he could formulate a plan.

His thoughts racing, the Sith gathered his mind and quickly regained his composure. Not giving the Knight any time to launch his next attack, the Sith took the initiative and shoved his hand out towards the Anzat. An immediate wave emanated outwards and struck the young Krath in the chest, pushing him backwards into the wall a few feet behind him. The impact resulted in air being pushed out of the assassins lungs with a loud “oemph”, and his lightsaber clattering towards the ground as it extinguished itself. As Darkblade doubled over, trying to gasp for air, the Warrior walked over towards the gasping Anzat and shut off his own saber and let it fall to the ground. As the Zelosian came within half an arm’s length of Darkblade, he snapped his left hand out and grabbed the Krath by the neck, forcing him upright. Planting both feet perpendicular to each other and moving his body into a sidewards stance, he slammed his right fist into the exposed stomach of Darkblade. As the Anzat spat out what remaining air he had, he felt the next blow, and the next.

His vision starting to fade due to lack of oxygen, unable to breath in much needed oxygen due to the hand on his throat, he felt his strength begin to fade. Through the dull ache in his head from the booze he had indulged with Lexiconus the night before, he could hear his heart pounding. Knowing he had few options left, he relaxed his entire body, seemingly giving up the fight. As he slumped down, his entire body weight was enough to displace the hand on his neck as he crashed to the ground. Finally able to gasp for air, the Anzat spattered and choked in breaths of air as he climbed onto his hands and knees, placing a hand on his neck and rubbing it sorely. What seemed like pity flashed across the Zelosian’s face, as he knelt down and grabbed Darkblade’s face with both hands. Caressing his cheeks with his thumbs, a tear rolled down the cheek of Lex. The Krath mesmerized by that single tear, watched as it rolled off his cheek and fell through the air before he felt it splatter on the ground near his hand.

Looking up into the watery eyes of the Sith, the Anzat knew their brief but strong relationship had come to an end. Cursing the Force, Locke, and everyone in this blasted and useless war, Darkblade wept his own tears. “I’m sorry.” he sobbed through tear soaked lips. “Shhhhh. It’s ok. We are not all privileged to see the right path from the start. But now you do. All can be forgiven if you accept my previous offer.” Lexiconus whispered, stroking Darkblade’s cheeks. “My love for you may be over, but not my love for you as a brother.”

Darkblade realized then he still had a way out, and began to think of a way he could buy some more time to regain his strength. This time he would not fail, knowing the Sith Warrior was more proficient in the ways of the Force. The Anzat just had to figure out how to outsmart him, and make his final move.