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[Awakenings] Sebz Janren & Jeric Cyrin


During the Awakenings conflict, you have been sent to intercept a member of another faction. Your objective is to delay or neutralize them, but you are not to kill them. Will you succeed or fail? Capture or convert? The choice is yours.

Sebz Janren & Jeric Cyrin


  • Each post must contain a minimum of 250 words.
  • No back to back posting.
  • Both participants must post at least twice in order to qualify for placement.

Temple Ruins
The Shattered World, Dentavii
Orian System

“Jeric!” called out Shi Long. The Primarch was position atop some of the ruins along side the Oracle’s Apprentice. Jeric looked towards the ruins, him and Maelous had just returned after looking for a Shard on one of the many asteroids. Finishing up his conversation with Maelous, the former noble made his way over to where he was being summoned.

“Shi,” the Sith said with a slight nod.

“Jeric, I have a mission for you. We just learned your former apprentice, Sebz Janren, is closing in on shard.”

“Where?!” Jeric’s modulated voice almost sounded angry.

“He was sent, possibly with a few commando escorts, to a small rock towards the inner edge of the asteroid field,” Shi said expecting a response from the Battlelord.

Instead the Sith looked at his wrist comlink, tapping the display a few times. The sound of the Aurora’s engines roared to life. Jeric looked at Shi and nodded, the Sith knew what needed to be done.

Theta-Class T-2c shuttle Aurora
Dentavii Asteroid Field
Orian System

Jeric sat in the pilot seat of the Aurora, scanning the vast asteroid field. Reaching out with the force Jeric could sense the presence of Sebz Janren. The suspected location of his former apprentice was accurate and they were less than a few minutes out.

“Milord, we are closing in on the coordinates.”

Jeric knew Sebz would ultimately sense the Sith Battlelord as the shuttle turned swiftly and the small rock came into view. Jeric’s priority was to secure the shard for Lord Vexatus, either by finding it first or taking it from his former apprentice. In the process if he could convince Sebz to see the truth then that would be better than using force. Jeric looked up seeing the ground of the asteroid through the shuttle’s viewport.

“Twenty seconds till landing milord,” Jeric’s pilot said as he began multitasking between the shuttles joystick and control panels.

Jeric got up and made his way to the rear hold. The Sith activated the ramp switch with a simple thought. The ramp locked open a mere second before the shuttle touch down onto the rocky surface. With long, prideful strides the former noble exited the shuttle and took a look around the asteroid. To his left he sense a few human lifeforms, possible Sebz’s commando escorts. At his eleven o’clock Jeric could sense his former apprentice and just to the right at his two o’clock was presence he was looking for, the shard.


Dentavii Asteroid Field
Orian System

Sebz stopped and fully got up as he sensed his former master behind him. He spun quickly while reaching for his belt, “TANGO 5 O’CLOCK!” As he spun the Knight released his full arsenal of explosives and concoctions he had managed to pick up before he left to extract the shard. His commandos spun too, guns blazing, only to be taken out that was the streak of his former master.

His lightsaber sliced the air, eroding the ends of limbs and necks while straying them to the floor. The young Knight knew what was coming next, flicking his wrist as his own saber popped up, the yellow blade activating moments before the red one crossed its path. Their sabers locked as he met his master in what was the opening to his eyes for the first time in many months.

“Stop trying to stop me! You’re doing the clan no good, not even yourself with the choice you’ve made!” The Knight could finally push back his saber for a little bit, his strength training the past few months had proven useful.

“I want what’s best for the clan! I don’t want you ruining what could be the only chance any of us can save Sadow.” Jeric held back his power, pushing against his own saber and bringing Sebz’s up to the back against a wall, the two sabers inches from his apprentices face. “I will make you surrender.” said his former masters sinister voice.

“What makes you so sure about that?” asked Sebz as he tried to get the heat from the blades away from him.

“Like this.” Jeric leaped up, deactivating his saber and slipping into the shadows. " AHAHAHAHA!" Yelled the Sith Battlelord as he pulsated the air with lighting. Sebz knew that his masters amplification powers were at work as he raised his saber up to defend the strike, only to be met by a small blast from the Force.

“You will surrender, whether we do this the hard way or not.” Sebz sighed as he readied his saber and mind for the upcoming battle that was in store for him.