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[Awakenings] Tasha’Vel Versea & Scarlet


During the Awakenings conflict, you have been sent to intercept a member of another faction. Your objective is to delay or neutralize them, but you are not to kill them. Will you succeed or fail? Capture or convert? The choice is yours.

Tasha’Vel Versea & Scarlet


  • Each post must contain a minimum of 250 words.
  • No back to back posting.
  • Both participants must post at least twice in order to qualify for placement.

Dentaavi Surface

Stuck here on this forsaken rock to look for some powerful shard and return to Marcus. Tasha sighed and began to focus her mind. As she walked along some of the rock formations around her, Tasha could feel nothing from the force. “Its got to be around here somewhere.” She kept moving across the vast wilderness of hard rocks on the planet’s surface. Suddenly, Tasha felt a shudder in the force. “Finally! Its about time I found one of those shards. I was getting tired of seeing all these boring rock formations.” As she rounded the corner of a nearby rock formation, Tasha found herself staring face to face with a female Zeltron. She was a bit surprised to see this Zeltron, however Tasha did not let it show.

“Scarlet, what brings you out here to this lovely asteroid planet?” She mused.

“The same reason that you were brought out here, traitor,” She replied coldly as her body stood in a defensive posture, “I was sent to retrieve a shard and to stop you from getting it first.”

“A traitor, me?” Tasha answered back as she sent a piercing glare in Scarlet’s direction, “Do you even think I wanted us to be against each other in the first place? I didn’t want to even take part or have to go against my fellow Sadowans. My main goal was to protect and defend our clan,Scarlet. The main reason I chose to go with Marcus is because Locke spoke as if everyone was expendable to him.”

She made no motion to ignite her lightsaber or to even lift her hand against the Zeltron. “Scarlet, I really don’t want to have to fight you if it can be helped. I would much prefer to speak with you. Violence is the last resort I want to take. So would you be willing to chat with me or will you fight against me? The choice is up to you.”


The Zeltron stood quiet for a moment, and said nothing. She stood silent completing her thoughts. Scarlet looked back up at the Twi’lek before uttering words out of her mouth. “I don’t wish to fight you either, But only one of us can take this Shard” She said without hesitation. Scarlet was not her normal self due to the Stress the new mission had on her, Tasha knew something was wrong. Scarlet knew this would not be easy and, How much Tasha valued Marcus as a leader.Disgust grew in Scarlet. Both woman face to face with the shard between them, The Zeltron hissed at the Twi’lek. “MOVE!!” Scarlet yelled with force, don’t make us fight each other.

Scarlet Pushed Tasha, The twi’lek got angered, and tackled Scarlet. The two began fighting in a rage. Neither wanted to raise their sabers at each other. They yelled at each other in fury, kick dirt in each other’s faces. Their screams yells being heard for a distance. Both women kept at it till they heard a loud noise in distance. Scarlet looked over at Tasha as both were on ground “whatever is that noise? “ The zeltron looked a bit puzzled. “i don’t know” Tasha said catching her breathe. Scarlet away from the noise and remembered the shard. “oh no where is it!! , It’s gone” Scarlet said loudly. “ It was just here” Exclaimed Tasha in a rush. Scarlet dug at the earth fiercely to find it again. Tasha looked all around not able to find it. “ i have to find it ‘ Scarlet said if not I’m trouble, AHHHH she said under her breathe.


Tasha scowled at the Zeltron as she wiped off the dust from her sides. Rubbing her lekku a bit, Tasha glanced at the small crater where the shard used to be. Meanwhile her rival, Scarlet was still frantically searching about for the shard.Taking a short rest from the search, Tasha leaned back against one of the larger boulders in the area to catch her breath. “Panicking about a lost shard will not help you find it.” She stated as Scarlet shot a poisonous glare toward her.

“If you get in my way Twi’lek, I will have to neutralize you.”

Tasha laughed. “Well now, you seem to enjoy pushing people around. What I don’t understand is why you have so much hatred against Marcus. Why do you hate Kiriyu so much?”

Scarlet’s eyes narrowed as she watched the Twi’lek rise to a standing position from the boulder. “Are you blind to Marcus’s intentions? All I have seen from him is that he wants to take out anyone who stands in his way of ascending to a leadership position in Naga Sadow. He’s a cruel, calculating Krath and a coward besides. Can’t you see that he is tearing our Clan apart? You have chosen the wrong side to be on.”

Tasha crossed her arms as she observed Scarlet.“Then tell me Scarlet, what is so good about Locke? Why did you choose him? Isn’t Locke using you as well?”

She then began to walk towards the crater to get a better view of what might have taken the shard. From the marks she spotted around the crater’s center, it seemed that a burrowing creature had made off with the shard. “Echuta!” She cursed at the stars.


Scarlet stared at the Twi’lek, “ I don’t really want to fight with you “ she glared out. “ Im not the type to fight” The zeltron dusted herself off

Tasha question her about Locke. Scarlet stood next to her, “I known Locke for a period of time, I do trust him, even if he using me, his intentions seem of good nature”. The Zeltron had thoughts in her head what if Locke’s intentions weren’t good at all. At this moment she did not know who to trust.

She saw the Twi’lek walk towards what appeared to be a crater in the ground. “A Echuta! “yelled Tasha. “what? “Scarlet said back to her. The Twi’lek appeared very upset to the Zeltron. Scarlet sat down on the hard ground. Tasha stood standing looking where the shard used to be. Scarlet put her hand on her chin and thought a bit. What Tasha said about Locke sorta burned through her mind, why would Locke lie to to me and everyone. These thoughts echoed through her head.

She decided to get back up and walked over to Tasha, that still seems so upset. “ Tasha? “ she said. The twi’lek turned around with failure on her face. “ I have an idea” Scarlet said with a bit of hope. “what’s that? “ Tasha asked. “if were going to find this missing shard, I think we should work together” Scarlet said. Tasha Agreed and nodded.

Where to look though they both wondered. Tasha looked up and pointed towards a mountain area. The two set out to find what had taken the shard.


This was an uneasy temporary truce, but for right now the shard had to be found. From what she has seen of the burrowing marks, it had indicated movement towards the mountainous rock formation ahead. Flipping her lekku behind her, Tasha began jogging towards the vast expanse of rock. The Zeltron was trailing close behind her as the pair kept moving onward.

“Out of all planets, it had to be a boring one filled with rocks. Why couldn’t the shards be on a jungle planet filled with beautiful lakes and trees?” She grinned. “I bet you would enjoy it better than here.”

Scarlet smiled wryly. It was the first time she heard the Twi’lek joke about the planet and seem more at ease. She still was keeping an eye on her, but Tasha somehow didn’t appear as hostile as she first thought. “Well my planet has plenty of entertainment. Too bad it isn’t there.” She replied.

The pair soon reached the mountain and began to feel the force getting stronger. Tasha sprinted towards what seemed like a luminescent rock. Suddenly, the rock came to life with a chittering screech. The creature before them looked like some sort of large beetle with a shell made out of the luminescent rocks nearby. It had jagged spikes running down its six chitinous legs and a huge mouth with circular teeth. The beetle-like beast bellowed out an ear piercing shriek as its five crimson colored eyes glared at the pair. Nearby the critter, Tasha spotted the shard. It seemed to be trying to guard it.

“Whoa, that thing is much bigger than the Krek beetles on my home planet.” Tasha commented,”Any plans on how we are going to extract the shard, Scarlet? “


“We have quit a problem here Tasha” said scarlet.

“why would a beetle take the shard? “

Scarlet couldn’t help think someone took it. but who, she wasn’t sure who to trust now. The twi’lek seemed more trustworthy though lately. She looked around at the rocky barren land. Tasha looked back at her. “ we need to kill the Beetle or get away from the shard” exclaimed Tasha. “well theres plenty of rocks around, but some how i don’t think a simple rock is going to kill that thing.” scarlet mumbled.

Tasha nodded and went to one side of where the beetle was and the Zeltron on the other side. Both lit their sabers. “Let’s ambush it!” yelled Tasha. The beetle hissed at the light of the sabers and began moving in circles around the shard. “ what is it doing? “ asked scarlet. It went faster than disappeared in thin air. “what?” Tasha said shocked. Both of them looked at each other in surprise.

It was quiet for awhile, as both looked upon the shard. They got along up till now, neither really wanted to fight each other, but only one could take the shard. All sudden they heard a chuckle from behind a large mountain of rocks. “who’s there?” Yelled The Zeltron.

Out the pile of rocks appeared Marcus. “ YOU! “ screamed Scarlet. She gave a disgusted angry look. “ what is the delay in giving me this shard Tasha?” Demanded Marcus. The Twi’lek looked over at the Zeltron. Marcus stared Scarlet down. “ Get away from me!!” she said angrily. Stepped backwards a lil and grabbed the shard and ran. Marcus was was furious, wait to I get my hands on her.


Tasha was livid. “I shall return with the shard Master Marcus” She sprinted after the Zelton and caught up to her. “Scarlet, you are leaving me with no choice, but to fight. You realize that.” She focused her mind to send a hammer-like push right into Scarlet’s back. The Zeltron fell forward from the heavy blow as the shard scattered from her grip in front of her. Quickly Tasha grappled the Zeltron in a lock and held her. “I don’t want to hurt you Scarlet, but that shard needs to go to Marcus.” Surprisingly, Tasha was quite strong for being a Twi’lek as she squirmed and tried to kick away from Tasha’s grip, but was held fast.

“Let me go Tasha!” The Zeltron screamed as she elbowed into Tasha’s side causing her to temporarily lose grip. With a snap-hiss, Scarlet ignited her blade. “That shard is mine Twi’lek and you will not be giving it to Marcus.”

“We shall see about that Scarlet.” replied Tasha as her hand gripped her lion hilt lightsaber. The crimson blade lit up with a hum and illuminated Tasha’s features giving her quite an intimidating look.
The blades crashed against each other as Scarlet brought her red blade down onto Tasha’s,however again she noticed that Tasha was much stronger than she looked. Turning the blade, Tasha forced her blade dangerously close to Scarlet’s face.

“Please don’t make me hurt you, Scarlet. There is so much you can gain by being with Marcus. Think about it, you would be with Bentre and I. You would not have to feel like Locke is bearing down on you to do his bidding. You can be part of this family and I can help protect you! Don’t make this harder on me.”Scarlet sensed that Tasha was being sincere and looking at her, she had a genuine look of care and concern on her face.

Deep inside of her heart, Tasha really hated what was going on. “Why is she doing this?


Scarlet thought of the words that Tasha said. “ I really hate all this fighting, why are they making us go against each other ?, it’s madness.” Screeched Scarlet between breathes. The zeltron looked back up at her friend. “ I won’t fight you Twi’lek,” as she lowered her head. “I trust you. yet I don’t know who to trust anymore.” Scarlet seemed more confused as ever.

Tasha Slowly let her grip loosen. Scarlet sat on the ground thinking things over. The Shard laying next to both of them. She looked over at her friend again. “ I’m sorry Tash, you’re a true friend, I don’t want to hurt you either. “ honestly I think something shady is going on with Locke.” Scarlet said quietly. “Marcus Deserves the shard” Tasha said quickly.

The Zeltron got to her feet,dusted herself off. “Alright but I feel Locke will punish me bad for this, if not any of the others with him .” Tasha had a smile on her face, as she handed her the shard, she helped scarlet walk in direction Marcus was at. Scarlet began to shake, “ I don’t have a good feeling about this, about Marcus”. Tasha tried to assure her everything would be alright.

As they got closer to where Marcus first appeared, Scarlet got more jumpy. Marcus walked around from the small hill. “well My apprentice, nice job, you done well” said Marcus in a happy but evil tone. Scarlet stepped back a little feeling very uneasy around him, his stare into her eyes, felt like it was choking her inner soul. “why is it you fear me so much Scarlet? “ he said forcefully.