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Back And Questions


I was gone for awhile. I was offline for some days, and forgot the name. LOL. But anyway, here is my question. So anyway, i am 14 if you don’t know, i am also autistic, so i can’t do some stuff do get promoted. Is there anything i can do, that is easy, to get promoted, or am i stuck in this rank forever?


Hi Jon! I’ve notofied our new Rollmaster and he should hopefully reach out to you shortly! Please check your email and this thread periodically so we can help you!


hey Jon, this is your friendly, neighborhood Rollmaster within Clan Naga Sadow. We can look over your dossier to see what things you can complete to get promoted. You don’t have to complete everything on the list, just a certain number of items, so you should be by no means stuck at your current rank. If you like I can send you an email, or even send a PM over the discourse PM system.

If you are on Telegram (where I believe I saw you in the past) you can always contact me at @DJB_Benny or ping me in a chat you have access to. Telegram is pretty good at telling me when I am being paged that way.

As @Darkblade has pointed out, I can communicate with you over forum if you so desire. I am sure that working together we can help get you on the path of your choice.

Bentre Kairn’tel Stahoes
Rollmaster, Clan Naga Sadow


Thank you both very much, its hard being autistic, so this will be tricky for me. So many people are rude to us people with autistic problems, so its GREAT to see your helping me. Again, Thank you!