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Battle Team Grey Wolf Run On


Where the Huntsman Is

The Battle Members of Grey Wolf ran across the Dock, towards the Huntsman Caesar found a packing box to hide behind on his left and right flack Lev and Telona followed by Dazta and Blackhawk were kneeing down behind other packing boxes, and were looking to their leader for instructions.

Caesar raised his right hand pointed to Lev, to move forward then looked at Telona, as she saw Caesar do this she stood up and began to walk slowly towards the Huntsman and the two guards taking care of the ship.


“Hello boys.” Telona said as she swagered forward. She had taken the time after her incounter with Farrin to dress more normally. Seduction was not her goal here.
“Mistress how may we help you?”
“I’m here for this ship. Is it ready for launch?”
“My apologies ma’am but we were not informed of anyone taking this ship today. Give me moment to ask my superior.”
“That won’t be necessary.” She said with a slow wave of her hand. "I have clearance you were just not informed at the last shift change."
The guards, though highly trained to resist persuasions through the Force, swayed on their feet as they repeated her words. The power of an Elder was too much for them. They stepped aside.
"Thank you both for your cooperation. Now group hug!"
They glanced at each other. This was not normal behavior but they didn’t dare deny her. She pulled them close.
“Sorry.” She whispered before bashing their heads together.
The guards fell to the floor as Telona motioned the team forward. Caesar gave her a questioning look. The woman just shrugged and climbed aboard.


Levathan was running around the ship’s exterior, detaching fueling and exhaust hoses as he heard the distinctive sound of heads bouncing off each other.
Finally rounding back to the boarding ramp, and couldn’t help but smirk at Telona’s handy work lying in a pile on the floor, toying with the idea of placing them in more compromising positions.
“Lev, let go!” whispered Dazta from the ramp, mentioning with her arm.
Making a pained expression at the lost opportunity for mischief, he quickly boarded, giving Dazta an appreciative tap on her shoulder and headed to the cockpit.

In the cockpit Caesar was bringing the ship to life while Telona unlocked the Nav Computer with her newly acquired codes, as Levathan appeared at the entrance.
“what shape is she in Lev?” asked Caesar even as he worked.
“looks good, little scrapes here and there. We’ve only got about 40% fuel though, looks like they were cycling the fuel systems.”
“40% is plenty for now, we’ll make do.” Said Caesar as he flipped the switch for the ship intercom, “all crew strap in, the Huntsm… check that" he paused while the three smiled at each other. "The Grey Wolf, is about to depart!”