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Behinning my Journey


Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I’ve been figuring out the site and done all the fundamentals course, I wanna start a fiction of my characters journey, I have a baseline to work with, I got the details figured out but struggling to piece it together. Any advice would be helpful


What part of the fiction work are you needing help with? Is it getting your fiction fitted into the larger galaxy, figuring out how your character fits into the larger Brotherhood, or just straight up help polishing your working details into fictional form?

If the last one, I can tell you that sometimes I start with an idea, figure out a rough timeline, type out the points/moments I want to hit, and then write out portions and bits and figure out how I got from point A to point B. If that is not particularly helpful, I am sure that we can assist you in getting things put together.

I hope this helps, or save that, that we can help you get things pieced together to your satisfaction.

In Darkness,

Bentre Kairn’tel