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Blackguard Mission: Stealing from The Collective


Blackguard’s goal:

You are to Infiltrate the Black Python (CR90 Corellian Corvette), steal some cargo and leave.


Your communication devices lights up as a holo figure of a Twi’lek displays. You recognize it as Tasha’Vel Versea, the Rollmaster and Captain of the Blackguard.

“I have a mission that requires both of the blackguards to complete. We have a report from one of our scouting ships that a Collective Corellian Corvette called the Black Python has been spotted roaming in space. I want to steal the cargo they have. To make it simpler to handle, I am taking you two with me to do this. If you have any questions take them up with your handlers. They have given me permission to use you. Meet me at the coordinates on your device and we will begin. This is considered top priority and there is no backing out. You have your orders.”

The light fades as coordinates are shown upon the screen.

37 ABY

The Black Python, Space

Zomar Kotul was sitting in the captain’s chair drinking coffee as he looked out at the vast expanse of stars. Things were going according to plan and they were well on schedule for dropping off another set of resources and weapons. He slicked back his dark brown hair and turned towards his Chiss lieutenant, Radual Farrend.

“So how fast do you think we will get this errand done this time?”

The Chiss sighed a bit, obviously unamused at the question. “That depends if we get there smoothly and without interference. I have heard there have been pirates and rumors of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Clan’s fleets roaming about. I would think we would be more cautious.”

“Radual, our sensors haven’t picked anything up and I certainly haven’t seen anything out there. You should just relax a bit and enjoy the ride.”

“I will relax when this ship is at its destination. Till then we should all be more cautious.”
He then turned back to the controls and sat silently while Zomar continued enjoying his coffee.

“I always love a nice quiet space ride.”