Boring nobody play SC2

(Nash Himura) #1

To boring… no body play SC2, i just download SC2 last few days where the game is now free to play and its organise by blizzard company…but problem there is no competitons for PVP or PVE and PVO comp nowadays…hope DJB councils do sumtin about it…what a use if they hv supported the game but never play it… this is why the name obelisk name out of bound out if djb rules…

Aco Nash himura 13789

(Canderous Tervho) #2

What console

(Belarius Pwyll) #3

Hey Nash, I’m always looking for a SC2 match. Have you joined the DB gaming chat on telegram? Send me a PM or mention anytime in there and if free I’ll play ya.

(Nash Himura) #4

Blizzard pc free download…

(Nash Himura) #5

look for username nashhimura#1201 or nashmurai

(Canderous Tervho) #6

If I had my laptop I would

(Nash Himura) #7

iam usin laptop to play sc2