Brotherhood Minecrafters?

(Lonewolf) #1

I know Minecraft isn’t an approved Tier 1 or Tier 2 Game within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood but I was wondering if there were any members that are interested in possibly starting up a server together? Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Lucifer Scorpio Romanov) #2

I would be interested in joining but I can only play Minecraft on PS4.

(Azor) #3

I have been a Minecrafter since the beta myself! I still play off and on to date. I would not mind being part of a DJB server. But would it be for only the DJB or would others be allowed on it. I know of at least 1 maybe 2 others that might be willing to come play too. Both of them are also Beta-test Minecrafters like myself. Personally I use the Direwolf20 pack when I play.

(Erik Cato) #4

I would be interested in having a DJB minecraft server. I could host it even. I haven’t tried Parzi’s Star Wars Mod but that seems the right direction. Not really interested in plain vanilla Minecraft.