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=C= The end of my family


“Coas food is ready!’’ Coas’s mother screamed.
“Ok, coming!” Coas yelled back. Coas ran through the halls and the stairs.
“What’s for dinner?”
“Just eat it!’’
Coas sat down and looked blankly into his meal. Then out of the blue.
“Son.raining: now.” said Coas’s father.
“Ha! I’m saved!” Said the young boy.
“No, you’re not. You have to bring your food.”
The father and son went along outside and into the back of the house. There were rock’s scattered across on the ground. Some smaller than a fist, others bigger than a speeder bike.
“Ok, pick them up,” Coas’ father instructed, gesturing to the rocks.
“Ok!” Coas replied with determination.
Coas went to the rocks and began to bend over to lift them.
“Stop! With the Force you idiot!” his father scolded.
“Oh… s-sorry…”
“No apologies in war and no apologies in life. Now, do what you’re told!” Coas’s father yelled. He was very strict and despised mistakes. While his father was punching the walls of the house in anger, Coas sat down and focused. Then he lifted up the rocks very high in the air. Higher than he ever had before. His father gazed at his progress with amusement.
“Yes, you’re doing it!” Coas’s father exclaimed.
“I am?” Coas opened his eye’s and the rocks fell.
“Really!” Coas’s father screamed.
“Oh, u-uh I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!”
“I told you no apologies!”
Coas face went red as he failed three times in a small time. Then Coas got up and ran away into the wilderness.
“Darn kid! He can’t do anything right!” Coas’s father stomped off into the house.
Coas was alone, depressed and embarrassed all at once.
“W-why do I keep doing these things?!” He cried out in anger. Then all of a sudden.
Coas became so angered that tree’s around him snapped. Leaves went everywhere and by the looks at it he fell to deep into the dark. “Bam!” A blaster bolt went off.
“Whats going on?!” Coas yelled in fear.
“Ahhhhh! Some body help!”
“No pleased don-.”
“Oh my lord what’s happening!” Coas screamed while dashing into the village.
There was fire tearing apart the buildings while villagers ran amuck, screaming in pain. A rival village’s troops were seemingly everywhere.
“A raid! No please not now, not today!” He screamed with fear! “No… no… no!”
Everywhere was chaos; an absolute warzone.
“Wait w-w-where’s my f-family!”
Coas rammed into the house! There he saw his father being gunned down by blaster’s.
“S-son run g-get out of here!” plead Coas’s father before he passed away. Then two gunmen turned around and aimed at Coas.
“No!” Coas said while diving out of the way. He then ran and ran for miles while crying and trying to digest what had happened.
“M-m-m-my family… they’re all gone.,.” said Coas in a forest alone on the ground.
“My p-people…”
“Everyone! They’re all gone!”
Coas curled up into a pile of leafs and cried a river of tears. He never found out who or why this happened. All he knew was it was over. Coas’s eyes turned blood red. He stood up reaching into his back pocket. His hands gripped the cold metal of a saber hilt. His father’s saber. Coas ran back to the village where the assault was still happening. They started shooting at him but he deflected each bolt, all some hitting the men, others not.
He killed many that day. Most injured. He saw a man about to shoot a young girl.
“Get away from her.”
‘’What are you going to do abo-.” A lightsaber went straight through the man’s torso. Coas went over and ripped the saber right out of the fallen man’s chest. The girl stood up and ran straight into Coas’s arms. The girl started to cry heavily.
“W-why did they do this” asked the girl through bouts of sobbing.
“I don’t know. But whoever is responsible for this is going to pay.”
“T-they ruined this place! My home, my friends, my everything!”
“I know-I know… and they better have a damn good reason, or else.”
Coas sat on a broken wall while the girl sat on his lap asleep. Soon after then went into an empty building and made food. Then after they ate they made some taffy for dessert.
Then out of the bushes came a man dressed in purple and red. The man quickly drew his saber. It was a red curved saber. Then Coas got out his saber and told the girl to stay behind him.
Suddenly the both dived at each other. They blocked then hit and block and hit repeatedly. Coas had had enough and turned around. He lifted his hand and red lighting came from his finger tips. The man fell on the ground screaming in pain. Coas then walked forward to the man and stomped on his chest. . Then Coas looked at the girl, scared of what happened.
“I-I’m sorry you had to see that” said Coas.
“W-what did you do!”
“I don’t know… “
“Y-y-you monster!” The girl turned at ran away with fear.
“W-what have I done?!”
Coas began to wonder what he can do and how. He began searching for answer’s and that became one of his goal’s in the path to figure out how far he can go. He seeked revenge upon the rival village. But this was only the beginning of his journey.