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[Caelus Chronicles] Chapter III: THE BASTION


“You have requested my presence Lord Ky’Lian?” Rian Taldrya said, bowling slightly before the ruler of the Caelus System when he entered his office.

“Ah, Colonel Aslar,” Astor Ky’Lian greeted him back using the name, the Taldrya was born with.

Ky’Lian stood with his back to Rian, his gaze focused at the courtyard deep underneath where dozens of people were going through their daily routine. At least the presence of the Taldryan Fleet had helped resolve some of the conflict of the recent month, yet Ky’Lian still had that unmistakingly feeling in his gut that the conflict was far from over, and he still wasn’t entirely sure which role the members of the Taldryan Fleet were playing in it.

“Yes,” Ky’Lian said, “There have been rumors spreading over the recent month. Rumors about people displaying unimaginable feats.”

Hearing these words, Rian had a bad feeling in his stomach as to where this conversation was leading, and only partially relaxed when Ky’Lian continued, “But I wouldn’t have made it to today if I had believed every rumor. However, with the nature of these rumors, I need to see if there are any truth to them.”

Astor Ky’Lian walked over to his desk where he pushed a hidden button under the table. Activated by an invisible command, the form of a Sentry Droid standing within a small compartment behind the desk woke to activity, immediately aiming his inbuilt blasters at the Consul.

Driven by pure instinct, the hand of the Consul called his lightsaber into its palm and a sizzling sky-blue beam of light deflected the deadly blaster bolts into the ceiling.

Another push on the hidden button forced the droid to stop in its tracks. “That’s all I needed to see. I am no fool Rian. I was born on Coruscant in the middle of the Clone Wars. I know about the Jedi. One of them even saved the lives of my family during the attack on Coruscant, therefore I never really believed the stories of treason when the Chancellor announced his ascent to become the Emperor.”

Clasping the puzzled Consul on his shoulder, he continued, “Now I have a thousand questions, but I feel like there is a more important problem where I need the help of those that are like you."

Shaking his mind free, Rian hefted his lightsaber back onto his belt before following Ky’Lian back to his desk.

Activating a small holoprojector the display showed the image of a Star Destroyer that had obviously seen better days.

“This is the Bastion. It was once the flagship of the Imperial Garrison here in the Caelus System. Following the events of the Galactic Concordance, the Caelus System announced its independence after a short, but fierce skirmish, with other remnants of the Empire. Those remnants are believed to have been involved in helping build what would eventually be the First Order.”

Rian said nothing, listening to the explanation closely.

“Those that had survived the planetfall of the Bastion were sentenced to salvage any usable parts from the Star Destroyer. However, over the last couple of years, Caelus Security has noticed a black market flourishing with both items going in and out of the Bastion. Items that may be used to allow the Bastion to get skyborn again.”

“I see,” Rian commented the situation, “a working Star Destroyer in the hands of Vishes would be a serious threat to the entire system.”

“Exactly.” Ky’Lian sighed, “Drayen’s men are good, but none of them have the skills a mission like this requires. Please, Master Jedi, could you send a team to help us one more time.”

“Of course, Lord Ky’Lian, but under one condition. The fact that there are Force-users among the members of Taldryan is a secret kept closely by the members of the Fleet and we like it that way.”

“I understand and I vow to tell no one,” Ky’Lian said, relieved that Rian and his peers were in favor of the local government.