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[Caina] Team 1 Run-On


Caina. An arctic wasteland of a world, slowly picked apart across its long history by those wishing to exploit its riches. Home to a population of just over two million, almost all of them living on the small life supporting equator that wraps the planet.

Recently, growing complacent by the passing of time, the miners who have made up the backbone of the bustling economy are seeking more. Organized, efficient, intelligent, traits that were rewarded by the Imperials for their impact on the bottom line, are now working against them. Labor unions have begun to form and strikes spread across the entire planet. The economy has ground to a halt, and the coffers of Scholae Palatinae have begun to drain.

Isolation. Nothing ever happens on Caina except the mining, not since Dorimad Sol left. A perfect opportunity to utilize the facilities to raise an army. Fias Zhan, the opportunist seeking to overthrow Emperor Vismorsus, is using the Kas’im Citadel to train his soldiers.

As the Imperial Scholae Guard moves in to force an end to the labor disputes, the Dark Jedi of House Scholae Palatinae must deal with Fias Zhan’s forces in the area.

Your team has arrived in the shadow of the Kas’im Citadel. Towering into the air before you are the countless towers and spires of the once glorious facility. Time has seen some deterioration to the outside of the facility but its scale is still massive. At the base of the citadel in the distance you see the massive deep glossy red front doors are surprisingly wide open.

A flurry of activity is occurring across the facility as it becomes apparent that an evacuation is in progress. They knew that the crisis would draw the Dark Jedi of the House here. Somewhere inside according to rumors was Lorand, said be a skilled Elder and master of lightsaber staff combat, and apprentice of Fias Zhan. Knowing he was leading up this training operation, any opponents faced inside could post a challenge. Either way, your objective remained the same, secure the facility for the return of Dorimad Sol, for House Scholae Palatinae, for the Empire!

Team 1 members: Dante, Arron Saylos, Koryn, Zagro Fenn, Kor Vaal, Ellincia
Link to competition: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/7924


The sharp biting chill of Caina pierced the skin, carried on a frigid breeze. Even in the slightly more temperate equatorial zone the bitter cold drilled to the bone. There was no escape for the plantlife, the little fauna the area contained was covered in a veil of frost. The ground shone with a dim white, cut into dark stripes from the long shadows of the towering spires. The hairs stood up on end.

“In position,” Dante announced into a headset, crouched behind a frosty boulder for cover with the rest of the team, a mash of species, ranks and occupations. The commander of the Imperial Scholae Guard, Dante was familiar with the entirety of the Scholae dominion and no stranger to Caina’s cold.

“Acknowledged,” responded Major Ipsum. “The 90th legion are at your disposal.”

“Stay put and await further orders,” Dante commanded, turning his attention back to the Kas’im Citadel, from which, unexpectedly, a flood of the opposition emerged.

“They obviously know we’re here,” explained Koryn, the Rodian’s access to Scholae Palatinae’s Intelligence landing him in the position with the most knowledge of the enemy’s movement. “The evacuees will be non combat personnel. They’ll be well prepared inside. This is a lightsaber training ground. Their strongest Dark Jedi will be waiting. Stay on your guard,” Koryn said mainly to the journeymen and their Togruta support scientist. Dante needed no warning.

Dr. Elincia Rei shivered under her glimmering white lab coat, a childhood in the deserts of Ryloth and Tatooine isn’t optimal to build a resistance to the cold her outline broken by the frosty terrain. She released a small drone from her left hand. Safely in cover, she guided the drone above the lip of the boulder, giving a live video stream of the evacuation. An unconventional addition to a team of Dark Jedi, despite a lack of any martial talent or The Force on her side, Elincia had demonstrated an uncanny ability to support a strike team with medicine, poison and explosives created in the field, her armoury resembling a small chemistry set.

“There’s an evacuation tunnel not far from here,” Koryn advised. “If they’re escaping through the front door they probably haven’t found it yet. We should move when the evacuation stops and sneak in undetected.”


“Wouldn’t that trap us in there with an enemy army?” asked Zagro, “Not to mention Zhan’s dark Jedi? I don’t like our chances. Could we bring our own forces in to assault the citadel and draw the enemy out?”
“We could,” replied Dante, his brow furrowing as a plan began to form “but the second the ninetieth fires, Zhan’s forces will seal the doors shut. We want to take the citadel, not lay siege to it. Koryn, could you get us to the door controls from the evacuation tunnel?”
The rollmaster’s face became a mask of determination, “I will get us there. While the legion attacks and distracts the enemy, we go in through the evacuation tunnel and open the main doors. The enemy will rush to defend the front gates, allowing us to concentrate on finding Zhan’s Jedi and removing the head from his army.”
Dante nodded his approval, “That about covers it. Between Fenn and Dr. Rei we have a good chance of taking control of the citadel’s systems, and once we have we can assess how we proceed. Are we all clear on the plan?”
“We should search for any texts or dataslates the cult may have brought with them.” announced Kor Vaal.
“Are you insane Kel Dor?” snorted Fenn, “We’re here to capture the citadel, not add to your library you self-serving fool!”
“The last I heard Hapan, we knew precious little about Fias Zhan or his plans,” Vaal retorted, the distortion of his breathing mask doing nothing to disguise the venom in his voice, “and if his followers brought any information with them, they may very well try to destroy it rather than turn allow us to take it. So unless you intend to spontaneously develop the precognitive powers of a grand master-”
“Enough!” Dante cut in, “Once the citadel is ours you two are welcome to attempt to tear each other apart, but this is my mission, for the glory of the Empire, and you two will not disrupt it with your own petty squabbles. If we come across any information relating to Zhan or his plans we’ll take it, and if we can we will some if his men alive for interrogation, but our priority is to capture the citadel. Understood?”
Suitably chastised, the two journeymen nodded.
“Fenn and I can take point, we should be able to stay hidden and remove any obstacles between here and the tunnel,” said Koryn.
“Agreed,” replied Dante as he activated his communicator, “Major Ipsum, prepare to assault the citadel.”
“Affirmative my Lord. For the Empire!” came the reply.
“Let’s move,” commanded the Primarch.


The insidious, incipient frigid chill of Caina was taking its toll on the strike team. At best, the members were not acclimatized to this inhospitable tundra. At worst, the assorted Hapan, Rodian, Kel Dor, Twi’Lek, and Human were physiologically prone in this clime. The order to advance given by Primarch Dante was a godspell, offering the promise of warmth inside the labyrinthine stone Kas’im Citadel.

“Fenn, Koryn, the tunnel entrance is 400 meters north by northeast from our location, visible by the outcropping of frosted boulders,” commanded Dante, “Elincia and myself will follow behind once you are halfway to the entrance. Kor and Arron will take the rear echelon once the tunnel has been breached. Move out.”

The order given, the Master and apprentice dutifully spread out a full 25 meters apace, Fenn slightly forward and to the left and Koryn to the right rear of the staggered formation. Moving with the confidence of two familiar combatants the pair pressed forward and reached the rocky outcropping. After millennia of permafrost and subzero temperature the boulders appeared as any snowdrift, offering concealment and cover from the windswept landscape. The blinding glare of white snow reflected a faint glint of metal doorway barely visible through the flury.
Fenn hit the deck hard and activated his communication gear. “Master Koryn, it appears we are not as fortunate as we had hoped. I am spotting two snipers posted above the entrance and two discernable vapor patterns 5 meters in front of the metal doors. Our thermal scopes are useless in this cold if I can just get close enough for blaster range I might be able to knock them out but I will need you to handle the bandits on the ground.”

Reassurance flowed across the Force from the Master to the apprentice confirming the course of action required. The Rollmaster came up to the Hapan’s position and the two crawled 100 meters and looked back, sensing the presence of the Primarch and the doctor watching the progress intensely. Zagro utilized his nascent skills to blend in to the surroundings and slowly crouched forward, his profile at an angle with the boulder wall concealing his progress. Koryn at his side, the pair moved slowly forward.

“Zag, the bandits are weary…we must act fast…our second group is in the open…third too far to support.” Urged Koryn speaking directly to Fenn’s mind.

Sliding forward at a snails pace, the duo seemed to take an eternity to reach a shallow abutment of stone offering a slight vantage point for the Hapan to inch the barrels of his silenced blasters above the stony outcropping of the avenue of approach. Fenn turned to offer a nod towards Koryn. Instantly two bursts of silent light lanced upward as the Rollmaster zagged directly towards the doorway. The two enemy snipers fell like stones to the icy ground, bodies landing on either side of Koryn. Crimson blade ignited, the Krath Priest burst through the slightly ajar heavy wrought iron doors. The impact of the door toppled one assailant as Koryn slashed down on the nearest enemy before the heavy blaster could be raised. The remaining combatant took aim and fired a shot that Koryn was able to deflect with minimal exertion. Within a second the lightsaber had cleaved the gunner shoulder to hip.

Seconds later, Dante and Elincia were in the tunnel signaling for Kor and Arron to race across the tundra. The team assembled hastily and took a second to compose themselves. “Major Ipsum, commence bombardment. Strike team is safely inside the tunnel,” ordered Dante, “Lorad won’t know we are inside yet we have some time yet. Fenn and Elincia once we enter the main facility break off and lock down the control room. From there we can utilize you to assist our neutralization of Lorad and his disciples. Everyone else, on me until we make contact with the real enemy.”


Sneaking in hadn’t been much of a problem for the strike team, but the veterans on the team knew that it would not be this easy for the rest of the mission.

Outside the Citadel, the members of the 90th Legion began their attack on the enemy forces that were attempting to flee the former Dorimad Sol training facility. The reinforced legion brought its 4 companies of highly trained infantrymen to bear, and they advanced quickly under the cover of the unit’s LAAT/i’s and AT-XT’s. The formidable power of the walkers made mincemeat of the enemy’s hastily prepared positions, and the mobility of the Tough ‘Ombres allowed them to swiftly track and destroy the fleeing forces as they tried to flee either towards or away from the Citadel.

The tunnel they were in was a bit warmer that outside as the effect of the wind that penetrated all but the most specialized clothing was negligible on the strike team.

As they entered the pressurized hatch that would allow them access to the main facility, the team prepared for the breaching procedure, but Dante stopped them and said “Wait…. I think I remember the code. Thran made me come through here once with him when he wanted to visit his mistress over at Big Daddy’s.” With a few chuckles from the veterans and bewildered looks from the newer members of Scholae, the large warrior made his way over to the keypad and entered in a few numbers.

Air escaped as the pressures equalized, and Dante pulled the door open to reveal what looked like a rather ornate refresher. “Welcome to Thran’s personal hygiene facility. He had the tunnel added to end here so he could go in and out without people thinking it was too odd.”

Once the team was inside and the hidden door was closed, Elincia said “Time for us to do our part. Let’s go, Finn” as she peeked outside the cracked door and then slipped out into the corridor.


The three man group comprising Arron Saylos, Zagros Fenn, and Elincia Rei, made their way through the corridor of the training facility-turned fortress.
Fenn led the way, holding a data pad with a detailed description of this level of the facility, and their destination, the main surveillance room, which held controls for the main gate, and several other security systems
Elincia was thinking about the possibility of encountering any of Lorand’s students, the rumors surrounding the Dark Jedi Elder made it clear that any dark sider trained by him would be a threat. So engrossed was she in these thoughts that she hadn’t noticed Zagros Fenn had stopped, and walked right into the Dark Jedi.
"What the he-"she didn’t finish her thought as the hand of Arron Saylos covered her mouth and he said "“Look” and she saw a group of a dozen troops about to pass by. The group of three hid behind the frame of the large metal door.
After they had passed by, and Fenn confirmed that the coast was clear, Arron was the first to speak.
“That was too close of a call Fenn, how long until we get to the destination?”
"According to these plans, it’s right down this hall."
5 minutes later they stood outside said door.
“If the code we got from Dante works,” said Zagro, his pad plugged into the terminal "it should open this door with no alarm."
As he typed the last few digits the door opened wide to reveal a pair of droids operating the computer terminals. They were blasted in the chest quickly bye Fenn, but he and Elincia immediately went to work on the computers.
While they were busy Arron took up position guarding the door. “I wonder how Dante and the others are doing?” he whispered to himself.


The thundering echo of heavy weapons fire reverberated through the great corridors of the citadel as the trio of Dante, Koryn and Kor Vaal made their way to the mentor’s chambers. So far this section of the citadel had been devoid of guards, all of whom had rushed to the front gates when the legion had begin their assault. By now they would be making preparations for a siege, unaware that the citadel gates were about to be swung wide open.
Hearing voices approaching from round the next corner, the trio of dark Jedi dived into an alcove.
“I’m telling you Rhys, we should go on the offensive, not sit around waiting for them to break in!”
“It’s not for us to decide,” a second voice chimed in, “All we are going to do is bolster the guards morale when we get there, while master Lorand attempts to contact Lord Zhan to send reinforcements.”
“And how long is that going to take?” the first voice asked as the group rounded the corner. They were dressed in black tunics and trousers, training clothes most likely, and had donned hooded robes, looking every bit like a group of dark Jedi. Kor Vaal’s choler rose at the audacity. These were mere pretenders to that title. The fact that they were oblivious to the three brotherhood members was sure indication that as powerful as Lorand was, his students were not finished learning yet. The group had travelled several feet past their position when Dante and Kor Vaal stepped out behind them, Dante igniting his saber and Kor Vaal spinning his chain whip in slow, threatening arcs. The group turned on their heel’s, igniting their own sabers.
“You are trespassing on Imperial property,” Dante declared, “by order of his Imperial Majesty the Emperor Xen’Mordin, I command you to surrender.”
“Surrender?” the human at the fore of the group chuckled, a bewildered look appearing on his face. “We have no intention of surrendering to you, Judeccan scum! We will wipe all trace of you from this planet, starting with the two of you. What hope have you got against the six of us.”
One of the other apprentices glanced behind her, “Six…we set off with five.”.
Before they could react, Koryn struck out with his lightsaber from the back of the group, felling one instantly as the Force fuelled disguise faded away from him. He swung again, locking blades with another of the apprentices who brought their guard up just in time. Dante leapt in, bringing his lightsaber down at the closest apprentice to him, who brought his saber up in a quick block. Dante used the momentum of the parry and spun, swinging his weapon low under the guard of another apprentice, severing their leg just above the knee, before returning his attention to the first opponent. Another apprentice hesitated before attacking Kor Vaal, the spinning weapon in the Kel Dor’s hand confusing him. Eventually, through impatience or courage, he advanced, his blade poised to cleave Kor Vaal in two from shoulder to shoulder. Before he could connect the whip lashed out, the weighted bullet slamming into the apprentices head with a wet thump, dropping him instantly to the floor. The two Equites had despatched their opponents, leaving only the apprentice with the severed leg alive and writhing on the floor in agony. Dante looked over to Kor Vaal and nodded, and the Jedi Hunter approached, crouching by the apprentice and grabbing him by the throat.
“Where is Lorand?” came the Kel Dor’s voice like granite through his breath mask, and for a second the apprentice glazed over.
“In the mentor’s chamber’s."
“Who is with him?”
“The other seven apprentices.” The glazed expression faded, and was replaced again with the look of pain. Realizing he would get no more, the Kel Dor drew his dagger to finish the apprentice off, but Dante grabbed his hand.
“He is no threat Kor Vaal. If he survives once the citadel is ours he will be taken as a prisoner. There is no need to kill him."
Although not entirely understanding the concept, Kor Vaal could tell well enough from the Primarch’s tone that the matter was not up for discussion. He put his dagger away and rose to his feet as Koryn’s comm chimed.
“Master,” came the voice of Zagro Fenn, “we have control of the systems. We’re opening all the door’s in the citadel."
Knowing that time was now of the essence, the trio hurried on their way to find Lorand.


Dante, Koryn, and Kor wound their way through the corridors of the Citadel towards the inner sanctum as the doorways clicked and hissed open around them. They could all sense the enemy forces’ momentary panic and confusion as they rallied themselves. The thumping drums of the 90th Legion’s assault continued echoing their rhythm throughout the complex. As Dante rounded a corner, he skidded to a halt before diving back behind the wall for cover as a torrent of emerald and crimson bolts filled the corridor, scorching the once pristine limestone walls as they collided.

“There’s a couple of them waiting for us, I take it?” asked Koryn with a wry smile. Kell flashed him a look as if to ask ‘what do you think?’

“So we go around then,” suggested Kor. Dante shook his head.

“It’ll take too long,” informed the Primarch, grinning as he gripped the hilt of his lightsaber. “We go through them.”

“This is insane…” Said Koryn, shaking his head in bewilderment. “Insane, but I like it. Give me a moment.” The Rodian peered around the corner, ducking back as a crimson bolt struck too close for comfort. Focusing the Force on the guards, a thick mist began to form around them, darkening until it was blacker than the depths of space. “Go! I can’t keep this up for long.” The three of them sprinted out, the two Equites deflecting the now aimless cascade of fire as the Kel Dor dipped and dodged any stray bolts. As they closed in, the rollmaster waved his hand, causing the smoke to dissipate, giving his comrades clear sight on their targets.

Dante barrelled into the left flank, his violet blade slicing through one soldier as others nearby were thrown back. In their panic, the soldiers lost any semblance of rank and order, their fire became unfocused and the Dark Jedi preyed on them with ease. The two lightsabers arced through the air, leaving their ghostly trail as they slashed through their opponents with practiced ease. Meanwhile Kor’s chain whip lashed against the troops, disorienting them and knocking them into the path of the lightsabers.

As the last guard fell, the three Dark Jedi surveyed the destruction before making to move on. Behind them, they heard the approach of more soldiers and a voice calling for their immediate surrender. Kell stopped in his tracks and turned to face the man who would demand he lay down his arms.

“You should know well enough that I don’t submit,” said Dante, a chill in his voice and a sneer on his face. “Especially not to traitors such as you General Millard.”


The control room was compact and well provisioned. Three walls of the square room had monitors floor to ceiling with no chairs or any discernable evidence of sentient life forms working the station. Clearly, the droids were a strong indication that the computer systems and the small cadre of droids maintained much of the citadel. This was a fortuitous sign, thought Zagro Fenn.

Elincia and Arron monitored the screens, looking from display to display-keeping constant watch on the movement of enemy troopers and the other members of the strike team. Fenn kept his back to his comrades and stood at the ready dual blasters aimed at the door. The entry code did not appear to be a well-guarded secret.

The doctor’s eyes widened and she began abruptly, “Dante and the assault members have too much company. I am cutting the lights in the corridors to standby power. Lets see if this will even the odds in our favor.”

Arron caught on quickly and chimed in, “Easy day Elincia, I have eyes on the main troop concentration areas. They are massing near the training area and all reinforcements are rushing towards the entryway to combat our soldiers or pouring down towards General Millard’s location to assist. Locking down all entryways to the corridors adjacent to those areas. I can’t turn off life-support functions piece-meal so that option is out.”

Fenn vigorously typed into his keypad trying to override some security measures. “Guys, the access codes to the entire complex have been changed. Unless there is another master slicer on the traitor’s payroll we should be in complete control of the citadel.”

The team sighed a swift victorious relief as the first blaster bolt ricocheted off of the door. “Arron…” trailed Zagro’s response to the fire.

“Zag, there are still some security patrols cut-off across the compound we have two bandits outside, heavily armed. I think the door can hold.” Came Arron’s response.

The three eyed the consoles and waited to see how their brethren were holding up against the concentrated troops. “Then we hunker down. If this room falls we double back to Dante and Koryn’s location to back them up but we will have to fight off several small bands of enemies.” Elincia dictated with supreme authority as the ranking member of the team.

Fenn did one last readout of the citadel’s schematics. “Agreed…worst case the ventilation shafts are wide and run directly parallel with the corridors. If we have to bug out that is our best approach.”

The team stood ready for the outcome of the coming battle.


The cacophony of chaos and combat resonated through the walls of the facility, a sharp reminder to the support team of the time scales of their task. With the mounting numbers of reinforcements converging on Dante, Koryn and Kor, the support of the imperial army was imperative to the mission success, and to survival. The staccato rhythm of fingertips on datapad accelerated in a crescendo of urgency, broken by an unwanted interruption by Dr. Rei’s sentry drone.

“There are guards approaching,” Elincia said serenely, informing the most talented slicer of the group, Zargo, to continue at the terminal with silence. The soft shuffle of footsteps grew nearer, Elincia joined Aaron by the door, silently raising a small device, gesturing with her hand. Three. Two. One. For a moment the footsteps stopped, a sliver of silence in the anarchy. Arron looked slightly confused until violent choking emerged from outside. EA1205, the same neurotoxin she had used to assassinate Lou Khebe on Ptolomea and was becoming a weapon as iconic as The Dragon’s Tail whip of her past life. “Toxins outside will disperse to safe levels in 32 seconds,” Elincia said matter-of-factly, but a more important message was immediate.

“Doors are opening!” said Zargo, successfully hacking into the facility’s security systems. “The 90th should be free to attack.” Suddenly, the door to their terminal opened behind them. The air became heavy to breathe.

“Zargo, you opened EVERY door!”

“Toxins approaching critical levels,” Elincia said with urgency as the air became thicker.

Zargo fired a blaster at an air vent, blasting it open. With life-threatening urgency, the team climbed into the vents.

“That wasn’t the most elegant solution I’ve ever seen but we should be far enough from the source to safe now,” Elincia announced, brushing herself off from the messy climb.

“The others shouldn’t be far away,” said Zargo, leading the crawl through the ventilation system.

General Millard’s forces and the Dark Jedi had reached a standoff. Millard had a clear numerical advantage but was well aware of what the Dark Jedi, especially Dante, were capable of. He didn’t think they would surrender, but intimidation by numbers was worth a try as a direct attack would put himself in considerable danger.

“I am not the traitor here,” Millard growled. “Scholae Palatinae are traitors to their own people, to the people of Caina. You underestimate the power of the people. You lack vision. Our numbers will grow on every world as you sow the seeds of discontent.”

His words were punctuated by a deafening blast, a thermal explosion incinerating a portion of his personal guard. The support team dropped through the vent, Zargo and Arron with weapons at the ready, the Dark Jedi quickly overwhelmed and decimated the general’s guard.

“Sorry to drop in unannounced,” Elincia said smoothly, dropping down when the combat had ended.

“You are surrounded and outnumbered,” Dante said directly to the General, violet lightsaber blazing. “The 90th legion are flooding the facility as we speak. Your security systems are down. You have nowhere to escape. Take us to Fias Zhan.”


General Millard stood defiant in the face of the Primarch. The militarized old man portrayed no fear, as he looked imminent death in the eyes. Kell Dante betrayed a glimmer of remorse and begrudging respect for the man. Looking deeply into Millard’s eyes the brooding Obelisk spoke. “General, take us to Fias Zhan. Now.”

The pristine uniform of the general had a fine sheen that glistened in the glow of the back-up generator emitted light of the corridor. The assembled strike team waited on baited breathe for any sign of movement from the battle of wits raging between the two men.

“Certainly, Primarch, right this way.” Came the response of the diminutive general. Millard led the team across the labrytine web of corridors and stairwells ever climbing upward in the citadel. They faced no resistance. More accurately, they encountered no life forms as they steadily reached the zenith of building.

The unadorned slab door was massive. Covering the entryway to a hidden assembly room, the door easily weighed several tons and could only have been moved by the Force. Even a concentrated energy blast from heavy armor would not pierce its dense mass. General Millard’s eyes widened as he turned to Kell Dante and the team. “Sir, here is Fias Zhan.”

Dante, Koryn, and Kor Vaas braced themselves abreast of the stone slab while the supporting members of the party hung back covering the flank. “This will require all of us…focus…”calmly stated Koryn, urging on the younger Dark Jedi and their nascent abilities to nudge and prod at the stone. Slowly, methodically, the stone began to slide back. Sweat rippled down the brow of the senior Dark Jedi as the brunt of the exertion was upon them. With a soft grinding noise the doorway was opened and fresh sunlight filled the corridor.

“Thank you General Millard. Your work here is done,” stated Kor Vaas as he flung his chain-whip powerfully down on the general, cackling as his body crumpled to the floor.


The three men stepped into the summit of the Citadel and looked at the enemy that they had come for.

Lorand was kneeling with his back to the trio, but he stretched out his hand to call his saber to him.

Hearing the ignition, Dante yelled out “Down” and threw himself flat as the blade narrowly missed cutting his head off as the staff went flying across the room to its owner.

“Impressive… but you will still die” said the Elder as he immediately pressed the attack with a slashing jump kata.

Diving in three different directions, the Palatinae attempted to form a triangle around their opponent, but his use of Juyo was extensive.

Koryn and Kor were good with the saber, but Dante had grown up to deal with older and higher level opponents. He had specifically trained in countering Juyo and the use of the staff with his father’s modified form of Sokan. He put this to the test as he bounded around and kept the triangle fluid around the Elder.

Lorand came at Dante with a wrist flick move, but Kell jumped slightly to his left and let loose a wide swing that nipped the apprentice of Zhan in the rib cage.

Instantly cauterized, the wound nevertheless surprised the warrior, and Kor and Koryn took advantage of this to mount their own attack.

Confused that these lesser members of the Brotherhood could wound him, Lorand let out a force blast at the pair that was attacking him. He raised his other hand with his saber to block any attack that Dante would be sending his way.

Sadly, Dante had come in with a rolling and stab attack that went underneath the raised blade and essentially disemboweled him while he stood there.

Choking, Lorand dropped his saber and fell to his knees.

Dante disengaged his saber and brought his knee into his opponent’s face so that he could stare at the ceiling and the sky during his last moments.

“Enjoy the scenery…” said Dante as the last life left Lorand. The Obelisk then went and helped up his house mates.


The battle was won. No more explosions. No more firefights. No more saber duels to the death with insane cult members.



Arx Ondorii - Dorimad Sol HQ
1 day later

It had been a day since the defeat of Lorand and the retaking of the Citadel. Other combat actions had continued around e planet to rid the ice planet of the last vestiges of Zhan’s forces.

Kell sat in the seat that his father had once ruled Caina from, and he seemed to like it. Even though Dorimad Sol was just a team at this point, the younger Dante had decided to move them into the old “Castle Coquenbalz” that Thran had commissioned years ago.

A lieutenant came into the conference room and said “Sir… Intel has just reported that all of Zhan’s forces are converging on Judecca now that we have cleared them from the outlying planets.”

The Field Marshal looked up and said “Alright… get the staff on the plans… this is going to get messy.”